Sunday, May 29, 2005


I've been listening to a few podcasts the last two weeks. Here are two that I highly recommend.

1. Closet Deadhead... It's run by an old school head, Sam, and he has well over 25 podcasts archived with various goodies involving the Grateful Dead.

2. These guys have been hooking me up with great music for the last few years. They added podcasts. They currently have a Trey Hammerstein one up and ready to be downloaded to your ipod. The Jazzfest one is insane featuring selections from Galactic, Widespread Panic, Trey and the Super Jam.

Of course if you don't know I appear as a regular guest on a poker podcast. If you like poker feel free to check out the Lord Admiral Card Club radio show. It's the best podcast dedicated to poker and it's run by a couple of cool Canadian guys who love poker and they are kind enough to have me on their weekly show.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Zooma Tour Cancelled

Well fuck.

Zooma has been cancelled. Here's part of the email I got this afternoon:
The Zooma Tour was conceived to provide fans with an exceptional musical and entertainment experience. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it has become clear that it would not be possible to provide that experience at the level initially envisioned. Rather than go forward with a tour that falls short of what was conceived, everyone involved has mutually agreed that it is best to cancel the tour altogether.
I just bought a ticket from Las Vegas to Denver this morning because I thought I was going to see Trey, Ben Harper, and Galactic play at Red Rocks this July. The Joker and I were supposed to party it up that weekend.

The Joker sent me this tid bit... Trey will be doing a summer tour. I hope he hits Red Rocks at the same time he was supposed to. That way I don't lose out on those plane tickets.

I wonder if Vegoose is going to flounder as well?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Another thing I forgot to tell you

Another thing I forgot to tell you was about my experience after the last Phish show at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin- 6/26/04...It is expeiences like this that make a Phish show so much more than just the seems something memorable always seemed to happen...

After the show instead of going to my car, I walk to the hotel/resort that is behind Alpine Valley where the Dallas crew was staying and I was going to party & stay with them for the night. I got to the hotel and it is 100% people who had been at the show, and it is a 100% party. People dancing, drinking, running around, you name it, it was there. I find the dallas crew and hang out for a little bit to let the traffic die down until I thought it would be good to move my car from the main lot back to the hotel. It was supposed to be about a mile walk to my car from the resort- Doughboy offered to drive me but I said I wanted to walk because 1) it might sober me up a little bit and 2) it would be fun to go though the lots at my last normal Phish show. My reasoning ended up being correct, but I had NO idea what I was in for next.

I start out walking up this hill on a paved road. THe road seems to be going away from the lots. I can hear the people partying in the lots and see all the firewords that people are setting off. Im still kinda tripping and it really was a beautiful scene. Its really dark out, the half moon looked errie with a wisp of cloud around it, the stars are out, and i am completely by myself walking in the night. I decide that maybe the road will take me further out than I want to go, so I decide to take the most direct route to the fireworks, which appears to be just through some woods.

I push through the brush (which was pretty thick) and then all of a sudden, i am in a cornfield. Im talking like a Field of Dreams cornfield. It was the trippiest thing ever. I am sorta scared, sort of amazed, sort of thinking that this is just a special special moment. There is no one else around in this huge cornfield and the corn stalks are about waist high. I start making my way though the field, watching the fireworks, and tripping out at the fireflies that would buzz past me every once in a while, making me wonder if im losing it completely or not or if there is really a floating glowstick.

After being in the corn for about 10-15 minutes i see in the distance 2 figures. Im kinda scared that i might get shot at or arrested for tresspassing in a farmer's property. the figures get closer and I call out to them "Do you see me?" they reply relunctantly "Yes...Friend or Foe?" We figure out that we are all doing the same thing, all spun out Phish kids lost in a cornfield trying to get back to our cars. Roddick and Bill from Indiana were my new companions in this adventure, and they had a bottle of Whiskey to keep us warm. By the time we get through the cornfield, our pants are completely soaked from all the water coming off the corn (I guess the crop had just been watered). Out of the cornfield, into more brush. We can see and hear the lots still, it seems like they are not very far away. Into the brush and trees we go.

Now, imagine you are in brush so thick you cant move through it. And its so dark you cant see 1 foot in front of you. Blair Witch times ten. We move through the woods. Down a hill. Up a hill. More brush. We are in the brush for 30-45 minutes. Then our moment of Zen. we can see the parking lot. I can actually see my car. But there is one more thing- a chain link fence with slanted barb wire at the top. We try to climb over but cant. Nothing to do but to walk the fence line until we finally get out of the brush and into the parking lot. Celebration. Rejoicing. We all three hug and laugh and look at each other in the ligh for the first time. What a great experience- this is why I go to Phish shows. This is adventure. A little stupid maybe, but Im still alive and smiling.

So, after an hour and a half I get in my car, drive (on the road this time) to the resort (which was about a 5 minute drive). The party is still going, actually I think it was just getting started. We drink, we dance, we meet people from all over the country. I passed out on the floor of the Dallas Crew's room at about 5 am. What a night.

I love Wisconsin corn farmers and I love Phish. That was something I forgot to tell you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The 101 Report Shout Out

Rich over at The 101 Report mentioned Coventry: A Phish Blog on his site last Sunday. Thanks for the shout out! Take a peek at his hard work... The 101 Report... which follows the jamband music scene.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Trey Interview in Relix

Thanks to Alea who pointed out this interview with Trey from Relix magazine. He had this interesting comment:
I [had] completely lost my perspective on everything. That’s the most important thing to realize—there was no perspective anymore, being in the middle of this whole thing. I started to almost resent it, because deep in my heart I had other things I wanted to do and I could not get out. It was so hard to get out at the end, based just on all of those things.

There was a thing that had built up around Phish that was safe. Safe and easy. For a lot of people it was comfortable and fun and all that, but at the same time, I was getting completely exhausted and it was almost like trying to live two lives. Which is the way I felt in my heart, and trying to continue to do this thing to maintain the status quo for everyone that wanted it to continue to exist... So I derailed it.
Some good stuff in that article. Take a peek.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Today in Phistory: 5.22.00

Wow, its been five years since Phish played Radio City Music Hall on 5.22.00! Man, that Split Open and Melt was pretty sick. I went to the show with Senor. We were pretty pumped because we got to see Phish in our hometown and then we were going to see the boys in Japan two weeks later.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Something I forgot to tell you

I forgot to tell you about the time that Pauly and I were at a Phish Show in Saratoga Springs, NY 6/20/04, to be exact, and this girl in front of us had a bag full of rubber bands. She was shooting them at wookies during the setbreak and offered some to us. No, really, she insisted that we have some. I dont know if it was because she was tripping and they were fun to play with, or if I was tripping and they were fun to play with, but it made sense at the time. That was something I forgot to tell you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Download Trey Shows is posting a few Trey shows from this past tour. Both NYC Hammerstein shows, the Cincinnati show, and the Charlotte show. I saw three of the four. Second set of Cincy rocked. Friday's Hammerstein show was solid from start to finish. The Saturday show is worth it for the Wolfman's with Mike.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lori's Page Dream

Reading Pauly's reviews of the NY shows must have stuck in my head yesterday. Last night I had my first Page dream since the first few weeks after Coventry!!! I have been hoping that he will make an appearance at Bonnaroo since Vida Blue is not on the schedule.

Last night I had a dream that Page played with Trey and after the show I was walking down a stairwell with a friend who breezed right by Trey and Page sitting together - I think having a little smoke. Anyway, I didn't want to be crazed stalker fan, but I was so excited I couldn't get anything at all out. I ended up just making eye contact with Page and we said hi and that was all. I was so disappointed with myself when I woke up! I can totally think of something better than, "Hi - like, wanna make out?"

Oh well. Next time.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bruce's Thoughts: Trey's NYC Shows

Friday's Show

Pretty tight... after the break, they were high... the drummer Skeeto with a heavy funk slap vibe... he did some nice jamming... I did like that Zeppelin tune... I was saying it was cool that it took Trey to get me into an obscure Zep tune that I didn't know well... less familiar with that double album... coolest album art ever... apartment building with cutouts.... images inside of windows... Zeps graphics were awesome... Skeeto did a decent Bonham flo... he kinda jazzed it up... he is like a funky Jazz dude getting ROCKED out... killer timing ... and he hits the rolls real hard and tight... I was impressed... he kept the simple Ringo beats but, he had a lot of FLARE and FEEL to his beats... its was cool for me to see him play the drums on Drifting... I could see he was out in front of the beat... when Trey came back into the verse he played the beat right with the verse lyrics... I was seeing how he did the drum parts on the arrangement.

Saturday's Show

I thought it was pretty rockin... overall, it seems Trey is having a good time... like Pauly said, Trey seems to be more in his own dominion so to speak... perhaps that freedom from the PHISH arrangements, is allowing him to explore his guitar roots... he was really cooking... on that Sand at the end of that tune in the jam part... the version of Night Speaks to a Woman was supercharged with the chick singer (Jen Hartswick)... seemingly, it was a more solid version than the one they did the Friday night... up until they played It Makes No Difference by the Band, I was thinking the frist night was better, but, I was psyched about the Black Dog with the chick singer... that kicked my BUTT... I was also psyched about seeing Waste with Gordon on bass... today I started thinking of how ironic it wuz that they did the Wolfmans Brother into I am the Walrus because Trey mentioned in Coventry that PAUL MCCARTNEY was the Walrus and FISHMAN was the Wolfmans Brother... and then Trey does both tunes almost in HOMAGE!!!

TREY is defineately a PHREAK...

I thought some of the other less familiar tunes were pretty damn awesome and I am psyched Pauly burned a copy of 2 sets of that show from Tennessee. The sound quality is such that I can really analyze the drum parts pretty well... that drummer SKEETO is seriously an awesome drummer... I wasreally impressed... the Black Dogdrum part was FLAWLESS.... his timeing and FILLS are beyond IMPRESSIVE... I could learn a thing or two from watching that dude... beyond the music which i felt was terrific, the crowd was pretty cool too... we were hangin with some youngsters... but the vibe seemed hip. kinda like a later PHISH crowd... I wasn't that into the crowded general admission on the FLOOR without SEATING... that was just a slight nightmare... they shoulda had GA but with seating and open dancing areas... that woulda been better.... I liked being up on the balcony. Perhaps it would be good if Trey had those VIDEO screens they have at those large stadium shows... I would liked to have seen things UP CLOSE... thats all.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trey NYC Saturday - Setlist & Review

5.14.05 Hammerstein Ballroom

Set 1: 18 Steps, Oz Is Ever Floating, Alive Again, Sway (new song), Sitting In Limbo, Sand > Cincinnati > Low

Set 2: Simple Twist Up Dave What's Done > Goodbye Head, It Makes No Difference, Night Speaks to a Woman (with Jen Hartswick on vocals), Black Dog (with Jen on vocals), Old Habits Are Hard to Break (solo acoustic w/ Mike Gordon), Back on the Train (solo with Mike), Waste (solo with Mike)

Encore: Wolfman's Brother > I Am the Walrus (both with Mike and the band)

Notes: Trey performed 2001 with Particle to close their opening act set.

The Review

I met Bruce early again and we went inside Hammerstein just as Particle took the stage. We had mezzanine seats and I didn't mind. I actually like the upper mezz at Hammerstein. You have a seat (as opposed to standing only general admission on the floor with no seats) plus the lines at the bar are not as long, and the sound quality is pretty good.

At one point the keyboard player for Particle announced that they were bringing a friend onstage. Trey walked out and they broke into 2001 right away. Not a bad version either. Usually during an opening act the crowd's attention is not 100% focused on the band onstage. People are talking, drinking, and trying to find their friends. What a difference one person makes. The second Trey took the stage, the place erupted. You could see cell phone lights go on as people called their friends and the Trey single handedly lifted the enrgey level in the room.

I went into the show expecting the night to be not as good as Friday's show. Trey pretty much shot his load and played some of his more popular songs the night before. I figured he'd be playing new slow songs and that the energy level would be a notch below Friday's show. I had a gut feeling that Mike or Page would show up for a late cameo and make up for the lackluster night. Did I call it or what?

I was pretty drunk by the time Trey opened the first set with a new song, 18 Steps, that I caught in Cincy. I smoked during that entire song. Next up was an Oysterhead song, Oz Is Ever Floating, which sounds a little better with Les Claypool on bass. Yeah that's my biggest complaint with Trey's new lineup... I can't hear the bass player. Skeeto... fuck, you can hear Skeeto dominating the drums. But Mr. ??? is hard to hear. Trey's new line up gives him the backbone for a harder, edgy, rock like sound. When he plays loud, its fuckin loud. Skeeto is more of a rock and roll drummer than Trey's old drummers. Shit, Skeeto is the most talented guy on that stage besides Trey. I walked away impressed with his skills. As Bruce mentioned, "You have to be pretty fuckin' good to be considered the fifth best drummer from Detroit."

One of my favorite songs from Trey's old line up is Alive Again. It started off sloppy but they got their shit together mid way. I smoked during the debut of Sway. Bruce told me it was a Rolling Stones cover. I called Daddy during Sitting Here in Limbo, a Jimmy Cliff cover that he really wanted to hear at Cincy. Mellow Trey. I have a killer version of Jerry Garcia Band covering that song.

The highlight of the first set was Sand. I hit my peak "fucked up-ness" of the night there. I was ripped drunk by then and digging every bit of Sand. I told Bruce that Trey would most likely bust out Sand and First Tube. I went 50% of my Phishy predictions.

During the next song, Cincinnati, my buddy Chris tapped me on the shoulder. He was also in the mezzanine a few rows up and over. When Trey started the song he remembered that I caught Trey in Cincy. He happened to turn around and saw me near by. He had to stop by and say, "Hello." Awesome randomness. He's a good egg.

I never heard Low but I read some good things about the song from friends who caught it. I was digging it for sure. The last three tunes saved the set, in my opinion. Out of the five sets I saw Trey perform up until that point, the first set was probably the fourth best out of five, the worst being set one in Cincy and the best being the first set on Friday.

I got another $7 drink at setbreak, bumped into a guy I knew from California, and had to deal with a clogged bowl. Luckily, I had a paper clip in my wallet.

Second set started with Simple Twist Up Dave and man, Trey tore the hell out of it. He must have been ripping a few gagers at setbreak because he came out on fire. He's been playing long enough to know if he played a shitty first set. It wasn't shitty per se, but way below standards. I pretty much sat down and smoked during the new Trey songs. I don't have an opinion on them yet but they are momentum killers for sure. I heard Good-bye Head in Cincy and I like that new one. Trey also played a Band cover song It Makes No Difference. A lot of Phish kids have no clue who the Band is and that's sad. The Last Waltz might be the best rock-umentary films of all time.

At that point, Jen Hartswick came out and Trey played Night Speaks to a Woman, the only repeat during his two night stint at Hammerstein. In October 2000, I caught Phish perform Chalkdust Torture in consecutive nights (Irvine then Shoreline... and the second version was an encore featuring Bob Weir.) Man, I realize how much of a vocal presence Jen Hartswick is/was/alsways will be. She can belt it out. The energy level of the crowd picked up immensely. The version was different from Friday's and featured a Trey and Jen guitar/vocal jam.

It appeared that she was going to leave the stage but Trey brought her back. They busted out Black Dog, another Led Zeppelin cover. Man, Jen can wail on the Robert Plant lyrics! Makes me wonder why she wasn't added to Trey's lineup. Trey is an amazing guitar player with a below average voice. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious. The crowd was buzzing at that point because of Jen's cameo. Too bad Trey wasted his time with his new songs because that was the big difference between Friday and Saturday. Some of his new stuff is great but some of it missed.

Some of the other websites like Phantasy Tour and Trey's website insist that the set ended there with Black Dog. I disagree. Trey never left the stage. His band, including Jen, left but not Trey. If Trey exits stage right then in my book it's the end of the set. In my notes, I list the next three songs as the end of Set 2.

Mike wandered on stage to a boisterous crowd and Trey picked up an acoustic guitar. They chatted for a bit while the crowd tried to conatin it's enthusiasm before they finally played Old Habits Are Hard to Break. I dunno if it's a Willie Nelson song or a Johnny Cash tune. Then they got back to old habits and played two Phish songs... Back on the Train and Waste. Both were repeats for me since I caught them in Cincinnati. Again, I'm not a huge fan of Waste but since it was Trey with Mike... I'll take what I can get. At one point some during Waste, a dude up in the mezzanine yelled, "Holy shit, it's Gordo!"

50% of Phish ain't too bad. I expected Mike to come out for the encore. The rest of the band walked on the stage minus the bass player. Mike stood in for him. He talked to Trey for a few seconds and they jumped into Wolfman's Brother. I got a few goosebumps during the first few seconds as the crowd went from giddy to frantic. Man, that was fun. Pure smoke. Trey looked like he was having a ton of fun. Without a doubt, that moment was the highlight of the three shows I caught. Wolfman's with Gordo? Unreal.

I also had conflicted feelings... Phish should still be playing. Mike always felt that way. We're on the same page. He might have been the one guy who was seriously against the break up. He knows that Phish could have worked through their problems (Trey's addiciton to his ego and Oxy) and that they had a couple of good years left. Last night proved that they should take some more time apart and think about getting back together to play on a smaller scale. Perhaps a New Year's run and a summer tour? 20 shows a year is not unmanageable. How about monthly podcats from Trey's barn with those four guys playign whatever the fuck they want? I'd pay $100 to hear three hours of Phish every month.

Maybe Trey will get bored with his new lineup and sit down to discuss getting the band back togther. They can pull it off. It's not like they are aging baseball players with no zip on their fastballs. They call all still bring it. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part. Yeah. Phish is done. Accept it and move on. You'll just have to ctach glimpse of the magic from time to time. During Wolfman's Brother... I caught the wave again, if only for a few minutes.

Trey closed the show with I Am the Walrus with Mike and his bass player both on stage. Trey was doing his jumping up and down rock star thing while the lights focused on him. The guy has talent. He knows how to play and put on a good show. I dunno if he's a little lost trying to do his own thing yet still throwing out Phishy covers to keep the crowd pleased. He's been playing a lot of Beatles covers and has this Eric Clapton thing going on. But shit, he's not EC. I wonder how he's going to absorb the fact that the biggest peak moments of his shows were during cover songs, including Phshy covers?

At any rate, I'm super pumped for ZoomaTour. I still dunno if I bought tickets (I think I did), but I know that the Joker scored me one for Red Rocks at the end of July. I'm pumped for that show. Trey Band. Ben Harper. Galactic. Sickness will ensue at Red Rocks.

That's it for now. I hope Trey releases the first night of Hammerstein on because you need to add that to your collection.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Trey NYC Friday - Setlist & Review

5.13.05 Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

Set 1: Night Speaks to a Woman, Burlap Sack And Pumps, 46 Days, Push On 'Til The Day, Dig A Pony, Dark And Down, Circles, In The Light, Drifting, Sledgehammer

Set 2: The Way I Feel > Mr. Completely > Cayman Review, Goodbye Head > Space Oddity > Black, Come As Melody

Encore: Mean Mr. Mustard > She Came In Through The Bathroom Window > Golden Slumbers > Carry That Weight > The End


I arrived at Hammerstein Ballroom early and met Bruce in front of the diner. He told me that the doors had been open for at least an hour so we headed inside to scout out a good spot since we had general admission floor seats. I grabbed two Coronas and they shockingly were cold, compared to Radio City Music Hall where the beers were luke warm for Widespread Panic. I've seen plenty of shows at Hammerstein and I prefer it to Roseland, a venue where the sound sucks and the security guards are nazis. The Hammerstein is one of my favorite venues to see a show in New York City (it's up there with the Beacon Theatre and Bowery Ballroom). I caught Trey Band at Hammerstein back in 2003 when he busted out Sweet and Dandy.

I've seen Trey Anastasio Band well over twenty times almost reaching thirty after this run is over. My numbers are fuzzy. I caught three shows in California, at Berkeley and in LA, and two in Vegas and dozens more on the east coast including shows at Jones Beach and Radio City Music Hall. Oh, and I think I just scored a ticket to Zooma at Red Rocks at the end of July. That might be one of the musical highlights of the summer for me.

We moved up close about twenty or so people back when the lights went down and Particle took the stage. I first saw Particle on the west coast at a post-Phish party back in 2000. I've caught them a few times since then. They don't sound as good at 7:30pm as they do at 3am. Their combination of hard rock-disco-techno fusion is more soothing to late night partiers who are winding down a night on a serious ecstasy binge. Particle plays tight and they hit a few grooves. Bruce was impressed with the guitar player.

The crowd was a little weird. Compared to a regular Phish show, the wookie and Phish kid factor was much smaller. Dare I say I saw more hipsters there than hippies? But it was a mixed crowd for sure. By the time Trey came on at 8:45, we were standing in the middle of the floor.

Unlike in Cincy when Trey eased into the mix, he opened up the first Hammerstein show with Night Speaks to a Woman. He started out smoking and didn't stop. He busted out some slow funk with Burlap Sack and Pumps. I really liked what they did with that tune when I caught it in Cincy. Both songs were repeats and since Trey's new band's song selection is limited, I expected to hear everything I experienced in Cincy at some point during the two shows. Trey didn't play 46 Days in Cicny, so that was a treat to hear. He only waited until the third song to break out a Phish cover and he ripped it up. Bruce seemed enthusiastic at the song selection at that point.

I'm a big fan of Push On Til the Day because in some of the lyrics Trey references Phish' trip to Japan in 2000. "Glass table in a five star room/and the sun always comes up much too soon." Read what you want into that lyric but the word was out on Japan's Phish tour that Trey was ripping gagers all night long in Tokyo. As a former railhead I can tell you that there's only a few things you can do with a glass coffee table.

Trey dedicated Dig a Pony to one of Trey's best friends and Phish lyricst, Tom Marshall, who was in the audience. Bruce loved his version of it. They did a better job with it compared to Cincy and the version I heard from Nashville. Trey's on a Beatles kick, eh?

The only lull in the first set was Dark and Down. I puffed down during that! The picked up the energy level with Circles. Bruce mentioned that Stevie Wonder wrote it. Anyway, Trey was having fun during Circles and they hit a nice groove when they were jamming it out when all of a sudden Trey just stopped it to play In the Light. I must say that the Cincy versions of Circles (first set closer) and In the Light (Second set closer) were better, but the crowd was into both. I thought the set was going to end but Trey kept playing. Bruce is a fan of Drifting and it was a tune I missed in Cicny. Again, I thought that would end the set until Trey broke out Sledgehammer, a cover song from Peter Gabriel. Lori heard it in Columbus and said it was pretty good. Perfect way to end the set.

I lost Bruce at setbreak and bumped into my buddy Chris. I first met Chris in Tokyo five years ago after one of the Phish shows there. Since then we always run into each other at shows. We missed each other at Coventry. He told me that the last time he saw me was in Las Vegas in April 2004.

"Where's the red jacket?"

He remembered that I was pimping in my red blazer. I retired it after Coventry. Maybe I should bring it back out again? I also ran into Chris at the Mandalay Bay before one of the Vegas shows. He was waiting for a poker game! Anyway, at setbreak we chatted about my move to Las Vegas and the Zooma tour. Once the lights went down, I tried to find Bruce and couldn't. I found a spot in the middle of the floor and fired up. I found myself watching Skeeto a lot during the second set. That's when I finally realized who Skeeto looked like... Teck from the Real World Hawaii.

Lori told me that the second set in Columbus was pretty trippy so I was prepared. I have been digging Trey's solos during The Way I Feel. There is just one lyric "that's the way I feel" in that song and it's a vehicle for Trey to show off his rock star licks. The jam into Mr. Completely was smooth. I know that Bruce wanted to hear Cayman Review, which was the highlight of the second set. The floor was bouncing on that tune and the lights looked pretty amazing. I'm a big fan of David Bowie so I was excited to hear how he covered Space Oddity. Not too bad. The girl dancing next to me almost came in her skirt since she was so moved by Trey's version.

Come As a Melody is a sick tune. Just hear it for yourself. Trey hit some peaks during that song. I wondered if Trey was going to play any acoustic Phish songs for the encore. Instead he busted right into Mean Mustard. Man, I love Abbey Road. During Phish's last tour before they went on hiatus in 2000, there were rumors that they were going to play a third set for their last show at Shoreline and going to perform Abbey Road in it's entirety. Oh well. Spun out hippies and their "rumors." That never happened and I wished I was catching Phish break out the last six songs off of Abbey Road instead of Trey's band, but heck, it was still great to see Trey have a lot of fun. I got chills during Carry the Weight.

Seriously, Trey ripped it up last night. I liked the second set in Cincy better, but overall the band played more consistent over the course of the evening at Hammerstein.

I wonder what songs and special guests were coming out for Saturday's show? I heard rumors that Dave Matthews and/or Gordo might show up. We'll see. I can tell you this for sure... I'm going to hear First Tube and I Am a Walrus for sure.

Here's a random article about Trey that appeared in the Daily News.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Trey Columbus Setlist & Lori's Mini Review

5/11/05 Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH

Set I: Drifting, Dark And Down, Push On Til the Day, Cayman Review, What's Done, In The Light, 46 Days, Sledgehammer

Set II: Simple Twist Up Dave, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Night Speaks To A Woman, Will It Go Round In Circles, Cincinnati > Space Oddity > Black, Come As Melody

Encore: Dig A Pony, First Tube

Lori's Thoughts on the Columbus Show

Wow. Last night's second set was so trippy I think if I had been in an altered state I would have freaked out!

Before the encore Trey thanked the crowd then said he and the band were talking back stage about how awesome it was that we listened and let them go to that place and the band and crowd seemed so connected - or something like that.

Then he said that Columbus was the best dancing crowd yet and pointed out some 'chick in the front row' and then he was introducing the band and he got to the bass player and said Mr. Mysterious - something about how he never says his name but he played so 'fuckin' good tonight'!!! Then he bowed almost as deep as he did at Coventry. It was crazy!

Trey walked off stage with his arm around the bass player. You could tell he thought it was a really great show. First Tube again. It was pretty tight!

So, the Cincy show was dance my ass off and the Columbus show was more jammy-trippy take it all in during the moments between dancing my ass off! I'm so glad I went!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Trey Cincy Review

7 May 2005

We grabbed a taxi to take us to the show and we got grumpy cabbie who wouldn't let us smoke in his cab. He dropped us right in front of the Taft Theatre where hundreds of neo-hippies milled around. Some were looking to score a ticket or drugs or both. We were waiting for some of Daddy's crew to appear.

I've only been in Cincinnati once before. I spent two days there in December 1999 when Phish played two shows during their winter tour. I was considered a tour rat back then when I actually had long hair (and a pony tail). I saw a shitload of shows in 1999 with Angela, the girl I was dating. I traveled all over the country that year with a 20 year-old spit-fire of a gal from central Texas. She was as cute as Natalie Portman and could drink like a fish. I'm also 100% positive she doesn't read my poker blog. Moving on, those concerts rocked in 1999 and they even played my favorite song Slave to the Traffic Light during one of those shows. It goes without saying that I was shitfaced the entire time I spent in Cincinnati in 1999. Some things never change.

I met two of Daddy's buddies, Dirt McGirt and Weir outside. They know to party and have seen a bunch of Phish and Widespread Panic shows with Daddy. Lori had a floor seat and I had upper balcony so we separated when we went inside. I found GMoney and Mr. Fabulous upstairs. Daddy hit the bar and we missed the opening band. We found our seats and GMoney and Mr. Fabulous decided to sit near us instead. Good choice. We partied the entire show. They caught Widespread Panic at the Taft Theatre a few weeks before. It's a small venue no more than 3,000 seats. We were close to the back row and could almost touch the ceiling, but despite that we could see the stage with no problems.

Set I: Dark And Down, Cincinnati, Dig A Pony, Oz Is Ever Floating, It's Ice, Burlap Sack and Pumps, What's Done> Bar 17, Will It Go Round In Circles

I downloaded Trey's show from a week earlier. I wanted to hear what his new band sounded like. Only one of the keyboard players, Ray, played in his previous band which featured a kick ass horn section. He rearranged all of his songs with the new band. I had been seeing Phish for well over 15 years so I was used to hearing the tightness of four guys who had been playing together for almost two decades. Trey had only a few months to play with these guys so I knew there would be lots of inconsistencies. I didn't have high expectations and was happy to be having an amazing weekend.

The pace didn't pick up until they broke out Cincinnati. Trey wrote in after there was a fire in his hotel a few years ago, when Phish played Cincy in 2003. My buddy Zobo happened to be staying at the same hotel as Phish and woke up at 5am to find out his hotel was in flames! Luckily no one was hurt but that event inspired Trey to write a kick ass tune.

The next two songs were average. Dig a Pony is a Beatles song and I noticed that Trey has been on a Beatles kick. Oz is Ever Floating is a song he first played with his other side band Oysterhead with Les Claypool and Stewart Copeland from the Police. The crowd went a little crazy when the band busted out their first "Phish cover" of the nice. This version of It's Ice was much faster and Daddy kept commenting how much he loved the drummer Skeeto Valdez. I must say that Skeeto has a ton of energy and he was the only other band member I wacthed as the night wore on.

By It's Ice they got the sound cleared up a little better. I was still having trouble hearing the bass player. Daddy smiled when he said, "You know Trey always wants to be heard." So true. Burlap Sack and Pumps was a little funky and Daddy had been singing the lyrics all afternoon. The next two tunes were slow and killed the first set for me. I took a piss and chatted with GMoney for a bit. Daddy wondered what the over-under for flunking out would be if we went to college together. He picked 3 semesters. Wow. Possibly. I'm still shocked that I graduated (on time and in four years) from one of the best universities in the South, even after I skipped classes for weeks at a time to follow the Grateful Dead.

The band finally got their shit together with Circles. Too bad it took 45 minutes before Trey and his boys finally played to their ability. They smoked the shit out of it and Trey looked like he was having the most fun of the night, jumping and hoping around.

During setbreak I found Lori and she gave me a pen. I forgot to bring paper and something to write notes with. Drunk Pauly. Oh well. At the break I was disappointed with the show so far. They had a few highlights but I expected them to rage in Cincy! I accepted the fact that Trey is playing music that he wants to play and I respect him enough as a musician that I'll listen to what he throws at me. I only hoped that the second set would have less lulls.

Set II: Night Speaks To A Woman, The Way I Feel, Cayman Review, Push On Til the Day, 18 Steps, First Tube > In The Light

I can't say anything about the second set other than... it kicked my ass. I dug all of the songs he played. I lwas fond of how he rearranged Push on Til the Day. First Tube, originally a Trey band tune later on perfected by Phish, was total sickness. Lori especially wanted to hear that. Trey jumped up and down and I could feel the floor of the balcony bounce with everyone dancing. Trey closed the set with a Led Zeppelin cover, In the Light, which GMoney really wanted to see. It was a sizzling version and much better than the one I downloaded. They are getting tighter as the tour progresses. I thought Trey tried his best to do both a Jimmy Page and Robert Plant homage in the same insatnce with In the Light. Freaky song and they rocked it out. It was definitely the highlight of the show.

Encore: Waste, Love That Breaks All Lines, Back On The Train, I Am The Walrus

My biggest critique about Phish was that they never knew how to end a concert. The usually played the last song I'd want to hear. More often than not it was a slow ballad like Friday, Waste, or Velvet Sea. Sure enough Trey came out by himself and began Waste. At first I was irked, but Daddy mentioned that Trey with an acoustic guitar can't be all that bad. He was right. I let my bias go and listened to the crowd sing along. Now I don't hate the song. I dig it. I never liked it as a single song encore. They lyrics kick my ass everytime I hear it.
Don't want to be an actor pretending on the stage
Don't want to be a writer with my thoughts out on the page
Don't want to be a painter 'cause everyone comes to look
Don't want to be anything where my life's an open book

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

Don't want to be a farmer working in the sun
Don't want to be an outlaw always on the run
Don't want to be a climber reaching for the top
Don't want to be anything where I don't know when to stop

A dream it's true
But I'd see it through
If I could be
Wasting my time with you

So if I'm inside your head
Don't believe what you might have read
You'll see what I might have said
To hear it

Come waste your time with me
He played two more acoustic songs including another Phish song, Back on the Train. Just when I thought that was it, his band appeared back on stage. A rare four song encore. Very cool. I guess Trey knew he punked out with a shitty first set and wanted to make it up with a crushing second set and encore. I turned to GMoney and told him, "I am the Walrus."

Sure enough, they broke out into another Beatles cover. I am the eggman.

As we made our way outside after the show ended, Daddy sang I am the Walrus for everyone around us. We met up with Lori outside. She was super happy. She was in the sixth row and could see Trey jumping up and down during First Tube.

Trey Chicago Setlist

5.10.05 Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL

Set I: Dark And Down, Will It Go Round In Circles, Night Speaks To A Woman, Burlap Sack and Pumps, In The Light, Mr. Completely> What's Done, Dig A Pony, Drifting, Sledgehammer

Set II: Oz Is Ever Floating, Cayman Review, Sand, Goodbye Head> Space Oddity> Black, Love That Breaks All Lines, Brian and Robert1, Back On The Train1, Happy Birthday, Mozambique, I Am The Walrus

Encore: Sitting In Limbo, 46 Days

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Trey Milwaukee Setlists

5.08.05 Eagles Ballroom at The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

Set I: Night Speaks To A Woman, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Cayman Review, Dark And Down, Sitting In Limbo, Low, Mr. Completely, Sledgehammer

Set II: Will It Go Round In Circles, 46 Days, The Way I Feel, Push On Til the Day, In The Light, Drifting, Space Oddity

Encore: Come As Melody, I Am The Walrus

Monday, May 09, 2005

Trey Cincy Setlist

5.7.05 Taft Theatre, Cincinnati, OH

Set I: Dark And Down, Cincinnati, Dig A Pony, Oz Is Ever Floating, It's Ice, Burlap Sack and Pumps, What's Done> Bar 17, Will It Go Round In Circles

Set II: Night Speaks To A Woman, The Way I Feel, Cayman Review, Push On Til the Day, 18 Steps, First Tube> In The Light

Encore: Waste, Love That Breaks All Lines, Back On The Train, I Am The Walrus

Holy shit, the show rocked. Review pending!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Trey Atlanta Setlist

5.6.05 Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA

Set One: In The Light, Night Speaks to a Woman, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Cayman Review, Drifting, Dark and Down, Space Oddity (David Bowie cover) > Mister Completely, 46 Days, Come As Melody

Set Two: Simple Twist Up Dave, Plasma, The Way I Feel, Goodbye Head > Black, Push On 'till the Day, I Am The Walrus

Encore: Sledgehamer

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Trey Charlotte Setlist

5.4.05 Trey Anastasio, Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC

Set One: Simple Twist Up Dave, Done Done It (Billy Barton cover), Alive Again, Dig A Pony, Dark And Down (First time played), Drifting, Black, Goodbye Head

Set Two: Cayman Review, Burlap Sack and Pumps, 46 Days, Night Speaks To A Woman, What's Done, Back On The Train, Love Is Freedom, Sledgehammer

Encore: In The Light

Two days until I see Trey!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Trey Columbia, SC Setlist

5.3.05 Trey Anastasio, Township Auditorium, Columbia, SC

Set I: In The Light, Drifting, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Night Speaks To A Woman, Cincinnati > Low, First Tube

Set II: Air Said To Me, Sand, Goodbye Head, Quantegy, Push On Til the Day, Mr. Completely, Love That Breaks All Lines, Come As Melody, I Am The Walrus

Encore: Sitting In Limbo

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Trey Anastasio Band Downloads has the Trey Anastasio Band 4.27.05 Nashville, TN show available for download. It sounds great! Man, I'll be seeing him on Saturday with Daddy. Hearing the show just got me all fired up! Here's the setlist.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Trey Jazzfest Setlist

5.1.05 Trey Anastasio, Jazzfest Fairgrounds, New Orleans, LA

Set I: Cayman Review, Night Speaks To A Woman, Sitting In Limbo, Plasma, Push On Til the Day, 46 Days, Come As Melody, Dig A Pony, Mr. Completely

Encore: I Am The Walrus

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Trey New Orleans Setlist

4.30.05 Trey Anastasio, State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA

Set 1: In The Light, Drifting, What's Done, Cincinnati, Come As Melody, Funky Bread, Tomato Song, I Am The Walrus

Set 2: Nawlins Jam > Fire Burn Me Down, Hey Pocky Way** > Foxy Lady** > Sneaking Sally Through The Alley**, Three Little Birds^^^, Thank You^^^

Encore: Old Habits Like You are Hard to Break, 46 Days, Fire On The Bayou

Show Notes:

** with Mike Gordon on Bass and Michael Ray on horns
^^^ Mike Gordon on Bass, Dave Matthews on Guitar and Vocals, Cyril Neville on Percussion
"Thank You" is a Sly and the Family Stone cover
"Fire on the Bayou" is a Funky Meters cover

Wow! Trey smoked the shit out of New Orleans. Good to see Gordo sit in.