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Show Recap: Red Rocks #1 - The Phish Returns

It's been 13 years since the boys from Vermont threw down at Red Rocks. For many Phisheads (not too mention scores of Colorado locals who were unable to see their favorite band at their favorite venue in the Denver/Boulder area), the ban at Red Rocks was utterly devastating. Red Rocks Ampitheatre is the most amazing outdoor venue in the world. Sure there's the Gorge or Deer Creek, but nothing compares to Red Rocks and the spiritual energy and natural beauty carved out of rust-colored mountain side.

Phish made a triumphant return during the first of a four night run. The Hampton reunion was a magical moment and I was happy just to hear them play again even though everything sounded too tightly rehearsed. The first leg of summer tour was the first time that Phish opened up and displayed traces of the exploratory and improvisational jamming that brought them notoriety. On a couple of nights, I caught glimpses on Phish 1.0 and it made me realize just how many average shows they churned out during the less-than-stellar Phish 2.0 years. Alas, they were back to old form.

Now that they had a full leg of a summer tour under their belt, the boys shook out the cobwebs and we ready to kick off a four-night stand at Red Rocks. I tried not to over-hype the shows and went in with very low expectations. I found it was better to downplay a concert/festival because that way the event will always surpass my expectations.

The Joker secured us spots on the Basics Fund party bus. We headed downtown for a quick bite at Great Wall before we wandered into Sancho's for a few cocktails while we awaited the arrival of the party bus. The bar was packed for a Thursday afternoon with plenty of Phish on the jukebox. The yellow school bus finally arrived and Charlie checked us all in. He introduced us to the driver... Larry... and said that Larry was a bad ass and that we were in good hands.

There were about 24 of us who stumbled onto the bus and I knew more than half the crew including the Joker, Change100, Jonas & Katie, Wildo, the Charlie Sisters, and friends of friends from Wyoming. The Joker dragged his cooler onto the party bus and Jonas mixed together a few cocktails. We were able to smoke up freely, since anything goes on the bus, and Larry took off like a bat out of hell. We sat in the last few rows and we felt every little bump as Larry sped down the freeway on the way to Red Rock. He got us there in record time and we pulled into the Lower North parking lot at exactly 5pm. That's when Larry the driver disappeared.

The Joker headed off to sell Lost t-shirts and we wandered around scoping out the scene. Change100 had never been to Red Rocks before, so we wandered around a bit. The boys were in the middle of their soundcheck and Jonas excitedly grabbed my arm.

"Dude, that was a sick jam from Trey in the middle of Billy Breathes."

I also heard them noodle around with Time Turns Elastic before soundcheck ended. I bumped into some folks that I knew and we eventually made our way inside around 7pm. The patdown was super light and the line up top was only like a dozen or so people in front of me. Talk about smooth. Unable to get a spot for a the entire group, we spread out in different areas. Change100 and I decided to head up near the top where there was more space to groove and it was a lot closer to the bathrooms. The Joker joined us and the lights went down shortly after 8pm. Phish was finally back to Red Rocks.
7/30/09 - Phish Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, CO

Set I: Divided Sky, Ocelot, The Wedge, Poor Heart, Moma Dance, Horn, Stash, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Possum

Set II: Mike's Song > Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove > Ghost > Wolfman's Brotha, Limb by Limb, Billy Breathes, Squirming Coil > David Bowie

E: Loving Cup
My friend Iggy remarked that Phish was like church music because it looked like everyone was at a religious revival, something he noticed at his first shows when he noticed everyone's arms thrust towards the heavens during Divided Sky. For many fans seeing Phish for the first time, they were in sheer ecstasy. The sound dropped out for a bit at the beginning and that would be the only technical difficulty the entire show.

Ocelot was the only new tune that they played, when I sort of expected two or three to be played every night. It's one of my favorites from the new tunes, but the jam out was much weaker than the versions we heard last leg. The Joker bailed mid-way and grabbed a batch of Supreme Nachos.

The Wedge is one of my all-time top Phish songs dating back to 1993 when I caught my first ever live version. I haven't seen too many Wedges since then. They only played it five times during the 2.0 era, yet this was the third time I caught The Wedge this summer. Sweet.

And just when they started getting things cooking, it was time to spice up the stew with some Mile High funk and Moma Dance. The Joker and I went nuts and luckily there was plenty of space for us to get down. I was very critical of Fishman's playing at Hampton and during the initial shows in June, but he really pulled it together during the Great Woods > Camden > Asheville run. The sensational news is that he's back in the driver's seat. It took him a little longer to gel than it did is bandmates, and now, Fishman is the strongest he's been since the reunion. Only good things can come from this revival.

Horn was quick, yet tasty, and Stash took plenty of twists and turns during an 18-minute version. I was dying to take a leak and gave in right after they started the jam as I made a sprint towards the Visitor's Center. Jonas noted that they delved into some Type II jamming and I caught the peak of the post-Stash jam before Phish switched gears and mellowed out the crowd with Horse > Silent. They closed the set with a juicy version of Possum, which threw me for a loop. It was around the 1 hour 15 minute mark and I figured they were good for one more tune like Character Zero or Cavern, yet they ended the set after Possum.

I was pretty hammered the first set, probably the most inebriated I had been since Bonnaroo. I made an effort to see most of the first leg relatively sober so I had a much clearer perspective of the music. Depending on the party favors, I often say I liked a show much better than the reality of the situation. Yeah, it's the drugs talking. But for the first set, even though I was pretty far spun, I thought that it was slightly above average. My personal highlights were Moma and The Wedge, and they last bit of Stash had several interesting moments. However, I knew that first set was just the first of eight epic sets that Phish was going to play.

But the second set... blew me away.

Three members of Phish took the stage as Trey announced Mike Gordon, not once, but twice as he stepped out from the shadows and took a bow. And then they promptly ripped into Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug. Mike was the MVP during the first part of the second set and things got a little peculiar during Ghost. As the Joker explained, they didn't exactly build up to a crescendo, and instead the jam took lots of sharp turns. Jonas noted that Trey had been patient most of the night and he deferred to Page and Mike during Ghost. I sorta labeled it "faded funk" with the heavy-legged ass-shaking grooves. At one point, they teased something from Fatboy Slim. I thought I was hearing some weird stuff, but Scotty B confirmed it.

To cap off the marvelous forty-minutes of infused fury, the boys ended their monster sandwich with a heady Wolfman's Brother. Page really stepped it up and that was some of his best playing of the night.

The first half of the second set was so delicious, that I had zero expectations for the rest of the show. It was all gravy. Fishman shined on Limb by Limb and I knew Jonas was pumped to hear a rare Billy Breathes. This was the first version in the 3.0 era and it was only played two other times since 2000.

I'm always on the fence about Coil. The first half was a Pauly Takes a Piss Song because I couldn't hold it any longer. I returned for the last half because I didn't want to miss Page's savory solo. I thought that they were going to end the set with Coil, but they hooked us up with a fatty Bowie, and a much cleaner version than the flubbed trainwreck in Deer Creek Burgettstown.

I love Loving Cup because Page always tears it up. I wondered if we'd get a nice one-two punch with the encore, but they only played the Rolling Stones cover and quickly left the stage. The first show was over and it was time to go home. I was happy that I got to see this show with my girlfriend. She went to Hampton but had to sit out the entire first leg of summer tour because of work. She was more than pleased with her first ever Red Rocks experience.

We headed back to the lot, but the bus was empty, Larry the bus driver was nowhere to be found. Eventually each member of our group made their way back to the bus... but Larry the driver was still AWOL almost an hour after the show started. In the meantime, the Joker broke out the cooler and served up brews while he chased an ocelot around the lot and heckled the crew in the bus next to us for not having a nitrous tank.

One of the guys from a different bus said that his driver and Larry left the lot to get some grub but the police would not let them come back into the area until everyone left. Larry the driver was not the slimmest of guys in the world, and if you know Red Rocks, you know that even the fittest of people have a tough time legging it out up those steep inclines. Larry the driver had to huff it from the entrance to the upper lot. Drenched in sweat, Larry the driver finally stumbled into the lot with a sad limp as the entire crew jubilantly cheered him on as he made the last steps over the gravel. Everyone hopped on the bus and Larry the driver sped off like he didn't even miss a beat as the Charlie Sisters danced away as Michael Jackson's Rock with Me blasted over the sound system.

One down. Three to go. And it's only going to get better.

Phish Red Rocks Thursday 7/30/09 Setlist

This show was brought to you by Larry the bus driver. Review to follow once Emilio Estevez wakes up Pauly...

Phish Red Rocks Ampitheater, Thursday Night 1 7/30/09

Set I: Divided Sky, Ocelot, The Wedge, Poor Heart, Moma Dance, Horn, Stash, The Horse> Silent in the Morning, Possum

Set II: Mikes>I am Hydrogen>Weekapaug> Ghost>Wolfman's Brotha, Limb by Limb, Billy Breathes, Squirming Coil> David Bowie

E: Loving Cup

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Get Your Rage On

We're in position for the four night Red Rocks stand. Like good heads, we gathered up all of our goodies and tickets before the run kicked off. We even have transportation to/from the venue. It's less than 12 hours to game time and we're about to start the pre-party.

Last night, we hit up a couple of the local Denver hippie bars for some musical enjoyment including Quixotes for The Heavy Pets and Owsley's for the monkeyfreaks and Green Sky Bluegrass.

Before you go... make sure you read the Joker's Red Rocks Tips and keep an eye on the weather.

Also, there's an REI near downtown Denver. If you're from out-of-town and don't have rain gear, we strongly suggest you head over there to pick up a slicker or rain coat and other necessary outdoor items. It's gonna rain at some point and you don't want to be wet in the cold.

Also, you might want to bring an extra sandwich baggie to keep your stash and cell phone dry during the rain. Believe me, after getting drenched at Jones Beach and Deer Creek, I never want to be at an outdoor venue without one.

And as always, be kind to your neighbors and if you are from out of town, please try to clean up after yourselves. There was a reason why Phish was banned from Red Rocks all these years... and that was because of us. Let's be on our best behavior because I want to see Phish at Red Rocks every summer for the rest of my life. Don't you?

And if you were not lucky enough to score a ticket, you can stream the show live via Phish Tube.

You can also follow along at home with our coverage. The Joker will be doing the live blog, set list info, and some twit pics. I (Pauly if you haven't figured it out yet) will be handling the color commentary via Twitter at @CoventryMusic and @taopauly. I'll also write a recap when I get back home. The quality will depend upon my state of inebriation. Also, for a female perspective on the scene, you can follow along with @Change100 for her hysterical fashion reports and other pearls of wisdon.

The second leg of summer tour begins with Red Rocks... time to wake up and rage!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Got Your Extras: Shoreline & The Gorge

I have four extra Phish tickets...
2 SHORELINE (both lawns)
1 GORGE Friday
1 GORGE Saturday

4 Darien Lake
Selling them for face. Interesting trades considered. I will be at both shows. Shoot me an email (taopauly AT aol DOT com).

The Stash Exegesis

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about Stash? Not as much as this goodbuddy here. I think we can file this under Kid Dynamite's Bug and my Silent in the Morning for MMPS (Most Meaningful Phish Song).


This next verse immediately bursts into an image of running. In the context of this song, this moment, it feels to me like the verge of panic. P is now chasing something, a mutant, something that is mutating that P can’t control. “Forest”, “fleas”, and “spindles” all give me the image that P is chasing this something while encountering thickening, quickly changing, with an increasing flood of too much peripheral information. What this mutant is should be easy to decipher at this point. What is more important is that P catches up to it, and even upon grabbing onto it tightly, can’t stop stop it from what is becoming inevitable. This mutant cries out for help. An eerie, desperate, troubled cry. For even the slightest sliver of hope to reach out for.

What I love about this moment in the song is that this cry is song in chorus by the members of Phish, that it is so frightened and desperate (this is when the song first becomes really tense), and that it becomes the musical theme for the song. The tone is now set

Read it all right here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet the New Hotness

If you're like me, you have been waiting for a site that would combine the best aspects of indie music and social media. Someplace that would allow bands to reach a wider viral audience. Where you can subscribe to the channels of trusted friends and fellow syncopated musical ears and discover their discoveries as they discover them.

(Then again, if you're like me, your first album was DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince's He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. So maybe you'd think twice about being like me.)

Here you go, my friends.

Cream rises to the top. And if you tell 'em JuliusGoat sent you, I think I'll get a lot of points or something, which will make me cooler than just about anybody. My name is Charlie Mac, and I'm the first out the limo.

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Red Rocks Tips and Jedi Mind Tricks

photo by the joker: Pretty Lights/STS9 7/25/09

It’s finally the week of Red Rocks. Many of you have tickets in hand; many of you don’t. I am in the camp that does not have tickets…so if you have an extra, im your man.

But this post is really about getting prepared for Red Rocks. I used to work there, and I have seen countless shows there. Don’t believe idiots on Phantasy Tour. I know what I’m talking about. Here are some helpful tips:

Getting There: There are 2 main ways to get there from Denver: I-70 and Exit Morrison Road, or from 470 through the Town of Morrison. Morrison is cute, but I avoid it because of more stops and turns. I find it confusing. If you are coming from downtown Denver, take 6 or I-70 west, get on I-70 and exit Morrison Rd. Turn left (south) and boom, you are driving to Red Rocks and only have to make 1 more turn (right) into the Entrance 1 (North Lots) or Entrance 2 (South Lots/Will Call).
If you are stocking up on beer or food, it is best to do this before you get too far out of Denver. There are a couple of gas stations around Red Rocks but you will find better selection and faster purchasing dropping by a Liquor store or Grocery before heading to Red Rocks.

Parking/Lots/Will Call: There are 2 main entrances. Entrance 1 will take you to the North Lots, Entrance 2 takes you to the South Lots and Will Call. I don’t imagine many will need to go to will call, but please if you do note that it is about a ½ mile hike down from the venue entrance.
Generally speaking, I like the south lots. The south lots are bigger, and have more of a scene. If you are looking to buy something, the South lots are where you will have the best luck. Also, this is where I’ll be slinging LOST T-Shirts.

The north lots do have their advantages, though. The north lots are higher in elevation, and you enter from the top of Red Rocks. If you want to hike less, park in the north lots. If you are taking a limo or party bus to Red Rocks, most of the time they drop off and pick you up at the top/north lots.

It has been a wet summer, and it seems cooking out is allowed in the Red Rocks lots as long as it is a gas grill. If you bring charcoal you may have a person walk by and ask you to put it out or risk getting a fine (this happened to me at Bisco Inferno).
Choosing an entrance: If you park in the south lots, you have 2 choices: the ramp or the stairs. The Ramp is on the south side and is a little easier on your legs than the stairs, but the ramp can sometimes have a longer line to get in. For those with strong legs, I recommend the Stairs on the north side.

Weather: This week it is forecast to be mild in Denver. 70-80s during the day and 60’s at night. Lets get down to it: If you don’t bring a hoodie to Red Rocks you are a fucking idiot. But, you may be a genius if you bring a rain jacket and it rains like it did this weekend at Red Rocks for Pretty Lights/STS9. Out of all the shows I’ve seen at Red Rocks, I would say that at least 1 out of 4 there is some sort of rain during the show. So if the odds come up, one of phish shows will have some weather.

Where to sit: This show is GA for the first 24 or so rows, then there will be a yellow rope for a “Reserved” section rows 25-55 ish, and then GA up at the top. There are 70 rows and a video screen on Fishman side. I like the sound from rows 15-25 the best. The Soundboard is in the middle about rows 12-17. There will be a lot of “tarping” in the GA section. Fans get there early (like noon), line up, and once the doors open run to put down a tarp to stake their territory. Some of these people are my friends. People with a tarp are very nice until you stand on the tarp. Love it or hate it, this is the way it is going to be. And yes, if you have a reserved ticket, you can sit in the GA section. Ushers will not look at your ticket and tell you where to sit unless someone comes up to them with a complaint and is trying to kick you out of their seats In the reserved section.

One alternative to the GA section is the planters that are on the sides of the seating area. These planters have a tree in the middle of them and are GA as well. I actually think the planters on the North side/Page Side are a great place to sit/stand/dance and see the show.

Restrooms: There are nice restrooms at the top in the Visitor’s center. If you need to take a shit, go up there. Seriously. The Visitor’s center is almost like a hotel bathroom.

There are some “secret” bathrooms that are sometimes less crowded on the South side/Fishman side down some stairs. Look for them and you will find them.

Whatever you do, DO NOT PISS on or around any of the trees on the north side of Red Rocks. This is one of the few things you can do to get kicked out.

Smoking: Smoking cigarettes is not allowed in the seats and the ushers will actually enforce this. Smoking pot is not a big deal and generally will not get you in trouble as long as you are in the crowd.

Sneaking in yourself: Climbing the rocks is risky and can get you a $999 fine plus a broken leg. Crashing the gate is not going to work. Jedi mind tricks? Could work. Greasing the usher? Could work, but the managers there are watching closely and it has a low probability of working if the manager sees you. The managers are the ones in the Blue shirts/Red jackets. The hourly employees are wearing yellow.

Sneaking in other things: if you are smart and smooth and get the right person, people have been known to sneak bottles, pipes, etc in.

What did I miss, and what else would you like to know?

Coventry Music Blog on Twitter During Summer Tour - Part 2

Phish's second leg of the summer tour is almost upon us. Out of our entire crew, we should have someone at every single show starting with Red Rocks on Thursday and ending at SPAC in August.

We'll do our best to provide Twitter updates through our main feed @CoventryMusic and through our individual feeds. In addition, we'll be posting plenty of random goodness here at Coventry Music Blog.

If you recently started up a Twitter account, or don't follow us, here's who we are in the Twitterverse...
Coventry Music Blog = @CoventryMusic
Dr. Pauly = @taopauly
The Joker = @neillybop
Change100 = @change100
BTreotch = @btreotch
IrongGirl = @irongirl01
Broseph = @BrosephLives
JuliusGoat = @JuliusGoat
Just a reminder that we teet. Alot. Take this into consideration if you decide to follow us (especially on your mobile phone via text messages if you don't have unlimited messaging).

And if you see us at the shows, in the lots, or on the road... definitely stop by to say hello. After all, we're coming to your town, to help ya party down!

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Brent Mydland Video with Al Franken

Thanks to IronGirl for pointing out that today is the 19th anniversary of the death of Brent Mydland. most famous for his work as the keyboard player for the Grateful Dead circa 1979 through his death in 1990. Although the Dead's keyboard/piano player has been a revolving position, Mydland's helm of 11 years was the longest.

This is one of my favorite videos because it features Al Franken (back when he was just an SNL writer and way before his foray into politics) interviewing Mydland at setbreak of a Halloween show by the Dead at Radio City in 1980...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

STS9 Fillmore 7/24/09

(photo by Casey Flanigan - Rothbury)

Last night I saw one of the best STS9 shows I have seen in over 3 years.
STS9, Denver Fillmore 7/24/09
The Setlist:
We'll Meet In Our Dreams>
Inspire Strikes Back
Peaceblaster 68>08
New New 4 U U

Music, Us
One a day

What made it so good? It was a show that focused on what I call the old school STS9. The We'll Meet In Our Dreams>Kaya, Inspire Strikes Back, STS9 section was fantastic. Its been years since ive seen a good Tokyo and Music, Us. A 1 set show but I was satisfied. STS9 also changed up the stage setup since the last time I have seen them. Zach is where Phipps was, Phipps is in the middle, and Jeffrey is where Zach was.

Im going to the Red Rocks "Day out of Time" with a big crew, and I'm looking forward to some more old school melodic playing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Phish Festival 8

Festival 8 for Halloween!

Here's the info...
We're thrilled to announce Festival 8, a three-day Phish festival which will take place on October 30th, 31st and November 1st at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. With lush green fields and palm trees, and surrounded by vistas of California's majestic Santa Rosa mountains, the festival site is simply breathtaking. And for the first time ever, Phish will combine two of its most cherished traditions - a multi-day camping festival and performing on Halloween - in a glorious three-day celebration.

Keeping the tradition of past Halloween shows, Phish will don a musical costume on Halloween night and cover another band's album. The tradition began on Halloween 1994 with Phish covering The Beatles' The White Album. In subsequent years, they covered The Who's Quadrophenia, Talking Heads' Remain in Light and the Velvet Underground's Loaded.

The band will play eight sets over the course of three days, and as with all past Phish festivals, fans will enjoy on-site camping, numerous attractions and art installations throughout the weekend.

Tickets for Festival 8 will go on sale Monday, July 27th at 10AM Pacific Time for $199 + $1 WaterWheel Donation (plus applicable service fees) via . This includes entry for all 3 days into the event area. All vehicles entering the Car Camping area must also purchase a $15 Vehicle Pass. Limited Car Camping is available. Gates will open for the event at NOON on Thursday, October 29th. Capacity is limited, so advance ticket purchase and carpooling is strongly encouraged.

We've created an official Festival 8 website at, where you can find exhaustingly detailed information about the event. We've posted the first wave of information about the festival and plan to update it regularly as more details are confirmed. Complete information, including a listing of different travel packages, is available at now at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Told Ya...

See you in Indio, CA... like we told you weeks ago. Thanks again to our trustworthy sources. They were right about Hampton, Red Rocks, Fenway, and now Halloween. We never doubted you, all the peanut gallery go tossed into quite the tizzy because of the map.

Can't wait. A Phish festy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First Aid Kit Video - Universal Soldier

Those cute Scandi chicks are at it again. They recently covered "Universal Soldier" by Buffy-Sainte Marie...

For more info, visit... First Aid Kit

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phish Summer Tour Leg 1 - Pauly's Mix

Here's a few personal selections from the first leg of Summer Tour. According to my iTunes, these are the most played in my listening rotation. I arranged them in order of appearance on tour...
Phish Summer Tour Leg 1 - Pauly's Mix:

Ghost (14:16)
Antelope (10:17)
Slave to the Traffic Light (11:14)
Fluffhead (15:26)
Sand (22:21)
Gumbo (5:22)
Mike's Song > (8:55)
I Am Hydrogen > (3:05)
Weekapaug Groove > (8:51)
YEM > (10:49)
Wilson > (5:49)
YEM (7:54)
Glory Days w/ Bruce Springsteen (6:16)
Tube (7:17)
Drowned (4:17)
Tweezer (12:44)
2001 (8:11)
Makisupa Policeman (5:14)
Click here to download the Mix.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Beastie Boys Cancel Shows & Postpone Album

Sad news for all you Beastie Boys fans. Adam MCA Yauch's bout with cancer will postpone their upcoming album. In addition their scheduled tour dates have been canceled.

Here's the video announcement from MCA...

Hat tip to ScottyB.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Panic Sunday Mile High Music Festival Live setlist blog

(9:45)Set: From the cradle> love tractor> Henry parsons, dyin man, You should be glad> rebirthia > sleeping man, walkin' >space wrangler, thought sausage, traveling light> barstools> machine, tickle the truth, Holden oversoul$ > drums &> drums n bass n jimmy > fairies wear boots, 3 Candles , lose you, imitation leather shoes, ain't life grand@, end of the show@ (12:25)
e: blackout blues

$ w keyboard player from mule
& w guest percussionist Wally Ingram
@ jb on mando

I prefered last night's song selection, but this is another 3 hour epic set. Seems panic is shoving 3 nights of music in two, and it RAGED!

John Coltrane Videos: Blue Waltz

This is so delicious, it's served up in two courses...

Coltrane circa July 1965.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Widespread Panic - Mile High Music Festival Live Blog

10:40pm we left Tool early and are packed in close to the stage center Schools side

10:49 Widespread Panic setlist
goin out west>space kid transition>
diner> sick Jimmy jam>
ribs and whiskey,
tall boy>
middle of arleen>
climb to safety,
dark day program>
big woolly mammoth>
flat foot flewzy> big wooly tease> flat foot flewzy
good people>jam>good people>
Porch song>
red hot mama>
space jam>
surprise valley> drums>surprise valley>
second skin>
Greta (seriously this is an epic set it's 1:30am!)>
pickin up the pieces>
solid rock(1:54am)

e: no encore, ran out of time

wow. Panic smoked the shit out of the festival. One of the best festival sets ive seen by panic. I loved it. Rock and roll for 3 hours straight.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Phish Update No. 9: Phish Fan Meet-Up Video

I found this hilarious...

Monitor Mix Meets Portland Phish Heads from Carrie Brownstein on Vimeo.

Also... Check out the Monitor Mix Blog

The Avett Brothers :: St. Augustine, FL 7/16/09

A family trip.
Seats empty.
Seats filling.
Crowd rustling.
Redheads everywhere!

(Natural Redheads unite!)

Neighbors to the left; little girl named 'Clovis'.
Youthful hipsters.
Opening > Matt Butcher and the Revolvers =
a local Orlando band worth checking out

No one stood up to dance or clap, from my seat I arose and from
the stage they saw me, they pointed, they shouted,
"This girl is awesome! You, we're gonna do it bigger for this girl!"


Instruments, rearrange and change.
Listening to Outkast, Paul Simon, Queen, and Elliott Smith.

More sweat.

Sun going down.

Blues and pinks.

Arrival, cheers and whistles.



More Smiles!



Heart is pounding.
Two hours of bliss.
Rest, rinse and repeat on Saturday night!

Paranoia in B-Flat Major, Laundry Room , And It Spread* , Please Pardon Yourself , Shame , Distraction #74, I and Love and You* , Kick Drum Heart* , Go To Sleep , Solomon , Left on Laura, Left on Lisa , Murder In The City , Pretty Girl From Annapolis , At The Beach , Sixteen In July , November Blue , Will You Return? (Encore) The Perfect Space* , Die Die Die

*Off their upcoming album, I and Love and You

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Phish News: Mike's On Tour & Trey Plays with the New York Philharmonic

Trey is performing at the Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic on Saturday, September 12, 2009. It's a benefit gig for the Kristine Anastasio Manning Memorial Fund. According to the press release... "The program will feature classic Phish songs and solo Trey compositions, as well as the New York premiere of Time Turns Elastic, co-composed by Anastasio and long-time collaborator Don Hart."


Mike Gordon is taking his band out on the road for 20 or so shows kicking off in Crooklyn and ending in Vermont. That will give him three weeks to rest and practice with Phish for their Halloween festy.
Mike Gordon Band - Tour Dates
09/08 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY
09/09 - Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
09/10 - Port City Music Hall , Portland, ME
09/11 - Bearsville Theatre, Woodstock, NY
09/12 - State Theatre, Falls Church, VA
09/14 - Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh, NC
09/15 - Orange Peel, Asheville, NC
09/17 - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA
09/18 - Freebird Live, Jacksonville, FL
09/19 - WorkPlay Soundstage Theatre, Birmingham, AL
09/21 - Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN
09/22 - Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN
09/24 - The Vogue, Indianapolis, IN
09/25 - Park West, Chicago, IL
09/26 - Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI
09/28 - 20th Century Theatre, Cincinnati, OH
09/29 - The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
09/30 - Mr. Smalls Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA
10/02 - Mod Club, Toronto, ON
10/03 - Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY
10/04 - Higher Ground, Burlington, VT
Visit Mike's site for more info.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Phish Save The Date Map Theory #1,567,491...and the only one you need to know.

Our RAGING friend Disco Sis #1 is on to something. If you haven't already, check out the new pinball animation at, then read the following theory.

Disco Sis#1 writes:

I heard from an college friend who plays viola in the New York
Philharmonic Orchestra that Trey canceled a rehearsal for their upcoming show because Fishman died in a freak boating accident.

Sadly, the recent "Save The Date" map only confirms the rumor.

The late Jon Fishman's picture is superimposed on the pinball and he's wearing a Viking hat.

It is a well known fact that Vikings were seafaring people, and a mediocre football franchise at best.

I can only assume that that since the ball dropped into Lake Michigan that the tragic rumor is true. Fishman is lying at the bottom of the Great Lake.

But, the show must go on. I can only conclude that Phish will be covering Michael Jackson's Thriller with a zombie Fishman sitting in on drums this Halloween.

Videos: Bug (3 Cameras)

Thanks to the Wookie for the video...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wookie Down at the World Series of Poker

The last remaining Wookie busted out of the World Series of Poker's Main Event championship in Las Vegas today. I was sad to report his demise...

He must have traded a van full of nitrous for the $10,000 buy in.

For you poker freaks, you can check out my WSOP coverage over at Tao of Poker.

NPR's Carrie Brownstein tackling Phish

NPR's Carrie Brownstein (from the defunct band Sleater-Kinney) is spending her week listening to PHiSH for the first time - calling it "How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Phish". The super-authentic Pacific Northwest hipster is quite hilarious; she's blogging and tweeting the whole deal - should be entertaining. Here's the link to where it starts: monitormixblog.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Ruh Roh

RED ALERT, Brahs! Check

Cali removed from map? WTF?

Somebody start a new rumor for me to believe in, please!!!

Our buddy Tim says "go to the Phish page and zoom in, in Firefox its under the view menu- she's just floating above us."
graphic courtesy of zzyzx!

Its hard having this much fun...

As BTreotch pointed out on his latest mix, sometimes its hard having this much fun. We are just over half way through the summer and the next month holds some epic music for all of us. For many of my untzy friends, Camp Bisco is this weekend. For me, the next 4 weekends are jam packed: The Mile High Music Festival with 2 nights of Panic and Tool is next weekend. The weekend after that is STS9 at the Fillmore and Red Rocks. Then of course, Phish Red Rocks for 4 days. The weekend after Phish Red Rocks I'll be hitting up the Gorge.

Honestly, all of this fun is stressing me out a little bit. There are a lot of plans to make. There are a lot of tickets to track down (im still ticketless for Red Rocks)! And its also hard to budget for all of this partying. But I know it will all work out, and I try to stay focused on what this is all really about: being with friends and enjoying the music.

Open Thread: You coming to Red Rocks? You gonna be at the Gorge? What are your plans? What are you looking forward to, and what is stressing you out?

I am looking forward to my return to the Gorge the most.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

High Sierra Music Fest 2009

thanks to my buddy Panda Koalski for sending me the link...skip ahead to 6:40 for some HSMF Kickball!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

2nd Quarter Results 2009 Mix by BTreotch

April, May & June. Too much shit has been going on. It's been great though. Weddings, shows, baptisms, vacations & conferences. Too many flashing lights & noise. No A/C in south Florida for three weeks. Austin, Germanfest, Dallas, the Red River, Tennessee & Bonnaroo. Too much face time with men, women & horses in uniform. Bologna & cheese sandwiches are shit. Phish is still the shit. It doesn't slow down. Connecticut, NYC, Flagler Beach, Hawaii & the bunk dank of Waikiki. WTF happened to Juliet? I just spilled water on my laptop the other day losing the function of my 'k' and 'l' keys - I had to remap my keyboard and now I can't make brackets. What a life. It's cliche, but music gets me through it. As always, this should be played in it's entirety the first time through and with quality headphones so you can keep your shitty music to yourself.

The Bird and The Bee put out their second album - it doesn't melt me like their first one did, but its got some great tracks (plus an ode to David Lee Roth). The band/artist whose show I want to see the most is now Dan Deacon. He seems to be an uber-hipster nerd at first glance - an all-star from - but from listening to his live shows he appears to throw any pretension out the window. Crowd participation via dance-offs, choreography and just silliness run rampant it seems. The 8 minute "Snookered" is my favorite song off this mix. Strawberry Shortcake turned me onto Le Loup - Canto I is actually from their very chill 2007 album. They sound like the type of band I'd love to play in. I first heard Camera Obscura from Justin's epic 2006 mix (see the comments from this post and 2007 mix) - still one of my favorite mix tapes ever made. Fun, poppy and timeless - I secretly wish for lead-singer Tracyanne Campbell to come over to my house and sing this to my face.

of course put out a new album that is simply uninspiring save for a few songs. Their show at Bonnaroo was still excellent, but it seems that Jeff Tweedy opiate-free brain isn't going to allow for some of the madness that created Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost is Born. Regardless, the massive "Bull Black Nova" is one of my favorite Wilco tracks. Leilani Polk's review pretty much nailed Akron/Family's newest album Set 'Em Wild, 'Em Free. Thankfully the loss of Ryan Vanderhoof from the band didn't destroy the great energy their albums possess. And I still haven't had the chance to see these guys either - I need to move from south Florida. "Sleepyhead" was released last year on an EP, but indie flavor-of-the-month Passion Pit just released a proper album. It's not as good as I hoped, but this song is the tits. They're like this year's MGMT. Micachu - the stage name of Mica Levi - makes music that goes all over the place. Not all of it is as infectious as "Golden Phone," but Jewelery is a great listen.

Sunset is an Austin band that none of my Austin friends seem to give a shit about. They made one of my favorite albums last year - The Glowing City - along with three other albums or cassettes. "I'm Not a Perfect Person" is just one of two songs they've released this year. Slackers. Austin figures into my John Vanderslice story as well - he was the first artist I saw after I moved there in 2001. Michael Yates took me to hear him at the Mohawk(?) where he performed solo. Vanderslice had a funny name and long blond hair at the time. I remember thinking he reminded me of a Nelson twin who went solo, took some drugs and wrote better songs. Datarock's "True Stories" makes the cut purely on the back of the Talking Heads' epicness. If this song was described to me before hand, I probably would not have given it a chance - but it's a sincere tribute to a band that has inspired so many different artists.

Admittedly, I don't now shit about Blind Pilot, but "The Story I Heard" melts me. It should be played anytime it rains. The highly underrated EELS finally released another album. It took four years, but Hombre Loco is worth the wait and your $9.99. Hopefully they'll tour, but I'm not holding my breath. They album I've listened to the most is far and away Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's Vs. Children. Essentially a concept piece following a Bonnie and Clyde story in retrospect. It's just 11 songs - lo-fi and simple - but filled with every emotion.

What have you guys been into?

Kyle Hollingsworth Video - Rothbury

This starts out very Cheesy, but what do you expect? The dude is in SCI.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Get Up And Move Mondays

Now on Tuesday!

Now I know a lot of y'all don't want to dance in your cubes, because you feel like you need approval. But it ain't no thang, it's only a feeling. So if you can do it, maybe everybody else will feel safe doing it too. And just flash the peace sign, too. It can't do you no harm.

Here's Sly and the Family Stone.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Rothbury This Weekend!

iClips is broadcasting live from Rothbury this weekend. Make sure you check out the schedule here.

This year's broadcast features The String Cheese Incident, Willie Nelson, Matisyahu, Ani DiFranco, The Disco Biscuits, Umphrey's McGee, The Black Crowes, Lotus, STS9, Railroad Earth, and many more great acts.

Our friends Breakfast on Tour are at the festival and are already providing some great updates. Make sure you are following them on twitter @breakfastontour

Jason Woods is twittering @TheRothblog as well.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Craigslist: Rothbury '09

In honor of the opening day of Rothbury '09, I decided to enshrine some of the tweekers that posted on CL personals for festival "fun".

Located outside of Grand Rapids, MI, the festival drew about 33,000 people last year. I hypothesize that many will be involved in some NSA fun this weekend. Sure they're screwed up, but at least they're straight talking. Hope you enjoy.

Rothbury Late Night Fun Any One? - m4mw - 34

Any one looking to chat and possibly have some late night fun at the festival after a few party favors and great dancing? I am white, attractive and in good shape and want to have some late night discretion at your place or someplace within the festival grounds. I am married but in open situation (does not know about bi curiosity though) as long as I don't talk about it with her when it is going to happen.

Anyone going to Rothbury Festival and camping in VIP?? - mw4m (detroit metro)

Taking the woman to Rothbury festival this weekend and we're hoping to find a guy (or guys) to have some fun with. She is 4'10, VERY cute, little chubby, but not fat by any means. LOVES to suck dick, loves to grope strangers, just a total cock-hungry fun girl. She would love to have some fun with someone while I watch and/or join. We will be camping in the VIP section.
If interested hit us up and we can chat some.

"Any gay bears/hippies going to Rothbury Festival? - 38 m4m

Are there any other gay String Cheese Incident/Disco Biscuits/Dead fans out there going to Rothbury Music Festival over the 4th of July Weekend? 38yo bear looking for buds to hang with, party, dance etc at Rothbury, hit me up if interested, pics to trade.


We are going to the Rothbury festival soon and would like to find a cute girl around our age to play spin the bottle with in our tent ;) He is 21 she is 19. Email us for our phone number, please send a pic we will send one back.

p.s. We have an industrial grade bubble machine.

Festival Night Fun - m4mw - 34 (Rothbury Festival)

Any one looking for some late night Rothbury fun? I would love to chat a bit and who knows. I have been bicurious for many years and would love to explore with nice normal couple at the festival after we have danced all day and into the night and are enjoying some nice festival party favors. I am a nice, normal, in shape clean guy who is married but spouse would never understand these curiosities and is very conservative.

Rothbury Swingers? Dommes? Studs? - mw4mw - 32

Your average white married couple here, with a few dirty twists. We like to play - and play well with others. We're looking for a few good couples to come play with us at Rothbury, party all night long and in general have a fairly hedonistic good time. We're into pretty much everything fun that there is to do. If you're interested in hooking up, hit us back for a meetup in the forest thursday night! Can't wait for this to begin - last year was so much fun we can't stand the wait! We're not ken & barbie, but then again don't expect you to be either. Couples, singles, bi, bicurious, hit us back phriends for some phun!

Rothbury!! (rants and raves)

I can't find rothbury tickets anywhere! they are all sold all ready :( :( my friend and i will be to very sad little blonde girls if we dont find tickets soon!! if anyone can help us out we will love you forever! ;)

Link to a rant by pissed off Rothbury local.

Check out the full Rothbury CL listing here.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

How to Hook-up at a Festival II

Photo by CH


It's time to cut through the BS and get down to brass tacks people. If you want to have an exciting, memorable experience at a festival:

a) Know what you're up against.
b) Put yourself in the best situation possible to succeed.

Thus, any advice telling you to: "be yourself", sit around and wait, or any other passive, crap-shoot-type reasoning will not be a part of this piece. This is about having a plan.

As we discussed earlier, courting situations at a festival are intense. It's like reflecting the sun through a microscope sometimes: hot, fast, and you can't be too laid back with your aim. After your first impressions are made, you're ready to set the stage and get your hands dirty.

One thing I can attest to when meeting people at these things is there are a lot of "first impression" moments. Have many, filter them, choose who you like, and try and find them morning one. If all goes well, they remember you and the customary trial period ensues in which potential sweethearts size each other up. It seems to happen faster and w/different criteria than in the square world. This opening trial can be a little weird, but it's pretty damn important in the quest to the promised land.

Going out of your way to get to know someone with plans and strategies seems unnatural, but it's something you may do if you want to meet someone who's cool. Comfort zones may be tested, and you might even embarrass yourself at some point. It's called living. Take heart in the fact that you're in the game. Have patience and try to be in the position to make a play. Aiming this microscope accurately takes patience and a plan.


In the last century, academic types have come up with some pretty interesting strategies on how to anticipate and understand human behavior. I propose we use some of these established social theories in our quest to hook up.

Observe the environment, anticipate needs, try and fulfill them. Waking up dehydrated the first morning reminds everyone that we’re here to RAGE for the duration. The impending heat eventually drives us out of our tents to face the music. Most of us are hung over, a little spun, and our bodies crave basic necessities. Plus, we’re all without a bathroom sink, so we look like it. Normal protocol: time to bust out the supplies and fuel up for the day. Use this time to set the stage.


If you’re a vet and brought everything you need, your cooler should still be nice and frosty. Make sure you pack plenty of cold water for drinking/giving to hung-over shortie’s. Begin preparing tasty breakfast stuff and check out what the neighbors are doing. 7 out of 10 times, people are too lazy to want to do anything in the morning so you’ll attract attention by virtue of the sound/smells of food prep.

Normally, I’ll just start offering stuff to people. Be generous, but understand the value of what you are doing. Normally, if its someone I'm not interested in (dudes) I’ll ask for trades. Even a joke or a back-flip is worth something, and maintains the line in the sand. If its someone who strikes my fancy (quasi-nerdy hipster chick), I use the opportunity to lay some game.

The mission remains the same: find out where they are camped, where they are from, and what shows they are looking forward to seeing. Remembering what people say goes miles in these situations. You know you are getting somewhere when they start to accept your gift offerings.

This whole strategy is based on the theory of reciprocity. Give stuff to people you like. It feels good, and it comes back your way. In the square world, it’s not uncommon to ask some dime on a date and pay for dinner, movie, strip club,...whatever. Doing so puts some exciting pressure on them to reciprocate; same idea here. Remember, the point is not to give stuff away, it is to establish a rapport which should grow as the weekend rolls on.


If you’re involved in a group food initiative, you probably won’t be able to give much of the supplies away. Most of the food will probably be consumed by your crew, who in this case wouldn't appreciate you using it as love barter. It’s like sending aid to a sexy foreign country while those at home go without. No sweat; in this situation, you become the one in need. Grab a few supplies and press out into the campground. Also, bring knowledge of the area. Sometimes you'll run into a lost soul and you can use that opportunity to HOLLA!

If you are a real talker, offering trades/gifts are a good way to meet folks. Make sure to pick up whatever is good from your local area (regional fruit, drugs, clever bumper stickers) and look for those you may have met already. Same theory goes, give stuff to people you like after talking to them for a while. Use the exchange as a launching pad for a connection.


Bonnarroo '04, I lucked out and was camped next to 6 budding co-eds from Ontario. I made sure to bring a bag of juicy oranges to share w/whomever I thought worthy. Morning one, I cut some citrus in half and walked over to make friends. At first, it was a little weird, as I was just some dude offering them oranges. No one knew what to expect. I'd entered the awkward zone. This is our challenge people: getting past that weirdness and establishing ourselves as the cool peoples we be. It's funny, these opening gambits often go unremembered but are ultra-important.

When you are out and about, it can be more difficult to bond with people as they don't know anything about you. I suggest being as genuine and real as possible. Keep it fun, and ham it up if you want. At a music festival we’re all living outside; it’s ok to get messy, silly, preach, dance, yell or sing sometimes. In some ways, we can be little kids again. Any of that stuff can only help you in your mission.

With the Canadian chicks, I decided to sunscreen my face after hanging with them for a while. I used too much, and needed help fully applying it to by face/body. Pretty soon we were all rubbing each other with lotion and it seems totally normal. By the next morning I found myself waking up in one of their tents for round II of a sunscreen body rub bonanza. If you're a real Hoss, keep your sunscreen in the cooler. It's pretty damn satisfying and clever.


If you're not much of a talker, don't sweat it. One time I saw a guy carrying a homemade sign that said “will break dance for breakfast” around the lot. He walked kind of slowly, dancing and smiling as he went. When people saw his sign they reacted with delight, and he would lay the sign down and spin around on it. He was an awful break dancer, but he was hilarious. He was just some shy dude from Oklahoma City who normally wouldn't demand much attention. After his dance, I talked to him and discovered he was pretty cool; I even considered letting him bang my buddy TK's sister (kidding).


After the morning rounds, keep to your normal schedule. No need to over do it. Just like yesterday, it's important to have time for yourself to do what you want. Clean up, chill, hydrate, check with the crew, and all that other good stuff. The point of all of the above discussed activities is to bridge the identity gap from "some dude/chick" to "the cute guy/girl from down the way". With any luck, you've seen your special friend last night and this morning, and they're beginning to notice your interest. Let it marinate, and try to set up something for later that night.

It's still early. Making a day time date threatens to impede on everyone's freedom, and normally no one is drunk enough yet to do anything crazy. If you've had any success at all with the above techniques, you're in a good spot for some late night lovin'.

Next up: Section III: Making Your Move