Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Last of the Langerado Videos

Here are three more videos that I took at Langerado last weekend featuring Widespread Panic, Matisyahu, and Trey Anasastio Band.

Click here to view the Widespread Panic video.

Click here to view the Matisyahu video.

Click here to view the Trey Anastasio Band video.

The sound is not the greatest and for some reason the resolution on the Trey video is not so hot either. Oh well. Enjoy!

Friday, March 16, 2007

More Langerado Videos: Galactic, Medeski Martin & Wood, and My Morning Jacket

I spliced together three more videos from footage that I shot last weekend at the Langerado music festival in Florida. This batch features NYC's jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood (3:19 in length) along with Galactic from New Orleans covering Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song (2:50 in length). I also posted My Morning Jacket's version of Mahgeetah (5:08 in length). Take a peek:

Or you can click here to view Medeski Martin & Wood from Langerado.

Or you can click here to view Galactic from Langerado.

Or you can click here to view Mahgeetah from MMJ.

Enjoy. I'll be working on videos from Matisyahu, Trey, and Widespread Panic later on today.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Langerado Videos: My Morning Jacket

I started splicing together Langerado videos that I shot over the weekend. Here are a couple of songs from My Mornning Jacket during their Saturday setlist at Langerado. The video is 3:19 in length.

Click here to view the My Morning Jacket video.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Langerado Day 3 Update

We lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time. Alas, it was another slow day getting out of the gate. Since it was the Joker's birthday, we went to Chili's for lunch and margaritas before driving to the show. I don't know why, but there was stand-still traffic getting into the show and it took about thirty-five minutes longer to get in than it had been on the first two days. Was Widespread Panic pulling in all those folks?

Happy Birthday, Joker!

Due to logistics, we skipped the Spam All-Stars and the New Orleans Social Club. The NOSC is a band made of New Orleans musicians that settled in Austin after Hurricane Katrina such as a few guys from the Meters (Leo Neocentelli and George Porter, Jr.) along with Henry Butler, Ivan Neville, and Ray Webber.

Wilkins said some positive things about Pepper and I wanted to check out the end of their set, but the intense traffic prevented us for seeing them. Pepper is a SoCal trio that features a heavy Hawaiian music influence along reggae-rots and toss in some a serious head-banging edge. We also missed Band of Horses from Seattle. Two of the members were originally from Carissa's Weird, and now Band of Horses are on now the infamous Sub Pop record label. They have been getting a lot of comparisons to Built to Spill, but I don't hear that.

We caught the end of Taj Mahal's set and some of Rodrigo Y Gabriela. They are two Mexican acoustic guitar players based out of Dublin. Those boys can play. We made our way to the back of the festival grounds by the Everglades stage. The are was jam packed and I had not seen so many people during the first two days. Part of that had to do with Panic as a lot of fans from the South drove down to catch the last day of Langerado. I also think that Matisyahu and Panic were bigger attractions than the indie rock bands which caused a lopsided distribution of people at Langerado on Sunday.

Toots & the Maytals have been around since the late 1960s and it was amazing to catch the pioneers of reggae at Langerado. They played a few of their classic tunes such as "54-46" which has been covered by numerous bands. Once their set ended, we moved into place and secure a spot for our basecamp for both Matisyahu and Panic as Pablo and Chris finally arrived.

I skipped Los Lobos and sat around waiting for Hasidic reggae rocker Matisyahu. He played another amazing set full of energy. He appeals to people of all races and religions and focuses on providing universal messages in his music as he preaches love and harmony and spiritual awareness in all beings. At one point he headed up to the VIP tower and was seen dancing around with his posse.

Matisyahu points to the sky


I skipped Cat Power. We caught Chan Marshall and her band at Vegoose and it was a decent set, but I wasn't about to miss Matisyahu to truck over to the indie rock tent to see her cover the Stones Satisfaction. I heard she also covered Gnarls Barkley's Crazy at Langerado. Although I've seen OAR, I must admit that I'm not a fan and had no problem skipping the Maryland band. I could hear a few faint traces of their set as we waited for Panic to come on.

Nicky, Pablo, and Chris headed over to the indie rock tent to catch Explosions in the Sky. The Austin based band formed sometime around 1999. I caught them at some point in Austin, but they were going under a different name. The band is known for it's extremely loud and mind-numbing instruments. There are no lyrics or vocals in their songs. The band is made up of a drummer and three guitar players. One of those guys sometimes plays bass. Explosion in the Sky got notoriety when they scored the soundtrack to Friday Night Lights.

Nicky saw a few songs and found her way back to our spot for Widespread Panic. I was shocked that she was able to find her way back. By then, the Joker and I had been drinking and settling in for the show. We were excited for the new era of Widespread Panic featuring Jimmy Herring on guitar. The last time I saw Panic was at Vegoose and their Halloween show in Las Vegas. And the last time Panic played was New Years Eve. They had been off for about ten weeks as Langerado was the unofficial kick off to their summer tour.

Usually bands don't play their best at festivals due to so many circumstances that they cannot control. The sound is always slightly off because the crew has less than an hour to set everything up. Plus you never know what to expect with regard to the weather, atmosphere, crowd, and time the band is scheduled to play. Panic seemed to be in the best possible spot. Just like at Vegoose in October, they were the headliner closing out the entire festival. They put out an excellent effort at Vegoose and I was hoping for some more magic.

Widespread Panic

The set started out with Hope in a Hopeless World. I had seen that a few times before. I must admit, it was one of the last songs I wanted to hear, especially for the opener. They made up for it in a warm Space Wrangler as the crowd got a little more into the set. They played above average during the next four songs; Time Zones, Makes Sense to Me, Bust It Big, and Radio Child. Then things heated up quickly with Pilgrims > Wonderin > Diner > Lover Tractor. After drums and a brief jam, they segued into Driving Song > Surprise Valley > Driving Song. Jimmy Herring took over during that period and ripped up a nasty display of psychedelic soloing.

The last three songs were played well, but I didn't expect to see Walkin, From the Cradle, and Give. Those are Set 1 closers... not a festival closer. I dunno if Panic went over their time limit or expected a ten minute extension, but they abruptly ended their set after Give. No encore. Nadda. After Give, they left the stage and the house lights came on. Langerado was over.

Widespread Panic Langerado Setlist

Set 1: Hope In A Hopeless World, Space Wrangler, Time Zones, Makes Sense to Me, Bust it Big, Radio Child, Pilgrims, Wondering, Diner, Love Tractor > Drums > Jam > Driving Song > Suprise Valley > Driving Song, Walkin', From the Cradle, Give
The boys played one long 2.5 hour set without an encore. Highlights included some series Jimmy Herring jammin' on Driving Song > Surprise Valley > Driving Song.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Day 2 Langerado Recap

Day 2 was a more compact day for us and we only caught six bands; Grey Boy All Stars, Yerba Buena, JJ Grey & Mofro, Perpetual Grove, Medeski Martin & Wood, and My Morning Jacket. We skipped The Disco Biscuits, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Blackalicious, The Slip, and Soulive.

Sometimes you get a slow start to the day at a music festival. Day 2 was just that for us. The Joker went to the Disco Biscuits' late night show on Friday night and didn't get back until almost 5:30am. I had woke up at 8am and couldn't fall back asleep so I downloaded pics and wrote a quick recap of Day 1, while Nicky and the Joker were still crashed out. By that point, my back and knee were sore and bothering me. I popped a few Motrin and went back to sleep at 11am for an hour or so. When I woke up from that nap, I felt much better. The pain had almost subsided.

We didn't leave the hotel until after 2pm and hit up Denny's (again) on the way to the festival. We missed The Slip, Soulive, and Keiren Hebden from Four Tet. Sometimes those early acts miss the cut because it takes a while to mobilize the crew.

Pablo and Chris were waiting for us near the entrance to the actual venue and we wandered over to the Everglades stage. On our way, we caught Yerba Buena, a Latin-funk band from NYC that Schecky recommended that we see. They were a nice combo of Afro-Cuban-funk and backbeats with a tinge of hip hop thrown into the stew.

I was particularly excited to see the funkified melodies of the Grey Boy All Stars. When the schedule was first announced, I was initially pumped to see the GBA's on the lineup. They don't play too often and they are one collection of musicians that I rarely get to see. The GBA's took a six year hiatus while their members ripped it up with various solo and side projects. Elgin Park (guitar) has been working in Hollyweird scoring flicks such as Donnie Darko. Karl Denson (sax & flute) had been touring the world with his band Tiny Universe, just as Robert Walters (keys, organ) had been playing with 20th Congress. It had been a while since they all took the stage as a unit and tore it up for their hour set playing a few old tunes and a couple of jazz and Nola standards. The GBA's were one of the special moments of Day 2.

Since the two acts that we really wanted to see next were both at the Everglades stage, we moved up really close after the GBA's to set up camp. After smoking tough, I wandered around by myself and caught JJ Grey and Mofro. JJ Grey is the self-appointed redneck surfer who got to travel the world in his quest for good surf. Along the way, he picked up a few instruments and at any given time he can play guitar, piano, harmonica, bass and drums. In addition, he's a lyrical master and has a better than average voice.

I caught one song at Perpetual Groove. They're one of many bands that broke out of the Athens, GA scene and these guys have gotten notoriety over their live shows. You never know what you are going to get. P-Groove is an eclectic mix of psychedelic jazz, indie prog rock, R&B, and trance electronica.

We skipped Blackalicious and Michael Franti although we could hear the music from both stages during a break or a lull in the music. They were both scheduled against Medeski Martin & Wood. The NYC trio have been sharing their original sound for almost fifteen years which includes over ten albums. They began as an acoustic trio (bass, piano, drums) in the early 1990s, but John Medeski found it difficult lugging a piano around for gigs outside of the city. That's when he added a Hammond organ and the rest is history. Chris Wood plays both electric bass and the traditional stand up bass while Billy Martin keeps the pace on drums.

Wood & Medeski

Martin & Wood

Martin, Wood & Medeski

I thought that MMW's set at Vegoose featuring Maceo Parker was one of the highlights of Vegoose, so I made an effort to see them again this time around. Since I've seen MMW over fifty times, they are one band that usually gets passed over at music festivals so I can get a chance to see other acts. That's how I felt about The Slip and Soulive on Day 2.

We also skipped The Disco Biscuits from Philly in order to catch My Morning Jacket and their two hour set. The Joker said that the show he caught the night before was average so we wouldn't be missing much. Besides, the last three MMJ shows that I saw blew me away. Last year's late night set at Bonnaroo hooked me, along with a sizzling show at Roseland Ballroom in NYC and an epic show at the Fillmore in San Francisco for New Year's Eve. I don't throw around the term "my new favorite band" too lightly. And without a doubt, thanks to Lori, I have been extremely fortunate to stumble upon those guys from Kentucky who remind me of a Southern-fried version of AC/DC. I love the fact that some of the guys in the band look like Pablo and the drummer could win an AlCantHang look-a-like contest.

By the time MMJ took the stage, Wilkins and his crew from Hilton Head joined forces with our base camp. We had ten or so people as we blocked off a nice area to dance and party. MMJ opened up with their standard show-starter of One Big Holiday. Wilkins was floored because his band back in South Carolina actually covers that MMJ song! Next up were some heavy hitters with Wonderful Man, Dancefloors, and Lowdown. The middle of the set was delicious with Wordless Chorus, Phone Went West, Cobra, Golden, and Dondonte. They closed the set with Gideon and Off the Record plus another song we couldn't figure out the name to, so we just jotted down the opening lyrics in our notebooks, "Oh she ha...!"

Jim James

Jim James, the lead singer and guitar player for MMJ, wore moon boots and bounced back and forth onstage like an eight year old jacked up on sugar corn pops and ritalin. His voice is unique and I don't know too many guys who can nail those high notes with such ease. He played one song by himself with his acoustic guitar. I dunno if it was Kentucky to Nashville or "Don't Call Me Out" which I had scribbled down in my notes. By that point things were fuzzy.

The band returned for the last 15 minutes of the set and blazed away with the crowd-pleaser Mahgeetah where several thousand fans were jumping up and down in sync with Jim James the super freak. When the set end, the Joker and I agreed that MMJ was the highlight of both days at Langerado and that all the bands playing on Day 3 will have a ton of work ahead of them if they want to replicate the energy and intensity of MMJ's set. Trey's set felt stale compared to the soul crushing tunes that MMJ busted out.

Day 2 was a short day that featured an acquisition of bunk doses, but the weather was amazing with plenty of sun and lots of breezes. The day was anchored by the return of the Grey Boy All Stars, Medeski Martin & Wood's slamming set, and the epic MMJ set to close Day 2.

Two days down, one remaining.

Here are some random Day 2 pics:

Don't throw away Pablo!

MLB's station

Hot air balloon rides

My Morning Jacket

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Trey Anastasio Band Langerado Setlist

3.9.07 Trey Anastasio Band, Langerado, FL

Set 1: Shine, Alive Again, Tuesday, What's Done, Money Love Change, Ice & Snow, Mud City (with Aaron Neville), Push On Til the Day, Plasma, Dragonfly, First Tube

Encore: Drifting
Average Trey show. We had an amazing spot about 15th row in the middle. We all thought Thursday was better because of the repeats that Trey played. We saw 50% of his Langerado set at Revolution. I was bored during songs like What's Done and Ice & Snow and thought of a dozen other tunes they could have been playing. The horns are an amazing addition, but they drown out Ray P. on keys. Jeff Sipe is a solid drummer but he's fallen into the Skeeto-trap where he made a great debut and slowly, his weaknesses are starting to show. Sound at the Everglades stage was a little muddled and not as crisp as indoors at Revolution.

Trey looked good and sober, but he put out an average show. We all know he could do better. He needs to do one of two things... get Phish back together or practice more with his band so he can play a wider range of tunes and allow all the musicians to learn how to jam out better together.

The highlights did include First Tube and Ivan Neville sitting in on Mud City.

Langerado Day 1 Recap

I had never done the Langerado Music Festival in Sunrise, Florida, but was excited to do so considering the lineup which featured over a dozen of my favorite bands. Since I wouldn't get to attend Bonnaroo this summer, I welcomed the sunny three-day music festival held in Markham Park in Florida with open arms. In the last nine months, I've been fortunate to see several of the largest music festivals in the world including Bonnaroo (June 2006), Vegoose (October 2006), Big Day Out in Australia (Jan. 2007), and now Langerado.

Day 1's lineup included nine band and acts that I got to soak up such as The Heavy Pets, Dubconcious, Lotus, Tea Leaf Green, New Monsoon, North Mississippi All Stars, Galactic, Bela Fleck, and Trey Anastasio. A few bands that I wanted to see on Day 1 but had to skip due to scheduling conflicts included STS9, Stephen Malkus and The Jicks, The Hold Steady, and moe.

We had the usual suspects for this event. Nicky flew out from Hollyweird. The Joker came down from Boulder, CO. Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot and myself joined the crew as were ready to party it up for another music festival. We had special guests such as Sweet Sweet Pablo and his buddy Chris. The night before, we attended two pre-festival concerts to start the festivities on Thursday and caught a Trey Anastasio Band show at Revolution in downtown Ft. Lauderdale, followed up with a late night set of STS9.

On Friday morning, we all eventually met up at Denny's at 10am for breakfast, which was right next to Pablo's hotel. We headed to his room for a session before we drove over to the festival. It took less then a half hour to drive to Markham Park and park our rented Jeep. We lathered up with sunscreen, hid our stash, and headed into the festival.

Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot tends to wander off at this events. Sometimes we don't see him for hours at a time. He split off right away to hustle some of the spun out crusty STS9 kids in various illegal dice games in the camping grounds.

Security was light and we got a schedule on our way inside. There were three stages laid out in a large rectangle the size of several football fields. Surrounding the stages were various vendors. We were there so early that we got to catch the first two bands playing. I over-estimated how long it would take us to get into the show.

The Heavy Pets played at the Swamp Tent. The Heavy Pets are a local band who won a slot at Langerado through a contest. The squeaked in and ended up opening Day 1. They described themselves as "progressive, high-energy, guitar-driven rock n roll, to funky reggae, to inspired, reflective folk music." We caught a couple of songs and headed over to see Dubconcious, a reggae band from Athens, GA that I had seen a few times before. Those musicians truly believe that their music (and all music for that matter) has healing and emotional energy attached to it.

We headed over to the Swamp Tent and timed how long it would take to walk back and forth between stages. The Sunset Stage was exactly in the middle of the fairgrounds with the Everglades Stage on the far right side and the Swamp Tent near the entrance. It took less than ten minutes for the walk and we expected that it would take up to 15 minutes during the most crowded moments.

The Swamp Tent gave us plenty of shade. Daddy turned me onto Lotus and I've been able to catch them a few times. They are a five piece band from Philly that falls into the same category as STS9, Particle, and New Deal... they are musicians who play and replicate techno/club/dance/electronica music with regular instruments. I wanted to see their entire set, but they were up against Tea Leaf Green.

Tea Leaf Green

If it weren't for My Morning Jacket, TLG would have won Pauly's favorite new band award for 2006. The San Francisco based band has been winning over the hearts of many youngsters in the jam band scene while picking up critical acclaim from the music pundits with regard to their songwriting. Lead vocalist Trevor Garrod, who also plays keys and harmonica, is the heart and soul of the band. TLG busted out two of my favorites, The Garden, Part 3 and Taught to Be Proud.

We headed over to see New Monsoon. Nicky was skiddish because she hates any band with a banjo in it. She and the Joker wandered around the vendors while I stuck around by myself and watched their set. Also hailing from San Francisco, I last saw New Monsoon at Knit Ball in LA last spring. They are an interesting mix of reggae, folk, country, funk, and rock. The band members play a variety of instruments ranging from Latin, Brazilian and Indian percussion, drum set, didgeridoo, electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass and keyboards. They invited sax player Jeff Kaufman to sit in for a few songs. They also busted out a Led Zeppelin cover of Bron-Y-Aur Stomp which energized everyone in the crowd. The Joker returned and told me about the food he ate, while Nicky showed off her new tapestry (aka concert blanket). It had dancing Grateful Dead bears on it.

Next up was the North Mississippi All Stars. I fuckin' love Luther Dickson's chops on guitar. Wherever the NMA play, they bring good old fashioned Mississippi Delta blues to the party. Chris Chew on bass is one of my favorite musicians on the scene. He's a massive black dude who plays a bass that looks like is 18 feet long.


We skipped the end of NMA and headed back to the Sunset Stage to scout out a good spot for Galactic. At that time, Pablo and Chris were having a slight delay. Pablo locked his keys in his car and had to wait to get them out. My buddy Wilkins had just arrived and we miraculously found each other during Galactic. Their set was better than average. At Vegoose, they had a series of special guests many of which were hip hop artists. They cut an album featuring several legends of hip hop, but the Langerado gig was old school Galactic.

Their Langerado set was similar to the songs they played during the Colorado run where I caught them three times at the end of the summer. The boys from New Orleans all walked out on stage wearing sunglasses (except drummer Stanton Moore who is an alien and does not need shades to protect his eyes from the sun). They opened up with FEMA, a hard driving slam-funk song with dark political overtones. They also managed to weave in classics such as Crazy Horse Mongoose and Black Eyed Pea, along with Spiderbite and a sizzling rendition of Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song to close the set. My buddy Wilkins left Galactic early and headed over to see Brooklyn indie rockers The Hold Steady. I almost went but was glad I stayed to catch Immigrant Song.

I walked over to the food vendors and skipped the alligator meat and opted for a cheeseburger instead, which would be the only food I'd eat inside at Day 1. I managed to drop $40 bucks or so on water and Gatorade. I only drank one beer and concentrated on smoking tough. We found a decent spot for Bela Fleck & the Flecktones and eventually Pablo arrived with Chris. Bela Fleck's highlight was a smooth cover of the Beatles' Come Together.

The Joker headed over to meet friends from Colorado at the media tent where Trey was giving his press conference. He returned with a couple of adderrals and I popped a half of a pill. It didn't do much overall because I was so tired that it just sort of evened things out for me.

Once Bela Fleck cleared out, we decided to skip Moe and Stephen Malkus' set in order to get a great spot for Trey. The Joker led the way towards the stage and we found ourselves in the middle about 15 rows back. Perfect spot. Anything closer and we'd be crushed. We waited an hour for Trey's set. He was slated to close Day 1 with a two hour set and going up against STS9, which we had all seen the night before.

Sober Trey

Trey Anastasio Band came on exactly at 8pm and he set the scene with his opening song, Shine. He opened with Shine the night before which meant that we were going to see some repeats. Shine is a song that The Joker and I make fun of a lot. It seemed like Trey's weak attempt to write a pop song. It actually got plenty of radio air play when his first solo album (post-Phish breakup) was released and they even shot a live video of the song from Red Rocks. Alas, we're not big fans of Shine yet sing along anyway.

I wanted to hear Alive Again and it was one of six songs that Trey did not play on Thursday. I'm sure than only a handful of people saw him the night before and he decided to take the risk and double up on songs because his band probably doesn't know his entire material well enough to do random bust outs and covers. Trey was also very careful to not play any Phish songs. Although First Tube was popular tune played often by Phish (and appeared on Farmhouse), its origins were with TAB.

The highlight of Trey's set was Mud City with Aaron Neville sitting in on keys and First Tube to close the set. He encored with an above average Drifting. During the walk out I commented how it was a below average Trey show and an average Day 1. We definitely had better moments at different festivals. I also knew that I can't judge the entire Langerado on just the first day of a three day festival. Alas, I left feeling fortunate that I got to see nine different bands. However, I also left knowing that nothing really blew me away. Hopefully that's what Day 2 is for.

Here are some random photos from Day 1:

Sweet Sweet Pablo

Friday, March 09, 2007

Trey Anastasio Band Late Night Ft. Lauderdale Setlist

3.8.07 Trey Anastasio Band, Revolution, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Set 1: Shine, Money Love & Change, Ice & Snow, Simple Twist Up Dave, Ether Sunday, Dark & Down, Dragonfly, Gotta Jibboo (1:12)

Set 2: Tuesday, Spin > Jam, Mr. Completely > Percussion Jam > Mr. Completely, Bar 17 > Small Axe > Cincinnati

Encore: Push On Til the Day (1:25)
Review pending. Solid show. Dragonfly and Jiboo were the highlights of set 1. Mr. Completely into their crazy percussion jam was intense and rocked set 2. We were up on the balcony all night right above Trey. Amazing spot. Super crowded venue. They sold Red Stripe. The show ended just about midnight and we headed out back to catch the last hour or so of STS9. Two shows in one night.

The Joker bought a fake ticket to STS9 and got denied at the front door. He had to hang out front and text message his yoga-instrcutor girlfriend in Boulder while Nicky and I headed into the STS9 show. Place was packed with wookies. It was outdoors but it still smelled like dank weed, patchouli, and foul body odor. We found Sweet Sweet Pablo at the back of STS9's show. We got lost in a sea of wookies. On our way out, there was a girl puking in a garbage can.

Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot hung outside the venue to hustle the bevy of spun out hippie chicks, shirtless wookies, and flat brimmed hat wearing college kids on spring break from North Carolina who did not have tickets to the show. Or shoes.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pre-Page and Page Plays NYC

Page McConnell's self-titled debut solo slbum is available for pre-order. Here's the track listing:
Beauty Of A Broken Heart
Heavy Rotation
Maid Marian
Close To Home
Runaway Bride
Back In The Basement
Rules I Don’t Know
The Complex Wind
Everyone But Me
Page will also be performing in NYC on April 4th at Gramercy Theatre. Page's band includes Adam Zimmon, Jared Slomoff, Rob O'Dea, and drummer Gabe Jarrett. Tickets will be available via presale on Wednesday, March 7th at Noon (ET) for 24 hours over at