Tuesday, April 30, 2013

41 Fucking Minutes

This is why I love Phish: "Fleezer" or a 41-minute version of Tweezer.

But wait, there's more... how about a Tweezer > Tweezer Reprise? Yep. And guess what? This is all part of the "filler" on the latest Phish live release.

The gang at Phish HQs decided to pad everyone's 1995 collection with 6/20/95 Blossom (just outside of Cleveland). It's one of my favorite places to see Phish (bitchin' Shakedown that goes on forever) and the band rarely disappoints their Ohio phans. The purchase is worth it if only to get that insane Fleezer.

Buy/download 6.20.95 here from LivePhish.com.

Setlist from 6/20.95:
Set I:
1. Llama (4:37)
2. Spock’s Brain (5:47)
3. Ginseng Sullivan > (3:05)
4. Foam (10:42)
5. Bathtub Gin (8:50)
6. If I Could (8:23)
7. Taste (7:04)
8. I Didn’t Know (3:24)
9. Split Open and Melt (14:10)

Set II:
1. Halley’s Comet > (5:52)
2. Chalkdust Torture (8:53)
3. Prince Caspian (2:51)
4. Uncle Pen (4:12)
5. Mike’s Song > (20:40)
6. Contact > (6:19)
7. Weekapaug Groove > (9:26)
8. Hold Your Head Up (1:41)
9. Cracklin’ Rosie > (2:36)
10. Hold Your Head Up (0:59)
11. Highway to Hell (4:01)

1. Slave to the Traffic Light (12:05)
2. Amazing Grace (2:19)

Filler – 6/22/95 II (Finger Lakes, Canandaigua, NY)
3. Theme from the Bottom > (18:17)
4. Tweezer > (41:37)
5. Tweezer Reprise (3:11)
Buy 6.20.9 now.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Morning Key Bumps and Today in Phistory: 4/29/90 Woodbury

Worlds colliding! For today's Monday Morning Key Bump, let's go way back in the Phish time machine... to 1990. Yes, 1990. Phish played an outdoor show in Woodbury, CT and  I love the rustic setting with logs of firewood from behind the stage completely visible. The video quality is what you'd expect for the late 80s, but this is vintage Phish and includes trampolines during Walk Away and a wook'd-out Fishman performing a vac solo.

Tons of fashion disasters as my girlfriend pointed out like "Gordo's mustard yellow pants and Beastie Boys leather fedora," but she loved "Page's adorable sweater that would get preppy Ivy League girls weak in the knees."

Here's the setlist via Phish.net:
Phish 4.29.90 Woodbury, CT

Set 1: Carolina, Possum, Ya Mar, Y.E.M., Dinner and a Movie > Bouncin' , Uncle Pen, Divided Sky, Fluffhead, Walk Away, Love You > Hold Your Head Up, Lizards, Fire

Note: Fluffhead was a birthday dedication to "Sarah." Walk Away featured Trey and Mike on the trampolines. HYHU was played for the first time since March 1, 1989 (165 shows).

Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Shuggie Otis

It's Monday morning and time for a little Shuggie Otis to bring a little 70s funk and soul....

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy 4/20 Day with Snoop

Classic Snoop for a special holiday. Fire one up...

Love this video. Gives me flashbacks of the mid-90s. Ahhh... life as a pothead was so much simpler then.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Band - Pittsburgh (1970)

Levon Helm passed away a year ago this week. I stumbled upon this "rare" concert footage of The Band from 1970. Love the mustaches on Robbie and Danko. This brief video includes performances of Time to Kill, The Weight, This Wheel's on Fire, and Cripple Creek.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trey's Acoustic Wilson Dedicated to Russell Wilson

Oh, it's good to be the quarterback of the Seattle Seachickens.

Who knew Big Red was a NFL fan? We knew he loved hockey and was roommates with Jim LeClair, but it wasn't until Trey visited Seattle before he expressed his man love for Russell Wilson.

Here's a video of Wilson with Trey encouraging Seattle fans to bring the Wilson chant to Seahawks games...

Yeah, this idea definitely beats a wook'd out Tom Hanks screaming for his Wilson volleyball from Castaway.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trey Anatasio Band Setlist Seatle 4/16/13

Trey Band kicked off their tour in Seattle.
Trey Anastasio Band 4/16/13 Seattle, WA

Set 1: Mozambique, Cayman Review, Land of Nod, ??, Pigtail, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Greyhound, ???, Money Love Change, Scabbard, Let Me Lie, Push On Til the Day

Set 2: Jibboo, Valentine, Wherever You Find It, Wilson ^, Sand, Small Axe, Gone, Magilla, Difting, Clint Eastwood, First Tube

Encore: Architect, Devil Went Down to Georgia

Notes: ^ dedicated to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Thanks to JW for the pic and setlist info!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Superfly (1973)

When in doubt, call on the Superfly!

Curtis Mayfield appeared on Midnight Special TV show in 1973 and he performed Superfly...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Dead Flashbacks: 4-12-78 North Carolina

35 years ago today.

Here's the set list...
4.12.78 Grateful Dead, Cameron Indoor Stadium, Durham, NC

Set 1: Jack Straw, Dire Wolf, Beat It On Down The Line, Peggy O, Mama Tried, Mexicali Blues, Funiculi Funicula, Row Jimmy, New Minglewood Blues, Loser, Lazy Lightning > Supplication

Set 2: Bertha > Good Lovin' > It Must Have Been The Roses, Estimated Prophet > Eyes Of The World > Drums > Truckin', Wharf Rat, Around & Around

Encore: U.S. Blues

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dead Home Movies (86-89)

Awesome compilation of "home videos" that Justin Kreutzman shot of the Grateful Dead while on tour in the late 80s. You get a few candid interviews with band members and "behind the scenes" and "side stage" footage. There's also a Bob Dylan cameo and a hijinks with a dentist's chair backstage.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Second Skin by The Gits

Here's Mia Zapata's band The Gits, a punk band from Seattle in the early 90s. The Gits always get me fired up. Perfect Monday morning music.

RIP Mia.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Background Beats - Spring 2013

Here is the spring 2013 edition of Background Beats. This one is a doozy, consisting of 20 tracks featuring some classics as well as brand new material from Bonobo, Tosca, Emancipator, and The Polish Ambassador.

Background Beats - Spring 2013
track. song - artist
01. Hyperlips -Com Truise
02. Every Day a Story - Fragile State
03. Antenna - Bonobo
04. Two and a Half Moons Away - The Polish Ambassador
05. Faded Embrace - Transient
06. What If - Tosca
07. Luna - Breezewax
08. Perspective - Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods
09. Wind In The Trees - P.SUS
10. Wet Floor - Koala
11. The Way - Emancipator
12. 08 Double Edged - Haywyre
13. Cruise Control 2.0 - Green Tea
14. Second Sunrise - Pnfa
15. Freedom (Fila Brazillia Mix) - DJ Food
16. Music in my mind part 2 - Jazz Liberatorz
17. Gratitude - BoomBaptist
18. Space Lion (4 Hero Remix) - The Seatbelts, 4 Hero
19. Spacefunk - Puff Dragon
20. Riders On The Storm/Pink Solidism - Yonderboi



Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday Morning Key Bumps: James Gang - Walk Away

I've been on an Eagles kick and even wrote a mini-review of their documentary History of the Eagles. Anyway, I'm not really an Eagles fan per se, but I fucking love Joe Walsh. If you don't know, Walk Away, which Page covers like once every 10-12 shows or so, is a James Gang original and Joe Walsh was the lead guitarist in the James Gang. Here's a little taste of a loud and gritty version of Walk Away...