Thursday, December 31, 2015

Phish NYE MSG Setlist and Recap: 12/31/15 NYC

Phish returned to Madison Square Garden to ring in the new year. This is my 11th consecutive Phishy NYE (3 in Miami, 7 at MSG, and 1 in Big Cypress) and I couldn't think of a better way to ring in the new year.

The show will be webcast over at LivePhish.

Weather permitting, follow @CoventryMusic for Twitter updates.

So, here's what you missed....

Phish, 12/31/15 New Year's Eve, Madison Square Garden, NYC

Set 1: MOMA  > Possum, Wolfman's Brah, Birds, I Didn't Know, Happy Birthday to You (Fish Daughter), Martian Monster, Reba, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Wedge, Wilson > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Yarmouth, Kill Devil Falls > Piper > Twist

Set 3: No Man's Land > Auld Lang Syne > Blaze On > Carini > David Bowie, Horse > Silent > Backwards

Encore: Tube > Cavern

* * * *

Quickie Recap: NYE Hourglass
By @taopauly

Time is slipping away. We're not getting any younger. Even if only Trey played with the Dead50 crew, the impact was felt across the entire much as stuff is not perfect in the land of Phish, the four friends realized how lucky they were to survive the harsh early years, the crazy meteoric rise of the middle years, even managed to keep hope alive during the breakup and subsequent Trey going off the rails. So here we are, nearly 7 years since the return from Hampton and 3.0, much like Phish itself, is what you make of it. Is it as good as the glory and it will never be the same. But is 3,0 just a nostalgia act cashing a paycheck? There's an iota of truth to that, but there's definitely something deeper going on that's driving them...deep down Phish loves being Phish, but they struggle with the difficulties of creating their own monster that nearly swallowed them whole. After a while, they unleashed the gigantic beast and it had become completely uncontrollable. That's why they can't play 100+ shows a can't open up the portal to the other world that many times and still stay sane. That's why Phish picks and chooses when and where they want to open up the vortex and conjure up the spirit world -- the invisible realm that surrounds us that we're unable to see with the naked eye. However, if you've ever been to that special place...down the rabbit hole or launched into the highest of heavens... you know there's something else out there...something more powerful than the collective us. I firmly believe Phish can't open up those portals without's the synergy of our collective consciousness and the band playing the only universal language in the

Okay, that's the drugs talking. Onto the quickie recap...

My lovely tour wife Change100 brought along two of her actor friends from LA, including one of her besties from college. They were both openly gay guys (and proud) and only one of them had ever been to a Phish show before. All they wanted to do was pop some molly and dance all night instead of being stuck in an overpriced gay club where "everyone would be bitching about each others' clothes." And they were blown away. I was worried they would get bored at times, but they friggin' loved Kuroda's lights. At one point Z was so schwilly he kept telling change100 about all the animal faces he was seeing in the lights.

Oh, and gay guys get the best fucking drugs. Holy shitballs, Liberace. That was some bombtastic mind-shredding molly. "Only take one," they joked. "Otherwise you're gonna end up at an orgy in Hell's Kitchen and wake up naked with a clogged chimney."

Alos, my bud Senor and I had seen nearly 100 shows (including Japan) together, yet by odd circumstance we never caught a NYE show together. Senor was not going until he scored a ticket at the last minute and somehow found us inside!

First set kicked off with funk>Possum sing-along>funk. Our gay friends quickly picked up on the lyrics to Possum. S is also a trained singer and he was nailing the harmonies on it...kinda funny. At the start of I Didn't Know, I told them the drummer wears a dress and he's gonna play the vacuum. The gays were suspicious: "Hmmm...crossdressing guy who likes to suck things?"

Martian Monster was when things got ultra-weird for me because the gay ninja molly started kicking my ass. By Reba, I was so fucked and schammered to the tits that I had to sit down for the entire song. In over 333+ shows, I've only had to sit down once to gather my cookies together...and that was when I got uber-dosed at Alpine Valley (when the aliens/Others scared the shit out of me and scolded me for doing too much acid and abusing the sacred drug). My blurry vision improved for Walls, but couldn't believe the short set.

Second set was sloppy and loopy, and the band was feeding off of the crowd's swhilliness. Wilson was thunderous and Ocean floored me. Piper > Twist flew by so fast I couldn't even tell you what happened.

We sat about 10 rows back in Section 102...right off the back of the floor. I noticed a funnel like thing above the back of the soundboard area. I figured it was going to shoot out balloons or some other stuff at the stroke of Midnight. Lights went down for set 3 kinda early. It took me few minutes into No Man's Land to realize Phish was playing right in front of us! The funnel began to descend and part of it draped down to cover the bottom part so the band was playing inside under the veil. It created a gigantic hourglass-like and CK5 was lighting up the outside screens. Thought it would be filled with sand to countdown to NYE and then they would bust into Sand. They had other the stroke of Midnight while we were distracted by balloons etc, they somehow returned to the main stage and finished the set. Instead of Sand, they launched from ALS > Blaze On. Then came the dark and deviant Carini. Probably my favorite part of Set 3, but it was short and sweet. The encore...another quickie Tube under 5 minutes plus a juicy Cavern thrown in for the second encore tune.

Survived another Phish NYE. It was my 11th consecutive one and the 8th I spent with @change100 at Phish. As always, the downside was not being at the show with all my friends like the Joker and Wildo, but they were there in spirit.

Two down...two more to go. Happy 2016!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Phish MSG Setlist and Recap: 12/30/15 NYC - Night 1

Phish returned to Madison Square Garden, a.k.a. the most famous arena in the world, for the first night of a 4-show NYE run. This year's MSG run kicks off on the 30th...which marks the first show back since Dick's Colorado.

The entire MSG run will be webcast over at LivePhish.

Follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for in-show updates.

Here's what you missed for night 1....
Le Phish, Setlist... 12/30/15 Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY

Set 1: Simple, Free, Simple > Back on Train, Waiting All Night, 555, Roggae, The Dogs > 46 Days

Set 2: Chalkdust > Ghost > Can't Always Listen* > Ghost > Waves > GIN > Mikes > Bouncin*** > Weekapaug > What's the Use > Weekapaug 

E: Zero

* new song
*** Pauly Takes A Piss Song
* * *

Quickie Recap: 2015 MSG - Night 1: What's the Use?
by @taopauly

Almost skipped the show. Super sick. My bud Senor was working in Providence and said he was going to take train down from Rhode Island in order to drag my ass to the show. Like an aging, nearly-crippled NFL player, my crack-medical team did everything they could to get me onto the playing field. Kudos to change100 & Senor. As my lovely tour wife said, "Pauly's just like Popeye...give him his spinach (painkillers and molly and a big-assed Ice Tea) and he'll be good to go." Ran into old friend from college who I had not seen in 20 years. Lerm gave me my first Phish bootleg. Nice mini-reunion in front of MSG.

Had decent seat in third row of 200s. Sample opener to shake off the rust. Free seemed longer than usual, but Fishman was on point. After a huddle, the boys ripped into a stand-alone Simple in the three-hole. Slightly unusual but hoped that'd foreshadow an unpredictable run instead a "melange of greatest hits scattered over four nights." Back on the Train was symbolic more than anything else. Waiting All Night was a bathroom song for most of the brahs in my section. Trey threw Gordo a bone with 555. Then... Roggae is when things started to get weird and everything percolating in my bloodstream kicked in. At the start of the Dogs sample, the crowd went berserk. I actually thought it was My Pet Cat for a few moments (to indicate how schammered I was at that point). The boys had been blowing up 46 Days as a Set 1 closer last couple years, but this one felt short and sweet. Ended on a peak moment, but shortie set. Barely 65 mins. Found my bud G at setbreak. He only sees Phish once a year, so I'm glad he got a good show. 

Chalkdust kicked off set 2. It's been a rejuvenated beast the last couple years. High-octane Trey from the get go. Did Fleetwood Mac roadies blow cocaine into his anal cavity like they had to do to Stevie Nicks after she collapsed both nostrils? Big Red was bouncing around stage exuding energy. Infectious. They unleashed a 20+ min Chalkdust. I lost count a few times. I had to ask change100 if that was still Chalkdust. Always a good sing when you get lost. Heard too many teases to count. Ghost was sandwiched around a new song -- Can't Always Listen -- which I thought was Going Down the Road (the first few seconds) but then figured it was a random classic rock cover. Alas, new song. Waves felt like it was longer than 9+ minutes. Gin never the same without Joker at the show with me, but this MSG-Gin got any random restless fans grooving. Gordo dropped a few bombs that tickled my loins. Mike's > Bouncin > Weekapaug seemed forced. I pissed during Bouncin as per usual. But M>B>W was really in place to set up the celestial Weekapaug > What's the Use > Weekapaug mind fuck. That's the kinda of spooky trippy-ass shit I want to see more at shows. Zero'd for the encore. Insert your own snark. But the crowd lapped it up.

Way-above average first show back. Rusty and sloppy, but a high-energy rager. As my bud G-Rob would say, "The boys were playing to my buzz!" I was definitely rusty and sloppy but ready to rage. Usually the first night back after a lengthy hiatus is a mixed-bag, but this exceeded expectations for night 1 of 4. One down, three more to go.

Friday, December 25, 2015

New Christmas Song by LCD Soundsystem, Christmas in LA by Vulfpeck, and SNL's Best Chirstmas Song

Merry Christmas, y'all!

LCD will be reuniting in 2016 with a gig at Coachella. I might actually got his year! Anyway, here's LCD Soundsystem's new song...Jim Murphy's Christmas-themed emo-filled tune...

Here's one of my favorite modern Christmas songs originally performed on SNL in 2001. Written by Horatio Sanz...

And here's Vulfpeck and a little something about living in LA and experiencing the surreal Christmas season with "Christmas in L.A."...

See ya at MSG in a few days...