Friday, May 30, 2008

Sounds of The Simpsons

If you're like me, other than being fucked in the head, you also like to put your Ipod on Shuffle Songs and let her go. When I happen upon a small Simpsons snippet, it's a nice change of pace. Included in this download are classics like Flaming Moe's, All in the Family, and of course We Do ! (The Stonecutters). Enjoy !!

Widespread Panic - Best of Nashville Mix

Here's a few selections from Widespread Panic's show in Nashville on 10/26/07 which includes a couple of my favorite covers...
Widespread Panic - Nashville 10/26/07
1. Cream Puff War
2. Old Neighborhood
3. Disco
4. Sharon
5. Life During Wartime
6. Going Out West
Download the Panic Nashville Mix

Wil Wheaton Reviews Elvis Costello & The Police

Wil Wheaton recently checked out The Police concert at the Hollywood Bowl in LA. Elvis Costello opened. Wil posted a review on his blog titled bring on the night . . . and the assholes. Seems like Wil had a great time except for some assholes around him. I feel his pain.

Here's a bit:
The Police put on a tremendous show. They've been playing the same songs for thirty years, but like Elvis Costello before them didn't show any obvious signs of "we've been playing this song for thirty years" fatigue. They sounded great, it was clear that they were having a lot of fun and enjoying each other's performances, and their energy was great. They were most certainly not phoning it in, and if we hadn't been surrounded by assholes, it could have been one of the greatest shows I've ever seen... More

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mountain Jam IV Bound

Tomorrow I'm off to Mountain Jam IV. My first music festival in the new millennium!! I'll be kicking it old school with pen and paper and won't be able to post till the Ratdog grand finale and my descent off the Mountain in the wee hours Monday. Internet and cell phone reception may be spotty at best and I decided not to drag the laptop with me. I will be armed with disposable cameras and notebooks to record the memories and energy. BFF & music teacher, Kim is bringing her drums and we have enough people at our camp to have a real drumming circle. Yes, IG is camping for the first time since I camped on Cape Cod on the eve of a hurricane during the Falmouth Road Race circa August 1993/1994. Normally my idea of camping now is a Holiday Inn.

Check-out the live blog now, and throughout the weekend here. The blog is being brought to us by music journalist, Rich Lieberman.

Tune into Sirius Jam On Channel 17 this weekend for live audio coverage each night.

Friday ~ Umphrey's McGee ~ 8pm

Saturday ~ Gov't Mule ~ 10pm

Sunday ~ Bob Weir & Ratdog ~ 7pm

Iclips will be live streamin the jam too. Check the blog for details.

There is also a live web cam up on the website as well as lots of cool photos.

I'm going to miss the first couple of acts but will definitely be there in time for the first must-see show for me Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Utah Phillips

Utah Phillips

I'm here to change the world, and if I am not, I am probably wasting my time.
The Golden Voice of the Great Southwest passed away last week at the age of 73. Bruce “Utah” Phillips was most known for his storytelling and folk songs, much like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. Utah lived the life of a hobo and railroad tramp and felt welcomed amongst those “spit out” by society. He took those experiences and transformed them into songs. He was powerful; his stories evoked a feeling of unity amongst the industrial workers of the world. He always fought hard for equal rights and labor laws.

…kids don’t have a little brother working in the coal mine; they don’t have a little sister coughing her lungs out in the looms of the big mill towns of the Northeast. Why? Because we organized; we broke the back of the sweatshops in this country; we have child labor laws. Those were not benevolent gifts from enlightened management. They were fought for, they were bled for, they were died for by working people, by people like us. Kids ought to know that. That’s why I sing these songs. That’s why I tell these stories, dammit. No root, no fruit!
Utah was a true eclectic, a historian, a peace activist, and pacifist.

Most recently his work with Ani Difranco on Fellow Workers* received a Grammy Award Nomination. He also collaborated with her on another album, The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere.**

…folk music isn't owned by anybody. Everybody owns it, like the national parks, the postal system, and the school system. It's our common property. There is nobody's name on it. Nobody can make money on it. It's not copy written.
I really feel that people will learn something by listening to his songs, if not that, at least they'll hear a good story and might even get a chuckle out of it!

*Personal favorites include: Stupid’s Pledge, Direct Action, Shoot or Stab Them, Why Come?, and Unless You Are Free
**Personal favorites include: Anarchy, Candidacy, Enormously Wealthy, Mess With People, Natural Resources, and Heroes

Phil Lewis Art

This weekend I was up in Boulder and got a piece of art from a local artist by the name of Phil Lewis. I really like his art and think that most of you will too. Check out his website- you can order a print for only $20! Really cool psychedelic stuff...

Trey Confirmed at Rothbury

This just in: Trey will perform a solo acoustic set at the inaugural Rothbury Festival on Sunday, July 6.

Predicted setlist:

Esther, Velvet Sea, Heavy Things>YEM*, Friday, Simple>Cavern>Foam

*my left nut jam

Top 5 Worst Phish Songs: Daddy's Picks

I first met Daddy at the last ever Phish show at Deer Creek in 2004. We smoked up on the lawn during setbreak and have been buddies ever since. He recently sent me a hilarious email which detailed what he thought was his least favorite Phish songs.

So here they are....
Daddy's Top 5 Worst Phish Songs

Here my five least favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, Phish.

Note, these aren't essentially the "beer" or "piss" songs such as Bouncin', Brian and Robert, etc. where it's time for a break at a show. I can get these songs, I'd just rather have mashing jams when I'm seeing them live. Most of these songs don't truly suck per se, they're just often grossly misplaced.

5.) Simple - Some people love it, I can't stand it. The drive is there, but the repetition grows tired before we even hear how grand the saxophone really is.

4.) Cavern - This song can be so fucking funky, and so damn good at times. A great example of where their lyrics just totally fucking blow it. Of course, if you give me some "Gears" Gerhard trumpet action I could stomach these lyrics all damn day.

3.) Heavy Things - I'm still confused why they chose this as their radio single off of Farmhouse. Has there been a worse marketing decision in the history of music? In a related note, The Inlaw Josie Wales - Sand - First Tube trio is one of the greatest in studio album history.

2.) Contact - At first it was neat to have your guys play what is essentially a children's song right in the middle of a sick funk stretch. Once the novelty wears off it's pretty easy to see that this song just fucking blows.

1.) Esther - Probably my least favorite song by any of my favorite bands. When I hear it I'm tempted to lop off one of my fingers in an effort to have the intense throbbing drown the song completely out of my brain.

Honorable mentions: The entire Round Room album.
And there you have it. Daddy has spoken.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trey Hints at Phish Reunion?

Hat tip to Partyin' Peeps for the link to the blurb in Rolling Stone titled Trey Anastasio Hints at Phish Reunion.

I have a feeling that God spoke to Trey in jail and told him, "Get the band back together."

Is Trey on a Mission from God? Let's hope so.

Here's the quote that has given ever male Phishead a hard-on and got every Phishy chick wetter that monsoon season...
"When Phish broke up, I made some comment about how I'm not gonna go around playing 'You Enjoy Myself' for the rest of my life," Anastasio said with a laugh. "And it's so funny because Fish and Mike and Page have been talking to each other a lot lately and now — it's not that I can't believe that I said that, but its symbolic of how much I lost my mind or how much I lost my bearings or something. Because at this point in time I would give my left nut to play that song five times in a row every day until I die. I certainly thought about that while I was in jail."
For the record, I'd give up my left nut and at least one finger if Phish got back together. Stay tuned for more info on a potential Phish reunion.

Grace Potter's Politics

My Morning Jacket Interview & "I'm Amazed" Video

I ran across a couple of things on My Morning Jacket. First, has a really great interview with the band. I enjoyed it, here is one of my favorite parts:
"We basically just say we are a rock band, but I don't really know what that means," Broemel says of seemingly every critic's quest to define My Morning Jacket's style. "I mean, if I am at the dentist's office and the dental assistant is like 'I like Kid Rock, would I like you?,' I'm like, 'well you may like us.'" And if she presses, I'm like, 'but we are a weird rock band,' so if she comes to see us, she isn't disappointed."

Second, here is a video from their March Austin SXSW performace of "I'm Amazed":

She & Him North American Tour Dates

Now, for a Hollywood starlet who actually CAN sing!

Unlike her contemporary, Scarlett Johansson, who recently released her album of Tom Waits covers to scathing reviews, Zooey Deschanel has found both critical acclaim and popular enthusiasm for her musical collaboration with M. Ward. Calling themselves She & Him, they released their debut album Volume One this past March, and after playing to sold-out houses in New York and Los Angeles, have added 13 more U.S. and Canadian tour stops this summer.

Tickets go on sale May 30 via Ticketmaster.

Here's the full She & Him tour calendar:
She & Him Tour Dates:
07.23 Toronto, ONT - Opera House
07.24 Northampton, MA - Academy of Music
07.25 Philadelphia, PA - Trocadero
07.26 New York, NY - Terminal 5
07.28 Carrboro, NC - Cats Cradle
07.29 Atlanta, GA - Varsity Playhouse
07.30 Nashville, TN - Mercy Lounge
07.31 Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
08.02 Newport, RI - Newport Folk Festival
08.05 Chicago, IL - Park West
08.07 Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
08.08 Madison, WI - Barrymore
08.10 Washington, DC - V Fest
Oh and here's a clip of She & Him performing Change Is Hard on the Late Late Show...

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Scarlett... Don't Sing

Dear Scarlett,

Stick to acting. And wearing designer outfits that show off your cleavage.


change100 and the 1102 other reviewers who gave your album a combined score of ONE STAR on iTunes

P.S.-- Here are some of my favorites.

The Top 20 One-Star Reviews of Scarlett Johansson's Anywhere I Lay My Head on iTunes

dani_defenes: "duuuude... it does not get more WTF than this. Who let her do this? As Michael Kors might say-- sounds like someone was drinking the kool-aid when this was put together."

pha...: "I buried my voice under a million other sounds so you could only kind of tell that I can't really sing."

Country-Girl-in-the-City: "Worse than American Idol's rejects week!!!!"

kaiser5: "I honestly thought this CD was a joke, either that or some kind of Tom Waits parody. Frankly, anyone who feels otherwise is musically clueless."

peterpanlovesd: "What in the world is this? I'm scared."

tksandfc: "I'd rather listen to the Wiggles. Or Barney."

kinogod3: "This makes William Shatner's debut and magnum opus MacArthur Park, sound brilliant."

njaero: "This is like something that I would sing while gietting drunk at 3, banging out rnadom things to tunes like my jewelry box, or playing with spoons."

volt: "She sounds a bit like a tone-deaf android with mechanical failure."

musicadm: "You don't give children knives to play with and obviously you don't give Scarlett an 8 track and some microphones."

nickna: "Please just go back to taking hot pictures of yourself almost naked."

Vaporpark: "if I wanted to head Senad O Connor id drown a puppy in a bucket of water."

8ball80: "Garbage."

woofani: "Horrifying. My ears refused to listen."

js: "nooooooooo. no no no no no. noooooooo. No."


lw: "She sounds like a man."

Haylet: "She sounds like a man!"

klb: "OMG, she totally sounds like a man."

RockHardforChrist247: "It kind of sounds like whales mating...and the instruments sound like noises that come from McDonalds Happy Meal toys."

Another Trey Sneak Preview: Shine

Phish sent us another sneak preview from Trey's new album. This time it's Shine.

Download Shine

Here's the email we got:
Here is a new track for you to download from Trey Anastasio's "Original Boardwalk Style" for your site or station and some more photos for use on your website and/or blog.

"Original Boardwalk Style" will be released on Rubber Jungle Records on June 10th, 2008. It will be available as CD and Vinyl and as digital audio downloads in both MP3 and FLAC formats. Pre-orders are available now via Trey's online store at and at

Proceeds from this album will benefit the Seven Below Artist Initiative established by Trey to foster artistic development and support arts education in the state of Vermont. The program offers residencies for visual artists at The Barn, a uniquely restored property on 65 acres in Vermont. The residencies are designed to provide artists with a peaceful, inspiring, and supportive living and working experience.

Through a partnership with Burlington City Arts, Seven Below is open to artists at any stage of their career and working in various visual arts media. For more information about the program, including how to make a direct contribution, please visit

Jam On The River YouTube Videos

A few videos are showing up from this weekend...check them out:
The Avett Brothers, Weight of Lies


The Disco Biscuits, Jam into Inverted And The Ladies Were The Rest of the Night...

and The Flaming Lips...

Summer Camp Videos

Here is what I have been able to find so far:

Getting Down At Summer Camp...

For a full recap of the event, including photos, articles and reviews, visit the Journal Star's Summer Camp site:

Girl Talk and The Flaming Lips (audio is a little weird at times)...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 5/26/94 San Francisco, CA

14 years ago today, Phish completed their second show of a three night run at the famous Warfield Theatre in San Francisco, CA. I was a senior in college in 1994 and caught a bunch of Phish shows on their Spring tour. They were throwing down some heavy ass shit back during the Rift days. Heck, they even played Mound in a second set that also featured 2001 > Antelope.
5/26/94 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

Set 1: Buried Alive > Poor Heart > Cavern, Demand, Split Open and Melt, Sparkle, It's Ice > Catapult, Divided Sky, Sample in a Jar

Set 2: 2001 > Run Like an Antelope, Fluffhead, Down With Disease > Mound, Ginseng Sullivan*, Dog Faced Boy*, You Enjoy Myself, Amazing Grace

E: Good Times Bad Times

Download/listen link to 5/26/1994 (courtesy of, please note that the Antelope is mislabeled in the second set as "Sample in a Jar")

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Les Claypool Movie -Electric Apricot (Quest for Festeroo)

A comedy in the spirit of This is Spinal Tap. This is a National Lampoon "mockumentary" of the Jam-Band scene. Electric Apricot actually played a few unannounced gigs in California during 2004 and 2005 to shoot footage and the film made its way around the film festival circuit including Bonnaroo's Music & Arts Festival. The film was just released on DVD (May 13, 2008) and there is an accompanying music CD which includes songs by Electric Apricot as well as Bob Weir, Gov't Mule, Jerry Garcia & David Grisman, Stiff Dead Cat, Henry Thomas, and Larry LaLonde.

-Written and directed by bassman, Les Claypool, who stars as drummer/vocalist Lapland "Lapdog" Miclovik in this flick.

"Making a film... it's a non-stop kick to the testicles."— Les Claypool (on his directorial debut)

-Cameo appearances from Mike Gordon, Bob Weir, Wavy Gravy and Warren Haynes as themselves. South Park's Matt Stone also appears as a taper.

The movie follows the fictional Jam-Band Electric Apricot as it rises up thru Jam-Band circles and follows their road to the granddaddy of music festivals Festeroo. I laughed at the theme song: "Hey are you going to Burning Man". The trailer shows the typical hippie stereotype's like the burning of sage to ward of evil spirts, space-dancing festival goers, and hula hoops (personally I never hula hooped at a show but I did hacky-sack). Pass the Patchouli and order me a veggie burrito!

The official website is here.

You can check out other clips here.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Looking for some Dylan to listen to on his birthday? Hit up TUBE for a shitload of Dylan bootlegs.

And here's Bob and his flashcards in Subterranean Homesick Blues...

And here's Bob Dylan rocking it out in the UK in 1966 with Like a Rolling Stone...

The Band Videos - Don't Do It

I always felt that The Last Waltz (directed by Martin Scorsese) was the best ever concert films and documentaries ever done.

Here's Don't Do It by The Band...

That video was just the first part of The Last Waltz. Youtube user sk8punk3d288 has the entire film uploaded. Check it out.

Rap in Charts and Bar Graphs

Funny shit. Hat tip to Kid Dynamite for finding this amazing site... rap music as represented by charts and graphs.

Friday, May 23, 2008

iclips Broadcasting Summercamp

As I am typing this the sweet sounds of Umphrey's performance are coming through my speakers. Seems like the kids over at iclips are getting better and better at broadcasting from festivals. Check out the rest of Umphrey's McGee and the Flaming Lips tonight, or take a look and listen tomorrow and Sunday. The schedule looks pretty tasty:

Friday, May 23

1:30 PM CST - Moe.

3:00 PM CST - Tea Leaf Green (Chicago 2/16/08)

4:00 PM CST - Tea Leaf Green

5:15 PM CST - The Lee Boys

6:00 PM CST - STS9

8:00 PM CST - Umphrey's McGee

10:15 PM CST - Umphrey's McGee

12:00 AM CST - The Flaming Lips

Saturday, May 24

1:00 PM CST - Avett Brothers

2:00 PM CST - Cornmeal

3:15 PM CST - Family Grove Company

4:00 PM CST - Umphrey's McGee

5:15 PM CST - Lotus

6:00 PM CST - G Love & Special Sauce

7:15 PM CST - Blind Melon

8:00 PM CST - Moe.

9:15 PM CST - TBA

10:15 PM CST - Moe.

Sunday, May 25

1:00 PM CST - Lotus

2:00 PM CST - Hot Buttered Rum

3:15 PM CST - Backyard Tire Fire

4:00 PM CST - Banyan

5:15 PM CST - Dumpstaphunk

6:00 PM CST - Moe.

8:30 PM CST - Moe.

10:00 PM CST - George Clinton

12:00 AM CST - The New Pornographers

Link to iclips Summercamp Stream

Trey Anastasio Videos - My Sweet One (Acoustic)

Good news for Trey... he avoids jail as long as he stays clean.

Here's one of my favorite videos of Trey performing an acoustic version of My Sweet One in the back of Phish's tour bus circa November 1994.

Radiohead Videos - Houston, TX 5/17/8

Pancho sent me the link to this video of Reckoner from Radiohead's Houston show last weekend...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Trey Anastasio's Sentence Reduced

From my local newspaper the Albany Times Union:

Ex-Phish frontman gets reduced sentence

By CHRISTEN GOWAN, Staff writer

FORT EDWARD -- Former Phish frontman Ernest "Trey" Anastasio received a reduced sentence for drug charges Wednesday with his successful completion of Washington County's drug court program.

Anastasio was facing class D felony charges after he was arrested in Whitehall on Dec. 15, 2006, with an assortment of prescription medications, including hydrocodone, Percocet and Xanax, which had been prescribed to another person.

The rocker appeared in Washington County Court in front of Judge Kelly McKeighan. With his graduation from the program imminent, Washington County District Attorney Kevin Kortright recommended the reduced sentence, saying Anastasio will graduate with "flying colors."

"He did very well in the drug court," Kortright said. "If they do well and don't have past violations, then they are recommended for reduced sentences."

He was sentenced to three years' probation; three others in the program also received reduced sentences in court Wednesday.

Anastasio entered the treatment program in April 2007. He will graduate in mid-June. Kortright said the musician completed community service and had one violation during his treatment time. Anastasio was also tested weekly for drugs.

During treatment, Anastasio lived in Saratoga Springs, and the district attorney said that county probation will determine whether the rocker should still maintain his residence there.

The rocker faced one to three years in state prison had he failed the treatment program.

Kortright said he asked Anastasio to use his celebrity to share his story and help others with drug addiction.

Back in January, the rocker led a class through Road to Recovery, an organization that works to help teens overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Editor's Note: This news even made E!'s news blog... Trey Anastasio Treats Himself to Probation.

2008 Bonnaroo Schedule

The Bonnaroo schedule has been released! Check it out... here.

Here are my suggestions...

Thursday: Newton Faulkner, Dark Star Orchestra

Friday: Steel Train, !!!, Anders Osbourne, Willie Nelson, Metallica, My Morning Jacket, and the Super Jam

Saturday: The Wood Brothers, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Ozomatli, Levon Helm, Phil & Friends, Talib Kweli

Sunday: The Lee Brothers, Robert Randolph, Yonder Mountain, An Acoustic Performance by Larry Campbell, Jackie Greene, Phil Lesh & Teresa Williams, Robert Plant & Allison Krauss, Widespread Panic

And here's some of our hijinks from Bonnaroo 2006 featuring the celebrity heads...

The Avett Brothers: NPR and Upcoming Release!

interview and performance on NPR!
There's a couple new tunes they play during the interview that I had never heard, Late in Life (Frozen in my Tracks) and That's How I Got to Memphis



Give a look'see to my other post on the boys as well!

Dear Scarlett...

Dear Scarlett,

Unless you are going to jump up and down in a wet t-shirt while you butcher Tom Waits songs, then please for the love of God... stop singing.

With all the love in my loins,

P.S. By the way, this is how to sing a song. I stumbled upon a random You Tube video from a cute chick named Margie Chadburn. It's just her, a raspy country voice, big city dreams, and an acoustic guitar covering one of your songs.

STS9 et al. Summer Podcast Released - post-Joker Sex Jubiliation?

It's been almost 2 months since STS9 put out a podcast, perhaps Joker's make-up sex reminded STS9 that sharing is caring. Anyhow the podcasts are quality recordings and free, so good news. Also, it seems as though their mixing it up a bit and including other artists from their label, most jambanders will recognize Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (JFJO) and Pnuma Trio, I'm excited to hear what Count Bass D is doing, I first heard him on a Spongebath records album 10 years ago.. We'll see, anyhow go subscribe to STS9's podcast via Itunes if you haven't already, or check out this webpage.

1. Shock Doctrine - STS9 2. Tether Ball Triumph - JFJO 3. BFF - Sub iD 4. Can We Hang Out Tonight? - Count Bass D 5. Need Some Hope - Collective Efforts 6. AVID - Pnuma Trio 7. Tokyo (Low Pro Lounge + Djunya Remix) - STS9 8. By The Morning Sun (Slicker Remix) - STS9 9. the paint - The Meantime Apocalypse 10. i feel free - Collective Efforts 11. (Regeneration Edit) aka. the Media pt.1 - STS9

Around the Horn: Bad Plus, Phil & Friends, Wilco, Ernie Stires, and Free Music in NYC

Some stellar content this week all around the music blogs including a several reviews. Here's a few of note...

The Bad Plus @ Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, San Francisco 5/15/08 by Justin Ward (Live Music Blog)

Preview: Free Summer Concerts in NYC by Some Dude (Hidden Track)

Review: Phil Lesh & Friends 05.16 & 05.18 SF by Ben Marks (Jam Base)

Review: Wilco 05.14.08 Lawrence, KS by Nathan Rodriguez (Jam Base)

Also check out this piece from the Burlington Free Press about Trey's mentor Ernie Stires passing away.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sergio's White Hot Top 5: Songs on iTunes

And now for your hump day giggle courtesy of Current...

American Idol: It's Archuleta vs. Cook in a Battle of the Davids

David Cook-- Your Next American Idol?

It was 25-year old alt-rocker David Cook vs. 17-year old Mormon popster David Archuleta in last night's boxing-themed American Idol finale. Each David got the chance to sing three songs before America voted for the last time-- Cook pulling out U2's I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For and Collective Soul's The World I Know, while Archuleta took on Elton John's Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me and John Lennon's Imagine. In addition to those songs, each contestant also had to try on one of the (God-awful) numbers penned by the American Idol songwriting contest's 20 finalists.

For more Idol goodness, check out my full American Idol Recap.

My Morning Jacket - Highly Suspicious Mix Up

One of our readers, Eric, sent me this link... My Morning Jacket's Cantaloop Love Affair (My Old Kentucky Blog).

I was happy to find a nice mix by DJ Immuzikation of Highly Suspicious (from MMJ's new album Evil Urges) with Cantaloop (US3) and Athene (Hercules & Love Affair).

Click here to download the MMJ mix up.

OMG! The Joker and STS9 Had Make-up Sex, Are Back Together

I am a pretty big fan of STS9, but over the past year my confidence has waned a little bit. The last really good shows I saw by STS9 were in March ’07, when they played 5 consecutive nights at the Boulder Theater without repeating a song.

Since March ’07, I felt that STS9 were doing 3 things that I did not like on a consistent basis:

  • Playing the same performance over and over, without improv

  • Being too predictable in song selection (playing the same shit all the time)
  • Overplaying (in my opinion) what I call the glitchy-laptop-sample focused (newer) songs, while forgetting some older gems

  • I basically had gotten bored with a band that I loved, and the newer stuff that they were playing I thought sucked. I felt like STS9 and I were drifting apart. It wasn’t you, STS9, it was me. I pretty much had broken up with them after the Langerado '08 set. I just wasn’t that into it.

    I had discussions with a lot of my fellow STS9 fans here in Colorado and we started talking about how we liked the “old STS9” and didn’t like the “new STS9.” I am an infrequent visitor of their message board,, but it seemed like the few times I went there the messages posted seemed to echo what I was feeling.

    Pauly checked out their recent show at the House of Blues in Hollywood last Saturday 5/17 and called me to tell me that he had a great time.

    Honestly, this surprised me. I thought he would come back saying “you know, it was an average show…kids in flat billed hats, crystals and spun out wookies kinda thing.”

    I listened to what Pauly had to say. I checked out the boards to read what others had to say. The set list looked pretty good on paper. I downloaded the show from their web site.

    As I am listening to it now, all I can say is:

    Holy shit, STS9 listened to me (and are good again)!
    But we are talking about music, so listen for yourself. I have a few selections from the show:

    5.17.08 STS9 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA

    Set 1: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Tooth, 118, F Word, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, This Us, Breathe In > Arigato

    Set 2: EHM, Glogli, ABCees > Evasive Maneuvers, From Now On, Rent, Open E

    Encore: Moon Socket > Breathe In

    Here is what they did that I like, and I hope they will do more of:

    1. Longer intros and building some tension, being patient with the song and building into an uncontrollable dance party: GLOgli

    2. Segues, mixing up the old and new: Abcees>Evasive Maneuvers

    3. Segues without finishing songs, then finishing the song later: Set I: Breathe In>Arigato and Encore: Moon Socket>Breathe In

    So check it out
    , and check out STS9 this summer late night after that second has roll kicked in. And if you like what your hear, get the whole show at

    Tuesday, May 20, 2008

    Au - Verbs (2008)

    The nodatta music blog tagged Au's new album as "abstract, ambient, experimental." That's not much to go on, but a good start - enough to get me to hunt down their myspace and check out their tunes. As soon as RR vs D started to play I knew I'd be enjoying the whole album as fast as Brighthouse's bandwidth would allow. That hipster-know-it-all-son-of-a-bitch Bob Boylen evidently felt the same way because he led off with the same song for last week's NPR: All Songs Considered "Great Unknowns Showcase." It's a bright piece of work, tangential and surprising.

    The skinny: album comes in late June, the man behind Au is Luke Wyland, he uses a collective of (surprise, surprise) Portland, Oregon, based artists. Fans of Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Akron/Family will especially dig this. They only have west coast dates scheduled this summer, hopefully that'll change.

    official website

    Phish News: Mike Gordon Solo Album and Free Show

    First of all, the city of Buffalo, NY is offering up free shows this summer at Buffalo Place. Mike Gordon will be one of many artists playing for Thursday at the Square concert series. Also on the slate are... Galactic, Disco Biscuits, Yonder Mountain String Band, Mickey Hart and Tea Leaf Green.

    Since we're on a Mike kick today, here's some good news for all you hardcore Cactus fans. Mike Gordon will be releasing a solo album on August 5th. It's called The Green Sparrow and includes Trey and Page (but no Fish!) in addition to Chuck Leavell from the Allman Brothers, Bill Kreutzmann from the Grateful Dead, Ivan Neville from New Orleans and several horn players from Antibalas.

    Here's Mike Gordon's tour schedule as he hits the summer festival circuit...
    See the Cactus:
    7/04 Rothbury Festival @ Rothbury, MI
    7/06 High Sierra Music Festival @ Quincy, CA
    7/12 All Good Music Festival @ Masontown, WV
    7/19 Mile High Music Festival @ Denver, CO
    8/02 Gathering of The Vibes @ Bridgeport, CT
    8/14 Buffalo Square @ Buffalo, NY
    By the way... if you are looking for Mike Gordon's website, don't forget about the hyphen! If you don't use the hyphen, you get some real estate dude in cheeseland.

    Metallica Weenie Roast Download

    I had a chance to see Metallica the other night in Irvine and skipped out to see STS9 instead. I only saw Metallica once and that was in high school back in the late 1980s in New York City. It was an insane show then and I wonder what it would be like seeing them now?

    Anyway, here's a link to the download link for Metallica from 5/17/2008. Hat tip to TUBE.

    By the way, as a special tribute to Coventry's three Swedish Metallica fans, here's Part 1 of their documentary Some Kind of Monster... including Swedish subtitles.

    Monday, May 19, 2008

    Phil Lesh Warfield Videos - Balloon Drop & Sugar Magnolia

    Here's a cool video of the "balloon drop" during Sugar Magnolia...

    Video courtesy of Kava's Radio Soup.

    Radiohead Videos - Dallas 5/18/08

    Editor's Note: Click on song for link to YouTube videos, and please thank them for filming, its the day after and these guys have almost the whole show up already!
    Radiohead Set List - 5/18/08 Dallas, TX
    Set 1: All I Need, There There, 15 Step, Bangers and Mash, Nude, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The National Anthem, Dollars and Cents*, Faust Arp**, Videotape, A Wolf At The Door*, Optimistic, Reckoner, Everything In Its Right Place, Idioteque, Bodysnatchers
    E1: Fake Plastic Trees, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, House of Cards, Exit Music (For A Film)***, The Bends
    E2: You and Whose Army?, Paranoid Android
    *first time played this tour
    **Phil Selway films Thom & Jonny’s performance
    ***Thom responds to a heckler: "You’re a funny guy"
    * * * * * *

    I found this video of "The Bends" performed during the first encore last night. Video from gundleok. Also check out his profile & videos, seems he is uploading as we speak...

    Here's "Idioteque" courtesy of birddogtheaction...

    Here's "Paranoid Android" courtesy of birddogtheaction...

    Here's "15 Step" courtesy of gundleok...

    Here's "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" courtesy of skysaw73...

    Here's "Faust Arp" courtesy of gundleok...

    Here's "Fake Plastic Trees" courtesy of gundleok...

    We'll post more videos here as they come available.

    Phil Lesh and Friends Setlist - 5/18/08 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

    Tonight is supposed to be a special night at the Warfield. After four epic nights of covering entire Grateful Dead albums, Phil Lesh is closing out his five show run with a three set performance that included several special guests such as Bob Weir.

    Over at the Phil Zone, the thread for the 5/18 show mentioned...
    tonight's set timing from official staff handout:
    1st set 9-10:15
    2nd set 11-12:15
    3rd set 1-2:30
    The first set featured Phil Lesh playing as a trio with Bobby and John Molo. They opened with a cover of Come Together. Other highlights included a sizzling Dark Star and West L.A. Fadeaway.

    During the set break, in between the first and second set, Jackie Green and Larry Campbell played a mini-acoustic set around 15-20 minutes long. That song list is incomplete but I got word that they played a couple of tunes including Deep Elum Blues.

    Phil Lesh's normal line up appeared for the second set. They opened with a bong-rattling Shakedown Street. Phil sung on Althea! Mark Karan sat in for a couple of songs. That second set which also included an instrumental version of Stella Blue before they ended the set around 1:15am with Sugaree.

    During setbreak, Jackie Green played a few songs with Tim Bluhm.

    Third set began around 2am with a balloon drop from the ceiling and Sugar Magnolia. Set 3 ended around 3am and featured heavy hitters such as Uncle John's Band and Terrapin.

    Here's the setlist so far. We'll do our best to update it as more info comes forth!
    Phil Lesh and Friends Set List - 4/18/08 The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

    Set 1 (With Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, and John Molo): Come Together > Dark Star > Loose Lucy, West L.A. Fade Away, The Wheel > Not Fade Away

    Set 1.5 (Jackie & Larry acoustic): ? Your Last Letter, Sing Me Back Home, Deep Elem Blues, ?, Warfield Waltz, ? Please Come Home, Goodnight Irene, ??

    Set 2: Shakedown Street > Ball & Chain, Big River, Mississippi 1/2 Step > Althea, Mexican Girl, Stella Blue > Sugaree

    Set 2.5 (Jackie Greene and Tim Bluhm): Spider John and unknown songs

    Set 3: Sugar Magnolia > Sunshine Daydream, Unbroken Chain > Mountains of the Moon > Terrapin > I Know You Rider

    Encore: Truckin' > And We Bid You Goodnight

    Stay tuned for more info...

    Click here for more Phil Lesh and Friends coverage including setlists, reviews, videos, pictures, and download links.

    Sunday, May 18, 2008

    Radiohead Setlist 5/18/08 - Dallas, TX

    A friend of mine will be texting in the set list info from Radiohead's show in Dallas, TX tonight at the Center. It's their last show on this leg of their US Tour.

    Here's the unconfirmed setlist so far... (follow links to YouTube videos)
    Radiohead Set List - 5/18/08 Dallas, TX

    Set 1: All I Need, There There, 15 Step, Bangers and Mash, Nude, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The National Anthem, Dollars and Cents*, Faust Arp**, Videotape, A Wolf At The Door*, Optimistic, Reckoner, Everything In Its Right Place, Idioteque, Bodysnatchers

    E1: Fake Plastic Trees, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, House of Cards, Exit Music (For A Film)***, The Bends

    E2: You and Whose Army?, Paranoid Android

    *first time played this tour
    **Phil Selway films Thom & Jonny’s performance
    ***Thom responds to a heckler: "You’re a funny guy"
    Curious about how often a song is played? Check out the 2008 Tour Stats Page.

    Previous Radiohead Setlists:
    5/17/08 Houston, TX
    5/14/08 St. Louis
    5/11/08 Bristow, VA
    5/09/08 Charlotte
    5/8/08 Atlanta
    5/6/08 Tampa
    5/5/08 West Palm Beach

    Click here for more Radiohead coverage of previous shows including pics, videos, reviews, and live blogs.

    Radiohead Videos - Houston, TX

    One of our readers tipped us off to some Radiohead Houston YouTube vidoes from Blakeeb. Thanks a bunch because they are slammin'!

    Here's the Houston playlist.

    And here's the videos...

    Editor's Note: The Joker highly recommends checking out the lights in Planet Telex (video 7).

    Brokedown Palace - Jackie Greene & Phil Lesh Acoustic Video

    Directed by Grahame Lesh this was a rehearsal shot in Phil's very own living room for the Fall 2007 Phil & Friends tour. I remember wondering who the "new kid" was when I saw Phil and Friends at the Glens Falls Civic Arena last October. Even though Trey Anastasio sat in for this show, it was clear to me that Phil had found someone special in the kid. You can read my review by clicking here.

    Jackie Greene will also be performing solo at Mountain Jam IV.

    STS9 Setlists - 5/16/08 and 5/17/08 House of Blues in Hollywood, CA

    STS9 played a special two night run at the House of Blues in West Hollwood. I only caught the Saturday night show.

    I'm not a hardcore Sound Tribe fan, but I've been to over 25+ shows spread out over a decade. I've seen them open for other bands (like Trey in Red Rocks), perform at festivals like Langerado or Bonnaroo, and even saw them play late night shows at Langerado and Vegoose. They are definitely one of the bands you see around 2am after your second roll kicked in.

    The Joker is the STS9 guru and has caught them a bunch of times. His assessment of the setlists/shows were that they mixed up a lot of newer songs from the last two years along with some of their classics.

    I thought set 1 was above average, but they had several raise the roof moments in set 2. Highlights included... Glogli which is m favorite STS9 tune.
    5.16.08 STS9 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA

    Set 1: ISB (new intro), Monkey Music, Bigs, By The Morning Sun, Common Objects Strangely Placed, Yes/No, 1103, New Song

    Set 2: The Rabble, Be Nice, Instantly, Water Song, Really Wut, Mischief, One A Day

    Encore: Aimlessly

    5.17.08 STS9 - House of Blues - W. Hollywood, CA

    Set1: Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature, Tooth, 118, F Word, We'll Meet In Our Dreams, This Us, Breath In > Arigato

    Set 2: EHM (extended), Glogli, ABCees > Evasive Maneuvers, From Now On, Rent, Open E

    Encore: Moonsockets, So It Goes > Breathe In
    Setlists courtesy of

    Bill Kreutzmann Trio featuring Scott Murawski and Oteil Burbridge

    What a trio!! Allman Brothers bassist Oteil Burbridge, Max Creek vocalist and guitarist Scott Murawksi, and none other then the Grateful Dead's Bill Kreutzmann have formed a power trio and will be touring this summer. The three are said to also be working on a late fall release. Not sure what the actual name they are playing under is but I have seen KBM and the Bill Kreutzmann Trio on different sites and according to David Gans over on Cloud Surfing it might just be THREE.

    Tour dates confirmed thus far:
    Wed, May 28-Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel- Providence, RI

    Thurs, May 29-State Theater- Falls Church, VA

    Fri, May 30-New Alhembra Arena- Philadelphia, PA

    Sat, May 31-Recher Theater- Towson, MD

    Sun, June 1-Rocks Off Concert Cruise- New York, NY

    Tues, June 3-Tupelo Music Hall- Londonderry, NH

    Thurs, June 5- The Roxy Nightclub- Boston, MA

    Fri, June 6-Toad’s Place- New Haven, CT

    Sat, June 7-Higher Ground Ballroom- S. Burlington, VT

    Sat, Aug 2-Gathering Of The Vibes Fest- Bridgeport, CT

    Sat, Oct 25-Magnolia Fest- Live Oak, FL
    I'm a little disappointed that the NYC cruise date conflicts with Mountain Jam IV and our good Dr Pauly will be on assignment in Las Vegas during that time. It's great to see Bill back out there playing music again. Bill has a pretty cool website showcasing his artwork and music and a link to his myspace page. Take a look at Ocean and click on the faces of his drums.

    You can also hear a sneak peak of them over on Scott's website Scott by clicking on listen to 3 @ Pearl Street. There is a ripping, smoking Eyes of the World with Scott on guitar and vocals and an incredible bass line by Burbridge. Alas, I was unable to find the show on just yet.

    Phil Lesh and Friends Setlist - 5/17/08 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

    Phil Lesh was at it again covering Dead albums at the Warfield. On Saturday night, he performed Skull & Roses and then skipped a few albums before he went with Dead Set.

    Here's the unconfirmed and unofficial setlist...
    Phil Lesh and Friends Set list - 5/17/08 Warfield Theater

    Set 1 (Skull & Roses): Bertha, Mama Tried, Big Railroad Blues, Playing In The Band, The Other One, Me & My Uncle, Big Boss Man, Me & Bobby McGee, Johnny B. Goode, Wharf Rat, Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad

    Set 2 (Dead Set): Samson and Delilah, Friend Of The Devil, New Minglewood Blues, Deal, Candyman, Little Red Rooster, Loser, Passenger, Feel Like A Stranger, Franklin's Tower

    Set 3: Rhythm Devils > Fire On The Mountain, Greatest Story Ever Told, Brokedown Palace

    Set 3 with Henry Kaiser
    Stay tuned for more info.

    Saturday, May 17, 2008

    Radiohead Setlist 5/17/08 - Houston, TX @ The Woodlands

    Radiohead kicks off their two Texas shows with one in Houston tonight.

    So far here's what we have of the unofficial set list...
    Radiohead Set List - 5/17/08 at C.W. Mitchell Pavilion in Woodlands (Houston, TX)

    Set 1: 15 Step, Bodysnatchers, Lucky, Morning Bell, Nude, Pyramid Song, Weird Fishes/Apeggi, The Gloaming, National Anthem, Faust Arp, Videotape, Optimistic, Where I End and You Begin, Reckoner, Everything in Its Right Place, All I Need, There There

    Encore 1: Jigsaw Falling Into Place, House of Cards, Climbing Up The Walls, Planet Telex, Street Spirit (Fade Out)

    Encore 2: You And Whose Army?, Idioteque

    Previous Radiohead Setlists:
    5/14/08 St. Louis
    5/11/08 Bristow, VA
    5/09/08 Charlotte
    5/8/08 Atlanta
    5/6/08 Tampa
    5/5/08 West Palm Beach

    And check back in with us tomorrow for the setlist for the next show in Dallas, Texas.

    Click here for more Radiohead coverage of previous shows including pics, videos, reviews, and live blogs.

    Phil Lesh and Friends Setlist - 5/16/08 Warfield Theater - Workingman's Dead & American Beauty

    Yep, just like clockwork, Phil Lesh and friends is back at it again. They are playing two of my favorite Dead albums... Workingman's Dead and American Beauty... both from 1970.

    Here's the setlist...
    Phil Lesh and Friends Set list - 5/16/08 Warfield Theater

    Set 1 (Workingman's Dead): Uncle John's Band, High Time*, Dire Wolf(, New Speedway Boogie*, Cumberland Blues*, Black Peter*, Easy Wind*, Casey Jones

    Set 2 (American Beauty): Box of Rain*, Friend of the Devil*, Sugar Magnolia, Operator, Candyman, Ripple*, Brokedown Palace, Till the Morning Comes**

    Encore: Attics of My Life**, Truckin*

    * with David Nelson
    ** with Teresa Williams

    FYI, the gang at Hidden Track has download links for the first two Phil Lesh Warfield shows.

    Also... Jam Base posted a killer review of the 5.13 and 5.14 shows by Ben Marks, which includes photos.

    Check 'em out!

    Friday, May 16, 2008

    Grateful Dead Blog Site of the Day

    We all know the studio recordings of the Grateful Dead paled in comparison to the live concert experience. As the saying goes: There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert.

    I started going to shows well before the Internet was even in my vocabulary. As someone who didn't own a computer until late 2000, I had to be satisfied with studio albums, bootleg recordings, and tape trading between shows. I remember my old boyfriend and touring partner Rob, trying to record a show with either a handheld cassette player or a small boom box. A few years back we laughed about how foolish we were to even attempt to tape a show with such low rent equipment. I remember Kim, my other touring partner/partner-in-crime/BFF (best friend forever) and I buying a bootleg at a record store in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. When we got it back to her house, the record itself had a Christian Music label on it and I thought she was going to cry because we had been ripped off by the store. I told her to play it and we were rewarded with the scratchy warbling of Jerry, Bob and I think even PigPen or Donna Jean on this record.

    I always wondered if the tapers were enjoying themselves. They all seemed so stoic, standing rock solid still, microphone stands telescoped into the air. I often thought one taper was trying to out do another by seeing who could get their mike stand higher. And I'm sure there was a pecking order amongst themselves. Frankly, I found the tapers to be a little geeky strange as they spoke their own strange language and stood in their own little section away from the twirlers, hall dancers and average Joe weekend-warrior deadhead.

    Yet we relied on the tapers to feed our Jones and as preservationists of these magical moments in our own personal histories. Long after the shows were over we needed those tapes to relive that extra-special Birdsong or Lost Sailor/Saint of Circumstance or Finiculi Finicula or the Drums/Space with licks from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And is was only on tape that we could relive the the playful teasing of Jerry not helping out Bob when Bob launched into Stir it Up and forgot the words during the 3/26/88 Hampton, VA show.

    None of my circle taped and we weren't actively into tape trading. Most of what my collection became was copies of copies of copies. The sound getting poorer and poorer with each generation of the original tape. I even purchased some bootleg tapes at the Psychedelic Solution in NYC's Greenwich Village. Most of my personal collection which was never that vast to begin with didn't withstand the test of time and snapped after years of play and some were never returned after being loaned out or were stolen.

    Dick's Pick's and From the Vault releases helped satisfy my hunger for shows. But their numbers paled in comparison to the total number of actual performances. Internet access opened up a whole new world and last year I won an IPOD in a poker tournament and was introduced to My tech and music savvy "nephew" Zackary (Kim's son) walked me thru downloading to my computer and importing into I-Tunes, something his music teacher mom couldn't do!

    Today I stumbled across ICEPETAL's great blog. In his own word's Icepetal is:

    Part of the wave of tape collectors that participated in the early online tape trading communities of the mid-late 90's and into the age of high speed digital archiving. With extreme pleasure, was trusted by old Dead tapers who sent their masters to me and allowed me to transferred many a show from cassette, reel-to-reel, and DAT into mass consumable forms via tape trees and vines. Obsessive over creating the perfect cross-fade. Contributing reviewer to the Tapers Compendium.

    A link to his welcome post will give you a little more background and what his site is all about:

    and the direct blog link:

    Enjoy the ride!

    Michael Franti Videos - Hello Bonjour

    This is for Strawberry Shortcake and BFF Kim.

    One of the artists I'm really looking forward to seeing at Mountain Jam IV. He also will be opening select dates for the Dave Matthews Band.

    Power to the Peaceful!!

    420 Guy on The Price Is Right

    I posted this on Tao of Pauly yesterday. I had to post it here today. It's the infamous video of the pothead who bis 420 every chance he had during his appearance on The Price Is Right.

    MIGHTY MIC: A human rights awareness concert

    A 9-day human rights gathering, consisting of multiple events for Genocide Awareness Week, will be held May 20th-29th of 2008 on the UCLA campus. The week will wrap up with the Mighty Mic Human Rights Awareness Concert to Save Darfur on May 29th.

    The Mighty Mic Human Rights Awareness Concert and Genocide Awareness Week will consist of events that raise awareness about genocides past and present, while celebrating the courage and perseverance of genocide survivors and emphasizing the importance of ending the ongoing genocide in Darfur.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008

    Handmade Music Makers @ Etsy

    You can find all types of cool shit at Etsy

    Ann Marie Calhoun: Still Hot and Playing Jam Band Classics

    Here is the latest of the lovely Ann Marie Calhoun and her take on "Ripple".

    Wil Wheaton Loves Scarlett Johansson

    Coventry's favorite geek, Wil Wheaton, recently admitted something that many of us share... his love of Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett's debut album of Tom Waits covers comes out on May 20th, but Wil caught a sneak peek and said, "I like a lot more of the album than not."

    Click here to listen to a sneak preview of Anywhere I Lay My Head.

    OK, I gave Scarlett's new album a quick listen and she bombed. I couldn't get into any of the tunes and I dig Tom Waits. So, so, so sorry Scarlett. Will you still let me fondle your boobies?

    American Idol: Syesha's Ouster Sets a David vs. David Finale

    After a three-song-per-contestant performance show that saw each of our remaining Idols phoning it in at least once, America voted alt-rocker David Cook and squeaky-clean Mormon teen popster David Archuleta into the finale. Sweet sweet Syesha Mercado exited in third place this week, after her renditions of Alicia Keys' If I Ain't Got You, Peggy Lee's Fever, and some horrifying tune from a movie about penguins failed to ignite the public.

    For more on this week's performances, check out my full American Idol recap.

    Phil Lesh and Friends Setlist - 5/14/08 Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

    Wow. Phil Lesh is at it again covering Grateful Dead albums! He kicked off the first set of his 5.14 show at the Warfield with Aoxomoxoa (1969). Set two started off with Live/Dead (1969).

    Here's the unconfirmed setlist...
    5/14/08 Phil Lesh and Friends, Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA

    Set 1: St Stephen, Dupree's Diamond Blues, Rosemary, Doin' That Rag, Mountains of the Moon, China Cat Sunflower, What's Become of the Baby, Cosmic Charlie

    Set 2: Dark Star > St Stephen > The Eleven, Turn On Your Love Light, Death Don't Have No Mercy, Feedback, We Bid You Goodnight

    Encore: King Bee
    Teresa Williams sung vocals on a couple of tunes including Rosemary and What's Become of the Baby. Mark Karan sat in for the entire second set.

    Stay tuned for more info such as pics, videos, and even a review.

    Ummm, maybe I should drive up to San Francisco and see the next three shows?

    Phil Pwning Faces: Phil and Phriends '99 Soundboards

    The last time there was this much buzz about Phil Lesh (and his friends) pwning faces in San Francisco was in '99, when Page and Trey joined Phil for a few shows. John Molo and Steve Kimock helped out too. Check out these shows if you don't already have them:

    4/15/99, 4/16/99, and 4/17/99
    Warfield Theater
    San Francisco, CA

    Phil Lesh - bass and vocals
    Trey Anastasio - guitar and vocals
    John Molo - drums
    Page McConnell- keyboards and vocals
    Steve Kimock - guitars


    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

    Set 1: Viola Lee Blues (39 min), Big Railroad Blues, Jack-A-Roe, Cosmic Charlie, Wolfmans Brother> Space> Uncle John's Band> Jam
    Set 2: Alabama Getaway, Sugaree, Like a Rolling Stone> I Know You Rider, Row Jimmy, Shakedown Street, The Wheel, Not Fade Away
    E: Mr Tambourine Man

    part 1
    part 2
    part 3

    Set 1: Help On The Way (Trey)> Slipknot!> Franklin's Tower (Page), Wish You Were Here, Tennessee Jed (Trey), Stella Blue (instrumental), Alligator
    Set 2: *Bertha (Trey and Donna), Prince Caspian (Trey), St. Stephen> The Eleven, Unbroken Chain, Chalkdust Torture (Trey), Mountains of the Moon, *Scarlet Begonias (Trey and Donna)> *Fire On The Mountain (Trey and Donna)
    E: Ripple (acoustic)

    part 1
    part 2

    Set 1: Dark Star > It's Up To You > Days Between > Dark Star > My Favorite Things, Mississippi 1/2 Step, Bird Song

    Set 2: Terrapin Station > Down With Disease > Dark Star > Friend of the Devil, Casey Jones, Morning Dew, Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad > And We Bid You Goodnight

    Encore: Box Of Rain

    Also, Pauly was at 4.17.99 and wrote up a great piece about it. Check it out!

    Radiohead Setlist 5/14/08 - St. Louis, MO

    Here's the unofficial set list from Radiohead's show at Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre in St. Louis, MO...
    Radiohead Setlist 5/14/08 - St. Louis, MO

    Set 1: All I Need, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Airbag, 15 Step, Nude, Kid A, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, The Gloaming, You and Whose Army?, Idioteque, Faust Arp, Videotape, Everything in Its Right Place, Reckoner, Optimistic, Bangers ++ Mash, Bodysnatchers

    Encore 1: Exit Music (for a film), Myxomatosis, My Iron Lung, There There, Fake Plastic Trees

    Encore 2: Pyramid Song, House of Cards, Paranoid Android
    Stay tuned for a review, pics, and/or videos from the St. Louis show.

    Previous Radiohead Setlists:
    5/11/08 Bristow, VA
    5/09/08 Charlotte
    5/8/08 Atlanta
    5/6/08 Tampa
    5/5/08 West Palm Beach

    And stay tuned for set list info for upcoming shows in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

    Click here for more Radiohead coverage of previous shows including pics, videos, reviews, and live blogs.

    Wednesday, May 14, 2008

    Mountain Jam IV - Daily Schedule

    Only a few weeks away until the Start of Mountain Jam IV!

    Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
    Photo credit: Taylor Crothers

    The lineups for the three days have been announced:

    Friday May 30th 2008


    Gov't Mule 10p-1a
    Umphrey's McGee 8-9:30p
    Grace Potter & the Nocturnals 5:30-7p
    Pete Francis 3:45-4:45p
    BuzzUniverse 2:15-3p
    Dark Meat 12:45-1:30p


    Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk 7-8p
    Jimmy Weider 4:45-5:30p
    Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad 3-3:45p
    Phonograph 1:30-2:15p
    RatBoy 12:12:45p

    LATE NIGHT - Starts at 1:30 am

    West Stage - Galactic
    Lodge - Lotus
    DJ Lady Verse

    *Please Note: Friday will be open to Three Day Passholders only!!*
    **The music will run non stop from Noon-4am with no overlapping! (except for late night shows which will take place the same time)


    Saturday May 31st 2008

    Michael Franti
    Photo Credit: Thomas Moore


    Gov't Mule 10p-1a
    Michael Franti & Spearhead 6:45-8:15p
    Ray LaMontagne 4:30-5:45p
    Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings 2:15-3:30p
    Ingrid Michaelson 12:30-1:30p


    Citizen Cope 8:15-9:30p
    Jackie Greene 5:45-6:45
    JJ Grey & Mofro 3:30-4:30p
    O'Death 1:30-2:15p
    Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned 12-12:30p

    LATE NIGHT - Starts at 1:30 am

    West Stage - Dark Star Orchestra
    Lodge - Pnuma Trio
    DJ Lady Verse

    **The music will run non stop from Noon-4am with no overlapping


    Sunday June 1st 2008

    Photo Credit - Kraig G. Fox


    Bob Weir & Ratdog 7-10p
    Levon Helm's Ramble on the Road 5-6:30p
    Drive-By Truckers 2:30-3:45p
    Felice Brothers 12:45-1:45p


    Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood 3:45-5p
    Dr. Dog 1:45-2:30p
    Larry McCray Band 12-12:45p

    **The music will run non stop from Noon-10pm with no overlapping!**

    Artist Schedule subject to change without notice!

    Tickets on Sale Now

    Audio Preview