Wednesday, March 31, 2010

LOST: The Package

For a Jin/Sun episode, I enjoyed this one. I loved Sawyer's one-liner when asking why FLocke can't turn into smoke and go over the water to Hydra Island: "That would be ridiculous!" Can't wait to see my favorite Scotsman back in action next week, brotha. Here is the setlist...

Geronimo Jackson, March 30, 2010

Set I (Off Island): Mo Money, Mo Problems (1), Hardest Button To Button (2) > Money, Love and Change (3), Money That’s What I Want (4), Tweezer > Free > Punch (Shot) You In The Eye (5) > Knocked Up (6)

Set II (On Island): Commando (7) Runnin (from) The Devil (8) > You Can’t Talk (9), Garden (10), White Room (11), War Pigs (12)

Encore: Wolfman’s Brotha (13)

(1) Notorious B.I.G; Jin and Sun, Korean Lyrics
(2) White Stripes; Jin and Sun
(3) Trey Anastasio; Jin and Sun
(4) Barrett Strong; Keamy
(5) Phish Medely; Tweezer had “Jin stepped into the freezer” lyrics, Sayid,
Sun, Jin, Mikhail
(6) Kings of Leon; Sun
(7) Ramones
(8) Van Halen; Sun and FLocke
(9) David Bowie; Sun, Korean Lyrics
(10) Pearl Jam; Sun and Jack
(11) Cream; Jin
(12) Black Sabbath; Flocke and Widmore
(13) Phish, first time Desmond performed on the island since The Economist,
38 shows ago.

What did you think? Check out Ryan's recap and join the discussion at Hidden Track.

PLUG: LOST/Phish Lot t-shirts

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness Pool - Final Four Update

Hey gang. What a wild four-day binge of hoops!?! Only one #1 seed advanced to the final four. Looks like we're coming down to the final game to determine the winner of Coventry's March Madness Pool. jermojohnson is currently in the lead. If West Virginia wins -- he wins the pool. Barry Needs A Job is in second place and Page's New Shirt is in third place and repping the gang at Hidden Track.

The next round of games are Saturday with the championship game on Monday. Best of luck!

P.A.W. - Phish needs your help!

As I posted last week, MTV is doing a "Musical March Madness". Last week Phish was up against Dave Matthews which we won because of your support. But now Phish may have met their match unless you help again. Phish has even posted a link on their official Facebook page asking all phans to:

"Rally the troops! Vote Phish."

Phish vs. Coheed and Cambria
"Even with Panic! at the Disco and the Young Veins going at it elsewhere in the tournament, the biggest showdown of the Sweet 16 is right here. Perhaps anticipating the match-up, the hardcore fans were already building a case for their favorites in the middle of second round voting. But which group of fans will rally stronger to put their favorite group over the top?"

We are down in the poll, Phans... but remember: PHISH.ALWAYS.WINS!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Phish 3D Trailer, Yamn, LOST, Dana Immanuel, Jay-Z/STS9, and new MGMT

Another fun week in the life including the release of the Phish 3D trailer. I masturbated at least seven times while watching and anticipating of seeing wooks and glowsticks in 3D! Anyway, here's what you missed on Coventry last week.
Phish 3D Movie Trailer
Nashville by Dana Immanuel
Chatroullete Bingo.. A Game for the lulz..
LOST: Ab Aeterno
Yamn at the Fox Theatre
Jay-Z and STS9 - Denver, CO
SXSW 2010: Broken Bells, Live In Concert
I dunno if any of these can bring you to a screeching orgasm, but hey, give it whirl and get back to us...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jacob Jones Tour Dates

We love singer-song writers and if you do too, then take a peek at Jacob Jones. His influences are Bruce Spingsteen and Townes Van Zandt... which is in my wheel house.

Jacob Jones might be coming to your neck of the woods, so check your local listings to see when he's on tour. And, if you're in Nashville in April 15th, head on down to the Basement for his record release show. His second album Bound for Glory will be out on April 12th.

And here's a clip of a live performance of Broadway Queen, which appears on his new album...

Jacob Jones Tour Dates:
Apr 15 - The Basement - Nashville, Tennessee***
Apr 16 - Fitzgerald's - Side Bar Show w/ Go Long Mule - Berwyn, Illinois
Apr 20 - Monks Kaffe Pub - Dubuque, Iowa
Apr 23 - 529 - Atlanta, Georgia
Apr 24 - 64-Ten - Nashville, TN
May 7 - Town Pump - Rollin' Highway Review w/ Matt Urmy & Jonathan Sext - Black Mountain, North Carolina
Jun 18 - Triple Nickel Tavern - Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jun 23 - White House Pizza - Carbondale, Colorado
Jun 26 - Kip's Grill - Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Sep 10 - Blues At The Crossroads Festival - Terra Haute, Indiana

*** Record Release Show

Friday, March 26, 2010

Phish Always Wins.

MTV News' Musical March Madness: Dave Matthews Band Vs. Phish

Two of the jam universe's biggest titans won their first round match-ups handily, but only one can stand alone. A long-shot prediction: Whoever wins this match-up will make a run to the finals. But which one will it be?


Nashville by Dana Immanuel

My friend Dana Immanuel is a singer/songwriter from London, UK. Check out this amazing video, Nashville, a collaboration with film maker Stephen Smith.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Phish 3D Movie Trailer

Here you go. Coming to a theatre near you on April 30th with a special screening on 4/20 in select cities.

PHISH 3D - IN THEATERS APRIL 30TH from Phish on Vimeo.

Chatroullete Bingo.. A Game for the lulz.. has generated BINGO boards to utilize with chatroullete.. This is guaranteed to bring the lulz.. Drinking, bong rips and gambling are HIGHLY encouraged..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

LOST: Ab Aeterno

Loved this week's episode of LOST. As a LOST, Phish, and Geronimo Jackson fan this one might be better than 2/28/03.

Check out the setlist:

Geronimo Jackson, March 23, 2010

Setlist: Campfire (1), Isabella (2) > Somebody Get Me A Doctor (3) > Killing (In The Name of) (4) > Folsom Prison Blues (5) > Slave to The Traffic Light (6) > This Is Hell (7) > Cortez The Killer (8), Isabella > Unbroken Chain > Friend of the Devil (9), Red Red Wine (10) > Got a Job (11) > Live Forever (12), Ghost (13) > Unchained Melody (14)

E) Sympathy for the Devil (15)

All songs with Richard Alpert and Special Guests
(1) Wu Tang Clan
(2) Jimi Hendrix
(3) Van Halen
(4) Rage Against The Machine
(5) Johnny Cash
(6) Phish; Changed words to “Slave to Magnus Hanso”
(7) Elvis Costello
(8) Neil Young
(9) Grateful Dead; Man in Black
(10) UB40; Jacob
(11) Smokey Robinson; Jacob
(12) Oasis; Jacob with I Wouldn’t Be a Toys R Us Kid tease
(13) Phish; Hurley, Isabella & Richard
(14) Special Guests Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze
(15) The Rolling Stones; Jacob and Man In Black

As always, check out Ryan's thoughts over at Hidden Track and join the discussion!

LOST + Phish tees and hoodies.

Yamn at The Fox Theater, Boulder CO

Our friends Yamn headlined the Fox Theater for the first time last Thursday. There is a fantastic recording of the show on If you haven't listened to Yamn lately- check it out - you will enjoy it!

Listen/download at

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The new album, Congratulations, was leaked early. The band decided to offer free stream listens on their website, while tossing us condolences that it's not a download. Check it

Jay Z + STS9- Pepsi Center, Denver CO 3/22/2010

Jay Z played the Pepsi Center last night. I was there. About 10 days ago it was announced that STS9 would open with a PA set and have a limited number of discounted tickets to sell to the show. After service charges the ticket came to about $20. Most everyone I know that is a live music fan in Denver jumped on the opportunity.

I got this text from a friend that pretty much sums up the crowd: "Our section is half girls in clubwear and stillettos and half tribe kidz. During breaks everyone just kinda looks at each other like zoo animals."

STS9 opened the show at 7pm and their PA set was roughly 50 minutes long. It was obvious who was there for STS9 and who had no idea who they were. I was up in the 300 section along with all the other kids who had bought tickets through STS9. A friend of mine who was down in the 100 level reported that STS9 was getting Boo's from some of the crowd. Ouch.

Next came Trey Songz...a really bad R&B artist. Most of the STS9 fans took the opportunity to have a smoke break or get a beer during this set.

Jay-Z came out acting the baller rap star you would expect. I thought the sound in the 300 level was unlistenable. Jay Z had a 10 piece band behind him, but much of the time I could not hear the majority of them. Jay Z brough out another rapper- Young Jezzy - for many songs. I was excited for their version of 99 Problems but to me it just sounded like 2 men yelling. I couldn't make out the words. Empire State of mind was definitely the highlight, before I left early. I am glad I went though- the people watching alone was worth $20.

March Madness Pool - Round 2 Update

We're down to the Sweet 16 in March Madness college hoops tournament. I dunno about you, but I didn't do anything for four straight days except sit on my couch, bong out, bet on the games, and blast music while watching the games. I can't stand the annoying announcers, so I mute the sound on the TV (or when I'm streaming the games online) and I crank up Jerry Garcia Band, Widespread Panic, and Phish on my iPod.

In the Coventry March Madness pool, we have a tie for first place between t litz and thebretsutton. Both are in good shape because they did not pick Kansas to win it all. Yeah, Kansas got upset by Northern Iowa which definitely ruined a shitload of brackets... mine included. Don't expect to see me in the Top 10 for too much longer.

Click here to view the current standings.

Click here to view prize pool information

Best of luck with the rest of March Madness. Games resume on Thursday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

SXSW 2010: Broken Bells, Live In Concert

NPR has some great (if not the greatest) coverage of SXSW. Ive been digging on the Broken Bells- A collaboration between Danger Mouse and the Singer from the Shins.

The new Broken Bells album is great. Check out the full concert- they play the album in its entirety.

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Summer Tour Dates, Genesis & the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Last week was huge for Phish. On Monday, the boys performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony covering two tunes from Genesis. Trey introduced the band with a riveting speech. And then on Tuesday... the world stopped when Phish released their highly anticipated summer tour dates. It seems like everything else got overlooked, which is why we have the weekly updates! (Well, for that and because we're major stoners with short attention spans.)
2010 Phish Summer Tour Dates
Video: Trey's Speech Inducting Genesis into Hall of Fame
Video: No Reply At All (Genesis cover and Infamous bingers version)
Video: Watcher of the Skies (Genesis cover)
Genesis for n00bs
Summer Tour Thoughts by the Joker
LOST : Recon
Video: Grateful Dead Telluride
American Idol Betting: Crystal Bowersox
And don't forget...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ben Folds(?) does Chat Roulette Piano Improv (redux)

OK, Ben Folds is no Bach, but he writes some really clever songs. Check out this video he (update: not Ben, but a guy named Merton) posted a week or so ago. It's the fucking lulz.

UPDATE: Alright the guy is a dead ringer for Ben Folds, but Ben caught wind of this and did this at a recent concert:

thanks to Kid Dynamite for sniffing out the trail and Clay Collier for original video

Happy Birthday, Bach!

Yes today is the day when Bach was born 325 years ago.

Hat tip to Puravida26.

John Coltrane Videos: Naima

Here's a little Coltrane (circa 1965) to soothe the soul on Sunday morning...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Disco Biscuits = The Wheels Are Shootin' Off

The Disco Biscuits finally released their first studio album since 2002 this last Tuesday.

The album has had mixed reviews. I am not a fan. Its a departure from the way the Biscuits sound at their live shows. The Biscuits played an album release show on Tuesday which was web cast. The show was widely regarded as one of the worst Disco Biscuits shows in memory by many of my friends and online.

They play Albany 2 nights ago. After the show guitarist Jon "Barber" Gutwillig broke his wrist. I have read lots of rumors but there is not a confirmed story on the details of his injury. It seems sketchy to me we don't know how this happened. He was taken to the hospital and had surgery Friday. No word on fast he will be able to recover well enough to play the guitar.

This happened at the beginning of a mini run of shows. Phantasy Tour finds out that Barber hurt himself during the day yesterday and of course goes ape shit. Barber's Facebook status confirms the broken wrist and surgery, saying "if i could try to play i would, pain is excruciating." The band's website announces the Friday night Boston show would be free and featuring special guests. Tonight's (Saturday) show was rescheduled and the Sunday show in Brooklyn will still go on and Tom Hamilton from Brothers Past will fill in.

Last night at the House of Blues in Boston, the Biscuits start out the first set as a trio- bass, drums and keys. They play with the guitar player from RAQ for part of the set and finish the set with both the RAQ guitarist and the guitarist from Indobox.

After 45 minutes at set break the crowd is told that "due to technical difficulties the show is over." I do not have confirmed reports of what really happened, but there are rumors that the fire marshal or police stopped the show because of pot smoking backstage. Check out the full account of the show at Hidden Track.

To keep up with this story and to read some ridiculous discussion, check phantasy tour. Who knows what the truth is, but it is certainly looking like a tough couple of days for the band. The Disco Biscuits are scheduled to headline Red Rocks in 71 days on May 30.

March Madness Pool: Round 1 Update

We had 80 players in Coventry's first annual March Madness pool. After the first round of games, we have a four way tie for first place...

I'm not far behind in a bottleneck for fifth. Big games this weekend and the chase pack should thin a bit.

Click here to see the complete standings.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Phans for TYPE II Jams

Phans for TYPE II Jamming in 2010

Promote Your Page Too

American Idol Betting: Crystal Bowersox

I'm not a fan of American Idol but my girlfriend is a hardcore fan. Check out her recent recap American Idol Season 9: Rolling Stones Week. I actually watched a bit because the contestants were covering Rolling Stones tunes.

One of the front runners is a chick with dreads named Crystal Bowersox. She looks like Julia Stiles' wooked out sister. Here's Crystal's version of You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Crystal Bowersox is an amazing musician and singer, which is why she is listed as the current favorite at 7/4 or paying +175. My girlfriend asked me to put an American Idol bet down for her. That's not the type of action that my bookie handles, so I booked the bet online at My girlfriend's argument on why Crystal Bowersox should win convinced me to put down some action on the Dreadlocked chick!

Grateful Dead Videos: Telluride 1987

Fat smacked-out Jerry. Merry Bobby in his tight cut-off shorts. Phil in his tie-dye. Must be 1987!

How many of you were born after this video?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The PT Thread of the Week: Big Booty and a Vial of Acid

BTreotch stumbled upon this gem on PT which I'm calling... Big Booty and a Vial of Acid.

Originally posted by funky_clavichord, he weaves his sullen story throughout the thread. It reminded me of a Shakespearean tragedy -- our protagonist falls for the wrong girl who has rather scrumptious ass, he gets his heart brutally broken, takes a roadtrip with an emo kid (who happens to be long-dicking his ex-girlfriend), ends up at a Panic show, scores a vial from a wook in the lot, trips balls, emo kid freaks out and thinks he's in the Matrix, their car gets pulled over by cops, and... well, I won't ruin the rest of the story. Read it here.

Oh, and while you are at it, check out some of these hysterical comments on the Phish/Genesis video that I uploaded the other day.

Join Coventry's FREE March Madness Pool!

DONT FORGET!!! I almost did. -The Joker

Hello hoops fans. You are cordially invited to Coventry's March Madness Pool. It's free to join and we're hosting it over at ESPN's Fantasy Games. Here's your chance to test your skills against Coventry's crew: Pauly, the Joker, BTreotch, Broseph, IronGirl, Change100 and who knows which one of the Disco Sisters will play. And if you hate basketball, well here's your chance to make the next couple of weeks interesting by randomly gambling on the outcome.

We will be giving out prizes to the top four spots.
Coventry's March Madness Prizes:
1st - Joker's LOST lot t-shirt
2nd - 11/19/92 St. Mike's College - Live Phish CD Haiti Relief
3rd - Phish Biography
4th - Dhrama Phish patch

Group Name: Coventry Music
Password: wookpatrol

Click here to sign up.
Click here to join our group.
You have until Thursday morning to sign up. Good luck out there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summer Tour '10 Thoughts From The Joker

Yesterday afternoon and evening was fun. I balanced watching my favorite TV show LOST with a flood of emails, texts and phone calls from my favorite people on the planet all planning summer tour.

I wanted to share some thoughts with you now that we all have had some time to digest the tour dates.

Last year the summer tour was released in 2 parts. The June dates and Bonnaroo were released, but there was nothing definite beyond that. As a result, I did a lot of the first leg last year, hitting Jones Beach #3> Great Woods> Camden> Asheville> Charlotte> Bonnaroo. After my first leg was planned they released a second leg of dates and I also was lucky enough to hit Red Rocks x4 as I live in Denver, along with the Gorge shows. Pretty much last summer was awesome on many levels.

This time we get to plan the whole summer all at once. I don't have much interest personally going back out East this time. I am not fond of the Hartford, Camden or Great Woods venues as a traveler from the West. I will say, though, if you are someone working or going to school in the North East you should be excited for the first half of tour.

I am excited for the end of the first leg, getting down + dirty in DiscoSis #1's backyard and returning to Atlanta for 4th of July. The band will be good and warmed up by then, and Phish loves an excuse to do something special for any event. I expect Old Glory to fly out of Fishman's a$$ on the 4th, at minimum. I hope my expectations aren't too high.

Then there is the Greek>Telluride>Deer Creek/Alpine week.

Last year I published some Red Rocks tips and felt like I had a little bit of an inside scoop as a person who lives in Denver and had worked at Red Rocks. This year, not so much on Telluride. I have been there before, am a Colorado resident, but beyond that I really don't know that much.

The truth is everyone really isn't sure how Telluride is going to go down. Many expect it will go off as planned, and an equal number of people expect it to be a Shit Show (that's a technical term).

I expect Telluride tickets to have a lot of interest initially and will sell out. It will be a hard ticket to get, but when it comes down to the week before the shows I think there will be tickets for everyone who wants them. Telluride is going to be an expensive and logistically difficult trip for anyone that attempts it.

I think there is a lot of similarity between the Red Rocks > Gorge shows last summer and the Greek > Telluride shows this summer. I believe the demand for tickets to the Greek will be similar to the demand for Red Rocks. I bet there will be idiots trying to trade Telluride tickets for Greek tickets, just like last summer people were trying to trade 2 Gorge tickets for 1 Red Rocks. I say idiots because it doesn't work. At the Gorge there were tickets everywhere the day of the show. I don't know if there will be tickets on the ground at Telluride, but I fully expect people to hoard tickets and people to drop out, turning an impossible ticket to get into an easy one if you are patient.

The people doing Greek > Telluride fall into a combination of 3 categories: The Ballers, The Obsessed, and the Superhuman Party People. I hope you do not attempt to drive from Northern Cali after raging 3 shows and show up in Telluride. Your eggs will get scrambled one way or another. That's a tough drive to do under any conditions, and to do it in one day and then rage 2 more shows...well you might want your girlfriend to renew her Adderall prescription. The only hope of doing Greek > Telluride involves a combination of airplanes, automobiles and good friends. I hope I can figure out a way to do it, but its gonna be a pain in the ass.

All you 'sconis, hey bub's, and hockey fans can have fun with Deer Creek > Alpine. I know many of you love that combo, but after doing it multiple times I can't say I share your love of those venues. And whats up with ending the tour on a Tues>Wed back East? Looks to me like perhaps if things fall into place we could have a tour ending festival or some more dates added. Are there still lingering rumors of a Radio City Music Hall appearance?

What is your take?

LOST: Recon

Last night's episode wasnt mind blowing, but I did enjoy the Sawyer/Miles detective story. I would watch a buddy cop show about the 2 of them after LOST is done.

Here is this week's setlist:
Geronimo Jackson, March 16, 2010
Set I: (On Island): Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (1) Liar (2) > Zoo Station (3), Terrible Lie(4)> Crazy Mama (5), Deal (6)

Set II: (Off Island): Makisupa Policeman (7) First Date (8)> Take Me Home Tonight (9) > Family Picture (10), Mirror In The Bathroom (11), Little House On The Prairie Theme (12) > Sorry (13), Fugitive (14)

E: Yellow Submarine (15)

(1) U2; Claire and Kate with special appearance at end by Flocke
(2) Sex Pistols; Sawyer on vocals
(3) U2; Sawyer, teased by the band
(4) Nine Inch Nails; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(5) Rolling Stones; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(6) Grateful Dead; Widmore + Sawyer first verse, Flocke + Sawyer second verse
(7) Phish, Keyword: LaFleur
(8) Blink 182; Sawyer and Charlotte
(9) Eddie Money; Sawyer and Charlotte
(10) Donna The Buffalo, Unfinished; Charlotte
(11) English Beat; Miles and Sawyer
(12) Michael Landon was on LOST. Seriously.
(13) Stevie Wonder, Unfinished; Sawyer plays the saddest of all keys
(14) Merle Haggard; Miles and Sawyer w/special guest Kate
(15) Beatles; with alternate “Freckles” lyric, second Yellow Submarine encore in two shows
As always, join Ryan and I over at Hidden Track for more thoughts and discussion. Can't wait for the Richard Alpert backstory next week!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2010 Phish Summer Tour Dates

The moment we have all been waiting for. Phish will be hitting the road this summer. If you are lucky, the circus will be coming to your hometown. Otherwise, you'll have to pack up the car, load up the bus, or hide your stash before you get on the plane in order to catch the freak show.

Hope to see you somewhere in the lot.

2010 Phish Summer Tour:
6/11/10 Toyota Park, Chicago, IL
6/12/10 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH
6/13/10 Hershey Stadium, Hershey, PA
6/15/10 nTelos Wireless Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA
6/17/10 Comcast Theatre, Hartford, CT
6/18/10 Comcast Theatre, Hartford, CT
6/19/10 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
6/20/10 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
6/22/10 Comcast Center, Mansfield, MA
6/24/10 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
6/25/10 Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
6/26/10 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
6/27/10 Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD
6/29/10 CMAC, Canandaigua, NY
7/1/10 Time Warner Cable Music Pavilion, Raleigh, NC
7/2/10 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
7/3/10 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA
7/4/2010 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA

8/5/10 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
8/6/10 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
8/7/10 Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
8/9/10 Town Park, Telluride, CO
8/10/10 Town Park, Telluride, CO
8/12/10 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
8/13/10 Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, IN
8/14/10 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI
8/15/10 Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI
8/17/10 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
8/18/10 Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY

More info here.

PHISH SUMMER TOUR 2010 from Phish on Vimeo.

Genesis for n00bs

Based on a lot of comments from Phish fans, there seems to be a lot of people who dont understand what is so great about Genesis. Well, you may want to start HERE


Trey's Genesis Induction Speech for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Again, here's the speech until we can find a better copy.

Bong-interference on this vid is at a minimum. I tried to smoke in the other room this time.

Phish Hall of Fame Video: No Reply At All

Phish performed Genesis' No Reply at All at last night's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. Here's what I got for now until a better HD version pops up...

Love the purple shirt for Mike and Page's hipster specs. Everyone is wearing a tie, except, Trey, who is too cool for ties. No dress for Fishman. He looks like a Bible salesman though.

My apologies for the audio interruption in the background -- I was in the middle of a wake-n-bake during the taping and I forgot the camera was rolling.

Phish - Watcher of the Skies (Genesis) Rock n Roll HOF

Pimping Blogs: Allegory of Allergies is run by phishhead, PT'er & music elitist, cyanidebreathmint - a shout out to an old Beck song from "One Foot in the Grave." CBM has tastes that are - well - they are not like yours. Check out Honour Among Thieves from John Terlazzo as a start - or anything else that strikes your fancy. I have found several things throughout the past few years. There's tons of weird shit to be found, but you're on a Phish blog so you like the weird shit right?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Phish to Cover Genesis for Tonight's Rock and Roll HOF Ceremony

Word on the street is that Phish will be performing tonight at the Rock and Roll hall of Fame induction ceremony. Trey was tapped to introduce Genesis and now we're getting word that the Phish will be covering a Genesis tune or two. Since they selected The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway as one of their Halloween albums, the smart money is something from that album. Hey, maybe I'm biased because I had to walk up and down The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway over 87 times during Festival 8, but that seems like the logical choice.

You can few the ceremony tonight at starting at 8:30pm ET.

UPDATE at 5:00pm ET...

Click here for a stealth video of Phish practicing this afternoon with some fuzzy footage of the actual band, but you can hear them OK.

And here's a pic of the soundcheck via Fuse's twitter feed...

Update at 9:00pm...

Phish performed... Watcher Of The Skies and No Reply At All. A horn section joined them for No Reply At All. second tune was a much tighter than Watcher opener.

Here's a link to a photo gallery of Phish's performance. (Via

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Karl Denson Interview

Karl Denson sat down for an interview with Kiley Lyons for the San Diego News Network. Check out... Karl Denson is the center of his 'Tiny Universe'. Good read. Here's a bit of Karl's thoughts...
"Those little shows can be the most fun. Last year we did some stuff in Victor, Idaho and places we’ve never been before or not in a long time and maybe the venue changed in the last 5 years. So now, instead of playing one place, we’re playing some little club but you’ve got those fans that’ve been with us the whole time and they’ve got the vibe. It just turns electric when you walk into the room. It’s like they’re hungry for. It can be really fun."
And here's a video of Karl Denson from the Brooklyn Bowl in 2009...

Friday, March 12, 2010

On the Cusp of the Summer Tour Annoucement - Alpine Valley Rumblings

Would you buy an extra from this dude?

Time to dust off those empty nitrous tanks and hit your buddy up for a refill!

We all know that the Phish will return to Brahorado and that Telluride is in the bag. One of our trusted sources (who was right in the past about Hampton reunion, Red Rocks, and Fenway) mentioned that the boys will be throwing down for two nights at Alpine Valley. He said the "13th and 14th" and we gotta assume he means August, which would have Phish going left to right (West to East for your directionally-challenged burners). So you have to assume the Phish carnival of freaks will be invading the West Coast in late July and early August (umm... the Gorge, perhaps the Greek). Yikes, Colorado to Wisconsin in two days? That's a long haul. Then again, Phish had scheduled Gorge > Chicago last summer.

Maybe our guy means July 13-14? (Editor's Note: Could also mean June 13-14 since Phish will be splitting up summer tour again into 2 legs.)

Stay tuned for more unconfirmed and underminded rumors.
Summer Second Leg Tour Dates?
July/Aug ?? - The Gorge
Aug ?? - The Greek, Berkeley, CA
Aug 8 - The Joker's Backyard, Denver, CO
Aug 9 - Telluride, CO
Aug 10 - Telluride, CO
Aug 13 - Alpine Valley
Aug 14 - Apline Valley
By the way, that's our buddy Wildo in the photo above. He was hustling his extras in from of AAA during the Miami run. If you ever see him in the lot, we here at Coventry vouch for his sanity.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Joker!

Today is the day when we celebrate the birth of the Joker. Awesomeness shall abound.

Check out some of my favorite videos starring the Joker including the parrot on molly at Festy 8...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bedroom Rockers Mix

Spring is in the air and mating season is upon us once again. The Bedroom Rockers Mix is intended to help you guys achieve a successful night when bringing home a lady. Recent studies show that this mix is preferred over roofies by 69.0% of most women. It is very important that you play the mix in the order of the following track-list. Scientists at The University of Colorado have spent the last 4 years working on the proper order of these tracks to guarantee effective results.

Bedroom Rockers Mix
song - artist/instructions

1. Bionics - Intelligent Jazz / This song is your introduction, your intention, your desire to set the mood. This shit works like Barry White or Marvin Gaye, just a modern day version that will only impress her with your originality and fantastic taste in music. Pour her a drink during this song and pretend that you are interested in something besides her va-jay-jay. Bust out your cocaine and just leave it out for now. Try asking her about her family.

2. The Eastoner - General Midi - / The bass line in this song will lead her in the direction of dirty thoughts and might be a good opportunity to start some heavy petting. But don't rush things, if she's not quite there yet, ask her if she has any animals, but don't tell her that you like doggy style until track #10.

3. Try Me / J Boogie'S Dubtronic Science - You should be making out by now and trying to remember where you stashed that pill of Viagra that your buddy told you to try. This is going to happen, but don't get too excited and rush it! The key is patience.

4. High Noon - Kruder & Dorfmeister / This song is called High Noon and you probably have a major wood by now. Take a break to maybe get another drink. While you do this, track down that Viagra, crush it up, and mix into the giant rail of cocaine that you have ready to go. Ready, Set, BLOW!

5. Nakonda - Moodorama / Time to get back to business, only this time be a little more aggressive with your intentions.

6. Road to Benares - Thunderball / "Benares" is Indian for "Eternal ecstasy of the genitalia". Impress her with your intelligence and start some foreplay.

7. Underwater Love - Jerome Isma-Ae / Foreplay is a must at this point. This song drops panties faster than Derek Vincent Smith in a room full of molly. There is no turning back now.

8. Mood Blender - Social Scientist / Time to finish up that foreplay and make your move to home base.

9. Onikoroshi - Keston & Westdal / "Onikoroshi" is Japanese for "so damn good, it would kill a demon." It's time, go ahead and kill that demon. But don't pull a Trey and blow your wad in the first set.

10. Swimming Pool - Rae & Christian / Keep it strong and steady through this song - you're not done yet, and the grand finale is still to come. Don't be afraid to make farm animal noises at this point.

11. Original Bedroom Rockers - Kruder & Dorfmeister / This is the title track of the mix. This is the moment you have been waiting for since you first put this mix on. This song is so dirty, so nasty, yet so perfect to SIIHB. Don't even ask, just let the music guide it in.

12. Stonyridge Terrace - Ian Pooley / And now your victory song. Lay back, smile, and have her go get a warm wash cloth to clean up that huge mess you just made. Nice work, SON!


LOST: Dr. Linus

We are back again with this week's LOST setlist!

Geronimo Jackson, 3/10/2010

Set I – (On Island): Jungle Boogie (1)> Father & Daughter (2), Gravedigger (3), Suicide Soultion (4) > Dynamite (5) > Welcome To The World of The Plastic Beach (6)

Set II – (Off Island):Had a Dad (7)> Good (Evening) Little Schoolgirl (8), Another Brick In The Wall (9), Principal’s Office (10), Future’s so bright (I gotta wear shades) (11)

E) Yellow Submarine (12)

(1) Kool & the Gang; Ensemble Singing
(2) Paul Simon; Ilana & Ben
(3) Dave Matthews Band; Ben
(4) Ozzy Osbourne; Richard Alpert
(5) Jamiroquai; Unfinished, Jack and Richard Alpert
(6) Gorrillaz
(7) Jane’s Addiction; Ben & Dad
(8) Sonny Boy Williamson; Alex and Ben
(9) Pink Floyd
(10) Young MC; Ben Linus & Principal Reynolds
(11) Timbuk3; Alex
(12) Beatles; The Return of Widmore!

Join the discussion over at Hidden Track and check out the LOST + Phish tees.

Phish 3D Websites

As Dr. Pauly reported earlier, Phish 3D is coming.

Phish 3D applications have been sprouting on the interwebs.

Facebook, Twitter, and a website allude to a soon-to-be-released movie about Festival 8; looks like it will be a high level production.

For proof, check out the epic 3D U2 movie by the same crew.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Telluride City Council Votes Yes to the Phish

Good news. The ball is now in Phish's court. The Telluride City Council voted to allow two Phish concerts in Telluride.

Thanks to Jonas for the following notes...

-there is still no signed agreement between AEG & Jazzfest
-The rep from AEG showed up they talked about some other logistics first
-there's talk of charging for parking OR talk of adding -$2.50-$5 extra per ticket to account for parking and additional security
-Telluride public a little nervous about pushing the concert curfew from 10 to 11 pm
-After AEG showed up, they claimed that there is an agreement in place between AEG & Jazzfest, but it just hasn't been signed off by the lawyers yet.
-Jazzfest nervous about selling more tickets now that all the lodging has been reserved by the Phisheads
-They are planning on selling 9000 tickets for Phish and have a plan in place to accommodate parking/traffic for that number...but with Jazzfest moving out and the threat of ticketless fans showing up, they will need to get more barricades and have lots of traffic control in place
-They talked about 3-5 TICKETLESS fans showing up.
-Definitely 2-day tickets single show tickets will be available (except for locals)
-They will make some tickets available to the Telluride locals...probably 1500 each night. Everyone understands that's a lot and AEG wants to have the option to get those tickets back after a certain date if they don't sell out.
-They talked about how Phish crowds are more "mature" these days
-Jazzfest considering selling more tickets to their Sunday 8/8 show to reap the benefits of more music fans arriving in town.
-If Phish plays past 11pm, they will be fined $100/minute.
-I think someone said tickets will be $49.50/show + the additional town fees.
-The town asked if AEG can increase the ticket fee. AEG said no, but they will donate up to $15K to accommodate the additional security
-The town wants an information booth in place prior to Jazzfest
-The town wants a barricade in place beginning Sunday 5 pm (I guess that would be on the outskirts of town and they'd only allow those with tickets or hotel reservations into town???)
-Everyone started laughing when someone asked if they could sell tickets to locals prior to public on sale.
-They had an official vote where they unanimously said "yes" agreeing to most of the conditions mentioned above.
Update: Check our Merrick Chase's article about the hearing... Phish in Telluride.

Photo credit: Merrick Chase

Phish 3D

Get ready to hot box your local movie theatre!

The straight dope from
Phish 3D, filmed at Festival 8 - the band's three-day festival which took place on October 30th, 31st and November 1st at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California - will be in theatres in 3D this April. The band performed 8 sets over the course of the weekend, including a special Acoustic Set on Sunday afternoon. Keeping the tradition of past Halloween shows, they donned a musical costume on Halloween night, covering The Rolling Stones' album Exile On Main Street.

Complete ticketing and theatre information will be announced shortly. You can sign up to receive email updates at

it's not in 3D, but check out our Festival 8 Montage video...

Hampton Reunion Montage

Let's close out our Hampton Reunion coverage with Pauly's Hampton Montage video...

Hampton UFO Pins

By the way, our friends at have a new batch of Hampton/UFO pins. Get them while they're hot!

Here's the skinny...
"Back by popular demand. This is the pin that started it all back in March '09. Hampton Coliseum, Spaceship Hampton, the Mothership, the site of many past and undoubtedly future milestones, is clearly "Better Than a UFO." An ultra limited quantity of these pins have been reprinted with a double pin post. Get 'em while they last at"

Monday, March 08, 2010

Today in Phishtory: 3/8/09 Hampton, VA

The Phish 3.8.09 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Sanity, Wilson, Foam, Bathtub Gin, Undermind, AC/DC Bag, My Friend My Friend, Scent of a Mule, All of These Dreams, Maze, She Thinks I Still Care, Army of One, Tube, Cars Trucks Buses, Free, Frankenstein

Set II: Down with Disease > Seven Below, Horse > Silent, Twist > 2001 > MoMA Dance, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Velvet Sea, Slave

Encore: Happy Birthday to Fishman's Dad, Contact, Bug > Tweezer Reprise
Click here to download 3/8/09 Set 1.
Click here to download 3/8/09 Set 2.

* * * * *

Read Pauly's recap of 3/8/09 - Blast Off Sunday.

Check our our Hampton photo gallery.

Check out our videos of Tube and Sanity, along with 2001 and Tweezer Reprise.

And here's the epic moment when Page busted out the keytar!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Today in Phishtory: 3/7/09 Hampton, VA

The Phish 3/07/09 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Back On The Train, Runaway Jim, Brian & Robert, Split Open and Melt, Heavy Things, Punch You in the Eye, Gumbo, Reba, Mexican Cousin, Ice, Halley's Comet, Beauty of a Broken Heart*, Guelah Papyrus, Lawn Boy, Antelope

Set II: Rock and Roll, Limb by Limb, Ghost > Piper > Birds of a Feather**, Wolfman's Brother, Prince Caspian, Mike's Song > Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Character Zero

Encore: Day in the Life

* Page song FTP
** Trey flubs lyrics

Read Pauly's recap of 3/7/09 - Saturday at the Mothership.

Check out our Hampton photos.

Check out our videos clips of Gumbo, Lawn Boy, Character Zero and Limb by Limb.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hampton Fiancee Story

I recorded a mini-podcast of one of my favorite stories from Hampton 09. Its about 9 minutes long all together. Check it out:
Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Today in Phishtory: 3/6/09 Hampton, VA

The Phish, 3/06/09 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Fluffhead, Divided Sky, Chalkdust Torture, Sample in a Jar, Stash, I Didn't Know*, Oh Kee Pa > Suzy Greenberg, Farmhouse, NICU, Horn, Rift, Train Song, Water in the Sky, Squirming Coil, David Bowie

Set II: Backwards Down The Number Line, Tweezer, Taste, Possum, Theme from the Bottom, First Tube, Harry Hood, Waste, You Enjoy Myself (with a false start/joke)

Encore: Grind (acapella), Bouncin**, Loving Cup

* with Fishman vac solo and Trey on drums
** with balloon drop
Click here to download 3/6/09 Set 1
Click here to download 3/6/09 set 2

* * * * *

Read Pauly's recap of 3/6/09 - The Return of Phish.

Check out our Hampton photo gallery.

We recorded a couple of quick podcasts live from inside Hampton Coliseum during 3/6/09.
Episode 1: Setbreak - The Joker and Pauly discuss the mind blowing first set. (3:55)

Episode 2: Fashion Report - Change100 gives her detailed report on the new hippie chic. (1:50)
Here are a couple of clips that I shot from the Reunion show...

Harry Hood


Friday, March 05, 2010

Live Phish Haiti Relief

I know this is old news, but I just returned from South America where I watched extensive coverage of the 8.8 earthquake in Chile. As much of the world is currently focused on Chile, I wanted to remind everyone about the folks in Haiti that the Phish organization is currently helping out.

If you purchase 11/19/92 St. Mike's College, the latest Live Phish release, you will be helping out with a good cause. According to
100% of proceeds from the release will benefit The American Red Cross and Partners in Health, two organizations working towards the aid and restoration of Haiti. Phish's own non-profit, The WaterWheel Foundation, will match the first $15,000 raised from the sale of this show.
If you don't know, here's the track listing...
Maze (10:17)
Fee (5:23)
Foam (7:50)
Glide (4:21)
Split Open and Melt (7:28)
Mound (5:49)
The Divided Sky (14:54)
Esther (9:03)
Axilla (4:17)
The Horse (1:21)
Silent In The Morning (5:14)
Run Like an Antelope (10:41)

Mike's Song (9:42)
Hydrogen (3:00)
Weekapaug Groove (9:09)
Bouncing Around the Room (3:50)
It's Ice (7:49)
I Walk the Line (2:42)
Tweezer (7:44)
Big Black Furry Creature from Mars (1:05)
Tweezer (2:34)
Big Ball Jam (6:25)
Poor Heart (4:59)
Fast Enough for You (5:31)
Llama (4:48)
Hold Your Head Up > Lengthwise (9:40)
Cavern (5:34)

Bold as Love (5:19)

Weigh (6:11)
Caravan (6:04)
Shaggy Dog (2:38)
Funky Bitch (9:18)
Click here to download 11/19/92.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yacht Rock Mixes

Check out the Yacht Rock mixes put together by my buddy Chef Bliss. Put these on at a party and...well...Yacht Rock.
Part 1 :
Peg - Steely Dan
I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You Are Near) - Michael McDonald
Steal Away - Robbie Dupree
Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Rosanna - Toto
Hold Me - Fleetwood Mac
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes
Summer Breeze - Seals & Croft
Nassau-Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
You're So Vain - Carly Simon
Lowdown - Boz Scaggs
Human Nature - Michael Jackson
The Finer Things - Steve Winwood
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne
This Is It - Kenny Loggins
Africa - Toto

Part 2 :
You Make My Dreams - Daryl Hall & John Oates
Sweet Freedom - Michael McDonald
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John & Kiki Deei
Lido Shuffle - Boz Scaggs
L.O.D. (Love On Delivery) - Billy Ocean
Heart To Heart - Kenny Loggins
Silly Love Songs - Paul McCartney
What You Won't Do for Love - Bobby Caldwell
You Are - Lionel Richie
How Do The Fools Survive? - The Doobie Brothers
The Fez - Steely Dan
Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross
Eye In The Sky - The Alan Parsons Project
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight - England Dan and John Ford Coley
Easy - The Commodores
I'm Not In Love - 10cc
Key Largo - Bertie Higgins

Update 1/21/2011: Editor's Note -- It should be noted these mixes were originally posted at and I suppose Chef Bliss did too much coke and forgot to tell me where he got em. Sorry about that.

Check out the comments....

Telluride - Mark Your Calendar

Telluride News is reporting that Phish will play Telluride Aug 9 + 10, as rumored. The weekend before (Fri-Sat-Sunday) is Telluride Jazz Fest - my sources tell me that the Greyboy All-Stars will be playing on Sunday, August 8.

"Phish is on the calendar. Telluride’s arts board approved putting the jam band on the arts calendar for Monday, Aug. 9 and Tuesday, August 10.

The arts and culture board, CCAASE, handles the scheduling for the town, so that no two major festivals are booked on the same weekend.

The band would play for 9,000 people, said Craig Ferguson, the organizer of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. He’s working with Phish’s promoter, AEG Live, on bringing the band here.

If 9,000 people show up, that would make the Phish concert one of the biggest events of the summer, up there with Bluegrass and Blues and Brews."

Read the article here.

Grateful Dead Telluride Documentary

Check out this sweet panoramic view:

Mike Gordon Interview

Since we've been ghey for Trey the last couple of weeks, it's time to be queer hedro for Gordo. Mike Gordon, everyone's favorite yellow t-shirt wearing bassist, is hitting the road with his band, aptly named The Mike Gordon Band, for a couple of shows starting March 5th.

Click here for Mike Gordon tour dates.

Click here to read a heady interview with the Times Union.

Here's a bit of Mike talking about the differences in venue sizes...
The audience size doesn't determine how big the music is going to sound. Sometimes, the big gigs don't sound right, and they wind up sounding puny; and sometimes the little ones sound huge.
And yes, Mike says that Phish will be back this summer, but we all knew that already!

Video: Kings Go Forth - One Day

Been listening a bit to Kings Go Forth.

You can download/listen their new single "Don't Take My Shadow" here. Pitchfork has a review of their new album.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

LOST: Sundown

Once again Ryan and I are back with this week's recap setlist. Check out thoughts and discussion over at Hidden Track.

Geronimo Jackson, 3/3/2010

Set I – (Off Island): Me & My Uncle (1) > Dirty Deeds (2), Accidents Will Happen (3) > Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (4), Eggs (5) > Happiness is a Warm Gun (6)

Set II – (On Island): Kung Fu Fighting (7), Evil Urges (8) > Cuts Like A Knife (unfinished) (9) > (I Just Died) In Your Arms Tonight (10) > Drunken Hearted Boy(11) > Stay or Leave (12) > Cuts Like A Knife (End) > Die Die Die (13)

E) Exodus (14) > Tweeprize (15)

(1) Grateful Dead; WTF? Sayid is an Uncle?
(2) AC/DC; Omar on vocals, Sayid on guitar
(3) Elvis Costello
(4) Sophie B. Hawkins; Sayid on vocals
(5) Ryan Montbleau, Martin Keamy on vocals and guitar
(6) The Beatles
(7) Carl Douglas; Sayid and Dogen duet
(8) My Morning Jacket; Sayid and Dogen singing a canon
(9) Bryan Adams, *Unfinished
(10) Cutting Crew, Sayid + Flocke
(11) Allman Brothers; Dogen
(12) Dave Matthews Band; Dogen & Sayid
(13) The Avett Brothers; Smokey
(14) Bob Marley; Flocke leads large group sing along
(15) Phish; With “Jin Stepped Into The Freezer” lyrics

What did everybody think?

PLUG: LOST + Phish lot t-shirts and hoodies. Check em out!

Use Me Videos: Bill Withers & Ben Harper

I've been on a Bill Withers kick the last couple of months.

Here's a version of Withers' epic tune Use Me...

And here's Ben Harper's version that was recorded live inside Abbey Road studios...

And Fiona Apple was not too shabby (no video/just audio)...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

FREE MUSIC: The Chilled Out Eskimo Pie

Here is a Pandora station that I have been working on for a while now:

The Chilled Out Eskimo Pie seeks to create the kind of deep, multi-layered, psychedelic and electronic grooves that, as individuals, we have constantly sought but seldom found on our own musical journeys.

The music is intended to convey the sound and emotion of a place, an experience, and/or a time. It embraces many genres of music, conveying the essence of all without being a literal interpretation of any.

In this process, there is a conscious effort to avoid the standard musical forms that have been exploited by so many other forms of radio. There are no well worn blues, rock or pop formulas and no boring techno beats that have been heard a thousand times over.

Instead of leading people by the hand through what they already know, it is left to the individual to conjure up their own imagery, emotions, and experiences.

Coventry's Weekly Round Up: Trey Setlists, Furthur Videos, Giorgio Moroder, and Phishy Olympics

In case you missed it, here's some of the highlights from last week on Coventry, including a guest post from Spaceman!
Trey Anastasio Band Setlists
Big Star, SXSW and Sixteen Deluxe
Mid 70s' Girogio Moroder Synth
Phish + The Olympics = Some stoner got hired by NBC
Lost: Lighthouse
Furthur Summer Tour Dates
Furthur Video - Foolish Heart
Furthur Video - China Cat Sunflower > The Wheel
Seth Bernard and May Erlewine
Grace Potter Video - White Rabbit

Monday, March 01, 2010 Download + Climate Change/Clean Energy

The gang over at is offering a free download as motivation to contact your Senator about clean energy and climate change. I personally do not believe in man made climate change, but I do believe in building a clean energy economy and I love music. Check it out.
The download includes:

Bull Black Nova - Wilco
Animal - Pearl Jam
Inaudible Melodies - Jack Johnson
Rapunzel - Dave Mathews Band
Cath... - Death Cab for Cutie
Fuel - Ani DiFranco
Kill Devil Falls - Phish
Banks of the Deep End - Gov't Mule
Delicate Few - O.A.R.
Not Coming Down - moe.
100 Yard Dash - Raphael Saadiq
Throwing Stones - Bob Weir & RatDog
And The Ladies Were the Rest of the Night - The Disco Biscuits
The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid - The Decemberists
Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - My Morning Jacket
Happier - Guster
Box of Rain - Phil Lesh and Friends
You can also download without contacting your Senator.