Tuesday, April 29, 2014

LSD Tuesdays: Kid Charlemagne

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen penned Kid Charlemagne about LSD supercook Owsley Stanley. Fitting tribute for the first installment of LSD Tuesdays.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yesterday in Dead History: 4/26/77

New Jersey, baby!

Has it really been 37 years?

Guess so. If you were at this show and still remember it, then kudos to you. If you were at this show, but got so spun you forgot what was going on... then you're in luck because we have video of that epic performance at the Cap Theatre in Passaic, NJ.

This show was the second of a three-night run. Here's the playlist (that is a mix of both set 1 and set 2):
4/26/1977 - Grateful Dead - Capital Theatre, Passaic, NJ:
 Estimated Prophet, Deal, Good Lovin', Mississippi Halfstep, Dancin' In the Street > Drums
 And here's the show...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Phish Jazzfest 2014: Setlist and Recap 4/26/14, New Orleans, LA

Phish returned to New Orleans for the first time since 1999 and performed at Jazz Fest for the first time since 1996. That gig happened 18 years ago to the day. You're probably familiar with that blazing, historic set, which was released by Live Phish as a part of New Orleans Relief after Hurricane Katrina ravished the city.

On Saturday afternoon, Phish treated the Jazz Fest congregation 22 songs and melange of greatest hits over two sets.

Here's the setlist...
Phish, 4/26/14, Jazz Fest, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: KDF, MoMA, Rift, Wolfman's, Lawn Boy, Party Time, Ocelot, Funky Biatch, 46 Days, The Line, ZERO

Set 2: DWD > Birds, Twist, Sparkle, Free > Light, SAND, Harry the Hood, Cavern
Encore: Grind, Julius
via PhishFromTheRoad

Phishy NOLA - Couch Tour Recap
By Pauly (@taopauly)

First show in 116 days... Found stream mid-way through KDF vanilla-opener... Quick shift to the funk with Moma Dance... Short, chunky-funky, sweet Wolfman's but mostly short... Leo crooned to "all the ladies in the house" during Lawn Boy... Fish-throw-down with Party Time... Ocelot longest "jam" of the set... Funky Bitch gave Trey first chance to shred the blues... 46 Days jam never had chance to breathe... The Line was first Wingsuit song (Expected... Fuego, Wombat, or 555)... Assumed NOLA would be a single long "festy set" sprinkled with greatest hits; surprised they took a break after ZERO (11th song of set).... Best crowd chatter via stream was the brah who remarked "Now we're talking!" when Zero began... Somewhat predictable DWD second set opener... DWD first song in excess of 10 mins and jam highlight included Page/Trey smooth interlocking duo-jam, before jam drenched in psychedelia, then it settled into a gentle Gordo-heavy groove... Trey got bored and launched into Birds... Easy-breezy Twist intro, particularly Page (tickling the Pumpkin?)... Stream went down during Twist jam... Good effort with Sparkle, but the boys don't do blow anymore so it lacked speedy-ferociousness of yesteryear... Free hit the spot... Light sprang up late in set (versus a potential partner with a DWD > Light combo)... Page took command of the ship during Light jam... Relaxed SAND intro that eventually got chunky-funky and layered with funk chunks... Rushed HOOD, yet still felt good to hear it... Cavern exclamation point on nine-song set 2... Page gave thanks before the encore... Double-dip encore with acapella GRIND plus a crowd-lifting, uppity Julius to close out the show.... First Phish of 2014 is in the books and now that we got a small taste, I'm eagerly awaiting July 1 for summer tour to kick off at Great Woods.

via PhishFromTheRoad

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Human Agency: New Album "The Indigo Hour" Debuts May 20

Our good friend Jonas has been playing drums with Human Agency, which is the dynamic duo of Seamus and  Biorhythm (a.k.a. Ryan). If you're from Colorado, then you've probably come across Human Agency. And if you haven't well, then you're in for a treat.

Human Agency is releasing a new album on May 20th titled "The Indigo Hour." They also released a single titled "Grace", which you can stream...

Human Agency also offered up a free download of GRACE here.

* * *

I conducted a brief interview with Seamus from Human Agency. Here's the highlights...
PAULY: What were the influences for this album?

SEAMUS: I believe a vast musical influence on Human Agency is it's most creative weapon. Everything and anyone from Ninja Tune Records has greatly inspired us both for over a decade. We all listen to a wide array of Rock, Blues, alternative and world music and that shows in one way or another. Bonobo, DJ Shadow and RJD2 with a light dusting of Daft Punk is how I describe Human Agency to people who have never heard of us. Maybe that helps.
PAULY: Is the new album a glimpse into the future direction of band? Or does it solidify or build upon previous themes?
SEAMUS: Both of those ideas seem unavoidably true for "The Indigo Hour." Personally I would like to have a small group of talented, multi-instrumentalists collaborate and contribute to the live presence of what we record and produce in the studio. Easier said than done, believe me. That being said, we made a clear shot to have a more dance presence on the album without removing too much of the desired melody we all love in music. It came down to giving show-goers the energy they desire on the dance floor while giving the battle hardened music nerds a taste of our talent. The balance was hard and often illusive, but I'm happy with the current and future outlook of Human Agency. We have a strong and hard working group of people working directly around us. Stan Lee would call them True Believers, and I'm very appreciative.
 We pretty much broke our studio making this album. After spending countless hours in a basement production studio over a two year period, almost every piece of gear suffered some sort of injury. From beat machines to blown sub-woofers, turntable cartridges to Wurlitzer organs shorting out, very few pieces of gear survived this journey. Like the Mongols ascending the Great Wall of China, a lot of casualties were suffered before we realized it's ending ha! Good thing we ended in a beautifully equipped professional studio.

PAULY: Are you concerned with the backlash that's happening with the music industry and festival circuit being overrun by "dudes with laptops"?

A majority of this album was entirely written, composed and performed by Ryan and I. We draw from a traditional music background but are inspired by the creative options of digital music. So let me address something...I understand much of the argument many people have with this very recent surge of solo DJs with a single laptop selling out stadiums - and how eye burningly uninspiring it might seem when performed, I really do. I get it. But through the lens of a band like Human Agency, having grown up playing instruments then merging that with digital production thereafter, we spend as much time, if not much more, on our craft and sound. I'm very proud of the talented people who contributed to this record and help perform it on stage. I believe - from start to end - it's melodic, beautiful and inspired.
However, when I hear people from all levels of musical involvement criticize modern electronic music as being cheap, simple or uninspired, it immediately strikes me as an infinitely uneducated argument. I'll admit there's a slew of Dance/Electronic music that doesn't float my boat, nuff said. But there are some profound producers making richly unique music electronically out there. These scores of digital naysayers all the sudden come off as those puritanical haters who used to burn Beatles records or segregate Chuck Berry shows at the birth of Rock 'n' Roll. Let the people have a good time, even if you are not.
* * *

Human Agency's new album "The Indigo Hour" debuts on May 20th. Get a free download of Grace here.

Human Agency - Facebook Page
Human Agency - Soundcloud Page

Here's a promo video for "The Indigo Hour"...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Rosalita 1975

You know it was a wild night when we're waking up very late on Monday. Hey, 4/20 Day only comes along once a year, right? Hope you raged properly. I know we did.

I'm not a huge Bruce Springsteen fan, but I dig this particular performance by the Boss. For one, it's 1975 and he's 40 years ahead of his time in the fashion world. Springsteen is dressed like some of my hipster neighbors (beard + wool hat when it's 75 degrees outside) and Steve Van Zandt is going for the pimp-chic look, while Clarence Clemons looks like a faith healer.

Here's Rosalita from London 11/18/75..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Morning Key Bumps: I'm A Man - Spencer Davis Group

In honor of the return of Mad Men, here's one of the songs that appeared in last night's episode. Spencer Davis Group's I'm A Man played when Megan picked up Don at the airport.

This is also one of the last songs that Steve Winwood appeared on before he left SDG to start his own band, which ended up becoming Traffic.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dope Stories: Sean Azzariti

Dope Stories is 11 episodes old and we released one of my favorites shows up until this point. I got a chance to interview my pal Sean Azzariti. If his name sounds familiar, it is because Sean was the first person to ever purchase legal recreational marijuana in Colorado (on the morning of January 1, 2014). Sean is also a medicinal marijuana advocate, specifically trying to get PTSD listed as one of the conditions to be eligible for a MMJ card. Sean is a veteran himself and spent two tours in Iraq. When he returned stateside, he struggled with PTSD until he began treating it with medicinal marijuana. Sean currently works as a budtender at a MMJ dispensary in Denver. He's also a huge Phishead and we've seen a bunch of shows together in Colorado.

We chatted for almost an hour and discussed a bunch of different topics. Here's the "setlist" for Episode 11...

And listen to Episode 11 here...

Download link for Episode 11.

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Listen to previous shows.... Episode 1 , Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, Episode 6, Episode 7, Episode 8, Episode 9, Episode 10, plus Broke Stories Ep. 1.

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Johnny Winter Covers Jumpin' Jack Flash

Monday morning. Time to wake up and snort the coffee. Crank it up. Piss off your office mates. Time to grab life by the nutsack and get shit down.

Here's a Stones' cover by the albino wunderkind Johnny Winter. After he sold his soul to the devil, his hair turned bleach white. Winter looks like one of them Whitewalkers...

Sunday, April 06, 2014

G-Money Picks: Bill Frisell and East West

Funday Sunday. Time for G-Money Picks! Whenever I ask G-Money (@777GMoney) for a recommendation, he never steers me wrong.

G-Money suggested Bill Frisell today, specifically his live album East West. Bill Frisell has always been an underrated guitarist because he's a jazz guy, which is the kiss of death because jazz guitarists never get any love. If Frisell played in one of those darling indie bands du jour then he'd get tons of press from the indie machine and become a hipster god. Or if Frisell was in one of those bong-rattling multiple guitar bands from the 70s, then he would have gotten significantly more love from the likes of Creem and Rolling Stone.

East West is one of Frisell's live albums that is perfect background music. Frisell re-invented a few covers like Grapevine...

If you dig this series, then check out more picks by G-Money... James Brown's Funky People, Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters, Little Feat (1976 Winterland), Slave and Ohio Funk Scene, and Grateful Dead - Egypt 1978.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Kurt Cobain, Twenty Years Later

Twenty years later. Shit flies by real fast. Kurt Cobain "killed himself" twenty years ago to this day.

I wasn't a huge Nirvana fan in college, but I understood the importance of his so-called suicide. Cobain's unexpected suicide was the first celebrity death from a fellow member of Generation X. This was in an era before social media. Heck, I didn't even have email yet so we had to rely on CNN and MTV to get information on the suicide.

April 1994 was a fun month for me.  I was a senior in college and on the verge of graduating and getting the fuck out of Hotlanta. Between Grateful Dead spring tour and a Phish swing through the south, I caught a dozen shows that month. I pretty much blew off the last month of school to eat mushrooms and follow around my favorite bands through the south. Nirvana was not on that list of bands that I "will drop everything and road trip five hours" to see. I only saw Nirvana once... more out of curiosity than anything else. I really wish I wrote down my impressions of Nirvana because I can't recall anything from that night.

Here is a pretty decent performance of Nirvana when they headlined the Reading Festival in 1992..

And here's one of my favorite documentaries about the grunge scene... Hype!

Update... check out what Scotty B had to say about the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Today in Phishtory: Island Tour 2001

Classic video from Silverchair97. He had to split it up into two videos!

Yes, time to summon the Mothership... but in a patient manner. Miss those long intros.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

More Crazy Japanese Pop Videos: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

My friend Dana sent me another video by Japanese pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

Holy catnip. What the hell is going on with this song titled: Mottai-Nightland? This chick has trippy-ass dreams. I want what she's smoking.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

RIP Frankie Knuckles

Man, Frankie Knuckles? So sad. One of the pioneers of house music passed away. I was not one of those "ravers" or club kids, but DJ friends of mine (specifically my friend TC from Seattle) had tons of reverence for Frankie Knuckles. He was one of the faces that would be chiseled out on a Mount Rushmore for house music. I know hardcore fans that would argue he should be the only one. That's why he was considered the "Godfather of House" in many circles.

This was a good post on 7 of the best all-time Frankie Knuckles tunes.

Want to see how it all began? Check out this documentary: Pump Up the Volume: The History of House Music...

Benjo recommended that I listen to one of Frankie Knuckle's classics, so I'm gonna burn a blunt in Frankie's honor and crank up The Whistle Song...