Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Trey!

Happy birthday Big Red!

Here's one of my favorite interviews with Trey...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Juggalos

If the mainstream media and pretentious fucktards in the music industry like to poke fun at Phisheads, then they definitely will have a field day with Juggalos. The rabid fans of Insane Clown Posse are something like a roving gang of hooligans from futuristic post-apocalyptic flick. You definitely won't see them starting up a drum circle in Golden Gate Park, but where ever ICP plays, they will religiously follow.

As one juggalo says, "We're looked down upon because we listen to weird shit."

I kinda know what that feeling is all about.

Check out this short documentary about ICP's fans called American Juggalo...

Thanks to @BuffaloHoldem for the tip on the video.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Type II Cast - Phish Dick's

I was a guest panelist on the latest episode of type II cast with @fractalgal and @UNOlker. If you don't know Type II is a podcast about Phish and we discussed the three-night Dick's run in Colorado a couple of weeks ago.
Listen here: Episode 33: Dick's
Thanks to Steve and Tanya for having me on!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dusty Diamond Funk/Hip Hop Mix

Alan Evans of Soulive has an incredible funk/soul/hip hop mix you can download for free here.
Ive been rocking it and I approve - if you liked the KRAZ funk mix then you will love this.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bucket 'O Funk

A link came across my desk that has the entire funk drops series, plus a selection of Tropical Funk and a secret bonus album. I blogged last week about how we had a great time with Funk Drops 2 - this mix is the greatest funk mix ive ever heard - all in one click! You may have a few of these tracks, but there are some real gems in here - many of these were only released on 45's and are out of print. Check it out:


1 - You Gotta Know Whatcha Doin - Charles Wright
2 - Sexy Coffee Pot - Tony Alvon & The Belairs
3 - Soul Machine - The Meters
4 - Dirty Red - Fabulous Counts
5 - Cold Bear - Gaturs
6 - Nobody But You Babe - Clarence Reid
7 - Pop Popcorn Children - Eldridge Holmes
8 - Get Me Back On Time Engine #9 Pt.1 & 2 - Wilson Pickett
9 - What So Never The Dance - Houseguests
10 - C'mon Children - Earth, Wind & Fire
11 - Back On The Streets Again - Tower Of Power
12 - Getting Uptown (To Get Down) - United 8
13 - Love The Life You Live - Black Heat
14 - Come Little Children - Donny Hathaway
15 - 65 Bars And A Taste Of Soul - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band
16 - Don't Come Around Here Anymore - Mark Putney
17 - It's My Thing - Cold Grits
18 - Riding Thumb - King Curtis
19 - Same Old Thing - The Meters
20 - Shop Talk - Cold Blood


1 Bobby Byrd Try It Again (3:34)
2 The Noble Knights Sing A Simple Song (2:51)
3 The Mighty Hannibal Somebody In The World For You (2:51)
4 The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band Everyday People (In The Jungle) (2:28)
5 The Meters Chicken Strut (3:09)
6 Aretha Franklin Rock Steady (3:11)
7 The Fabulous Counts Lunar Funk (2:11)
8 The Mohawks The Champ (2:37)
9 The Beginning Of The End Funky Nassau (Pt. 2) (2:29)
10 The T.S.U. Toronadoes Getting The Corners (2:23)
11 The Southshore Commission Right On Brother (Pt. 1) (2:35)
12 King Curtis Memphis Soul Stew (Live) (7:37)
13 Baby Huey Hard Times (3:14)
14 Curtis Mayfield If There's A Hell Down Below, We're All Going To Go (Takes 1 & 2 Tracking Excerpt) (4:19)
15 Little Sister Stanga (3:36)
16 Betty Wright Clean Up Woman (2:44)
17 Society's Bag Let It Crawl (2:35)
18 Allen Toussaint Goin' Down (2:54)
19 Dr. John Right Place, Wrong Time (2:51)
20 The Meters Chuc Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push And Shove) (Pt. 2) (3:24)
21 Cold Blood Kissing My Love (6:02)
22 Tower Of Power Stroke '75 (1:25)
23 T.J. Kirk Soul Power (Pt. 1 & 2) (4:24)


1 The Commodores Keep On Dancing (2:37)
2 Barry Jones (2) Do The Funky Boogaloo (Pt. 1) (2:15)
3 Freddie & The Kinfolk Mashed Potato, Pop Corn (2:42)
4 The Mighty Hannibal Get In The Groove (2:22)
5 Johnny Cameron & The Camerons Funky John (2:44)
6 Rufus Thomas The Memphis Train (2:29)
7 Joyce Jones Help Me Make Up My Mind (2:41)
8 The Meters Here Comes The Meter Man (2:50)
9 The Commodores Rise Up (2:45)
10 Bobby Byrd I'm On The Move (2:55)
11 Black Haze Express Won't Nobody Listen (4:13)
12 Earth, Wind & Fire Fan The Fire (3:06)
13 The Fabulous Counts Get Down People (2:31)
14 The Stovall Sisters Hang On In There (3:32)
15 The Beginning Of The End Monkey Tamarind (3:33)
16 Mark Holder Whatever's Fair (2:38)
17 Rasputin's Stash Your Love Is Certified (1:58)
18 Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St Rhythm Band What Can You Bring Me? (2:44)
19 Curtis Mayfield Get Down (Single Version) (3:50)
20 The Meters Just Kissed My Baby (4:34)
21 Black Heat No Time To Burn (3:34)
22 6ix I'm Just Like You (3:23)
23 Darrow Fletcher Improve (2:43)
24 New Birth Hurry Hurry (3:36)
25 Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns Four Play (Promo Edit) (3:30)

Tropical Funk Experience:

01. Spouge Explosion - Lunar 7
02. Let Me Get Stoned - Boo And The Tru Tones
03. Take The Funky Feeling - The Blue Rhythm Combo
04. Cissy Strut - De Boys An Dem
05. Fugitive Dub - The Skatalites
06. Don't Knock My Love - The Swingin' Stars Of Dominica
07. Black Water Gold - The Blue Rhythm Combo
08. Vehicle - Richard Stoute
09. Sweet Loving - Mighty Sparrow
10. Soul Makossa - Jablonski
11. Black Man's Cry - Gay Flamingoes
12. Smokey Feeling - The Organisation
13. Check It Out - Wildfire
14. Steppin' Up - Lynn Taitt
15. New Bag - The Exciters
16. Broasted Or Fried - St Vincents Latinaires
17. Jive Samba - Llans Thelwell And The Celestials
18. Latin Lips - The Invaders
19. Basa Bongo - Yoruba Singers
20. Back Home - Andre Tanker And The Mansa Musa Drummers

DOWNLOAD Bucket 'O Funk

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wake of the Flood: Phish Returns to Vermont

Photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2011

If you've ever been to Burlington and engage in conversation with the locals, it seems that everyone holds the members of Phish in the highest regard, but more importantly, they all seem to know one of the boys personally or professionally. Vermont is a small state and even though it's a college town, Burlington has a small town mentality -- essentially everyone knows everyone. Trey is still called Trey, and even though we regard Trey as a mythical rock star, in this part of the Vermont, Trey is a local hero similar to a high school quarterback in a desolate West Texas town -- he might go onto bigger and better things, but he's still their "home boy."

I made the journey from San Francisco to Burlington via a red eye from Oakland to JFK, where I switched planes to fly to Burlington. At least 85% of my plane were heads and I was seated to one of the few civilians on board. She was a woman in her 50s and we made some small talk as I buckled in. I told her that I was a writer who is flying out to cover Phish's benefit show.

"They are such nice boys for doing this," she gushed. "My husband is a contractor and he once worked on Page's house."

I snickered. She had no idea about the running inside joke from this summer about "Page's house", so I clued her in. I don't think she fully appreciated it, but she smiled anyway.

My cabbie had nothing but amazing things to say about the Burlington music scene. "Phish is the band that put Vermont on the map, but there's plenty of other great (bands) in town. Grace Potter... she's a sweetheart. I know her parents. But Trey and the rest of the band do so much to promote music. Trey's even a part owner of the Higher Ground."

When I checked into my hotel, the pimple-faced kid at the front desk mentioned that his mom and step-dad were Trey's neighbors who lived "about 35 minutes from here."

* * *

I had frequent flier miles on JetBlue that I stashed away for a special occasion like the Vermont show. I got shutout in lottery, but luckily a cool guy from Minnesota named Trent hooked me up with two extras, which meant I could see the show with one of my closest and oldest friends, Senor. We've seen over 50 shows together including the infamous Japan tour in 2000. He's got a wife, mistress, two kids, and a job that requires long hours so he doesn't get to see as many shows as we used to. The last time we saw Phish together was the New England run last October (Providence, Worcester, Manch-Vegas and Amherst). He didn't have time to see the boys this summer, so he was super stoked when I told him I scored tickets.

"Well if you're flying all the way out from San Francisco to see one show," he said, "Then I can make the trek up from Providence!"

I rarely get to see shows with Senor in 3.0 so any time I hang out with Senor I know it's gonna be a raging time. On a more selfish note, I wanted to see Phish in Vermont to help exorcise those haunting Coventry demons. My friend Molly from Texas and I hiked in three miles to see that shit-stained trainwreck of a last waltz during a mud-riddled clusterfuck with Trey super schwasted and Page crying during Velvet Sea. The band walked off stage at Coventry under a cloud of gloom and misery.

Seven years later, Phish an opportunity to avenge the biggest blemish on their storied career, and at the same time, assisting their home state in a time of crisis by helping raise $1 million. Vermont was devastated by Hurricane Irene which caused severe wind damage and massive flooding. While the alphabet news networks focused on the hurricane reaching landfall in the Carolinas and the hysteria surrounding the clamping down of New York City, little old Vermont was barely mentioned by the mainstream media. Phish has always had a history of altruism and community service, so playing a benefit concert in Vermont seemed the appropriate thing to do.

I caught every Phish show since Super Ball IX and the band was en fuego by the time they arrived in Chicago. Toss in the three sizzling shows in Colorado and the band reached their pinnacle of the 3.0 era. The perfectionists in Phish wanted to collectively erase the last time they performed in Vermont. Plus, the gig was going to be at the Essex County fairgrounds, a mere stone's throw from their hometown in Burlington. Back to where it all began.

If you've seen the setlist or watched the stream, then you already know the benefit show fell into a "greatest hits" category. They omitted a couple of heavy hitters that were skipped in Colorado (most notably YEM, Wilson, and Mike's Groove). They played many of their classic songs and kept the far-out jamming to a minimum (with a few exceptions like Gin, DWD, Carini and Wolfman's).

Senor and I arrived at the lots around 6pm. A mini-Shakedown was set up on the far side of the fairgrounds and a fair amount of extras were floating around. We hung out for a bit before we made our way into the show and got stuck in a slow-moving line to get into the venue. That's when we heard Gordo and Vermont's governor greet the crowd. Gov Shumlin remarked about waiting seven years to see Phish play a gig in their home state.

The venue was a little bigger than the Tahoe set up with a massive grandstand opposite of the stage. The floor was cramped during the first few songs. Lots of drunks barreling through once the lights went down for the Chalkdust opener. Fish sported a special "Hurricane" muumuu for the occasion.

Photo courtesy of Gordo

The boys brought the "cow funk" early with Moma Dance in the second slot, followed up by a bubbly NICU. The crowd enthusiastically responded when Trey belted out, "Play it Leoooooooooooo!"

Everything fell into place with Funky Bitch batting cleanup before a crowd sing-along with Sample in a Jar. The guy behind me in a Red Sox hat was screaming the lyrics off key. We were treated to a rare mid-set Cavern (seems like it's been a set closer or deep into the first set as of late). Even Senor noted the early appearance of Cavern, which lacked the frenzied energy if it ended a set.

One of the jamming highlights of the first set included Bathtub Gin, accompanied by a roaring response from the crowd during the "We're all in this together, and we love to take a bath" segment. They lost me a bit with the jam, but Fish managed to pull Trey and the rest of the jam out of a dead end with a spectacular finish.

Alaska popped up and all I could think about were the rumors floating around the internet that Sarah Palin slept with former NBA star Glen Rice when he played at Michigan. It was a bizarre story for sure and as my mind wandered during the jam, I wondered if Palin ever got backstage during a Phish show in 1991 and gave Fishman a handjob at setbreak.

The crowd's energy level dipped with Alaska, but quickly recovered with Possum. It felt weird to hear a Possum non-show-opener, but the crowd soaked it all up. The last two songs -- Wolfman's > Julius -- might have been one of the more magical moments of the show, which punctuated a 90-minute opening set. At one point I had my eyes closed during the juicy Wolfman's jam and when I opened them I saw Senor jumping up and down with his arms in the air. That's one of my favorite moments at any concert -- when you see your friends getting down and rocking out. Senor and his brother used to make fun of me in the late 1990s when I was all wook'd out with a ponytail and a scraggly beard. They often referred to me as the Wolfman, so whenever we hear Wolfman's in 3.0, we always have a big laugh at the olden days.

At setbreak a drunk girl muttered, "When does Dave Matthews come on?"

"He's playing a solo acoustic set behind the port-o-potties right now!" I blurted out.

At the beginning of the second set, Trey noted that they saw lots of old friends in Vermont with the exception of two -- Pete and Tara. Pete was Fish's former drum tech otherwise known as Carini. Yep, you guess it... Carini opened up the second set. I wondered if they would throw us a bone with a Dicky Scotland Reprise?

The stretched-out Carini had a couple of dark moments before I heard a few teases and blustery notes sounding like the intro to Down With Disease, and sure enough, Carini slipped into DWD. On a random note, I recieved an email during DWD offering me a writing assignment to cover a poker tournament in Medellin, Colombia. Seriously. I saw that as an ominous sign!

DWD was left unfinished as Trey sort of rushed the band into Slave to the Traffic Light, which popped up much earlier in the set than expected. Slave usually anchors the back end of a second set, but I wasn't complaining. It's always a good night when your favorite band plays your favorite song. I always think the band plays it especially for me as a "thanks for making the journey with us."

Senor was a little schwilly by Rock and Roll. He became the "woooooooooohooooooo" guy and unleashed one of his trademarked screams every few minutes. Senor's all-time favorite Phish show was Vegas Halloween in 1998 and the musical costume of Velvet Underground's "Loaded." He said Rock and Roll always gives him instant flashbacks to that epic night. Page always shines on covers and he stepped it up, but just when Rock and Roll's jam got cooking, Trey pulled the rip chord during an abrupt seg into Twist. Trey's ADD got the best of him again and they bailed out of Twist in favor of Backwards Down the Number Line. I remember seeing a TAB show at Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence with Senor right after Phish announced reunion shows at Hampton. Trey played Backwards that night and I remarked that it'll probably be one of the new songs Phish introduced in the 3.0 era.

Gordo unleashed the fight bell at the beginning to Theme from the Bottom. Senor was pumped because he couldn't remember the last time he heard it. During Suzy Greenberg, a couple of Phishy chicks in front of us were doing dippies and jumping up and down. I thought Suzy would end the set because of the rumored 11pm curfew, because if they were going to play a 20+ minute YEM encore, then they needed to end the show immediately after Suzy. Alas, the boys snuck in a reeling Character Zero to close out the second set.

I wondered if Phish was going to go past the 11pm curfew. After all, the Governor was at the show and surely he could bend the elasticity of the rules for Phish, right? Everyone wondered if the benefit show would also feature guest appearances ranging from Jen Hartswick to Grace Potter to the Giant Country Horns. Alas, this gig was 100% pure Phish. No sit ins. No Santana.

The show ended with a single encore song and a cover of the Rolling Stones' Loving Cup. Sadly, no YEM for all of you YEM-maniacs.

Senor walked out of the venue just like everyone else -- all smiles. Even though he recognized the greatest hits theme, he mentioned, "One of the better shows I've seen since Phish returned."

* * *

I thought I saw my 151st and final show in Coventry, Vermont in 2004. At that point, I was done with Phish and the demoralized scene. By the end of 2004, I stumbled into the poker scene and spent the better part of the last seven years as a gambling reporter following around different tournament circuits in Las Vegas and internationally. It's a different type of traveling circus, but I missed being on Phish tour. Every. Single. Day.

Phish returned to the fray in 2009 and I racked up 89 shows since the reunion shows at the Mothership in Hampton. The Vermont benefit show might not stand out musically (or gimmicky) compared to some of the smoking shows from this summer, but this particular show will always have a special spot in my heart.

Phish is a tremendous source of inspiration. The friends that I met through the band give me hope for humanity. Trey is a personal hero because I also struggle with some of the same (pharmaceutical) demons that he dealt with over the last decade or so. It's not easy being Trey, and it's even a thousand times tougher to walk the line of sobriety while feeding the creative beast within you and trying to entertain and show everyone a good time without being redundant. Despite the deviant obstacles, Trey and the rest of the band continue to share their collaborative musical talents with whomever is bold and crazy enough to follow them along for the ride. Phish was born in Vermont in the mid-80s when a bunch of geeky college students decided to form a band. It took 240 attempts, but I'm fortunate that I got to finally see a good show near their birthplace.

Coventry's demons have finally been exorcised.

* * *

Before I go, I have a couple "special thanks" to two people. I called in a huge favor from my project manager at PokerStars (Otis is the man!) and he got me out of a writing assignment/deadline so I could see the benefit show. Also, thanks to Trent B. for finding me a pair of tickets. He's a good dude, so if you enjoyed the tweets from the show, he's responsible for hook up. If you ever see Trent or Otis in the lot, buy them a beer!

Lastly, Vermont is going to be struggling over the next months during their recovery. They still need your support. If you'd like to volunteer and get your hands dirty, check out Vermont Response website to see how you can pitch in. Also, you can still donate money for flood recovery by clicking here.

Phish Setlist: 9/14/11 - Champlain Valley Exposition, VT

 (Phish goes Through the Wormhole in VT)

Set I: Chalkdust Torture, The Moma Dance > NICU, Funky Bitch, Sample in a Jar, Cavern, Bathtub Gin, Alaska > Possum, Wolfman's Brother > Julius

Set II: Carini* > Down With Disease* > Slave to the Traffic Light > Rock and Roll > Twist > Backwards Down the Number Line, Theme From the Bottom > Suzy Greenberg > Character Zero

E: Loving Cup

* Unfinished

Monday, September 12, 2011

You Enjoy My-Mix - "Summer 2011"

Hal Masa is back with another fantastic mix of the best Phish jams from this summer. Here are the first two volumes:

Sally (6/4 Blossom) >
Sand (6/19 Portsmouth) >
Wolfman's (8/15 UIC)
Reba (7/3 SBIX) >
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone (6/14 Alpharetta) >
Waves->Undermind (8/15 UIC) >
2001>Hood (6/8 Darien) >
Curtain With (6/10 Camden)


DWD>Tweezer (9/3 Dicks) >
Simple (7/1 SBIX) >
Ocelot (6/14 Alpharetta) >
Light (8/9 Tahoe) >
Timber (6/15 Alpharetta) >
After Midnight (5/31 PNC) >
Bowie (6/3 Clarkston) >
BDTNL (5/28 Bethel) >
DWD Reprise (9/3 Dicks)


Phish Videos - Kuroda Cam: Back on the Train from 8/8/11 Hollywood Bowl

Here's a special video highlighting Chris Kuroda's awesome light work at the Hollywood Bowl show from 8/8/11...

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Funk Drops 2

As you know by now, we at Coventry Music love our mixes. I was online at the right place, right time and discovered Funk Drops 2. This British Import mix CD is perfect to put on in the Phish lot (like we did on Saturday) or any other time you want to get funky. Check it out:

Funk Drops 2
1 Try It Again -Byrd
2 Sing a Simple Song -Noble Knights
3 Somebody in the World for You -Mighty Hannibal
4 Everyday People (In the Jungle)
5 Chicken Strut -Meters
6 Rock Steady -Franklin
7 Fabulous Counts -Lunar Funk
8 The Champ -Mohawks
9 Funky Nassau, Pt. 2 -Beginning Of The End
10 Getting the Corners -T.S.U. Tornadoes
11 Right on Brother, Pt. 1 -Southshore Commission
12 Memphis Soul Stew -King Curtis
13 Hard Times -Baby Huey
14 (Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below, We're All Going to Go -Mayfield
15 Stanga -Little Sister
16 Clean Up Woman -Wright
17 Let It Crawl -Society's Bag
18 Goin' Down -Toussaint
19 Right Place, Wrong Time -Doctor John
20 Chug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push and Shove), Pt. 2 -Meters
21 Kissing My Love -Cold Blood
22 Stroke '75 -Tower Of Power
23 Soul Power, Pts. 1 and 2 -TJ Kirk

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Phish Returns to Vermont on September 14th for Benefit Concert

Want to exorcise those Coventry clusterfuck demons? Then head up to Vermont next Wednesday, September 14th to see Phish perform a special show to benefit Vermont residents who were victims of the worst flooding in decades due to Hurricane Irene.

According to
"Proceeds from the concert and merchandise sales will be directed to The WaterWheel Foundation and The Vermont Community Foundation to aid in the recovery of the Green Mountain State."
Get your ticket request in here.

Hopefully Phish will arrange a webcast the show so phans all over the world can help contribute to a worthy cause.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Phish Dick's 9/4/11: Ghost-Forget

Slow start after an epic raging after-party as Saturday night bled into Sunday morning. I tried to crash at 6am (I almost lost the Joker's ladyfriend's cat when it bolted out the door and had a slight freakout while I searched for the elusive feline) and finally passed out around 9am for a brief nap, before I woke up, cranked out a recap, grabbed food, re-upped supplies, and returned to the rendezvous point in Capitol Hill to meet up with the Party Bus crew. Jonas scheduled the bus a lot later for Sunday, mainly because he knew that by the third and final show of the Dick's run, everyone is dragging ass. Sunday was the tour closer and the prevailing attitude all around (the band and audience) was that we don't know when Phish will ever play again, so let's let it all hang out.

The Party Bus arrived at the lot and Shakedown was in full swing. We made the rounds and watched the folks from the Wook Store sling "mystery boxes" for $10. I bought 2 lollipops from a shoeless feral indigo kid. We saw Fishman capes selling for $100 and everyone was in desperate search for a lost girl named Molly.

Our Party Bus also had a grill attached to the bus. Our awesome driver grilled burgers and even let us bring a keg. I ran into Vanessa and Will and we chatted about the smoking UIC shows. Vanessa was in rare form and giving me tons of guff about getting old and getting too wasted to tweet on Saturday night.

"You need better intoxication management during the shows," she said. "(@CoventryMusic) tweets were slacking because you got too schwasted! Maybe I should get you one of those pill boxes for old people so you don't forget what to take?"

Touche. She was correct because sometimes I have too much fun at the shows and forget to tweet. Alas, I was treating the Dick's run like it was going to be the last Phish show in a year. No holding back. Balls to the wall.

Phil found good seats in the stands (approximately fifth row) at the back of the venue. We had a perfect view of Kuroda's lights with optimal sound. More importantly, we had a good group of people surrounding us (no loud drunk talkers) and everyone was ready to get down for the final show.

According to, the last time Maze opened a show was winter tour 1995. Show openers are often throw-away songs so I get a little antsy when they kick off a show with a song that I know they'd tear to shreds later on down the line., hence, why I gripe about DWD first set openers. Plus, the boys have been smoking the shit out of Maze in 3.0. The opening slot hindered their opportunity to stretch it out.

I got pelted in the face with glowsticks during Maze. The funk train arrived with Back of the Train and Trey showed up a few machine gun licks early on. The show got off to a hot start with a solid 1-2 punch, and kept up the pace with Rift.

I was happy the Joker finally got a Bathtub Gin, after all it's his song. The fifteen minute Gin was one of my favorite first set songs from Dick's. It's also up there with some of the more delicious jams of the entire run.

After a 40 minute sprint, the band needed to cool everyone down and let Fishman catch his breath, who had changed things up in the costume department with the X-laden muumuu for the first set. Seemed to work.

The set hit an energy low point (peaks and valleys) during the Gillian Welch cover Way It Goes, which was sung by Gordo. I dig Page's crooning on Halfway to the Moon and wished it got into the rotation a little more. The back of the floor had a section of the grass soccer field blocked off . The grass had become a final resting place for errant glowsticks. A security guard patrolled inside the grassy area to make sure no one jumped over the barrier. To kill the boredom of the set, she made Phish-figures out of the glowsticks. A wook-mom let her little kids jump over the fence and the hellions disassembled a few of the fish and scrambled around gobbling up glowsticks. The security guard chased the wook kids out.

Gumbo injected an energy boost to get the crowd back on track before they ended the set with an incendiary five song combo (Halley's Comet > Tube > Timber Ho > Roses Are Free > Chalk Dust) that nearly lifted the entire venue forty feet off the ground. I usually moan about the shortened Halley's jam, but this time I was thrilled to hear a seg into Tube. The band played both tunes for Comet Elenin conspiracy theorists.

Roses > Chalkdust was an unique combo which fueled the crowd's energy level to the highest peak of the set. I have to listen to the show again, but it was one of my favorite first sets from Dick's. Not a single Pauly Takes a Piss Song.

The second set was all heat. They launched the first missile with Rock and Roll -- a perfect song because it fulfills so many aspects of Phish that I like: 1) cover song from a band/musician I admire, 2) Page shines on covers, 3) jam vehicle. The jam delved into a cover of Come Together, which was welcomed but slop city before jumping into Twist, which included a Low Rider tease.

Piper gives the band a chance to take a risk with far-out jamming. Sometimes they miss, but the effort is appreciated. I rather see them take a risk and miss, than playing it safe with a crowd pleaser. This particular Piper jam was a menacing two-headed monster that included a Roadrunner tease, Page tinkering with the theramin, and a cosmic-head-trip with a sprinkling of the ambient Storage jam from Superball.

On any normal night, I'd be gushing about Hood, but Sunday had a couple of songs (Gin, Ghost, Piper, Walls) that surpassed it. Roggae hit a highwater mark at the Gorge and that spicy version enticed the band to keep it in the rotation.

Ghost-Forget? Fuck yeah. Ghost > Guy Forget > Ghost displayed the band's musicianship and their sense of humor. As Trey said it best, "Now y'all know who the ghost really is...the ghost is Guy Forget." I caught the debut of Guy Forget at that rough Phoenix show in 2000 (rough because it was after 2 back-to-back Vegas shows when no one slept). The Ghost-Forget more than made up for the rip chord, stunted-growth version of the UIC Ghost.

Walls of the Cave is also another vehicle for them to open up and jam in the second half of the song. The composed sections of WOTC are improving with each run through, but the jams are always spot on. I never saw the crowd react as insanely as they did at Dick's wth the peak of the jam.

The encore was only one song -- Backwards Down the Number Line. Backwards fit the mold for most Phish shows that were absolutely smoking, but fizzled out with a disappointing encore. Everyone had put out the YEM vibe during the encore break, but Trey wanted to play Backwards for a reason -- it's his mea culpa and an artistic statement -- letting everyone know that he turned the corner with a terrible stretch in his life. In that regard, I'm happy to hear any Phish. Heck, at least it wasn't Velvet Cheese.

The Dick's run had some obvious omissions including YEM, Wilson, Bowie, Zero, Mike's Groove, Fluffhead, AC/DC Bag, First Tube, and Jim (not to mention popular covers: Loving Cup, Cities, Crosseyed and Painless, and Boogie On). Some of those were benched in favor of S-songs on the first night. If you are a fan of those omitted songs, I totally understand your disappointment. Phish is always fun, but the shows seem to have an extra tinge of awesomeness when they play your favorite song.

I had a blast during the Dick's run to end the second leg of summer tour. I'm particularly happy I got to see the shows with the Joker, Jonas and the rest of the Colorado crew. Thanks to Jonas for hooking up the Party Bus and thanks to the Joker for putting us up. I've seen a lot of special shows in Colorado in 3.0 (Red Rocks and Telluride), and the Dick's run was a magnificent way to end the summer. If Phish isn't going to play a while, at least I'll have many memory burns to keep me warm and fuzzy over the duration of their unknown hiatus.

It's been a long and exhausting tour kicking off with the Gorge, the Hollywood Bowl, Lake Tahoe, Outside Lands, UIC, and Dick's in Colorado. I saw most of this amazing tour with my girlfriend (she skipped UIC) and along the way, I partied at various shows with different groups of friends. Phish always puts everyone in a good mood and I'm fortunate that I got to hang out the last month with them in the lot, at the shows, and raging it up at after-parties. Phish is always a little better when you can share the experience with others.

It's been a wild ride. Can't wait to do it again. In the meantime, I gotta say... thank you, Phish.

* * *

Here are recaps from 9/2/11 - The S Show and 9/3/11 - Diseasetweeze.

Phish Setlist: Phish Dicks's 9/4/2011 Denver, CO

Photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2011

Phish Setlist: Phish Dicks's 9/4/2011 Denver, CO

Set 1: Maze, Back on the Train > Rift > Bathtub Gin, The Way It Goes*, Halfway to the Moon, Gumbo, Halley's Comet > Tube > Timber (Jerry) > Roses Are Free > Chalk Dust Torture

Set 2: Rock and Roll > Come Together > Twist^^ > Piper > Harry Hood > Roggae > Ghost > Guy Forget > Ghost, Walls of the Cave

Encore: Backwards Down the Number Line

*debut of Gillian Welch's The Way It Goes
^^ Low Rider tease

More set list info at

Phish Dick's Video - 9/2/11 "Seven Below > Suzy Greenberg > Scents And Subtle Sounds"

Phish - 9/2/11 "Seven Below > Suzy Greenberg > Scents And Subtle Sounds" from Phish on Vimeo.

Phish Dick's Video - 9/3/11 "Tweezer"

Phish - 9/3/11 "Tweezer" from Phish on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Phish Dick's 9/3/11 - Double Decker Diseasetweeze

We ate brunch at Root Down, a foodie joint in the Highlands that also shared its name with a Beastie Boys song of the same title. The Joker and Change100 sipped on mimosas as we discussed Friday's night's S-themed show capped off with the Beasties' Sabotage as the encore.

"Phish is gonna kick off Saturday's show with a couple of C-songs just to fuck with us," I said. "Or worse, they'll play the rest of their S-repertoire and shoot their complete S-load in the first set."

We all appreciated Phish's execution of a well-crafted gimmick, but were ready for an ass-kicking show, hoping for one of those nights when Phish blows the roof of the venue (if Dick's had one). But since we were at an outdoor show, we fully expected the band to summons the Mothership. Yeah, the Whale Call has a whole other celestial meaning aside from Trey's usual wankery.

We pre-partied for Saturday's show at Dusty's crib in Capitol Hill before the Party Bus arrived. The Joker went to Bisco Inferno earlier this summer and saw a kick ass bus in the Red Rocks lot. He chatted with the driver and inquired about booking the pimped-out vehicle for Phish Dick's. Jonas sealed the deal and arranged the Party Bus for Saturday and Sunday shows. All we had to do was show up. Thirty of us. We all got on the bus...with a shit ton of booze, party favors, and wearing our favorite disco-themed costumes. Saturday's theme for our crew was Dick's Phish Disco.

Jonas jumped on his laptop and spun songs while our driver safely navigated us to beautiful Commerce City, otherwise known as the armpit of Colorado.

The Party Bus had one rule -- do not shit in the toilet -- otherwise, Jonas was going to lose his deposit. Usually the Wook Patrol roams the lot keeping everyone safe from the wookification of the scene, but in this instance, we were all on vigilant "Don't shit on the Bus" duty.

We set up shop behind Shakedown (which was moved to the back of the front lot). We made the rounds and stopped by the Wook Store. Those guys have it going on right and are not just a store, but a piece of performance art. I also noticed one guy selling an autographed Hannah Montana chair for the amazing price of $75. It was a bargain.

"$75 for Hannah Montana's chair!" screamed the vendor on Shakedown. "It's even signed by least...someone who looked like her...hard to tell because we were all on drugs."

Jonas and the Joker cruise Shakedown

We headed back to the bus and our driver put aside his chauffeur's cap to don a chef's hat. Yeah, our bus driver was also a BBQ master. The bus had a slide out grill stashed in one of the storage compartments. He fired up the grill and we slammed beers while awaiting tasty grilled meat products.

I scored some Pez and was ready to get jiggy with it. My journey was slow at the onset but when it picked up, I got thrusted into the outer cosmos. I'm always eager for the second night of a multi-night run (especially night 2 of 3) because the band doesn't have any travel exhaustion to negatively affect their "creativity" and woke up in the same city they were playing. Plus, whatever tech and sound issues they encounter on the first night were cleaned up by the second soundcheck.

Standard formulaic Possum opener. I wonder if Gordo is blackmailing Trey (with compromising photos and/or a bottle of 30 OCs) and making them open with Possum again and again. Last summer, Possum was an anchor for the end of the first set, but this year, it flip-flopped.

The boys brought the funk with Moma Dance. Sure, it was a tad sloppy, but pure fun funk. The ass-shaking grinding morphed into The Wedge, which seems to be a Colorado anthem. I always have flashbacks to Phish shows in Colorado whenever they play that song.

I was not wearing the Ocelot shirt, but definitely had the noon slouch most of the day and everything "kicked in" by the 4:20 point of the song. The rest of the set picked up by that point. A few drunks in our row were super schwilly during Divided Sky and I closed my eyes to tune them out and listened to the music play. Phish had me hanging on every note after the "pause" segment. Trey made his presence known in the first set.

The next three songs were a turbo boost of high-energy songs -- Gordo belting out Funky Bitch, Trey's heavy metal head-banging version of Axilla, and a Llama to die for. I've caught 4 of the 5 Llama in 3.0 (the Manchester one shines in its own way), but Dick's Llama bottled up the most energy compared to the other versions.

I wanted the band to maintain their frenzied pace, but they downshifted to a slow tune to cool down Fishman before one final surge with Wolfman's. If I had to pick out three moments from the first set, it would include the Ocelot jam, Llama's energy, and all of Wolfman's. Sometimes the band finds a groove and it sticks with them the remainder of the show -- that happened during Wolfman's and it carried over into the second set.

Setbreak was a little rough -- the lights were too bright, I was spun out and still climbing and climbing and climbing and waiting to peak out, meanwhile my girlfriend was fighting her own internal struggle and bogged down in the middle of a minor panic attack, which can be insanely claustrophobic at a Phish show. We both knew we'd be better as soon as the lights went down and could start dancing again.

I told the Joker at setbreak that we felt a DWD and 2001 coming. He had the disco ball helmet and was primed for a 2001 dance party. We put the vibe out (along with thousands of other souls) and Phish snatched it right up.

DWD > Tweezer is a perfect example of the types of second sets I prefer -- intense jamming for thirty minutes to kick off the set. They opted to co-join two of their heaviest jamming vehicles into a double decker bus that was speeding 140mph in the wrong direction on a packed freeway. That's what it felt like. My buddy G-Money used to play in a Dead cover band and he loves to talk about Mickey Hart's "bring out the dragon" reference during some of the Dead's craziest jams. I liken some Phish jams to a giant sea-monster or Godzilla-like beast that rises out of the ocean to wreck havoc on confused Japanese people.

Phish unleashed the dragon at the set of start two with Diseasetweeze and everyone at Dick's chased that fucking lizard on steroids for the next 90+ minutes. The end of DWD was peppered with Tweezer teases. I thought it was going to be just that -- a total cock tease with them leaving us with blue balls until Sunday -- but after a stumbling seg, they ripped right into Tweezer. The crowd reacted with a thunderous cheer -- 53% utter joy, 26% orgasms, 17% sheer terror, 2% funky stuff.

Trey is desperately trying to maintain his indie street cred which is why they keep playing Golden Age. Ah, I'm just kidding -- last thing I need is getting more hate mail written in blood from emo-kids telling me to stop making fun of TV on the Radio. I'll stop poking fun at y'all if you promise to stop cutting yourself, m'ok?

The Joker approved of the Dick's Tweezer.

"It reminded me of the 2/28/03," the Joker explained. "(Page, Fish, Gordo) played a funk jam and Trey was playing long notes and letting it reverb."

If I had to pick a low point of the second set, all fingers would point to Limb by Limb. I'm not saying it was bad, just that it was the weakest link of a strong set. Fishman ramped up his Afro-beats but the song seemed misplaced when it sounded Golden Age had opportunities to morph into other tunes like Piper or Caspian, but they bled into Limb instead.

Kill Devil Falls is typically your early first set fodder, but they gave us a KDF curveball with a little extra spicy "up the ladder" jam, which reminded me of the chasing the dragon jams in Maze. After returning to the chorus, Trey decided he liked the Maze-like jam so much that he dragged us back down the rabbit hole with him.

CK5 added the UFO lights to the mix and within moments Phish called out to the Mothership. A 2001 dance party ensued. It's always a sensational moment to look out into the crowd and see everyone dancing during 2001. You rarely see that sort of collective grooving at concerts (that's not a DJ rave-fest).

The second set menu also included a delicious Light jam before they noodled back into DWD territory. Julius is a crowd pleaser. If anyone was sitting down, they were all up and dancing by the start of the song. A rocking Cavern could have been a set closer, but instead, they snuck one more song in -- a vociferous and searing Antelope.

So we missed Sleeping Monkey by one night. It was the odds on favorite to be an encore in the S show, but they saved it for Saturday as a launching pad for Tweezer Reprise. I guess when Gordo dropped a bomb one of the drunks behind us lost his cookies and puked. Poor guy held it in for 97% of the show and then lost his mud during the pinnacle of Saturday's fiesta. Fucking rookies.

We headed back to the Party Bus and everyone in our group (all 30) magically found their way back to the bus -- a feat for sure considering everyone's chemical intake. The driver successfully navigated us to Capitol Hill for the after party. Jonas once again took on DJ duties as a few spun out girls referred to him as "The Space Man DJ."

The hissing sounded began from a darkened corner of the massive house party. Someone brought a tank to the party, which accompanied a couple of kegs. That's when I heard about "chili" (a mixture of ketamine, molly, and cocaine) for the first time. Ketamolocaine.

God damn! Denver knows how to throw a fucking party.

I stayed up way past sunrise and almost lost a cat (that's a whole other story). Luckily I found it. I also thought I saw an UFO, but the Joker was convinced it was a meteorite. I didn't believe him and accused him of helping Dick Cheney cover up alien life on Earth . Whenever Phish plays 2001, the surrounding airspace is always buzzing with alien aircraft. ET activity is at an all-time high at the end of a summer tour.

Two down, one to go.

Phish Setlist: 9/3/2011 Dicks, Denver Night 2

9/3/11 - Phish Dick's

Set 1: Possum, MoMA Dance > Wedge, Ocelot, Divided Sky, Funky Bitch > Axilla I, Llama > Fast Enough For You ^^, Wolfman's

Set 2: DWD > Tweezer > Golden Age > Limb by Limb, Kill Devil Falls > 2001 > Light > DWD > Julius > Cavern > Antelope

Encore: Sleeping Monkey > Tweezer Reprise

^^ w00k tries to fight Jonas

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Phish Dick's 9/2/11: The S Show

Colorado. Nothing else like it on the planet, and Phish picked the Denver area to throw down for three final nights to conclude their summer tour. If my sources are correct, these will be the last Phish shows for quite a while.

I flew from San Francisco to Denver on Thursday night with my girlfriend (aka Change100). The Joker picked us up at the airport and we realized we had not seen each other or saw Phish together since the Broomfield run. The Joker and his new baby girl were rocking out on couch tour all summer and he was ready to let it all hang out. We headed to a Phishy pre-party at Quixotes, saw Mike Gordon (my girlfriend was astonished at how short he was), and caught an amazing set from Magic Gravy.

If I could pick two words to describe the entire Colorado run, it would be magic gravy. After all, the final three shows of summer tour were all gravy.

We scrambled around the Denver area on Friday to get everything together for a proper lot rage fest including booze, a pharmie swap, and an EZ-up and a massive boombox -- an intricate sound system that Jonas put together for Denver Cruiser bike rides. The Joker was a little antsy to get out to Commerce City and set up shop as soon as the lots opened up at 3pm. I couldn't blame him, because he had yet to see Phish yet this year, and wanted to get the party started.

We arrived at 2:56pm and the security guard turned us away from the lots. We had to kill four minutes before they finally let us in. The guard motioned to "Lot G" but when we arrived at an empty lot, we pulled up to a different parking attendant.

"Are you looking for regular parking or Shakedown?"

The Joker and I looked at each other and nodded. I've never heard a parking attendant offer up "Shakedown" as a parking option. Usually they are surly, uncooperative and force you into a spot you usually don't want to be. However, it seemed like Dick's staff had the right attitude from the get go.

We parked one row behind Shakedown and went right to work setting up base camp. The EZ-up took a few seconds and the Joker dragged out the boombox and began cranking up a funk mix. Shakedown slowly filled up and just when it started to get raging, a cop pulled up and asked if we had staked down our EZ-up.

"40 mph winds coming this way," he said before driving off.

A girl across the way loaned us a hammer, but we only had three spikes. Did we really need four? We dragged the boombox back into the back of Joker's vehicle. Fifteen minutes later, a quick burst of wind rushed through the site. Before I knew it, I was eating a face full of dirt. The un-spiked leg of the ez-up went flying and almost shattered the windshield of the SUV next to us. I jumped on it and did what I could to hold it down. A group of five people sought shelter with us and the Joker kept spinning tunes.

Then it got nasty. The winds increased, the tornado sirens went off, and it started pouring. The wind was so fierce that rain was coming in all directions. Five or six more people bolted to the Ez-up and I jumped into Joker's truck with my girlfriend. Everyone held down the flimsy structure while someone managed to light up a joint. The Joker spun "rain" themed songs until the storm passed.

It took about twenty minutes before Shakedown was raging again. Our base camp weathered the storm. If that was the low light of the show (and the run), then it the rest was going to be all gravy.

We wandered inside after someone gave me a mystery pill. I'm a gambler so I said, what the fuck? Buy a ticket, take the ride... as Hunter Thompson once said. Most of my friends had field tickets, but my girlfriend and I had "stands" seats and before we could find a spot on Page side, a voice boomed over the sound system warning everyone about severe storms coming through and that we needed to seek shelter. Only half of the floor heeded the warning, and the rest decided to gut it out. The lightning storm in the distance was cool to look at, but we kept hoping the weather system would pass without dumping too much rain on us. A few minutes later the voice of authority announced that the weather had passed and that the show would be starting soon.

Dick's is a soccer stadium, significantly bigger than Red Rocks, but it wasn't constructed with Phish concerts in mind, which meant a few dead spots for sound. Throw in some swirling winds and you got some muddy audio. I was trying to adjust to the spotty sound during the first three songs -- Sample in a Jar, Sparkle, and Sloth. I was pumped about Sloth and didn't realize the first three songs started with the letter S. It wasn't until Fishman began singing the beginning of Sweet Virginia that I saw the pattern as I scribbled down the setlist into my notebook. When Gordo stepped up with one of his solo tunes, Suskind Hotel, it hit me that the boys were going to play the entire set with all S songs. Sweet. But could they pull it off? Would we get Sugar Shack and Secret Smile?

The girl in front of us had an orgasm during Strange Design. A screaming, wailing, extended orgasm. Page was locking up some post-show booty and came through with a silky Strange Design.

Stash had a few moments, but they rushed the jam out before they could get any momentum. The crowd responded to Sneaking Sally with huge cheer. It was one of the highlights of the first set, but the jam got cut short for a Sparks bust-out. The Who cover hadn't been played since 1996 or almost 500 shows. The rest of the S set continued with Scent of a Mule, Stealing Time, and Shine a Light (the second Exile on Main Street cover of the set). I figured Split Open and Melt or Suzy would end the set, but Melt got the nod. The shroomy jam didn't exactly melt my face and it didn't end the set either. That's what Squirming Coil was for. We got a rushed version to end the set, but Page's sublime solo is one of the reasons why we hang out on his side of the venue.

"Wow, all S songs," I said to the girl next to me. She was too spun to notice. At that point, we tried to figure out the second set. Would the S theme continue? Was it prelude for Santana, who was rumored to sit in with the boys because he was playing Red Rocks the next two nights. Many moons ago, Phish played the infamous M set packed with M songs. Maybe we were getting inside their deviant secret -- they are S&M freaks?

After the show, rumors swirled on the intertubes that the S theme was a tribute to a phan named Scotty Novak, who recently passed away. Someone mentioned on Twitter that he worked with the green crew.
But Tom Marshall posted something on PT stating that he and Trey had a running joke after the UIC shows about doing an S gimmick. However, Trey was worried that the joke wouldn't hold up with the tough-to-please crowd. If they did pull it off, he wanted it to be organic and not planned.

Trey and the boys pulled off the S gag in the first set, but they pushed the joke even more and the entire show contained S songs. The second set kicked off with a monstrous Sand. Gordo led the charge before rolling into Simple. The trippy, spacey jam out was a nice treat and I was happy to hear a stand-alone Simple instead of being the mystery meat in a Mike's Groove sandwich.

Steam is getting better and better. Jonas particularly thought the Steam jam was spot on. The crowd went a little crazy with the Bob Marley cover of Soul Shakedown Party, which they blazed through before diving into the deep end with Seven Below. I have to listen to that again before I can figure out what was going on. I was a little schwasted at that point of the show.

A crowd-pleasing Suzy got everyone in the audience shaking their ass. I always wondered if Page wanted to kick Trey in the nuts for cutting his piano solo short. The boys segued into Scents and Subtle Sounds and bypassed the intro. For a second I thought they jumped back into Sparks, but then it sunk in -- SSS.

Phish broke off the Horse > Silent in the Morning double-decker and drove away with just the Silent part. Sanity popped up next and the band finally acknowledge the S them by over-emphasizing "ssssssss" with any lyrics with S's.

The band congregated at the front of the stage and ended the set with an acapella Sweet Adeline. At that point, I was ready to bet $100 that the encore was going to be cheesed out with Show of Life > Sleeping Monkey. But then again, the way the band was thinking, they were not going to do the obvious. I tried to think up any cover songs that start with the letter S... Shakedown Street and Sussido popped into my head. Holy shit, would Phish bust out Phil Fucking Collins? They love Genesis, right?

Phish returned to the stage and my girlfriend thought she heard a Sabotage tease. Trey did the lick a second time and I thought... maybe? They launched into the Beastie Boys Sabotage, which they hadn't played since Hampton Comes Alive in 1998. It was sloppy and choppy, but high-octane energy. The crowd went apeshit berserk (similar to when they busted out Killing in the Name last summer in Alpharetta).

And then they left the stage. No double encore, just Sabotage. In all, the band played 25 songs -- all starting with the letter S. Supposedly, Saturday will be a T-themed show with TTE opener. Sunday is going to be V, with a 70-minute Vultures to open the first set.

I visited the toilet on the way out and saw blood all over the ground. One guy was laying down with two paramedics hovering over him. The guy couldn't stop smiling but his eyes were glazed over.

"We're here to help you."

We returned to Shakedown and the Joker had the boombox already set up. He blasted Michael Jackson and an impromptu dance party broke out. My girlfriend wondered where we were going for the after-party.

"This is it," I said as I motioned to the dozen spun out head dancing around in a circle. It was fun to sit back in a chair and watch wasted people wander by and stop to dance for a few minutes before they stumbled off into the darkness of night. Then the aliens showed up and they kicked the party into high gear.

Phish's first act in Colorado was an S-themed show that started out choppy, but found cohesion in the second set with a couple of big jams. Regardless if you thought the S was a prank, a tribute to a phan who passed away, or for Santana, it didn't matter -- because not too many bands have the balls or repertoire to pull off an exclusive prank and created a smoking show, combining their wit and musicianship.

One down at Dick's, two more to go.

Phish Set List: 9/2/2011 Dicks Sporting Goods Park, Denver CO Night 1

Phish 9/2/2011
Dick's Sporting Goods Park, Denver CO Night 1

Set 1: Sample In A Jar, Sparkle, The Sloth, Sweet Virginia, Suskind Hotel, Strange Design, Stash, Sneaking Sally Thru The Alley -> Sparks > Scent Of A Mule, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan, Split Open and Melt, The Squirming Coil

Set 2: Sand > Simple -> Steam > Soul Shakedown -> Seven Below > Suzy Greenberg > Scents & Subtle Sounds > Slave To The Traffic Light > Silent In The Morning > Sanity, Sweet Adeline

Encore: Sabotage

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Get Ready for Phish Dicks!

I'm pumped to see Phish throw down for three nights in Colorado because I get to see my first show this summer with the Joker, Jonas and the rest of the Denver crew.

Follow @CoventryMusic for updates throughout the weekend. Hopefully, I won't be too spun out and I'll be in reasonable head space to write a recap of each night at Dick's.

In case you missed it, I wrote up recaps of 2/3 of the second leg of summer tour. Enjoy...
Quickies Gorge Night 1
Quickies Gorge Night 2: Phish Magic
Hollyweird Bowl
UIC 1 - Monday Night En Fuego
UIC 2 - Chicago Disease, Gimps, and Golden Heat
UIC 3 - Tweaker City

And here's the official video of the greatest Roggae ever performed(?)...