Sunday, August 23, 2015

Phish MagnaBall Setlist and Recap: Sunday 8.23.15 Watkins Glen, NY - Day 3

The final day of Magna Ball. Let it all hang out.

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Never miss a Sunday show. Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.23.15 MAGNABALL, Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1: PYITE, Buffalo Bill, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Limb by Limb, Waiting All Night, Theme > Maze, The Line, Stash, REBA, I Didn't Know*, Zero

Set 2: Martian Monster > DWD > Scents and Subtle Sounds > What's the Use > Dirt > Mike's Song > Fuego > Twist** > Weekapaug > Martian Monster


* Trey thanks crew and staff
** Immigrant Song teases
via Wildo's drone "Piper 3"
* * * *

Quickie Recap: Sunday Day 3 - Unleash the Lil Beast
by @taopauly

Never miss a Sunday show. The cult of Phish. We worship our gods with relentless blind faith. Booked bets on Dinner and a Movie opener (after last night's Drive-In set). Glad D&M didn't come in. Instead we got a threadbare PYITE opener... Another serious bustout this weekend with Buffalo Bill... Strong 2.0 tune with A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing. The boys killed 2.0 tunes this summer... Limb by Limb display of Fish the Octopus... Waiting All Night is like the wrinkly, pathetic pickle on side of your plate that you give a sympathy bite... Theme some serious Page power lifting. Might have to test him for PEDs... Sometimes it's like all four guys are gambling on a Maze sprint by trying to find out who can't keep up. Page was the Usain Bolt of MagnaBall. Leo blew them away. Leo the human flamethrower with scorched Earth during Maze. Thought he could break one of his keyboards he was pecking so hard... The Line. Fitting. A song about blowing a huge moment... Stash is mellower in its old age (post-rehab and after three divorces), but sneaky and deviant as per usual. Had a I Know You Rider and Manteca tease... Reba super mellow... Trey referred to Fish as the "lil beast." I Didn't Know featured an extended Fish vac solo ("suck some love") while Trey yapped nonstop thanking pretty much everyone on their staff. Dickie Scotland got a shout out... Zero closed out the 95-minute set... Another quickie setbreak...

Set 2 blasted off with celestial-funk vehicle Martian Monster. Just a heads-up for all the spacekids looking for a ride to Dicks... Even the noobiest of the noobsteins expected DWD to open up the final set. Alas, DWD still took on the role as the rocket launcher. Bending deep space again. Got so far out that they never finished it up. Hit the 15-min mark when I heard the licks to Scents... Sure enough  Scents and Subtle Sounds popped up sans intro... Bled into one of the softest versions of What's the Use I ever heard... Dirt almost felt redundant (right after WTU), but I could hear Dirt at every show. It was just an opportunity for Fish to take a much-needed breath before they all made an ascent atop Mount Mike's Groove... Mike's Song lacked the so-called second jam, but it still delivered all the booty-shaking, bong-rattling, echo-heavy goods... Fuego lunch meat with a little extra hot sauce... Twist had more Trey-Gordo sexual tension with a cuckold Page in a dark corner leering on with those eyes swimming in melancholy. Twist went 2/4 time for a few bars before Fish teased Immigrant Song... Weekapaug intro had a few leftover Fishman Immigrant wails... Shocked everyone by returning to Martian the Monster with Fishman vocal wookery and Trey falling into an echo-hole... Encore was YEM. Holyfuckballs. Godzilla himself trudged out of the sea and opened up a twelve-pack of eyeball-melting whoop ass. YEM? That's how you end a show. That's how you end a run. That's how you end a festival. YEM, thank you Phish... Set 1 standouts included Maze, Reba, and the Buffalo Bill bustout. Set 2 was anchored by DWD but the entire set snowballed into an eventual avalanche from Martian Monster start to Martian Monster finish. Plus that YEM was the proverbial whiskey-soaked cherry on top of the MagnaBall sundae... Third night dunzo. This portion of summer tour is in the books. See ya in the lot for Dicks!

* * * *
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Video: Spacey Shit and the Secret Drive-In Set

Spliced this together rather quickly. Some spacey shit with the Drive-In secret set as the background music...


Here's an audience video of the Drive-In Set...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Phish MagnaBall Day 2 Recap and Setlist: Afternoon Set and Secret Set - 8/22/15 Watkins Glen, NY - Saturday

Big Day Saturday with 4 sets (3 official and 1 unofficial). Afternoon set in addition to a normal two-set show, plus the late-night "secret set" at the Drive-In Theatre.

MagnaBall is/was webcast by Also tune into Sirius XM radio or The Bunny for simulcast of the sets. Here's the audio link:

Check out our MagnaBall MAP of the festy grounds.

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So here's what you missed on Saturday...
Le Phish, 8.2.15 MAGNABALL, Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1:  Divided Sky, MoMA Dance, Mound, Army of One, Scabbard, Sample in a Jah, Tube, Halfway to the Moon, Camel Walk, How Many People Are You, Circus Comes to Town, Undermind, Antelope

Set 2: Wolfman's Bruh, Halley's Comet > 46 Days > Backwards > Tweezer > Caspian

Set 3: Meatstick, Blaze On > Possum, Cities > Light > 555 > Velvet Sea > Walls of the Cave

E: Boogie On  > Tweeprise

Set 4 (Secret Set): Bunch of ambient spacey shit
* * * *

Quickie Recap: MagnaBall Day 2 - Three Set Saturday and Prince Tweezer
by @taopauly

Overall Report: Set 1 mellow afternoon festy setting with a Mound bustout. Set 2 anchored by a juicy 46 Days and trippy Tweezer. The unexpected Big-Ass-Jam of the night went to Caspian. Yes, Caspian is still what everyone's raving about. Set 3's peak moments included Cities > Light. And that late-night secret set at the Drive-In? Phish opened up a portal to another dimension during a 45-minute tour of deep space...

Le Phish onstage at 3:38pm ET with Divided Sky (last opener was Red Rocks according to @change100). Sky = perfect summery afternoon song. Church of Phish officially in session... MoMA funk ass grooving... Mound bustout. Slop-city, but who cared?... The girlfriend noted that Page nailed all the high notes in Army of One. "For a dude, not easy!"... TAB minor-league Scabbard up next. "Don't want no methadone," joked @change100... Sample in a Jar sing-a-long... Tube quickie (cracked 4:20 mark)... Bathroom-line inducing Halfway to the Moon... Re-gained crowd's trust with Camel Walk funk... Majority of my multiple personalities dug How Many People. Wildo thought it was too wordy... Circus commentary on us (we're the savages man)... Undermind = Feed Fish. To avoid sluggishness and surliness, we must feed l'octopus living inside Fish every 3 hours w/ chunks of raw meat -- squirrels, gophers, pigeons, small critters etc...  "Antelope trotting out of the bullpen like Mariano Rivera," said @greyflannldwarf. Instead of Antelope, I longed for a random cover like that epic Monkey Man Sbustout at SuperBall...

Set 2 resumed at 8:04pm... @change100 noticed wardrobe changes, particularly Gordo's scarf. Trey ditched first set red hoodie (Satan) for a white one (Reptilian overlord aka the Lizard Queen "Lizzie" Elizabeth)... Wolfman's quick submersion, but nothing too deep... Bitchin' Halley's Comet met the inevitable ripcord for a 2.0 tune... 46 Days popular deep-space rocket launcher. Intense 46 Daze-jam. Gnarly. Dirty. Destructive, yet with absurd precision like a dozen swirling ninja dwarfs with machetes cutting through the jungle canopy... Lost my chubby; another ripcord. Backwards or "Backflips down the Lumber Line" slurred Schwilly Meg... Trey took off his hoodie. His QBR jumped an average of 23.5 pts on nights he ditched hoodies mid- set... Tweezer. You knew it was lurking. Hyper-psychedelic Tweezer nipped at the farthest edges of the universe bending time/space. Apex of the night (perhaps weekend?)...

Shit got a little bit awkward. Tweezer ripcord Caspian. Ouch. The sports equivalent was an INT returned for a touchdown. Big Red fuckerpants threw a Pick-6. Yup, they boys trolled us hard (Backwards/Caspian in span of three songs) while lighting stacks of our money on fire and roasting baby albino gators stuffed with foie gras... Caspian quickly won me over. Trey answered his Pick-6 with a TD! Zesty. Fiery. Fiesty. Casp jam flirted and floated back into Tweezer's orbit with some Fish/Buddy Miles + Trey/Jimi whacka whakka for a sec. I got lost in that time warp/black hole. Tweezer/Caspian/Caspian/Tweezer? Whatever, wherever, whichever... that intense jam ended the 72-min set...

Set 3 kicked off with a brief Meatstick... The rookie song of the night, Blaze On, covered lot of ground quickly with Dead-like notes ricocheting everywhere. One of the better version in its short history... Morphed into chugging Possum... Cities delivered with Leo churning out funk-flavored buttah balls... Light always elevates the sparkly crowd to an heightened level of blissful consciousness, like doing yoga on a beach full of puppies... 555 had a cool new intro...  The slow Velvet Sea gave Fish a much-needed breather for Fish... Love the smooth haunting Page into on Walls of the Cave. Rocking and reeling Walls ended the set... Encore was a double dip of vanilla: Boogie On and Tweeprise...

Oh Set 4? The late night secret set was a 45-minute ambient tour of deep space while Phish played hidden behind the drive-in screen. The crowd had no idea their collective brain energy was being manipulated by John McAfee and alien overlords as a part of a shadow government experiment to dial up a Stargate and open a portal to an alternate dimension...  

Day 2 Highlights: Mound, Tweezer > Caspian, Cities > Light. And don't sleep on Blaze On. Ah, and make sure you are in the proper head space to re-listen to the Space Jam...  Two nights dunzo. One more to go. Can't wait. Smoke em if you got em....

* * * *
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Friday, August 21, 2015

MagnaBall Phish Setlist and Recap: 8/21/15 Watkins Glen, NY - Friday Night 1

Festival #10 is finally upon us. The circus migrated to Watkins Glen, NY for a three-day blowout otherwise known as MagnaBall.

Here's our MagnaBall MAP of the festival grounds.

The entire weekend will be webcast by Custie it up and buy the webcast. You can watch it on-demand (up to 24 hours).

Okay, for my broke-dick wook friends, here's the audio link via The Bunny:

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In case you missed it, here's the opening night...
Le Phish, 8.21.15, MAGNABALL, Watkins Glen, NY

Set 1: Simple > The Dogs, TMWSIY > Avenu Malkenu > TMWSIY, Free, Happy Birthday*, Wedge, Mock Song, Roggae, Rift, GIN

Set 2: Chalkdust > Ghost > Rock and Roll > HOOD > Waste > No Man's Land > SLAVE

E: Farmhouse, First Tube

* Crowd sings Happy Birthday to Trey's oldest daughter, who turned 20.
Artist: Isadore Bullock
* * * *

MagnaBall Quickie Recap: Day 1 - Magnum Gin Friday
by @taopauly

Lights down at 8:09pm with a Simple opener (second one in three shows). Shook off any rust and pesky jitters. Thought I heard a Magilla tease... More Halloween shit with The Dogs in the two hole... TMWSIY > Avenu Malkanu > TMWSIY bustout. No one picked it in our pool. I'm McCatholic and even though I've seen every Woody Allen movie, the Avenu Malkanu doesn't mean the same to me as if they played Whiskey in a Jar. But TMWSIY is a beautiful piece of music... Free featured a collective release of tension... Trey asked the crowd to sing Happy Birthday to his daughter who turned 20 (Eliza is eldest of 11 Phish kids, all of whom were raging it up backstage with B-list celebs like Beiber, Truman Capote, and Prince Harry)... The Wedge came and went without a hint of irony... Mock Song bustout. Serious bustout. Last time played was like 2003 (I was there man, at the Gorge).  We totally get off on obscure 2.0 tunes these days. Mock had special lyrics with a Clifford and Super and Magna "Ball" reference. Wildo gave me the first LULZ of the night, "This new Mike song has too many words!"... Roggae started out chilly but by the end it could melt a stick of buttah!... Rift. One day they'll nail it... The Joker got his song in the first set of the festival. Bathtub Gin was first time the boys took the Magna-dog out for a walk. Like a real long walk. Sideways walk. 23-minute orgy. Heard a plethora of teases, notably Piper and DWD. Coulda gotten the rip cord a few times, but luckily it organically grew into a massive behemoth to close out the set. The Magnum-Magna Gin was by far the high-water mark of the first set, which clocked in at 83+ minutes (the longest opening frame of the entire summer?)... Quickie half-hour break...

Set 2 kicked off with Chalkdust. With exception of Blossom and DFW, most the 2015 CDT's were tame compared to last year. Alas, they saved up a biggie CDT for MagnaBall. Hit upon dirty tones before those Dead-like tentacles reached out and tried to smother us as the song closed in on the 15-min mark. Heard some What's the Use teases as they raced toward the elusive 20-min benchmark (never quite got there). Fishman was a beast and punched holes through the fabric of time and space. We ended up on the other side of the universe deep into deep-space bliss... Bled into Ghost. Spooky-dank-dark. Tickled What's the Use territory again. Gordo flexed his muscles, tore off his shirt, and went full-blown Roid-Rage when he took control of the Ghost jam by wrestling it out of Trey's ADHD hands. Kept it flowing for few more minutes... Seg'd into Rock and Roll. Leo slays those covers and shines extra brightly on Velvet Underground tunes. Glimpse of old-school machine-gun Trey with the solo... Mid-set Hood felt like it came out of nowhere. Fake-out on the opening vocals. Slightly sloppy, but it's all about energy man... Due for a slow song to give Fish a breather. Waste played that role. "Remember when Waste was a piss song in 1.0?" observed the GreyFlannelDwarf... No Man's Land turn in the rotation (alternates every other show with Blaze On it seems). Had little extra bit of hot sauce. Page hinted at No Quarter, while the rest teased 2001... Both denied in favor of a sublime Slave. Top-shelf version. Those peak moments transcended GOD MODE (per @RyanNichols7)...

Encore was a pair of "F" songs... First up was Farmhouse, which got tons of love this summer... Then a self-indulgent First Tube ended the show. Serious superfluous wankage from Trey in First Wank-Tube. You needed a wetsuit if you were in the first 9 rows to avoid Big Red's incandescent glaze... Set 1's peak moment was that Magnum-Gin. Set 2 was anchored by a nuclear 1-2 CDT-Ghost combo with a deep-space Chalkdust followed by a menacing Ghost. As per usual, a shimmering smooth Slave closed out the set jam packed with a pair of meaty nuggets (Hood and Rock and Roll)... First night at MagnaBall is in the books. Two sets down and five (er, six) more to go...

* * * *
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Thursday, August 20, 2015

MagnaBall Map

Our crack team updated the map for this weekend's MagnaBall festival at Watkins Glen racetrack...

Click to view enlarged image

Monday, August 17, 2015

Phish Video: Scents and Subtle Sounds 8/12/15; Bonus Philly Videos: Skin It Back and Cities by LL55

Phish doesn't play Scents and Subtle Sounds often. Luckily, here's the official video from Mann Theatre in Philly last week 8/12/15...

This is a special bonus video featuring the Skin It Back bustout (courtesy of LaztLightning55):

And here's a final video, that sizzling Cities (also courtesy of LL55)...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Phish MPP Setlist and Recap: 8/16/15 Merriweather Post Columbia, MD

Phish closed out their two-night run at Merriweather Post Pavilion. Saturday night was a throw down what would Sunday bring? You know the saying... never miss a Sunday show...

Tonight's MPP gig will be webcast via

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Here's what went down at the OPP MPP...
Le Phish, 8/16/15 MPP, Columbia, MD

Set 1: Golgi, Undermind, Julius, 555, Nothing, No Man's Land, Stash, Bowie, Possum

Set 2: DWD > Slave > Light > Twist, Shine A Light, Fuego > Sneaking Sally, YEM

E: Backwards
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: MPP2
by @taopauly

Never miss a Sunday yadda yadda yadaa... 7:34 lights down with raving fans screaming "Sleeping Monkey!" After a quick tease (and even quicker rejection from Gordo), we got Golgi as the real opener. (BTW, anyone else at that show in Texas when that insane girl screamed "Sleeping Monkey!" and Trey finally gave in and brought her on stage?)... The mascot for Undermind is the Giant Pacific Octopus because we get to hear a drum clinic from Fishman using his invisible (four) limbs... Julius filling in the funk-injection spot where Wolfman or Moma would typically pop up. Grown comfy with a formulaic Julius as the encore or as a set closer... I was bored with 555 so I used the time for a creative project. I took the time to compose a Haiku using real tweets from Japhan @sakuraYEM...
Please Fish sing heat up
Still sober Mike side keep calm
Seat moving away
I dig Nothing. It's no Access Me, but wish it got more playtime. 2.0 tunes in 3.0 feel weirdly fringe-acceptable like artisanal pudding... Almost on cue -- No Man's Land -- time for the rookie to step up to the plate... I like my Stash dark and dangerous and grimy, but this one was a little too angelic and mellow for my tastes... Bowie to save the milquetoast set? Strong effort, but short for a set closer... Alas, uppity Possum was up next, which closed out the 75-minute set... At setbreak, I composed another Haiku utilizing real tweets from Japhan @SakuraYEM...
Melodious Phish
Finally I became man
Balls Back, next guy stoned
Set 2 kicked off with DWD. Slop-city intro. Everyone in band laughed it off. Gordo looked pissed off though (ultra sensitive, prickly cactus could never take an inside joke) especially after Trey switched a lyric to "Dancing in Mike's head!" Gordo took out his frustrations with old-school roid-rage, muscle-head jamming. By the 10-min mark, DWD drenched by cascading multiple orgasms. Relentless undulating tidal waves. Slippery when wet diddling... Trey pulled out of DWD bliss for an unbelievable Slave in the rare two-hole spot. Typically reserved for late 4Q or the set closer... Gentle, yet powerful Slave. Heck of a 1-2 punch. Making up for a meh first set... Slave jam trickled down into a soothing pool of Light. Didn't take long before the jam got cooking with a few Twist teases.. Full-blown Twist. Never went too deep down the rabbit hole... Bustout with Shine A Light, which was on the shelf and only played once (2013 Chicago) since summer 2012. I go batshit for any non-Loving Cup track off Exile on Main Street. I've been chasing Torn and Frayed forever, but would gladly take Sweet Virginia or Let It Loose. Shit, I'd lose all my marbles for a Ventilator Blues bustout... Fuego up next. Not one Fuego or Joy song from the previous night. Fuego was on a short leash because they were saving up their energy for another bustout/tour debut...

We caught Sneaking Sally at Dick's and Miami, but it had been sneaking around all summer before someone found her... G-Rob called YEM earlier in the evening. YEM anchored a set filled with material I wanted to hear, just that they didn't really do anything special with some of the repeats (e.g. Twist and Light were shadows of their former selves from earlier in the tour)... Encore was a cheesed out Backwards.. You were psyched if you were one of those people who leave the show before the encore to beat the rush out of the lot... Overall, took a while before the boys finally got something going. The laid-back approach which paid off on Saturday night, sincerely fell short of the mark with mixed results on Sunday (although I think I was the only one who loved the Nothing debut in middle set one). Second set was highlighted by DWD, a pair of bustouts (Shine A Light and Sneaking Sally), plus a rare occurrence with an early-set Slave... MPP run is officially dunzo. This was the last stop before the circus migrates to middle of New York State for Magnaball next weekend.

* * * *
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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Merriweather 8/15/15 - MPP, Columbia, MD

Phish hit up Merriweather Post Pavilion for a two-night run. Saturday was the first of the dual gig.

Both MPP shows will be webcast via

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Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.15.15 MPP, Columbia, MD

Set 1: Simple > Glide, Buried Alive > McGrupp, Roggae, Limb By Limb, BBFCFM > Your Pet Cat > BBFCFM, Horn, Blaze On> Antelope

Set 2: Halley's > 46 Days > Bug > Steam > What's the Use > Steam > Piper > Tweezer > NO2 > Tweezer, Walls of the Cave

E: Sleeping Monkey, Tweezer Reprise
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: MPP Saturday Throwback Throwdown Gacktoidler
by @taopauly

Phish returned to MPP for a Saturday night throwdown. Lights down at 7:37pm with a Simple opener. According to @yemblog, the last Simple opener was June 1995. Rare opener? Gonna be one of those nights; hope you brought extra underwear. Simple jam coulda gone on for an hour, but the boys kept it close to the reservation... Rare Glide popped up for only the 5th time in 3.0. Coventry vets with Vermont mud perpetually caked in between their toes collectively shuddered at the thought of the aborted disfigured fetus of the final Glide of 2.0. Tonight's inclusion on the anniversary of Coventry was no coincidence... Buried Alive in the three-hole? Shades of the early 90s... And then they dropped a McGrupp. Desks all over America were flipped. Dogs howled. Children were frightened with Trey/Gordo back-pedaling hijinks... The mood for Roggae was perfect because it is a deceptively mellow tune that could get super-intense at any moment... Limb By Limb = demonstration of the octopus drummer... BBFCFM > Your Pet Cat > BBFCFM was pure insanity if you were tripping balls! Those two songs perfectly explained Phish's sense of (musical) humor...

Horn was a flash back to old school Phish.... Blaze On conjured up a delicious mini-jam. Surprised it had not popped up in a couple of shows. It was getting "every other show" treatment earlier in the tour... Sensational Antelope closed the 75-minute set. Strong effort across the board. I scornfully wince whenever Phish phoned in a heavy hitter (or rather, clicked on auto-pilot), but this was one of those Antelopes which stood out from the herd from its opening licks. Truly dug this eclectic version that delivered all 13+ minutes of it, even the bizarre Gacktoidler Esquandoles insertion. Huge difference when entire band is goofing off/raging as a collective unit vs. "Every Man for Himself" anarchy which manifests itself into a 4-way sprint to out run any high-voltage Trey wankage... Halley's Comet launched the second set. Mere thought of Halley's gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling (1/4 of a woody) because it was in the perfect spot to blast off into some serious deep-space exploration. Alas, Halley's was subdued, short, and sweet (barely 6 minutes) because they saved any weirdness for the next song... 46 Days might have been the MVP of the night (especially if you have an affinity for snorting Ketamine or drink copious amounts of cinnamon-flavored lighter fluid). That 46 went sideways, upside down, and fell backwards into a K-hole. I sent out an SOS: "Send Water. Bandages. Valium. Whiskey. Any Steely Dan record will suffice." The sideways 46-K-jam eventually hit a cloud of astral bliss... Space-blizzard melted away for a sincere and fuzzy-inducing Bug... Had no idea which direction the band was headed (Light, perhaps?) until they dove head-first into Steam... Now Steam wasn't anything special, but it got the assist on the goal for What's the Use. WTU is that unexpected burst of an afternoon sunshower with beams poking through clouds; dry wetness drenched in psychedelia... WTU was just a brief side trip before returning to the path with Steam. Alas, another quick gear shift... Piper time. Big jam for that little worm... How the hell they got from Piper to Tweezer is the kind of stuff they'll be teaching at University of the Wook (Denver Campus) in 2088... Tweezer jam wasn't Earth shattering, but it got its freaky-freaky, French-tickler, game-face on and headed into schwilly balloon land... Nitrous included Trey on megaphone and Gordo utilizing his drill before Trey had ants in his pants and ran around the stage. Poor Page flashed the "sad panda face" because he was left out in the hijinks... At least Page got to pick the next song -- Walls of the Cave...

The encore featured Trey stage banter about Sleeping Monkey, which is both the most mediocre Phish song and Page's favorite song. Trey mentioned that Page always begs them to play Sleeping Monkey as the encore, yet Gordo always shoots him down. What a cock-face Chad move! Alas, Page got redemption and got the green light for Monkey... Tweeprise ended everything as the proverbial cherry on top of the molly-dipped sundae.... First set was heavy on tour debuts, which stood out so deep into the summer tour. Plus, the boys shredded my favorite rendition of Antelope from this summer. The second set was anchored by an insane 46 Days jam and titillating Piper... Overall, the band was in great spirits. Jovial. Goofy. Loose. Amicable. I've always said that when the band has tons of fun, it's infectious and we're always greeted with a fun show. Conversely, whenever inner turmoil bubbles up and the band is not synced up, that's a dangerous recipe for a shitshow. Well, we got the complete opposite at Merriweather... Night 1 at MPP dunzo. One more show at MPP before the boys take a few days off before MagnaBall.

* * * *
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Phish Walnut Creek Setlist and Recap: 8/14/15 Raleigh, NC

Phish returned to the South for a quick trip to North Carolina for a one-nighter at cozy Walnut Creek outside Raleigh. Phish has been on a tear ever since they left the south in Nashville, so who knows what craziness might go down tonight.

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Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.14.15 Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC

Set 1: Llama**, Chalkdust, MOMA, Yarmouth, Tube, Bouncin*, Maze, Waiting All Night, Lawn Boy, Devotion to a Dream, Wolfman's, SUZY

Set 2: Wedge > Golden Age > REBA > Mike's Song > GHOST > No Quarter > Weekapaug

E: Farmhouse, Fire

* Pauly Takes A Piss Song
** New slower arrangement
* * * *
Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Slow-Cooked Raleigh Blues
by @taopauly

The return to the South. Raleigh underway at 7:41pm with a slowed-cooked Llama. Southern blues, crunchy, crispy, funked-out Llama. Relaxed pace set the tone for the mellow, casual set... Chalkdust was fun, short and sweet. Fit the vibe for the lazy summer night... Moma funk injection... At the start of Yarmouth there was a second of hesitation, like I knew it was a Gordo song, but didn't know which one because at some point all 3.0 Gordo songs sound the same... Another round of funk injection with Tube. Set the line at 4:44. Came in higher but did not crack five minutes. Funny because it sounded longer than usual... Bouncin is first-ballot Hall of Fame Pauly Takes A Piss Song... Maze seemed slightly futile and never went too dark, nor deep... Waiting All Night felt unappetizing... Lawn Boy sent all the ladies in the house into a titillating, sensual frenzy... Nothing stood out during Devotion to a Dream; time to either jam it out or send it back down to the minors... Another funk-injection and much-needed, energy-booster late in the set with Wolfman's... Wolf jam trimmed to end the set with crowd-favorite Suzy. Hail Mary Suzy? Trey got desperate and ended the set with a 1-2 punch Wolf-Suzy... Solid, mellow set clocked in around 74 minutes, but felt weirdly awkward and reserved, like dinners with the in-laws when I try not to drop any F-bombs or tell more than one dick joke... Were the boys saving energy for Set 2, or was it just going to be one of those chillax nights?... Highly-anticipated Set 2 kicked off with the Wedge, which barely scratched the surface before shifting gears into a new-agey cover... Golden Age was the first time a jam legitimately took flight in Raleigh. Treated with a yummy Melt-like jam out of Golden... Hinted at a Light immersion before it quickly evaporated into Reba. Don't think anyone expected that. Lovely Reba, yet it stayed in this galaxy... So was that first set just a set up for a monstrous Mike's Groove? Mike's was pretty dope because they unleashed their untapped energy reserves with a focused precision nuke strike with Mike's > Ghost weapons of mass destruction... No second Mike's jam, but Trey dove head-first into Ghost and the rest of the band gave in. Dick Cheney woulda been proud about how much shit Phish blew up in Ghost...

No Quarter. Yep, not a tease. Legit. Kangfirmed. Down the rabbit hole with some Zeppelin sorcery. All the acid-heads got their money's worth. Didn't linger with a NO-Q jam for too long... Weekapaug finished off the high-water mark of the show: Mike's > Ghost > No Q > Groove... Sounded like a fake second Weekapaug jam, but instead Phish launched into First Tube, which ended the second-half of a smoking set... Seemed like they cheesed out with Farmhouse encore. I dig Farmhouse and glad it's back into the regular rotation, but it's not a proper encore song. Thankfully it was just the first of a double-dip... Fire capped off the encore and the show. The ghost of Jimi circling around like a famished vulture. Trey wankage. Lots of it... Show started off mellow. Second set finally got off the ground with a Golden Age jam. You know it's a good night when Reba was one of the lower moments of a set. Ghost-No Quarter stuffed in the middle of Mike's Groove was the definitive highlight of the show and the first thing I can't wait to re-listen to especially that Ghost... Phish finished off its last stop in the South. Next up? Two-night run at Merriweather. Giddy up.

* * * *
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Phish Setlist: Philly Mann 8/12/15 - Philadelphia, PA

Phish finished off the second night of a two-show run at the Mann Theatre in Philly, the home of "ice-cold fatties" and cheesesteaks.

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Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.12.15 Mann, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Free*, Ya Mar, Sample in a Jar, CITIES, Stash, Birds, The Line, ICE, Zero

Set 2: GIN, No Man's Land > Twist, Scents and Subtle Sounds, HOOD

E: Loving Cup

* with Martian Monster interjection
Official poster by D. Welker
* * * *
Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Philly Night 2
by @taopauly

Phish returned to Philly's Mann for the second of two-night stand in the land of 2-for-20 balloons. After a bitchin' show on Tuesday night, Phish attempted to pick up where they left off with Martian Monsters dancing in their minds... Lights went down at 8:03pm with a standard AC/DC Bag opener, which was just a warm up for the schwilly Philly crowd... What seemed like a run-of-the-mill Free quickly blasted off into hyperspace. Deep-deep-space achieved, Page dropped a Martian Monster sample. Crowd went berserk. Those brainwashed-schwil-meisters lapped up that Halloween shit up. The Martian Monster interjection was just a tantalizing appetizer before returning to Free for a ripping jam out... Ya Mar kept Gordo happy and thumping along before a Sample in a Jar sing-a-long... Waiting for a big-time Cities and we got a gusher. Page was playing the Talking Heads cover with a little extra mustard (as ScottyB would say). The urban jam went sideways and got pretty radical, so fucking rad that I forgot what song they were playing (and I was totally sober aside from 1/3 weed chocolate bar and and 2mg Dilaudid)... Stash up next with some very crisp, on-fleek audience clapping... Birds (with They Attack) barrage... The band huddled and eventually reached a compromise: The Line. Ah, The Line was just a little filler to keep the peace (like when my girlfriend and I don't want takeout from the same boring, local Indian curry house, yet we passive-aggressively debate for an hour on what other places to order at before we exhaustively compromise and order from the same old Indian place). Yup, Line'd... Ice felt thunderously dangerous throughout and the under-the-frozen-pond jam unexpectedly went hyperspace before we fell backwards into an upside down K-hole... Zero ended the 82-minute opening set with a trio of high-water marks: Free, Cities, and Ice...

Set 2 was anchored by a Bathtub Gin (approx. 13 mins) that broke through the other side for a brief moment before it gently returned to Earth... No Man's Land funk-a-thon. Page slaying hogs in that jam-slaughter house. Leo shredded some serious pulled pork sandwiches... Twist bliss jam included some subtle Slipknot teases. Dead-like tendrils from Page and even some Dark Star riffs as well in this 22-minute misty mountain top and highest peak of the show... Scents and Subtle Sounds was soundchecked and one of those songs that gets better and better with more time in the rotation. This SSS had a lil hot sauce in it. It's funny how fickle, self-entitled, brats we are as phans. In 2.0, we bitched and moaned when Phish took up huge chunks of sets devoted to new 2.0 material, yet today in 3.0, we gush over 2.0-era material and eat that shit up like it's a mountain of free molly (the pure "molecule" shit, none of that ketamine-laced chalky-crap Bisco-wookettes are slinging)... Harry the Hood bliss out. The fifth song in a rare 5-song set. Miss those olden days when Phish jammed out a second set with impunity. We were treated with a slew of 6-song set 2s this summer, so I go ga-ga over 5-songers. The less-is-more theory works with me... Loving Cup encore. As per usual, Leo slices and dices and slays away those classic rock covers... Philly night 2 had a few glistening gems including the 45-minute start to set 2 (Gin, No Man's and Twist), plus don't sleep on the Ice and Cities jams from the first set... The Philly double dip has come to a close. The circus migrates south for a quick trip to North Carolina on Friday before hitting up MPP this weekend.

* * * *
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Philly Mann 8/11/15, Philadelphia, PA

Phish returned to cozy Mann Theatre for the first of a two-night stint in Philly.

Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.11.15 Mann Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Set 1: Crowd Control, Martian Monster, Axilla, Skin It Back > Martian Monster, Vultures, Dog Faced Boy, Bowie, Farmhouse, Scent of a Mule, GHOST, Grind
Set 2: Fuego > Rock and Roll > 46 Days > Taste, 2001 > Sand, Horse > Silent in the Morning, Cavern, Backwards

E: Julius
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Philly Phish, Night 1
by @taopauly

Phish returned to the east coast for a two-night rager in Philly. Instead of the sketchy former E-Center across the river in Camden, Phish made the more intimate Mann its home base the last two years. Weird shit going down with undercover cops in sleeve tattoos, flatbrims and wifebeater tees, which were hard to distinguish from the regular nitrous mafia crew running amok in the lots... The lights went down at 8:05pm with a Crowd Control opener...  Blast off with Martian Monster. Got a vivid flashback to one of my favorite conspiracy theories (Google: Obama Mars jump room... where a college age Obama was recruited by the shadow government to explore Mars via a stargate)... Full throttle with Axilla. Love the early flirtation with the dark side of the force... Skin It Back was soundchecked so assumed it was going to pop up either night. I rarely have Phish FOMO except when they bust out Skin It Back... The Skin It Back > Martian Monster was the cat's balls. Lowell George would be honored for the Martian mashup... Another tour debut. Vultures. They only play it once a year, so all the noobs think the start/stops are woo-worthy...

Dog Faced Boy is the song that plays in your head when you have to explain to your wife about the $1200 charge from the champagne room at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas. Coincidentally, DFB was last played in Vegas... Energy-booster Bowie popped up in the middle of the set... Took the vibe down a notch with Farmhouse... Fish on the marimba for Scent of a Mule. Loved the Miami Mule with Smoke on the Water teases... Ah, a late-first set Ghost. Fishman was more creepy and spooky than usual. Martian Monster teases in Ghost fit the loose theme. Thought Ghost was the set closer, but the band stepped to the front of the stage for Grind, which capped off the 77-minute set... Set 2 resumed at 9:55pm or a quickie half-hour setbreak. Everyone wanted to bet me on a DWD opener, but  the house wins again when Phish opted for Fuego. About 10-mins in, they hit that blissful sweet spot... Leo slays covers, especially Rock and Roll... The 46 Days seemed out of place in the middle of the second set because it had been anchoring set 1s as the role of set closer...  Taste sorta popped up out of nowhere, but I dug the direction of the Page-centric set with Trey feeding the Leo Wildebeest... Another strange intro, this one to 2001, which seemed like only Fish wanted to play it before everyone joined in... Sizzling Sand followed up the 2001 dance party and the ass-shaking continued. The "second" Sand jam was what really made me stand up and say, "GOD DAMN!"... Horse was back setting up Silent for a much-needed break for Fish... Insta-boost with Cavern... Questionable Backwards ended the set, but Trey played it for his BFF Tom Marshall... Julius encore. Upbeat, yet predictable... Good to see some more bustouts with Martian Monster sprinkles everywhere, and any show is awesome that has 2001 > Sand back-to-back... One show down in Philly, one more to go...

* * * *
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Sunday, August 09, 2015

Phish Alpine Valley Setlist: 8/9/15 Sunday - East Troy, WI

Phish finished off their Midwest mini-run with the second show from a two-night stand at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin.

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Here's what you missed...

Phish, 8.9.15 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

Set 1: The Very Long Fuse, Colonel Forbin's Ascent, Fly Famous Mockingbird, Brian and Robert, Saw It Again, Esther, Weigh, The Sloth, Sanity, Split Open and Melt

Set 2: Antelope > Carini > Waves > Tweezer > Dirt, Mike's Song > Blaze On > Weekapaug > Tweeprise

E: Contact > Frankenstein

* * * *
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Saturday, August 08, 2015

Phish Setlist: Alpine Valley, WI 8/8/15 Saturday

Phish returned to Alpine Valley, Wisconsin for a two-night run in the middle of nowhere cheese country.

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Here's what you missed...

Phish, 8.8.15 Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

Set 1: No Men in No Man's Land, Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan, Poor Heart, Julius, Frankie Says > Maze, Mercury, Reba, Possum

Set 2: Down with Disease > Halley's Comet, Twist >Light > What's the Use >  Fuego > Backwards Down the Number Line, Slave

E: Meatstick > Zero

* * * *
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Friday, August 07, 2015

Phish Setlist: Blossom 8/7/15 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Phish returned to Blossom just outside Cleveland for a rocking show at Cuyahoga Falls, the location of one of my all-time favorite "lot scenes" on the summer shed circuit.

The show will be webcast over at

Although both the Joker and Pauly are in Vegas for the weekend, we still might have some guest updates on Twitter, so follow @CoventryMusic...

Okay, so here's what you missed...

Phish, 8.7.15 Blossom Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Set 1: Ocean, My Sweet One > Wilson > Timber Ho, Roses Are Free, Rift, Moma, Ginseng Sullivan, Wingsuit, Ice, GIN

Set 2:  Chalkdust > Tweezer > The Lizards > Makisupa Policeman, Ghost > Hood > Tweeprise

E: Good Times Bad Times

* * * *
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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Phish KC Setlist and Recap: 8/5/15 Starlight Theater, Kansas City, MO; DWD-Sand Castles

Phish returned to KC for a gig at the historic Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Here's what you missed...
Phish, 8.5.14 Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO

Set 1: GUMBO, Kill Devil Falls, Back on the Train, Bouncin', Divided Sky, Last Step*, Blaze On, Waiting All Night, 46 Days,

Set 2: Jibboo, Twist > Wedge > DWD > SAND > Joy, YEM

E: Bug

Notes: * Debut (Gordo tune)
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap KC: Phish's DWD-Sand Castle
by @taopauly

Return to the castle. Cue the Zelda theme... Lights down at 8:05pm with a Gumbo opener. Now that's what I call a fucking opener. First Gumbo this tour, short and sweet but one of the highlights of the set... Nothing could compare to the previous KDF, but this shortie did not deviate from the path... BBQ funk with Back on the Train... That Bouncin' was the obligatory piss song.. Loved the one "screamer" during Divided Sky. Sweet Jesus that girl had pipes... New song with the debut of Last Step, which got called up from the minors and Gordo's farm team... Blaze On is in every other show rotation (swapping off with No Man's Land) and stepped into the role of "peppy new song white people who smoke pot dance to badly." This was the first time Trey introduced a "Play it, Leo!"... Waiting All Night is growing on me (can you sense the moistness of the dripping sarcasm there?). @LawnMemo pointed out the poignant guitar solo is Trey crying his eyes out over a lost love. Dude, Memo give me a call and I'll set up a meeting because we can make millions writing LIFETIME MOVIE OF THE WEEK scripts about a newly-divorced rock-star dad with two kids who seeks true love on the tumultuous touring road filled with temptations at every turn... I've been whining for a Melt since Bend. Knew it wasn't going to happen in KC, but thought it might be an Antelope-high-gear night. Nope. Instead a nonchalant 46 Days closed out the 70-minutes set... Gotta Jibboo kicked off the peppy set two and started to take flight but they pulled it back in... The Bud-Lime-lubricated shitstains were already juiced up and wooing like frat-daddy-banshees before Trey could finish the opening lick to Twist. Quickie Twist... Wedge got little extra hot sauce, but everything up until that point was foreplay... Deep-spacing Dirk Diggler porn-thrasing DWD with oodles of celestial 70's classic rock teases including Under Pressure and Jumping Jack Flash... DWD > Sand. Yup it happened...

The 70's porn theme continued with a sultry SDP (aka Sand Dance Party). The Sand-jam-out-with-your-clam-out even achieved a modicum of titillating Dirk Diggler deep-deep-spacing ... Joy'd was the cold shower come down after DWD > Sand 70s porn fiesta... Bombtastic YEM set closer. Aw, dope-ass mofos in KC got the Mothership muthafucking galactic rainbow connection... If you toss out the Joy, it was a late 90s set, with some porn-tastic Dirk Diggling... The felicitous Bug encore prepared everyone for a soft landing back on terrestrial ground... The tour is eleven shows deep and Phish turns back around and heads toward O-H-I-O for a Blossom Possum showdown...

* * * *
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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Phish Setlist and Recap: Nashville, TN 8/4/15; Return of Ye Old Second Mike's Jam

Phish returned to historic Nashville for a one-nighter at a brand spanking new venue. This show will be webcast over at LivePhish.

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Here's what you might have missed in Nashville....
Phish 8.4.15 Nashville, TN

Set 1: FREE, No Man's Land, Wolfman's Brah, 555, Birds, Funky Bitch, Circus, Stash, Lawn Boy, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Golden Age > Light > Shade, Mike's ** >Piper > Crosseyed and Painless > Weekapaug

E: Slave

** With "second" Mike's Jam
 * * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Nashville and Ye Olde Second Mike's Jam
by @taopauly

Welcome to Nashvegas, y'all! Phish was the second-ever act at this new venue. Still had the new venue smell until Phishkids took over and dank'd up the joint. Hope the overall wookery was kept to a minimum so we get invited back... 7:35pm lights went down. Free openers are always a good omen... No Man's Land another edition of Southern-fried funk... Wolfman's in third spot. 10-minute version highlighted by a compact jam that was one spicy eggroll. Minimalist jam at the onset before Trey had another intimate face-to-face moment with Gordo. Only few minutes into Wolfman's Trey got so sweaty that he took his hoodie off and the crowd applauded. Not quite an Emperor wearing no clothes moment... Gordo put 555 on hold in Bama for a MEAT bustout, but he couldn't resist. I figured we were going to get one of two things: 1) Dolly Parton sit-in on "Nine to Five", or 2) 555. Yup, you can kiss the Dolly Boobies sit-in goodbye. I didn't have to piss so I fixed my trash disposal during 555. Girlfriend was thrilled when she got home from work. #PaulyPlumbingSong... Birds (with They Attack sample) was short and sweet but Big Red switched guitars for a tune (before he returned to the Ocedoc)... Finally the first Funky Bitch of the summer. Funky Bitch achieved everything awesome 555 failed to... Circus was another tour debut and another cover. We got back-to-back covers, which does not happen very often (aside Halloween). That was the first batch of covers (we'd get four overall)... Short and sweet Stash. I miss the long, deep, dark, and nasty Stashes. Ex-wife hated Stash. It was her bathroom song. Reason #216 she's my ex-wife... Lawn Boy time. Leo wandered over to "Mike's side!" and like a Viking raiding party pillaging and plundering seaside towns, Leo snatched up some of Gordo's rail tail by his mere presence. Trey referred to Leo as the "Chairman of the Boards" for his Sinatra-like suave with the ladies... Post-Lawn Boy coital bliss seemed like an appropriate moment to bring a heater closer (Julius, Zero, Suzy) but instead Walls of the Cave closed out the set with "The Chairman" intro by Trey. Walls was one of my favorite moments in LA, but Nashville's Walls jam out was cut close due to time constraints. Still, how could you complain with almost an 80-minute opening set?... Lights down at 9:23pm... Set 2 opener Golden Age came out of nowhere. Another cover and another tour debut. We caught it three-times on the West Coast last fall and Vegas was the last time played... Good pickup by Doctor Scotch who texted me "Light is coming!" multiple times during the entire Golden jam out. Gaunt Light was stiflingly mediocre compared to its more athletic siblings. Little do we know it was only a set up for something juicy later in the set. For a second, thought Page was gonna throw down a Taste out of Light... Instead Trey dragged everyone into his emo world with Shade. "Trey's divorce song again. It's sadder than dad rock!" explained @Change100... After a quick huddle, Phish went into the shotgun and threw a bomb with Mike's Song. Had no idea what to expect in the middle lunch meat -- we had some fantastic Simples already this summer but they busted out Hydrogen the other night. My girlfriend thought a random cover was coming.

For a moment, we got a Simple fakeout. Juked. Deked. Faked. Trey pulled a fast one on us and the entire band submerged for a second jam out. Yes, a second Mike's jam. The collective hive mind in Phishdom had an orgasm that exploded their fucking skulls. Thanks to @DrewPhish for the persistence... The Mikes II jam eventually fizzled out into Piper, which finally popped out of the oven after a premature misfire in Bama. That worm got shoved back in the over for a couple of days and was finally queefed out into the world as part of the Mike's Groove lunch meat buffet... @BrainFeller actually called a Crosseyed earlier in the set when he caught Trey telling Page that Crosseyed was on deck. Alas, it finally reared its head in the middle of Mike's Groove. We love it when Fish sings. Crosseyed and Painless was another bustout cover and the fourth of the night. I owe Trey a kick in the nuts for ripcording Crosseyed... Weekapaug kept getting better and better and eventually went sideways and even a heavy-heavy metal bromance. I had one of those moments when I forgot what song was being played. Always a good sign of Phish magic. I fell deep into a minor flashback and got all sweaty. Sometimes you can be totally sober and Phish hits a certain note that instantly zaps you back -- Phish time travel -- to a moment when I was totally shellacked. Could I drop a pin somewhere in this jam and would someone pick me up? Can UberX work in wormholes? Will they pick me up in a flashback? Had to catch my breath for a moment after that intrepid glitch in the matrix. Finally pulled out of the fog just in time for the Weekapaug denouement with ominous whispers of "still waiting"... Slave encore. You know Phish thinks it was a good night when they cap it off with Slave. I caught 4 out of the last 5 Slave encores (2 at MSG, 1 in Vegas, and the other at Blossom) and missed the OKC Zoo Slave... Another wild night with Phish. You never know what could happen on any given night. Like the return to the days of yore and Ye Olde Mike's Second Jam in a Mike's Groove that had a juicy filling stuffed with Piper and Crosseyed... Ten shows in the books. Phish's southern swing is over. The circus migrates to Kansas City tomorrow night before hitting up the Midwest this weekend.

* * * *
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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Phish Alabama Setlist and Recap: 8/2/15 Tuscaloosa, AL; Church of Phish

Phish in Alabama, what could possibly go wrong? Never miss a Sunday show, eh? The party migrated to Tuscaloosa.

Here's what you missed...
Phish 8.2.15 Tuscaloosa, AL

Set 1: Sample, Chalkdust,Train Song, Devotion to a Dream, MEAT!, Maze, The Line, Roggae, My Friend My Friend, 46 Day, Cavern

Set 2: DWD > Camelwalk, Seven Below > Fuego > 2001 > Harry Balls Hood, Possum

E: Day in the Life
By @neillybop
* * * *

Quickie Couch Tour Recap: Church of Phish in Tuscaloosa
By @taopauly

Phish's southern immersion continued with a stop in the heady lil Alabama own of Tuscaloosa. Phish was deep in the heart of the Bible Belt. You really can't say things like "never miss a Sunday" show in that neck of the woods and have local population think you're talking about Sunday morning church service. Local preachers are more than shepherds herding an aimless flock; they have unwieldy god-like power in a sinister, creepy cult-like way. If you've ever driven through the South or even the Midwest and come across a gigantic white tent in the middle of nowhere, you've stumbled upon a Revival -- a religious ceremony where traveling charlatans cum preachers put on one hell of a show for the often bored but perpetually spiritually thirsty locals. Most impromptu tent gathering are free, yet donations are strongly encouraged (the Holy Spirit don't dance for free, y'all). Phish set up their version of a church tent alongside the Black Warrior River. The Sunday congregation included the usual rabid zealots and curious soul searchers alike. Thanks to @lvnphish, the gospel of Phish was broadcast to the world in real time... Ceremonies commenced at 7:36pm, otherwise known Saint Peter's favorite time of the day (yeah, this is the shit we learn in Catholic school). Crowd-pleasing Sample in a Jar kicked things off, followed by a sanitized version of Chalkdust that never went toward the deep end of the pool. The first two songs indicated a "greatest hits" set was on the table until we got a legit bustout... Trainsong was probably inspired by the trains passing through, but those slow songs entice drunkards to chat, which is whenever Phish is playing to a whiskey-moonshine crowd, they need to keep the slow tunes to a minimum and play loud as fuck to drown out any uber-chatty drunks... Still sounds like a TAB song off of Shine, but upbeat rendition of Devotion to a Dream... Flabbergasted for a Meat bustout. Only gets played only once a tour. Sure it's only a coincidence, but four days earlier, we Twitter-bombed Gordo and begged him to play MEAT... Maze seemed very focused and on point in a sloppy kinda of way, but it all about energy right? Phish used to make hairpin turns around sharp corners in Maze, but now they just blow through walls to find the exit... The Line was another new song that was like cat nip for shit-faced-talkers... A tender Roggae, but too many talkers (bathtub meth is a horrible drug) to fully appreciate... Finally got some thunder and darkness with My Friend My Friend. I realized My Friend is the guy, with a suitcase of primo-blow and a Russian webcam girlfriend, you call up to rage it hard with the moment your wife goes out of town; or for my female readers, when your husband goes out of town for his childish fantasy football draft, My Friend is your hot-mess of a girlfriend (with a coke-dealing "boyfriend") who crushes an entire box of Rose with you while ripping Lohan-sized rails off a Williams and Sonoma polished-nickel kitchen island)... Thought 46 Days was gonna close out the set, but they kept it on a short leash and let Cavern take on the roll of mop-up duty... The most powerful moment of any church service is the sermon. Everything else is usually just a ritual or formality. But the sermon is when the preacher calls you out and shuttles you to the edge of the spiritual abyss. You have two choices: be a heathen and turn back, or be a believer and take a leap of faith by jumping. The preacher's job is to get you to jump and he dissuades you from turning back by scaring the bejesus out of you -- evoking fire and brimstone and using your greatest fears against you so you really have no choice but to jump... Like a hopeless cult-member, I followed Phish across America because I loved standing on that slippery edge and diving head first into the unknown. Phish is constantly luring us to the edge but whenever we take that leap of faith, we never know what we're going to get. That's how I feel about every Down With Disease, or every set 2 opener for that matter this tour. We never know what we will get but sometimes there's salvation waiting for us. DWD had some Piper licks and the worm popping its head out around 13-14 minutes. Felt like Gordo said "no" and instead the jam cooled down in a different direction... Camelwalk popped up, strutted out for a funk-party, and made a quick exit...

Seven Below has always been its own beast, but a fickle one. Pedal-happy Trey took the Seven into the Mutrony zone. I dug the underrated Seven jam as much as the DWD/Piper-fakeout segment... Fuego seemed phoned-in this tour, but this one had a little extra hot sauce because it was the foreplay to a dance party...

Was feeling the 2001 vibes underneath Irving Azoff's Mothership in LA, but the boys saved the mothership connection for Alabama. Dancing away the evil spirits. Shaking out the demons. Purging the soul through a 2001 Dance Party... Hood was short and sweet. Whiskey-coke-drunk Spreadnecks and bath-salted-out-frat-daddy-Chads were screaming "BALLS" instead of "HOOD" during Harry Hood. Both are equally childish. But I like a good testicle joke. I wished I had a portable pen with stealth stun-gun capabilities so I could walk around at shows and shock douchenozzles in the nuts. ZOOOOOINK! Enjoy the piss-stained cargo shorts, Chad! ZOOOOOOOINK!... Speed-demon Possum closed the set. Like an all-star relief pitcher, it was a 1-2-3 inning... Another 7-song second set (6 out of 9 shows included set 2s that were only 6-7 songs), which means less ADD Trey and more group jamming... Page loves those classic rock covers. I keep beating this dead horse, but Leo slays covers. We got a third encore cover this tour (Loving Cup in Dallas and Rock and Roll the previous night) and a nod to the Beatles with Day in the Life... Summer tour is nine shows in and we have another high-water mark with the DWD. Seems like every night Phish is luring us to the edge of the abyss and asks us to take a leap of faith with them on some big jam (e.g. Bend Simple, Shoreline Twist, LA No Man's, ATL1 KDF, ATL2 Tweezer, Bama's DWD)... Religious circus migrates to Nashville then KC before returning to the Midwest next weekend.

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