Sunday, May 31, 2009

Phish Fenway Setlist

Our boys Kid Dynamite and G-Rob are at Fenway sending me text messages. Here's the setlist...
Phish 5.31.09 Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Set 1: Star Spangled Banner, Sample in a Jar, Moma Dance > Chalkdust, Ocelot#, Stash, Bouncin', Poor Heart, Limb by Limb, Velvet Sea, Down with Disease*, Destiny Unbound **, Character Zero

Set 2: Tweezer> Light#, Bathtub Gin, David Bowie, Time Turns Elastic#1, Free, The Ballad of Curtis Loew 2, You Enjoy Myself

E: Cavern, Good Times Bad Times, Tweezer Reprise

# First Time Played
* Kid Dynamite said he "busted a nut during Trey's DWD jam"
** Kid Dynamite said "I peed my pants"
1 Trey Plays Grey/Green Languedoc
2 written by Allen Collins and Ronnie Van Zant and performed by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Last time played- Soundcheck, Big Cypress 12/31/99

(via @jakecamara)

(via @beartopia)

Tweezer 2nd Set opener
(via @reelspit)

Also... check out Justin's Live Blog at Live Music Blog... and we've been enjoying twitter feeds from YEMBlog. Great job ScottyB, Keep it up!

I Think That I'll Know What I Haven't Known Yet

If time were only part of the equation . . .

In exactly one week, I'll be on my way to the Susquehanna Bank Center. I'll be a few hours from seeing Phish play live for the first time.

I was one of the ones who missed last time around -- not because I was too young, or unaware, but just because it seemed like those guys would keep rolling forever. And besides, I had just gotten married, or was moving apartments, or was at a new job. There was always a reason that it was just inconvenient enough to not go.

And then came the hiatus. No big deal. Bands stop touring all the time. When they came back, it was par for the course. I ignored the rumors and the grapevine. And then came the announcement. Coventry. I couldn't go. I simply couldn't. It wasn't inconvenient anymore, it was downright impossible. My twins were 4 months old and every spare second away from work was needed just to stay afloat.

So, this is a resurrection of opportunity. This time, I won't let it twist around that way.

I love Phish. I listen to their albums. I collect bootlegs. I am quite familiar with their catalog of songs, their history and tradition. But I've never been to the traveling groove that is the live Phish experience.

And so, I don't understand yet. But I am about to. Seven thin days lined up between me and Phish. That's almost transparent. I can almost see it . . .

So, as I sign off with the song I hope they open with, just for me: Open thread time. Your advice to the longtime Phish fan and total noob?

Bisco Inferno - Disco Biscuits Red Rocks 5/30 - Review, Setlist and Video Montage

In short, Bisco played a near flawless show last night to about 6,000 at Red Rocks. They teamed with a production crew and the visuals were like nothing I have ever seen before from any jam band. Daryl and I talked about it a few minutes ago and we think a show like this one is a sign of a maturing band that is practiced and are excited to play their music to a larger crowd. The songs they chose seem to be the ones they really like to play and are playing well. There were no big surprises musically- well, other than "White Chicks and Gang Signs", which was hilarious. The Biscuits played as tight as I have ever heard them and Barber was making his guitar sing all night.

The Setlist:

The Disco Biscuits, Red Rocks, Morrison, CO
"Bisco Inferno" 5/30/09

I: Rock Candy-> Strobelights and Martinis-> I-Man-> Strobelights and Martinis-> Crickets**-> Sound One, Uber Glue#-> Sabre Dance#

II: M80, (New Manger Song), Caterpillar#-> Ladies**-> I-Man#-> Orch Theme#-> Caterpillar#, Mirrors#-> I-Man#

E: White Chicks & Gang Signs***, The City# > Svenghali#

* Tease
** Inverted
*** YouTube viral video by Billy Reid cover
#with dancers

We need a Montage...

There are a lot of side stories that I'll have to tell you in person...overall a great night, lots of fun people and friends in the crowd, a great party and great music.


Today is the Phish Summer Tour opening day at Fenway. We here at Coventry not be able to make it, but will be passing along info as we get it from friends. We will be certain to pass along info as it becomes available.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Dead Acoustic - 5/11/09 – KFOG Studios – San Francisco, CA

Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Warren Haynes played an acoustic set @ San Francisco's KFOG studios on 5/11/09:

Deep Elem Blues
Glory Road
Friend Of The Devil
Lazy River Road
I Know You Rider

The Dead - "Cassidy" from KFOG on Vimeo.

The Dead - "Deep Elum Blues" from KFOG on Vimeo.

The Dead - "Friend of the Devil" from KFOG on Vimeo.

Friday, May 29, 2009


If you're looking for an extra, or looking to sell or trade your extra, check out the phan-run site: "" They are doing a Red Rocks 4-Day Pass giveaway/raffle. If you make a $5 donation to help support the site, you get a chance at winning a 4-Day Pass.

Phishy Rumors: Tammany Hall

Supposedly, Phish was going to play a secret and surprise show at Tammany Hall on Thursday night according to a thread on One poster said that the show was cancelled at the last minute and rescheduled for Friday night.

Again, this is just a rumor. Thanks to Bob G for the info.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

KDTU Red Rocks Aftershows

Thanks to Johnnie Walker who pointed out this blurb on Karl Denson's website...
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe is pleased to announce two special late night Phish aftershows at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO on Friday July 31 and Saturday August 1. These shows will be presented by Colorado After parties and will feature DJ Mike Relm and others from 11pm-5am each night. Pre-sale tickets are available now from KDTU Fan Club Ticketing. Tickets will be available to the public Saturday May 30 from


In other Karl Denson news, The Greyboy Allstars have added two more festival stops this summer including a 4th of July celebration at Waterfront Park in Louisville KY, as well as a performance at the Steamboat Springs Free Summer Concert Series in CO on July 17.

Karl Denson Tour Dates
May 29 - Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia PA
May 30 - Mountain Jam, Hunter NY
Jun. 5 - Snowmass Village Chili Pepper & Brewers Festival, Snowmass Village CO (Solo guest appearance with Leftover Salmon)
Jun. 6 - Telluride Jazz Celebration, Telluride CO
Jun. 20 - Founder's Fest, Grand Rapids MI
Jul. 2 - Jazz Aspen Snowmass, Snowmass Village CO
Jul. 3 - Waterfront Blues Festival, Portland OR
Jul. 28 - KJAZZ Wine & Jazz Series, Hollywood CA (Karl Denson Trio)
Jul. 31 - Gothic Theatre, Denver CO (late night shows)
Aug. 1 - Gothic Theatre, Denver CO (late night shows)
Sep. 12 - The Church of Universal Love and Music, Acme PA
Nov. 13 - Bear Creek Music & Art Festival, Live Oak FL
Nov. 14 - Bear Creek Music & Art Festival, Live Oak FL
Jan. 3 - Jam Cruise, Fort Lauderdale FL


Jul. 4 - Waterfront Park, Louisville KY
Jul. 17 - Howelsen Hill Amphitheatre, Steamboat Springs CO
Jul. 18 - Mile High Music Festival, Commerce City CO
Awesome to have some Karl Denson to play late night shows during Phish's invasion in the 303.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You, too, can be David Phipps..

More internet fun has been found courtesy of my friend Jay 'Zhey' Faulker. He turned me onto this website with a
Simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer. Each triggered step causes a force on the underlaying wave-map, which makes it more cute.
Check it out here:

Phish Festival Radio

Thanks to the Wookie who stumbled upon some groovy tracks from various Phish radio shows from different music festivals featuring Kevin Shapiro. Selections include the Flatbed Truck Jam, Clifford Ball Radio, Lemonwheel Radio, The Great Went Radio, Big Cypress Radio, IT Radio, Coventry Radio, and Live Phish Radio from 2007.

1. - Flatbed Truck Jam - 8/16/96 The Clifford Ball, Plattsburgh, NY (SBD)
Download link: Flatbed Truck Jam

* * * * *

2. Clifford Ball Radio
Download link: Clifford Ball Radio

NICU 3/26/92
Brother 3/24/92
Weather Report/Kevin
Catapult> Simple>
Icculus 6/22/94
Setting Sail > HYHU 7/15/94
Frankenstein 6/23/94
KA2XZE Station ID
Ride Captain Ride 12/30/92
Station ID/dead air
dead air
My Sweet One (instrumental), Split Open and Melt
Buffalo Bill >
Makisupa Policeman 10/29/94
Cities 5/7/94
PYITE 3/26/93
Bathtub Gin > ...
Parking & Wristband Update
... > Jam >
Ya Mar 8/13/93
Inspiration from the band
Funky Bitch 2/19/93
Curtis Lowe 2/9/90
Landlady >
Destiny Unbound 11/1/91
Kevin, Weather, & Traffic
Timber Ho >
David Bowie 12/30/92
Group Om
David Bowie 12/30/92 (con't)
Magilla 7/14/91
Final Group Om
Tube 6/26/94
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone 5/25/88
More Announcements
* * * * *

3. Great Went Radio
Download link: Great Went Radio

Bathtub Gin 8/16/96
Halley's Comet >
Alumni Blues >
Letter To Jimmy Page >
Alumni Blues 8/17/89
Spock's Brain >
Reba 5/16/95
Fixin To Die 11/19/94
Vocal Jam, Dog Log 10/14/95 Soundcheck
Swing Low Sweet Chariot 8/29/87
Curtain With 8/29/87
Narration > Divided Sky 11/15/91
Camel Walk 7/25/88
Harry Hood 4/18/92
Scarlet Begonias 9/15/85
Kevin & Carini
Carini 3/1/97
Tela 8/27/88
Eliza 11/8/90 Soundcheck
Taste 11/30/96
Hurricane 11/19/85
Mike's Song > Simple > Mike's > Hydrogen Intro > Simple > Hydrogen > Weekapaug 6/17/94
Shaggy Dog 10/31/86
DJ Trey plays DJ Crush, DJ Cold Cut
Trey, Bruce Burgess
Fluffhead 10/31/86
YEM -> Jam 5/5/93
* * * * *

4. Lemonwheel Radio
Download links: Lemonwheel Radio - Part 1 and Lemonwheel Radio - Part 2

8/14: Love Badger (Albert the Caterer Interview)
PYITE 8/9/97
Love Badger II
Mike's > DEG 5/3/85
Brother 10/9/91
Return of the Love Badger
Runaway Jim ->
Free 6/16/95
Love Badger Strikes Again
Rereturn of the Love Badger
Tube 10/30/91
Son Of The Love Badger
Cavern Funk Jam > Caver 4/5/98
Love Badger: The Legacy
Great Curve 10/31/96
Love Badger Strikes Back!
Antelope 8/26/89
Love Badger: The Emotional Terrapin Prequel (w/ Brad Sands)
Terrapin 8/9/98
Jazz with Domo -- Donald Byrd
Jazz with Domo -- Caravan
YEM (white tape)
Possum 5/17/92
On Your Way Down 7/23/88
The Love Badger Escapes!
The Love Badger Stash Prequel
Stash 11/14/95
Love Badger v. Mothra
I was a Teenage Love Badger
Buried Alive (homes from the holidays)
Loving Cup 8/8/93
Love Badgers In Space
DWD > Have Mercy > DWD 11/12/94
Conquest of the Love Badger
Moose The Moochie 7/12/91
The Wedge 3/25/93
The Love Badger Goes To The Dogs
Slave 8/6/93
Letter To Jimmy Page (white tape)
* * * * *

5. Big Cypress Radio
Download link: Big Cypress Radio

Buried Alive >
Auld Lang Syne 12/31/91
Llama w/ Gordon Stone 11/19/92
Shaggy Dog 12/6/91 Soundcheck
Mike's Song>
Weekapaug 11/8/91
Dickie Scotland Jewgrass Song 9/22/99
Col. Forbin >
Icculus >
Mockingbird 4/16/92
Reba 10/1/89
Soul Shakedown Party 2/17/97
Crosseyed & Painless 10/31/96
Sanity 5/26/89

2001 > David Bowie 7/31/99
Lushington 8/29/87
Harpua 3/26/92
Magilla > Tweezer 7/19/91
Possum w/ CK5 9/4/99
Alumni Blues 9/14/89
Cavern-Wilson-Cavern 7/13/94
Destiny Unbound 3/15/91
Highway to Hell 8/13/93
* * * * *

6. IT Radio
Download link: IT Radio

8/1 Trey Traffic Talk
8/2 Kevin Intro > The Wedge (Trey/Tom Demo)
Sand 12/13/99
McGrupp 6/87 (Mike's Grandma's House)
Shapiro - Brad Sands Interview
Shapiro Song Problems
Seven Below 2/20/03
Amazing Grace 5/8/93
8/3 Shapiro Intro
Baby Elephant Walk > David Bowie 12/1/92
Stash 8/15/93
All Things Reconsidered 6/18/94 Soundcheck
Ghost 7/23/97
Cities > DEG > Cities 8/5/88
Halley's Comet 11/11/98
Bug 7/18/03
"The Bunny"
* * * * *

7. Coventry Radio
Download link: Coventry Radio

Tweeprise 10/21/95
Moma Dance>
Free 6/17/04
Scarlet > Fire 12/2/83
Divided Sky 6/18/94
Time 11/2/98
No Regrets (Trey/Tom demo) - FEFY 8/17/93
Mound 11/8/96
Jam (spring 04-the barn)
Slave 11/4/94
Brother 12/31/91
Shaggy Dog 8/21/87
Maze 11/14/95
Curtain With 7/29/88
Hydrogen (late 80s demo)
Gumbo > Sanity 8/15/98
Post Timber Jam (Cypress soundcheck)
Mike's Song 12/31/95
Jam 12/29/99
Weekapaug 12/31/95
Corrina Corrina 7/28/88
Soundcheck Jam > Shock the Monkey 8/17/93
Sleeping Monkey (Trey/Tom demo)
Bowie > Cities > Bowie 7/30/97
Bug 8/15/03
Good Times Bad Times > Tweeprize 10/21/95
Trey w/ Herbie - Gelona Monthana
* * * * *

8. LivePhish Radio 12/20/07
Download link: Live Phish Radio

Sanity 8/5/88
Dog Log/Funky Bitch Soundcheck 12/6/96
My Friend, My Friend 11/30/94
Runaway Jim 12/31/95
Halley's Comet 11/22/97
Stash 4/2/98
Bathtub Gin > The Real Me > Bathtub Gin 12/29/95
Tube > Jam 12/7/97
AC/DC Bag 9/14/99
Mike's > Crossroads > Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug 5/8/93
Contact 1/3/03
Curtain With (studio 1987)
Tweezer 11/28/94
Thanks again to the Wookie!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The A&R Man Said "I Don't Hear A Single"...Time Turns Elastic on ITunes


Phish has released the 13-minute "Time Turns Elastic" in itunes. Hat Tip to Hidden Track who as usual is all over this. There is a short video (posted above) and more info at

This song is now my call for the Phenway opener...

Chris "Birdman" Andersen: Cheese Kid + Tour Photos

Everyone in Denver is excited about the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs. Tonight I was watching the game with a few String Cheese Incident fans and the subject came up about Chris "Birdman" Andersen's love of live music, and especially SCI. In fact, his nickname of "Birdman" was actually inspired by the song "Birdland." The official story is that Chris got in trouble with drugs and was suspended from '06-'08 from the NBA. The Cheese kids tell a different story- Chris took a hiatus from the NBA for a couple of years so he could boogie down without anything holding him back from Cheese Tour. Word is that Chris is a great hooper, too.

Coventry has obtained some exclusive photos of the Birdman in action. Check it out:

The Birdman with some cuties before SCI's last Red Rocks shows, Aug 2007

The Birdman posing in front of Jerry's house in The Haight

The Birdman always pulled the cute hippie chicks, Horning's Hideout 2007

Birdman front row, Kang Side, Horning's Hideout 2007

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bisco Inferno - RAGE! Mix

Its a rainy Memorial Day here in Denver. I have been holding down the couch and watching Planet Earth DVDs while listening to The Disco Biscuits. I'm very much looking forward to next weekend. Bisco is playing at the Ogden Theater next Friday 5/29, and then are headlining for the first time at Red Rocks next Saturday 5/30, billing it as Bisco Inferno.

tDB have put together a mini-festival of Jamtronica music at Bisco Inferno. Here is the schedule:

Bisco Inferno Sat 5/30/09 Red Rocks Ampitheater - Morrison, CO

Doors @ 5:00pm
Orchard Lounge (DJ) – 5:00-5:45pm
New Deal – 5:45-6:45pm
RJD2 (DJ) – 6:45-7:30pm
Lotus – 7:30-8:30pm
Z-Trip (DJ) – 8:30-9:15pm
The Disco Biscuits Set 1 – 9:15-10:30pm
Paul Oakenfold (DJ) – 10:30-11:30pm
The Disco Biscuits Set 2 - 11:30-1:30am

There is a lot of excitement in Colorado surrounding these shows among my friends and acquaintances. There are pre-parties, after parties, and hell, 9 party buses from the Basics Fund are going to Red Rocks.

In preparation for the shows I have put together a raging mix. If you don't like this mix, well you probably will never like Bisco, and its possible you don't know how to Rage. These 8 songs have some fantastic playing and are my picks for songs I would most like to hear next weekend. Check it out:

RAGE! Bisco Inferno The Joker's Picks
1. The Great Abyss 3/5/09 NorVA
2. I-Man >
3. Crickets >
4. I-Man 3/5/09 NorVA
5. Helicopters 4/17/09 Philly
6. Rockafella 4/17/09 Philly
7. Digial Buddha >
8. Astronaut 4/20/09 9:30 Club


Stellar article about a writer heading down to the Peruvian Amazon to partake in Ayahuasca madre.

Here's a bit of Alexander Zaitchik,'s article...
Through word of mouth, High Times features, Discovery Channel specials, the books of Terrance McKenna and the "Yage Letters" of Burroughs and Ginsberg, northern-hemispheric drug culture has over the last half-century become steadily more hip to and enthralled by the living Amazonian tradition of ingesting Ayahuasca, a potent psychedelic brew used throughout the region as a healing tool and portal through which to communicate with the jungle spirits and the dead... More
I think I found the location of my next vacation.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Tupolev Ghost and Swine Flu Panic

The Tupolev Ghost has been on my radar the last few weeks. They are an indie band from Cambridge, UK. Kinda loud. If they were from California, I'd call them a garage band. Since they are from the UK, I gotta say it's a nice mixture of pub-distortion-rock.

They shot a video including some Swine Flu hijinks during a recent stop in Dublin...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today in Phishtory: 5/20/94 Olympia, WA

15 years ago today, the boys played in Olympia, WA for a bunch of dosed-out hippies at Evergreen College. When I lived in Seattle, I had a few friends from Evergreen who used to joke about their "loose structure" on campus. Where do wookies live when they are not on tour? Lots of them are from Evergreen.

The show in May of 1994 included a sizzling (but short) second set with a fatty 2001 > Antelope one-two punch to kick things off.
5/20/94 Evergreen College Recreation Center, Olympia, WA

1: Fee, Maze, If I Could, It's Ice, Bathtub Gin, Fast Enough for You, Scent of a Mule, Dog Faced Boy*, Carolina, AC/DC Bag

2: 2001 > Antelope, Weigh, Axilla Pt. 2, Wolfman's Brother, Rift, You Enjoy Myself

E: Chalk Dust Torture

* acoustic
Links courtesy of HoyDog 23...
Download 5/20/94 Olympia, WA - Part 1
Download 5/20/94 Olympia, WA - Part 2

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raindance Art & Music Festival... (a story of the fine print)

One of my good friends sent me a link to a local music fest he's playing at this coming weekend in Land o Lakes, Fl - just a short drive from Tampa Bay. Officially, it's called the Open Grass Art & Music Festival 'Raindance.' Rain is what the Tampa area needed a week ago - it's been raining balls all week, but a good music fest with some durty hippies is always welcome. Some truly talented musicians and local artists are on the bill: The Malah, DJ Craig Heneveld, Cypress, Aquaphonics, Cope, Laura Reed, Christie Lenee, Organic Hate Mail (that's an awesome name), David DuBlois and others.

The fest website gives you typial run down of details, "2 days and 2 nights filled with Peace, Love, Music and Art Primitive Camping and the best Jam Bands from the 4 corners of Florida... Only $30 for the 2 days of the show including camping... Drum Circles (BYO Drum), Art on Site (Bring materials) Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Jam bands, Electronica & Acoustic Stage..."

Then off to the side I noticed some additional - and rather key - info:
This is a Peaceful and harmonious weekend that will be held in an artists & nudist community. You will be expose(d) to this lifestyle once you enter this property. Minors must be accompanied by parents.
Raindance is being held at the Riverboat Nudist RV Resort & Campground - I'm not mocking it - I'd love to go, but the wife isn't down. To take some drugs and dance is one thing - all of that in your birthday suit is a whole nother ball game.

Weed News: Will Obama End 'War On Drugs'?

Interesting read... Will Obama End the War on Drugs? by Arianna Huffington (via

Here's a bit...
When it comes to addressing America's disastrous war on drugs, the Obama administration appears to be moving in the right direction -- albeit very, very cautiously.

On the rhetorical front, all the president's men are saying the right things.

In his first interview since being confirmed, Obama's new drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske, said that we need to stop looking at our drug problem as a war. "Regardless of how you try to explain to people it's a 'war on drugs" or a 'war on product,'" he told the Wall Street Journal, "people see war as a war on them. We're not at war with people in this country."

Also... check out Obama's Drug Czar Calls for End to 'War on Drugs' by Tony Newman.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Phans Getting Their Law Suit On

Phish phan philes class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster and TicketsNow

A Massachusetts man has filed a class action lawsuit against Ticketmaster Entertainment and its secondary ticket market subsidiary TicketsNow for allegedly defrauding purchasers of Phish tickets by redirecting them from less expensive tickets on Ticketmaster's Web site to more expensive ones on TicketsNow.

We here at Coventry say 'Good luck with all that phanners!'

Velvet Sea Tear Jerker

Phish and Page performing a tear-inducing Velvet Sea at Coventry,VT...

And here's a much more emotionally stable Page...

Get Up And Move Mondays: Beastie Boys

Few Beastie Boys have been remixed so often as "So Watcha Want," but this is my favorite. I just love how B Real comes in for the last verse.

Dance at your desks, fellow office monkeys.

I think I'm losin' my mind this time, this time I'm losin' my mind . . .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Page!

It's Page's birthday...

Happy Birthday, Leo!


I watched Hype! one of my favorite music documentaries about the overhyped music scene in Seattle in the 1990s. I washed up on the shores of Seattle in the mid/late 90s and it was a weird city in the post-Grunge era after it was raped and pillaged by corporate America. This documentary was filmed in 1996 by Doug Pray.

I probably watch it once a year. Makes me miss Seattle. Check it out on YouTube.

This clip features a gem at the 5:00 minute mark. It's Nirvana's first ever live performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Click here to watch Hype! starting with Part 1.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

USA Today Phuck-Up; No Love for Page

Mainstream media must really hate Phish. Thanks to G-Rob for pointing this out...

Gotta love the geniuses at the USA Today. If I was Page, I'd be wicked pissed at the snub.

Today in Phishtory: 5/16/94 Los Angeles, CA

15 years ago today, the Phish played a heady show at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles. It's one of my favorite venues in the L.A. area and the boys "smoked the shit" out of the joint. Take note of that sizzling start to the second set with amassive 2001 > Antelope > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars > Antelope sandwich.
5/16/94 The Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Set 1: Buried Alive> Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, Divided Sky, Axilla, Rift, Down With Disease, Bouncin', Stash, Sweet Adeline

Set 2: 2001 > Antelope > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars > Antelope, Sparkle, It's Ice, Julius, You Enjoy Myself > Big Black Furry Creature from Mars, Amazing Grace, Big Black Furry Creature from Mars

Encore: Fee, Rocky Top
Download Links (via HoyDog 23):
5/16/94 Los Angeles, CA - Part 1
5/16/94 Los Angeles, CA - Part 2
5/16/94 Los Angeles, CA - Part 3

Friday, May 15, 2009

Reason 108 Why Swedish Chicks Rule: Fever Ray

We've devoted a few posts to the lovable First Aid Kit, and who doesn't love Abba and that blond from the Cardigans? There must be something in the water Scandinavian mothers are drinking because I can't get enough. My new Swedish flavor of the month is Fever Ray. Karin Dreijer Andersson, who also makes up one half of the electronic duo known as The Knife just released Fever Ray, her solo debut. It feels like Santigold rubbing her ass on Thom Yorke's Eraser. The music is sweet and creepy; check out the wicked video for "When I Grow Up."

Radiohead Cover of the Day: How to Disappear Completely by Joyce

Phil & Friends - Just A Little Light 7/5/02

Brent Mydland was the keyboardist for the Grateful Dead for most of my touring days. I remember sitting in the Sexson Auditorium in Pasadena, CA in April 1988 for a Seva Benefit Concert with California Rob listening to the debut of I will take you Home. Brent had that soulful bluesy voice that immediately commanded my attention.

I found this great cover of Brent's Just A Little Light, by Phil & Friends featuring Warren Haynes on vocals/guitar from Gathering of the Vibes 7/5/2002. The song closed the first set. Jimmy Herring is also in this line-up of Friends.

Bob Weir-d Videos

Thanks to the Wookie for pointing out these two videos featuring Bob Weir. The first one? Pure hysterics as Bob Weir (and Vince Welnick) do karaoke in Japan circa 1994. And the second video? Bobby & the Midnites circa 1984.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ben Harper on Letterman

Ben Harper and Relentless 7 perform Shimmer and Shine on the Late Show with David Letterman...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bonnaroo365 Presents Phish 8/17/96 Set 2

Bonnaroo365 hooked up Phisheads with a glimpse of the Clifford Ball. Here's
the second set of the 8/17/96 gig...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Kid

Kid Koala, ladies and gents.

Gene Ween Band (Solo Acoustic) @ B Side Lounge, Boulder CO 5/11/09

Last night I had a great time seeing Gene Ween at a little club in Boulder. The show was sold out, but the room was very small and only holds about 90 people.

Ween and their fans are the special kind of awesome that is not widely understood. As I have come to expect from Ween, the show was weird and sooo good. Seeing Gener's eyes close up will do that to ya. I got to hear several of my favorite Ween songs, as well as trade a Phish Dharma patch for some pharmies and trade a piece of pizza for a shot of tequila. Check out this video of Buenos Tardes Amigo:

Setlist, via weenarmy
Gene Ween Band
May 11, 2009 Boulder, CO B-Side Lounge

1.Marble tulip juicy tree
2.Birthday Boy
3.chocolate town me scrape the mucus off my brain
5.shes your baby
6. dont get to close
7.tried and true
8.dont laugh I love you >
9.push the lil daises
10.big jilm
11.the grobe
12.mutilated lips
13.even if you dont
14. lullaby
15.happy colored marbles
end of piano set
"Ill be back in 5 minuets...naw fuck the break!"
16.So long Jerry
17.she wanted to leave
18.mollusk ("that was my first time playin that one...")
19.The party
20.flutes of the chi
22.Buenos tardes
23.Geners Gone

Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood MSG DVD

Last year, Eric Clapton and Steve Windwood played a series of concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City. That epic run is being chronicled into a CD and a DVD. Release date is May 19th.

Here's the track listings...
CD Disc One:
1. Had To Cry Today
2. Low Down
3. Them Changes
4. Forever Man
5. Sleeping In The Ground
6. Presence Of The Lord
7. Glad
8. Well Alright
9. Double Trouble
10. Pearly Queen
11. Tell The Truth
12. No Face, No Name, No Number

CD Disc Two:
1. After Midnight
2. Split Decision
3. Rambling On My Mind
4. Georgia On My Mind
5. Little Wing
6. Voodoo Chile
7. Can't Find My Way Home
8. Dear Mr. Fantasy
9. Cocaine

DVD Disc One:
1. Had To Cry Today
2. Them Changes
3. Forever Man
4. Sleeping In The Ground
5. Presence Of The Lord
6. Glad
7. Well Alright
8. Double Trouble
9. Pearly Queen
10. Tell The Truth
11. No Face, No Name, No Number
12. After Midnight
13. Split Decision
14. Rambling On My Mind
15. Georgia On My Mind
16. Little Wing
17 .Voodoo Chile
18. Can't Find My Way Home
19. Dear Mr. Fantasy
20. Cocaine

DVD Disc Two:

The Road To Madison Square Garden, an exclusive documentary featuring new interviews with Eric and Steve, together with rare footage and photographs of Cream, Traffic and Blind Faith.

Rambling On My Mind: The final preparation for the three legendary performances highlighted by an acoustic soundcheck performance by Eric of the Robert Johnson standard "Rambling On My Mind."

Plus Bonus Madison Square Garden Performances of "Low Down," "Kind Hearted Woman" and "Crossroads."
Check out a video of After Midnight.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Get Up And Move Mondays: Marvin Gaye

For those of us rocking the desks on a Monday, I think it would be well to stop what you're doing, put down the pen, push away the keyboard, and shake everything you got.

It's what Marvin wants you to do.

Phish Ticket Bubble Report - May 11

PT user braseph is back again...

Decline picked up speed again in the last week, taking overall average down 6.6%. some of the major NE shows down by 10% or more, including Fenway, Mansfield, Hartford, Darien Lake, JB2 and JB3.

Premiums based on average lowest ticket price at Stubhub & Ticketsnow

Venue: Premium on 5/11* (Change since 5/4)

Fenway: 238% (-12.3%)
JB1: 128% (-8.6%)
JB2: 245% (-11.6%)
JB3: 347% (-10.9%)
Mansfield: 265% (-12.7%)
Camden: 176% (-5.4%)
Asheville: 381% (-5.8%)
Knoxville: 81% (-13.0%)
Fox: 919% (-7.3%)
Burgettstown: 128% (-3.8%)
Deer Creek: 216% (-3.2%)
Alpine-Sat: 172% (-4.5%)
Alpine-Sun: 135% (-7.6%)
RR-Thu: 387% (-5.9%)
RR-Fri: 437% (-1.6%)
RR-Sat: 488% (-2.2%)
RR-Sun: 371% (-5.4%)
Shoreline: 106% (-7.9%)
Gorge-Fri: 123% (+0.8%)
Gorge-Sat: 137% (-4.2%)
Toyota: 85% (-4.5%)
Darien Lake: 99% (-11.7%)
Hartford: 124% (-9.6%)
MWP: 131% (0.0%)
SPAC: 187% (-5.1%)

[*note: 100% = face price]

Chillout Lounge and the Illuminati

My good buddy jonas0tto has been getting into a lot of lounge and house music. He put together this great mix, inspired by the secret society that controls the money supply. Check it out:

Chillout Lounge and the Illuminati
mix by jonas0tto
1. Kalifunk - Audio Lotion
2. Soft Sand - David Arkenstone
3. Crystal Sky - David Arkenstone
4. Further from Home - Groovecatcher
5. Dial M for Martini - Groovecatcher
6. Wendy - Jens Buchert
7. Take Air - Jens Buchert
8. Taximan - Jens Buchert
9. In the Mirror - Jens Buchert
10. Yellow Vurt - Jens Buchert
11. Mo Smile - Jens Buchert
12. Creamland - Jens Buchert
13. Sunatic - Jens Buchert
14. Popular Secret - The Lushlife Project
15. Daylight - Minus 8 FEat. Sitta
16. Starq - Tom Middleton
17 . Can See The Future - Tom Middleton
18 Never Come Back - Tom Middleton
19. Out Of Control - Tom Middleton
20. Castaway - Tom Middleton

Download Chillout Lounge and the Illuminati

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Dead in L.A. - Review and Setlist for 5/9/09

The Dead, 5/9/09 L.A. Forum, Ingelwood, CA

Set 1: Viola Lee Blues > Bertha > Viola Lee Blues > Caution > Viola Lee Blues, Black Peter, Cosmic Charlie

Set 2: Shakedown Street > New Speedway Boogie > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Drums > Space > Dark Star > Wharf Rat > Dark Star > Satisfaction

Encore: Donor Rap, One More Saturday Night
I was excited about my first West Coast Dead show after attending 46 Grateful Dead shows from 1987 through 1995... all but one on the East Coast or in the South. Last May, my girlfriend and I caught Phil Lesh & Friends play a gig at the Greek Theatre, but that was the closest I came to capturing a glimpse of what a Dead show would have been like in California.

I finally had my chance. This was my fifth or sixth show seeing The Dead/The Other Ones grouping. After more than a dozen or so shows already performed on this tour, I had a good indication on the vibe of Dead shows based on personal accounts from friends who attended the shows on the East Coast and from listening to a few shows including the simulcast from Philly a couple of weekends ago. Regardless, I went to the Forum with very low expectations. I'm glad that I did because I was pleasantly surprised.

Getting to the show was a slight pain-in-the-ass. Traffic. LA. Uuggh. I blame myself for not giving us more of a cushion. Alas, my girlfriend and I both had work-related stuff and did not have a chance to show up at the Forum early and hang out in Shakedown. We rolled up a little later and we go stuck parking in the $20 lot in front of the Hollywood Park racetrack. As we parked, a guy in a tie-dye holding a nitrous balloon in his mouth took a piss in between two cars.

The line to get into the venue was confusing. It seemed like two lines were criss-crossing in opposite directions and lots of people were cutting the slow-as-fuck moving line. The lack of available entrances slowed down the entire process. We were inline around 7:15pm and didn't get to our seats until 8:10pm.

While standing outside, we heard the show start and the gang kicked off with Viola Lee Blues. By the time we reached the security check, the opening lyrics of Bertha floated out through the open doors. We finally got inside and realized that were went into the wrong entrance. We navigated through a dense crowd in the hallways and then used the narrrow inner walkway inside the venue to reach our section. At that point, the Dead segued back into Viola Lee Blues which they wove in and out of the entire first set. By the time we found our seats and fired up, they were in the middle of a dissonant jam. Sort of muddled and a clusterfuck, much like the previous hour of my life trying to get inside.

I was unimpressed with Caution, but I appreciated the significance of the old school song. I smoked tough and patiently waited for them to return to the final verse of Viola Lee Blues. I had mixed-feelings of Black Peter. It made me miss Jerry and I wanted to hear the song, but I felt it was poorly executed. Just when I was completely bumming out about the first set, they closed with Cosmic Charlie. Talk about a set/show saver. Sort of like watching your favorite football get blown out in the first half and then miraculously score a touchdown on the last play to go into halftime with momentum.

I thought that the Forum was ill-equipped for the show based on the logistical issues of getting people inside in a timely matter. And then they ran out of bottled water. Everywhere I looked during the setbreak, I was shutout. I had to settle on a couple of Dos Equis, which cost me $20. Blah.

During the setbreak, we spotted a guy a couple of rows in front of us. He was in his mid-50s with white hair and glasses. He looked a bit like Dick Cheney, except he had his t-shirt off and wandered around shirtless and clutched two glowsticks. It looked a lot like the guy was rolling for the first time (the signs were all there... glowsticks + shirtless = roll kicked in). I begged him to keep his pants on.

I did not like Set 1. It was a C+ and that's because Cosmic Charlie saved it. However, the band built off the momentum from Charlie and the second set was substantially better than the first set. It was like two different bands were up on stage. A funk-driven Shakedown Street perked everyone up. I gotta admit that I was happy they saved it for the second set. And the New Speedway Boogie sorta came out of nowhere. I wasn't expecting it and was more than thrilled because it's easily one of my top 10 Grateful Dead songs.

The crowd erupted for a second time in the second set after the jam out of Boogie when they got teases of the first few notes to Scarlet Begonias. At that point, through the first three songs of the second set, the band more than made up from their not-so-stellar performance in the first set. Once they segued into Fire on the Mountain, I forgot all about the mediocrity from just an hour earlier.

I told my girlfriend that Drums > Space segments of Grateful Dead shows was the part where people who were on really bad acid freaked the fuck out, or if you were riding high on on sensational psychedelics then you loved every single beat. We sat down and smoked tough. There was a lesbian in military fatigues with a crew cut sitting next to us. I should say, she was passed out in the seat next to us. Out cold. I saw a lot of that. Lots of older heads who forgot their age and tried to party like it was 1994 1984 1974 1964.

Just at the moment when the band pulled out of space, one drunk guy in our section screamed, "Pride of Cucamonga!" Alas, the band slowly noodled into Dark Star and then jammed into Wharf Rat with both Bobby and Warren Haynes sharing verses. Warren sang the "motherfucking crime" lyric and I howled. At my last ever Grateful Dead show at the Meadowlands, their version of Wharf Rat was absolutely atrocious. I think Jerry was super-smacked out that day and had no idea what the hell was going on.

They finished up Dark Star and I heard a few licks to what sounded like Satisfaction. I know that they played the Rolling Stones cover on back East so I was pretty confident that they were snaking their way out of the Dark Star jam and into Satisfaction. Usually, I loathe Bobby when he cheeses out... but this instance... he was alright. Nice work, Bobby. Loved Warren's solo on that. The entire Forum was dancing and grooving at that point, well, everyone except the passed out militant lesbian next to my girlfriend. She was so far gone that even a bong-rattling cover of Satisfaction could not shake her from a coma.

The second set? Smoking. I saw some Grateful Dead shows circa 1993-94 that were craptacular, so I was impressed with the song selection and execution of the second set in L.A.

As expected, Phil Lesh spoke about organ donations before they played a one song encore... One More Saturday Night. It was a rocking version, but the biggest disappointment? Where was West L.A. Fadeway? I was hoping for a West LA > Sat Nite to cap off the show, but you know what? After that delicious second set, how could I complain.

The band took a bow to a thunderous applause and they reminded us to remember what it felt like to experience the vibes, excitement, and pleasantness of the concert. They said, "It feels good. Take it home and do something good with that."

As we walked out, a group of paramedics rushed past us with a stretcher. Uh oh, someone was going to wake up in the hospital. Next time, just snort one line of molly... and not two.

We wandered through the last remnants of Shakedown. A spun-out wookie offered to sell us nugs and doses. We had plenty of medicinal marijuana and I wasn't about to buy bunk doses off the spunster. My girlfriend marveled at all the stray tour dogs that meandered through Shakedown and the influx of baby strollers that heady mommas where pushing around after the show.

Yeah, to sum up... hectic arrival. Blah first set saved by Cosmic Charlie. Second set was rocking and that's what I remember the most... the crowd going apeshit during Shakedown and Scarlet. Biggest complaint? Less Bobby and more Phil.

Am evening with The Dead is what you make of it. For me? I had a fun Saturday night.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Dead in L.A.

Heya all... Change100 and I will be attending The Dead's performance tonight at the Forum in Inglewood otherwise known as The Hood. Should be a fun time. Friends of mine saw The Dead back East (Nassau, MSG, Meadowlands, Philly) and the Joker & Johnnie Walker caught them in Denver on Thursday.

Although I saw 46 Grateful Dead shows and a handful of shows with the current incarnation of The Dead, I have never seen an actual California show. Sure, I saw Phil & Friends numerous times on the Left Coast (including last year around this time at the Greek Theatre), I'm excited about my first Cali Dead show.

I will be updating the Dead show (ad setlist info) via Coventry's twitter feed...

Follow Coventry on Twitter
Follow Change100 on Twitter

NIN/JA tour.. Tonight in Tampa..

Think about this: graduating high-school seniors were peeking out there little heads from their momma's when Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction changed the face of music with the initial Lollapalooza tour. I was in 8th grade and missed that show, but became a huge Jane's fan and caught the next four Lollapaloozas ultimately propelling me to my love of live shows. So now in 2009, Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and the rest of Jane's have (temporarily) put the bullshit aside to milk the cash cow one more time. I'm all for it - I was only able to see the band once when Flea toured with them circa 1997 and that was a very memorable show.

Evidently tickets aren't selling like hot-cakes; craigslist is flooded with good seats at cost, and they're even selling lawns for 1990's prices: $20. Joseph the Broseph is expecting tickets to be falling from the sky by showtime. He's also hoping to sell some Camel's and Yuenglings to cover costs. We have a wild crew for the show tonight: tatooed, middle-aged perverts, some big-tittied silicone hotties and a recently graduated frat-daddy-bro.

You can follow me on twitter for show and setlist updates.


Jane's Addiction, May 9th, 2009, Tampa Ford Amphitheater:

(9:40 pm) Three Days (with Kevin Bacon movie intro), Whores, Ain't No Right, Pig's In Zen, Then She Did, Standing in the Shower..... Thinking, Ted, just Admit It, Mountain Song, Ocean Size

E: Stop, Jane Says (with two acoustic guitars and steel drums) (11:10 pm)

NIN, May 9th, 2009, Tampa Ford Amphitheater:

(7:50 pm) Now I'm Nothing, Terrible Lie, SIN, March of the Pigs, Piggy, The Frail, The Wretched, Discipline, Head Down, La Mer, The Good Soldier, I Do Not Want This, The Downward Spiral, Non-Entity, Lights in the Sky, Wish, Physical (You're So) (Adam Ant cover), The Hand That Feeds, Head Like a Hole

E: Hurt

The Day After Barton Hall

Every Deadhead knows the significance of 5/8/77. The Barton Hall show at Cornell is considered one of the greatest moments in live music history and the night that the Grateful Dead achieved perfection. Let's face it... the entire month of May 1977 was a magical time when the Dead were simply... on fire. They tore it up every night they took the stage.

Anyway, the night after Barton Hall is just as special. Buffalo. May 1977. Sickness. Some Deadheads think that the Buffalo version of Help > Slip > Frank was among the best ever performed...
Grateful Dead - 5/9/77 - War Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY

Set 1: Help On The Way > Slipknot! >Franklin's Tower, Cassidy, Brown-Eyed Women, Mexicali Blues, Tennessee Jed, Big River, Peggy-O, Sunrise, The Music Never Stopped

Set 2: Bertha, Good Lovin', Ship Of Fools, Estimated Prophet, The Other One > Drums > Not Fade Away, Comes A Time, Sugar Magnolia

Encore: Uncle John's Band
Click here to download 5/9/77 - Buffalo, NY(via

Click here to download 5/8/77 - Barton Hall

Friday, May 08, 2009

Radiohead Cover of the Day: Creep by Macy Gray

Yep, it's another cover of Creep, this time by Macy Gray at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood a couple of weeks ago...

Trey on Capitol Hill

Trey Anastasio, Phish Frontman, Tells Addiction Story On Capitol Hill, Lobbies For Drug Courts is an interesting read from the Huffington Post about Trey's recent appearance in front of several key members of Congress.

Here's a bit...
Anastasio, a private cult-celebrity who is rabidly apolitical, rarely tells the story of his addiction or takes political positions, but he's making an exception for the drug courts.

"My life had become a catastrophe. I had no idea how to turn it around. My band had broken up. I had almost lost my family. My whole life had devolved into a disaster," he says. "I believe that the police officer who stopped me at three a.m. that morning saved my life."

He spent 14 months in the drug court system, he says, scrubbing toilets and cleaning fairgrounds. "I've been sober for two-and-a-half years," he says to applause. "My children are happy. In August, my wife and I will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary. My band is back together with a sold-out tour. And in September I'll play a solo concert at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic." That last part really impressed the Hill crowd.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Dead at the Pepsi Center, Denver CO: Preview and ?Live Blog?

I'm getting out of work a little early today to head over to The Pepsi center aka "The Can" to see The Dead. To make an analogy, tonight feels like im going to Grandpa's birthday party.

I love Grandpa, but lets face it - hes not as young as he used to be. Its the kinda thing where the whole family is gonna be there, and I CANT miss it. I would NEVER think of missing it. But c'mon, lets be real. Grandpa's party is Grandpa's party. We all know whats gonna happen, and it was a lot more exciting 30 years ago.

Let's hope Grandpa gets drunk and starts a fight!

I honestly do not know what they could do tonight to impress me. My expectations are low, but I know I will have a good time. Plus, it seems literally everyone I know through music in Colorado is going to be there.

That said, I'll do my best to keep you updated on parking lot shennanigans, ticket prices (im trying to score one in the lot for $25) and old heads that have had too much to drink. I'll put the setlist up im sure but im not gonna try to compete with all the other tweets out there. See you back here in a few hours.

5:30 on the mall ride to the pepsi ctr. Its a beautiful afternoon, 77 and sunny. I'm rocking my dharma logo shirt and already getting some LOST love. Lots of tie dyes walking towards the pepsi ctr already.

6:00 shakedown is fucking huge. About 3000 people seem to have been here all day. Vendors are openly operating, tshirts, beers, crystals, balloons, etc. All in the pepsi ctr asphalt lot. I'm amazed it is this big. A friend just scored 100 level tix for $40, I'm still ticketless but haven't looked. I'm sipping on my 2 for 5 coronas. Cu$tie'd.

6:35 I make the decision to buy a $40 ticket from the box office so I can sit with hippie chick friends and get the psychedelic partay started.

8:38 I just picked a spot to hang out behind the stage. I think the guy next to me is asleep.

9:20 this setbreak is way too long

9:35 deep elem blues is pretty cool

11:35 Good show, I had fun.

The Dead - Denver, CO - Setlist (courtesy of the

The Dead, Pepsi Center, Denver, CO 5/8/2009

Set 1: Feel Like A Stranger, Casey Jones, Loser, Easy Wind, Crazy Finger, Lost Sailor, Saint Of Circumstance

Set 2: Deep Elem Blues @, Me and My Uncle @, Whiskey in the Jar @, The Weight @, Space, Ramble On Rose, King Solomon’s Marbles, China Doll, Cumberland Blues, Not Fade Away

Encore: (Donor Rap) Ripple

The Dead - Denver Pics by the Joker

The Joker took these in the lot...

Governator - Legalize It?

Schwarzenegger asks: What if pot's legal and taxed?
"Marijuana legalization would raise an estimated $1.34 billion annually in tax revenue, according to a February estimate by the Board of Equalization. That amount could be offset by a reduction in cigarette or alcohol sales if consumers use marijuana as a substitute."
Everyone in the great state of California (where I'm currently writing this while ripping bong hits of medicinal marijuana that my girlfriend bought at a legal dispensary only three blocks away) knows about the states budget woes. In short, California is broke. But we do have the Governator to our rescue. There have been whispers going around the last few months that Schwarzenegger is on the verge of legalizing marijuana in order to make up for a huge cash deficit. Tax the potheads.

Here's a video of the Governator admitting to dragging a little reefer...

And yes... It's not a tumor.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cat Stevens Claims Coldplay Ripped Off His Mad Skills

Another head shaker in the brutal world of music and plagiarism. This time, it's the legendary Cat Stevens asserting that the lollipops from Coldplay stole some of his shit, specifically the melody to Foreigner Suite.

I'm the last guy in the room who would ever...

1) listen to Coldplay
2) defend those cheeseball hipsters

However, since Cat Stevens is a couple of cans short of a six-pack, who the hell knows. Then again, Joe Satriani also accused Coldplay of shenanigans.

To call Coldplay "Radiohead-lite" is an insult to Thom Yorke and the citizens of whatever planet he's from. Bottom line, Coldplay is just a really bad and cheap knock-off of Radiohead. Sort of like going down to Chinatown and buying a fake iPod called an iPud.

MMW & Wood Brothers Tour Dates

The trio of MMW is hitting the road and playing a ton of festivals.

The Wood Brothers have a new album out called Up Above My Head where they play a bunch of cover songs including "Fixin' a Hole" (Beatles) and "Mystery Train Pt.2" (Steve Earle). The Wood Brothers and will be playing select dates.
MMW Tour Dates:
5/01 Memphis, TN Beale Street Music Fest
5/02 New Orleans, LA The Studio @ Colton Theater
5/22 Detroit, IL The Soundboard
5/24 Chillicothe, IL Summer Camp Festival MSMW
6/04 Richmond, VA Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
6/05 Baltimore, MD Rams Head Live
6/06 Pittsburgh, PA 3 Rivers Arts Fest
6/23 Calgary, Alberta Calgary Jazz Fest
6/25 Rochester, NY Party in the Park
6/27 Toronto, Ontario, Toronto Jazz Fest
7/03 Opatije, Croatia, Liburnia Jazz Fest
7/04 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Cankarjev Dom, Cultural & Congress Center
7/05 Innsbruck, Austria, TREIBHAUS
7/07 Oldenburg, Germany, Prinzenpalais Platz
7/08 London, England, Barbican Hall
7/09 Galapagar, Spain
7/10 Jaen, Spain
7/12 Fiesole Italy, Teatro Romano di Fiesole
7/13 Prague,Czech Republic, Old Town Square
9/11 Philadelphia, PA, Mann Music Center with The Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra
10/2 Austin, TX, Austin City Limits

Wood Brothers Tour Dates:
April 27 New Hope, PA, Triumph Brewery
April 28 Philadelphia, PA, World Cafe Live
April 29 Falls Church, VA, State Theatre
April 30 Annapolis, MD, Rams Head Tavern
May 12 Charleston, SC, Pourhouse
May 13 Charlotte, NC, Visulite Theatre
May 14 Carrboro, NC, The ArtsCenter
May 15 Atlanta, GA, Variety Playhouse
May 16 Nashville, TN, 3rd & Lindsley
May 17 Birmingham, AL, WorkPlay Theater
May 19 Asheville, NC, Grey Eagle
May 20 Cincinnati, OH, 20th Century Theater
May 21 Cleveland, OH, House of Blues
May 22 The Sound Board, Detroit MI
May 24 Summer Camp, Chillicothe, IL
June 4 Richmond, VA, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
June 5 Baltimore, MD, Rams Head Live
June 6 Pittsburgh, PA, 3 Rivers Art Festival
Oct 2 Austin, TX, Austin City Limits

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009

Bonnan00b: King Sunny Adé and Femi Kuti

There are a shit ton of bands at Bonnaroo. And that's a good thing, right? It may not seem that way in a few days/weeks when they announce the schedule and you find out that (gasp!) Wilco vs David Byrne = epic schedule conflict. But these things are going to happen, especially with so many great artists in one festival. Further problems arise when you check your schedule and haven't heard one note from any artist playing at 2 pm and may be another walk down Shakedown seems like a good idea. Well, it's not. There are some can't miss artists that rarely tour in the US. Two artists whose acts will cause you to dance-your-fucking-ass-off are a pair of Nigerians: King Sunny Adé and Femi Kuti.

King Sunny Adé is also known as the Minister of Enjoyment - how sweet of a name is that? His seminal album is 1982's Jùjú Music recorded with his band The African Beats. "Jùjú" is a West African word connected witchcraft and the supernatural. The musical style is poly-rhythmic & heavily percussive; believed to have been created by the Yoruba people of Nigeria in the 1920s. With its roots in folk, Juju music lyrically connects to social and cultural movements - and as such, the live performances are known to be amazing.

Femi Kuti is the oldest sun of the legendary afrobeat artist Fela Kuti (1938-1997). Femi lived with his father and eventually joined his band, touring and recording with him for the last few decades of Fela's life. Femi carries the torch of the politically and socially charged music of his fathers, although he departs in many aspects. He doesn't keep a stable of women as Fela and carries different religious views. His most recent album released in 2008, Day By Day, is free of long-form songs found on much of Fela's work, but the flow of the record doesnt suffer.

King Sunny Ade

Femi Kuti

Today in Phishtory: 5/4/94 New Orleans, LA

Fifteen years ago today.

"I hope you live your life like that last jam," said Trey in the middle of Antelope as he dedicated to the song to the newborn baby of a friend of his.

In the days leading up to the infamous Bomb factory show in Dallas, the boys played a gig in the Big Easy at the State Palace Theater. The epic show included special guests... the Cosmic Country Horns... a fusion of the Giant Country Horns and the Cosmic Crew. Phish in New Orleans? Always a throw down.
Phish, 5.4.94 State Palace Theater, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sample in a Jar, Ice, Sparkle, Axilla Pt. II, Tweezer, Lifeboy, Rift> Tweezer Reprise

Set 2: Antelope, Bouncin', You Enjoy Myself*, Buried Alive*, Landlady*, Julius*, Wolfman's Brother*, Magilla*, Suzy Greenberg*

E: Caravan*

* with the Cosmic Country Horns featuring Carl 'Gears' Gerhard (trumpet), Michael Ray (trumpet), Tony Tate (tenor sax), Dave Grippo (alto sax), Jerome Theriot (baritone sax), and Rick Trolsen (trombone)
Download 5.4.94 New Orleans, LA - Set 1
Download 5.4.94 New Orleans, LA - Set 2

FYI, it's not the best recording in the world, but I'm a junkie for Phish with horns.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Musical Suit

Check out this press release....
Phish percussionist Jon Fishman's "Musical Suit", a custom garment/musical instrument woven out of audiocassette tape recordings culled from his personal collection, will be on exhibit from May 1 to August 24th, 2009 at the MADISON MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART.

The exhibition is aptly timed for Phish fans headed to Wisconsin for the East Troy June 20 - 21 summer tour dates.

The dress was worn and played on stage during a Phish show in Las Vegas in 2004. It was created by Alyce Santoro, internationally exhibiting musician/conceptual artist and the inventor of SONIC FABRIC, an audible textile woven from recycled audiocassette tape (recently featured on the sundance channel's PLANET GREEN.

Cortez the Killer - Grace Potter & Joe Satriani @ The Jammy's

One of sexiest women in rock and roll today, Grace Potter takes on the Neil Young Classic Cortez the Killer at the 2006 Jammy's backed by an All-star line-up including Joe Satriani, Steve Kimrock (Steve Kimrock Band, Zero, Ratdog etc), Reed Mathis (Tea Leaf Green), Willy Waldman (Banyan) and Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction, Porno for Pyros, Banyan).

Upcoming Grace Potter & the Nocturnals tour dates;

05/16/09 - Doheney Blues Festival, Dana Point, CA
06/04/09 - Bama Jam, Enterprise, AL
06/05/09 - Wanee Music Festival, Live Oak, FL
06/11/09 - Sundown In The City, Knoxville, TN
06/14/09 - Bonnaroo Music Festival, Manchester, TN
06/21/09 - Great Hudson River Revival, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
06/25/09 - Alive at 5, Riverfront Park, Albany, NY
06/27/09 - Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Fest, Fort Smith, AR
06/28/09 - Neumeier's Rib Room & Beer Garden, Fort Smit, AR
07/03/09 - Red, White, and Blues, Telluride, CO
07/05/09 - Rothbury Music Festival, Rothbury, MI
07/17/09 - American Festival, Alta, WY
07/24/09 - Floyd Fest, Floyd, VA
07/26/09 - Gathering of the Vibes, Bridgeport, CT