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Wook Patrol Podcast: Horning's Phantasy Wook and Friday Recap

The Wook Patrol returns with episodes recorded from the campgrounds at Horning's Hideout for the Cheese festival in Oregon. The Joker and Wildo are on hand and throwing down all weekend.
Episode 9: Phantasy Wook (1:17) - The Joker interviews his buddy Jared about a game he's been playing called Phantasy Wook, something that they just made up and it sounds like a great opportunity to gamble on wookish behavior during a festival.

Episode 10: Wildo's Friday Recap (2:00) - The Joker chats with Wildo about the highlights of the opening evening of SCI's Horning's festival that Wildo describes as "The biggest family reunion... ever."
Thanks for listening to Coventry's podcast The Wook Patrol. You can check out the first six episodes of our Wook Patrol podcast that we recorded during the final four Phish shows in the south earlier in the month.

Check out the other two SCI-related episodes that the Joker and Wildo recorded at Red Rocks last weekend.

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String Cheese Incident Horning's Hideout Friday / Day 2 Recap

"Hell of a first night" - Billy Nershi
I woke up about 9 am and the campgrounds were still a cool and crisp 60 degrees. It was such a nice festival morning compared to the other camping festivals I have attended the past few years in the south. We mingled around the campsite for a little, ate a light breakfast and then went to yoga class. Yoga was attended by about 200 people and it was exactly what I needed. I loosened up my weary legs and set a positive intention for the day.

One of the great things about the expanded stage setup of Cheese Horning's this year is the series of workshops and talks held in the afternoons each day. I missed Jamie Janover's talk about physics and how everything in the Universe is all connected. Several of my friends did go and they were all extremely excited and empowered after hearing him speak. Life, death, energy, matter, space, time, dimensions…they were all discussed and Carrie's mind = blown.

My friends Alie and Roz are very creative and funny couple I met last year on Jam Cruise. They have a collection of stuffed animals they carry with them to shows. I met Schwilly B. Monkiee on Jam Cruise and at SCI Red Rocks I met their sock monkey Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks has a army helmet as part of his costume because he is Tom Hanks from Saving Private Ryan. I took some time to make Tom's army helmet into a disco ball helmet on Friday afternoon.

The first music I saw of the day were the Pimps of Joytime. They. Are. Awesome. If you get the chance, go check them out for a funky good time. They aren't just another funk party band- their music is a porn soundtrack from the future.

There has been a very large sandwich making the rounds around the campgrounds and the shows - Deli the Chopped Pastrami (pronounced Dell-eye the Chopped Pastram-eye). The sandwich is fake but it looks very real an delicious.

I was lucky enough to get a shot of Deli sporting the disco helmet I made for Tom Hanks with his owner.

It seemed like I was already having one of the best festival experiences of the summer, and the band I came to see had not even played a show yet. Cheese took the stage and the energy in the crowd was electric. The set list:

String Cheese Incident Horning's Hideout
Friday July 30, 2010 (Show #1)

Set I: Smile, Missin' Me > Jam > Wheel Hoss, Sometimes A River> Born On The Wrong Planet > Under African Skies > Climb > Miss Brown's Tea House#

Set II: Black & White, Been Down Low, Sittin' On Top Of The World, Song In My Head, Water > Dirk > Jungle Boogie >Dirk, Bumpin Reel > Drums > Bumpin Reel, Restless Wind

E: Hey Pocky Way#

# With the Soul Rebels Brass Band

The Smile opener was perfect. Everyone, and I mean everyone at Horning's had a huge smile on their face. The love and joy coming from the crowd and band alike was powerful and unlifting. The jam out of Missin Me was strong but the real fireworks in the first set was the Born On The Wrong Planet > Under African Skies, Climb, Miss Brown's w/Soul Rebels Brass Band.

Kang was layed into the jam in BOTWP, playing long beautiful notes with heavy delay, echo and distortion. The energy from the crowd during the Paul Simon favorite Under African Skies was fantastic. Next came Climb and Kyle laid down some funky piano solos before Kang ripped the shit out of the jam. Miss Brown's Tea house answered the question of whether or not there were going to be any repeats from Red Rocks, but the Horning's version featured the Soul Rebels horns and was a fantastic performance.

Billy Nershi came out in a goofy looking leather helmet with goggles on. At some point he put glow sticks on his head to look like antennae. Set 2 began with Nershi telling the crowd "Prepare for liftoff!", and a guy next to me kept on yelling "We love you space travel Billy!" It certainly felt like we were on a different planet and in a different time - where had this band been for all these years? Cheese is back, folks.

Highlights in the second set included Water with a floyd-esque chill start/stop jam. Nershi sang to us with his beautiful slide guitar that later gave way to a more intense and powerful jam with a release. I loved the dirty funk of Dirk > Jungle Boogie > Dirk. It was straight nasty funk with Kyle laying into the clav.

Most everyone was blown away during the drums section sandwiched in the middle of Bump & Reel. The front four walked off stage and left Travis and Jason on stage to do their thing. Instead of taking the music to an EOTO style jam Jason Hann showed off his incredible skills with the congas and djembe. Usually when Panic or the Dead play drums it is a chance to go to the bathroom or get a beer- not last night. Hann had everyone grooving and my jaw was on the ground when Hann started scat singing over his furious rhythms. To add to the fun Nershi teased the crowd from back stage asking through the mic "What did he say? What did he say?"

The encore featured the Soul Rebels Brass Band once again and Cheese transformed Hornings into a New Orleans funky dance party with an excellent version of The Meters "Hey Pocky Way." Hell of a first night, indeed.

Beats Antique played immediately after Cheese ended at a second stage close by. I was impressed by the first part of the set but left early to go back to the camp site and chill out. The rest of the night was spent wandering through the campsites, playing guitar with strangers, finding old friends and making new friends. Carrie carried her jellyfish umbrella, complete with reflective tape and a black light. As we wandered through the campsites the jellyfish was a mini celebrity among the happy cheese heads.

My friends Nancy Shennaniganz and Hillski were at String Summit 2 weeks ago, also at Horning's Hideout. We got the idea for them to bury treasure for us to find during Cheese Hornings. Hillski drew a map, sealed it, and give it to me to keep safe until we got together to hunt for the treasure at dawn.

A weary spun out and drunk group gathered as the sun came up and we opened the map. The treasure hunt took about 30 minutes to complete, mostly thanks to our guide Rachel. The treasure was an assortment of costumes, kosker sea salt, wet wipes, and other inside jokes among the group. I am excited because I got the bug glasses - they are just plain goofy to wear and im excited to add them to my prop collection.

Its hard to believe we have another 2 nights of Cheese - we are having an amazing time, the weather is mild, and the vibe is friendly and overflowing with love. I expect tonight there will be more eye candy and theatrics...stay tuned!

Hairy History of the Beatles

Thanks to Zeke for this link where I found the hairy history.

Friday, July 30, 2010

String Cheese Incident Horning's Hideout Day 1/Thursday Recap

Our crew flew into Portland on Wednesday and all of us felt the previous work week combined with non-stop partying with String Cheese Incident Red Rocks shows had caught up with us. I went to bed early and got up Thursday morning feeling excited and refreshed. We were on the road out of Portland by 11am and after a short 35 minute drive we exited off the highway and followed the caravan of RVs and cars with jam band stickers towards Horning's Hideout.

To call Thursday Day 1 is a little misleading - yesterday was a travel day and warm-up for attendees and musicians alike. As we entered the beautifully lush grounds at Horning's Hideout excitement was in the air. Everyone spent the afternoon setting up their camps and finding friends. The large trees, moss, ferns and stream greeted us with open arms and one can't help but feel fortunate to get to camp in such a beautiful place.

Horning's Hideout is a clever maze of trails though rolling hills, streams, and 70 year growth pine forest. The crowd of 5000 is relatively small and it is easy to run into friends. Group hoots broke out through the woods in 20 minute intervals and even though there was no music playing in the afternoon everyone had a huge smile on their face. It only takes a short time at Horning's to realize this is one of the best, if not the best, place to have a camping music festival in the country and something special is going to happen here this weekend.

Thursday night was a showcase of the String Cheese Incident side projects with Kyle Hollingsworth Band starting at 4:15, CB3 w/Michael Kang at 6:00, Emmitt-Nershi at 7:45 and EOTO closing down the Main Stage 9:30-11pm. About 4:45pm we wondered into the main stage area where Kyle Hollingsworth Band was jamming out an excellent version of the Talking Heads' This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody). There is an excellent vending area around the Main Stage and the music served as a perfect soundtrack to find some food, socialize and look at the creative wares being sold.

Emmitt-Nershi brought out most of the attendees and the crowd kicked up a cloud of dust dancing to the furious bluegrass picking. Emmitt-Nershi focused on songs from their new album with a few old favorites mixed in. Highlights were strong versions of Catfish John and Barstool.

The sun had gone down and Hornings was ready to get dirty. Glow toys suddenly appeared everywhere as EOTO hit the stage at 9:30. Out of the four Cheese side projects EOTO is by far my favorite. They have become masters at the craft of creating live jamtronica. After relentless touring the past few years Michael Travis and Jason Hann can effortlessly keep the groove going without being redundant.

I was wearing a Wook Patrol vest last night and during mid set at EOTO I had a major Wook Patrol incident. A 22-year-old cute blonde was next to me shining her green laser pointer at the stage. I reached over without hesitation and snatched if from her hand.

"Don't shine the laser pointer at the stage!" I scolded. I kept repeating myself and used the turned off laser pointer to emphasize my point, wagging it in her face. The first five times I told her to not point the laser at the stage I was answered with mumbled excuses, which just made me continue my simple message with more intensity.

"Don't f-u-c-k-i-n-g point this at the stage! Its not f-u-c-k-i-n-g cool to shine a laser pointer at the stage!" I repeated. I unleashed years of frustration with the green laser pointer guys on her, admittedly my emotions caught both of us off guard. Finally it seemed she got the message and looked as if she was going to cry. She read the Wook Patrol logo and looked down at the ground, ashamed. "Hey im sorry," she offered. "But im just having a good time and you really killed my buzz" she whimpered.

I gave the pointer toy back to her and embraced her with a strong hug. "Its okay, just don't do it again. Have a great rest of your weekend." Tough love, but I feel certain things in this scene need to be regulated by the community and though we will never win the war against green laser pointers, that sweet girl will never shine hers at the stage again.

EOTO played straight up to their allotted time and I felt like I was just getting going. At 11pm we wandered over to the Caldera stage where Garrett Sayers(Bass - Motet, magicgravy, Kyle Hollingsworth Band), Dan Schwindt (Guitar - Kyle Hollingsworth Band), Dave Watts (drums/ Motet, magicgravy, Kyle Band) and Eric Krasno (Guitar/Soulive, Lettuce) were throwing down funk standards. A large sculpture with flames lighting its outline glowed and made it easy to mingle and find friends in the 300 person crowd. Kyle Hollingsworth showed up to jam on a couple of songs and Jans Ingber (Motet) added vocals. The highlight for me was Krasno ripping up the Beatles classic "Get Back", making his guitar sing each note of the melody in the vocal. It was a fun show but I often wished they turned up the volume.

The funk band took a break and there was some sort of elaborate geisha show called Tsnamurai next. There were samurais in incredibly intricate armor and a variety of Japanese culture themed costumes. Tsnamurai went on a little too long, much like a movie based on a short Saturday Night Live skit. Cool at first, but just too long.

The funk band came back for a second set and they went into a couple funk jams I have heard Sayers and Watts play with magicgravy. A very chill late night scene, the music ended at 2am and as I walked back to my tent most of Horning's were taking it easy and going to sleep early, saving energy for the String Cheese Incident throw down tonight.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joel Cummins plays 'Orfeo' on Denver's 16th Street Mall

About 2 months ago Denver put pianos all along 16th St. Mall for public use. Check out Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee play 'Orfeo' on one of the public pianos. I am super proud because I work about 2 blocks from where this was filmed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Woody String Cheese Incident Photo Dump

I met my good friend Ryan Woods on Jam Cruise and he always has some incredible photographs from shows he attends. Check out a few of the amazing moments he captured last weekend at String Cheese Incident Red Rocks:

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Coventry's Round Up: String Cheese Red Rocks Setlists, Camp Bisco 9, BTreotch's 2Q Mix, and Wook Patrol Podcasts

OK, kids, I'm back in the loop after an insane seven-week assignment in Las Vegas. My only days off were devoted to Phish tour, but the rest of the time, I was working insane hours. It's great to check back in with the Coventry crew. They posted some kick ass content over the last two months. And here's just a sample of what went down over the last week to ten days...
Wook Patrol Podcast - The Red Rocks Cheese Shows With Wildo & the Joker
SCI Red Rocks Setlists: Friday & Saturday & Sunday
Camp Bisco 9
God Street Wine Review - Irving Plaza, NYC by Kid Dynamite
Story Time with Tom Marshall
2nd Quarter Results 2010 Mix by BTreotch
Phish Videos: Ghost 8-6-97 & Harpua > Killing in the Name
And don't forget about the recap of our Phish run from Raleigh through Hotlanta, not to mention other summer tour goodies.

Double Rainbow Guy Goes To Cheese Red Rocks

String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks Sunday 7/25/10 Setlist

:::String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks Sunday 7/25/10 Setlist:::

Set I: Come As You Are, Little Hands > Jam > Dudley’s Kitchen, Love is like a train, Sirens, Search, Eye Know Why > Just One Story

Set II: Miss Brown’s Teahouse > Get Up# > Miss Brown’s Teahouse, Rain > Boo Boo’s Pik a Nic, Joyful Sound > EOTO Jam > Piece of Mine, Land’s End> Jam*> Glory Chords, Carry on Wayward Son%> On The Road

E: Midnight Moonlight^, It Is What It Is

# James Brown
% Kansas, first time played
*W/ hula girls
^Sung for the full moon

Big Gigantic - Late Night after SCI

Big Gigantic brought Garrett Sayers (The Motet) & Ben Baruch (percussion) with them to the Gothic Theater in Englewood, Colorado post String Cheese Incident after party.
This was a very late night...Big Gigantic finally started about 3:50 am Friday night/Saturday morning but it was worth the wait. You all know im Ghey for Trey, but you may not know im Ghey for Garrett Sayers (bass). Garrett is the best bassist you have never heard of. Dom and Jeremy of Big G get better every time I see them. As Lisa pointed out, pretty soon we are going to have to print up "Im a Huge Big Gigantic Fan" tshirts. :) <3

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String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks Night 1/2 Review

Night and day. Those two words sum up the band that showed up at Red Rocks the past two nights.

We arrived at the Red Rocks lot around 4:20 and the party began. There were so many faces that I have not seen in the past few years. The String Cheese community is my extended family...and this three night Red Rocks run was serving as the beginning of a 2 week long family reunion.

I was hard pressed to find many positive thoughts about the music immediately after Friday's show. That's not to say I didn't have an amazing time seeing so many faces I have not seen in the past few years, but the band lacked energy and inspiration, the jams were minimal. There weren't many flubs, per se, except the botched transition from Impressions > Round the Wheel, however the band seemed flat, stale, maybe nervous. I enjoyed Friday's first set much more then the second set, with some Cheese heavy hitters....Round The Wheel [unfinished] > This Must Be The Place (Naive Meloldy) > Lonesome Fiddle Blues. However the second set was only saved by a bustout of John Coltrane's Impressions towards the end of the set. I left the show and wondered if String Cheese still could send my soul to the reaches of the cosmos....worried that my musical wad wouldn't be blown until I arrived in Berkeley for the Phish shows.

What a difference a night can make....any reservations I had about my favorite band lacking inspiration were shattered immediately during the opening notes of Saturday's first set. A large group of Dance Police assembled at the GSpot, Dance Police Headquarters and we boarded party buses to ride to the lot in style. Auditory Elements and LanguageLove were providing dope beats on the ride to get our energy up and juices flowing. I ran into the Joker in the lot, donned in full Disco Ball garb, and he gave me my Team AWESOME credentials.

With laminates in place and the proper head space attained, blast off was eminent....The barefoot boys were on point with the Restless Wind my soul began to ascend towards the red rocks towering above, as I was reminded that my roots run deep with this band. I was not quite prepared for what was coming, as Billy began providing some context for the next song that was about to be played. Indian Creek was just what my dancing shoes needed, as Bill Nershi sent the whole crowd in a pickin' frenzy. BNR! The rest of the first set Indian Creek > Sweet Melinda > MLT, Jellyfish, Black Clouds was pure cheese magic and even included three parachuter's descending from the heavens, flying right over the crowd, just as my soul was reaching peak altitude. I could not be happier....this was exactly where I wanted to be, where I needed to be. I felt ridiculous even thinking for a moment that the magic could have been gone.

The second set saw a return of the parachuter's, but this time huge sparklers attached. They looked like a trio of rocketmen coming down from outer space. It was apt that the jump occurred during the jam out of Desert Dawn into a first time played cover of The Police's Synchronicity. The set continued to rage as the dance party continued...the crowd must've felt the presence of the entire Dance Police force, as I could not find a single person who was not getting down!! My personal highlight of the entire show was in the middle of Johnny Cash when the band began to play Hava Nagila. HolyCheeseballs!! I felt like I was at a Bar Mitzvah....I couldn't believe it, I was losing my shit and couldn't stop yelling Mazel Tov and L'Chaim. All that was I missing was being hoisted in the air by everyone in a chair. I was beyond stoked....the Cheese was finally playing some klezmer. Two Encores later, I could finally stop moving, my soul and body satisfied. Saturday nights show is why I see the String Cheese Incident, synchronicity between the band, the crowd and my soul. I'm really excited to see what tonight brings.....Stay tuned for a review of tonights Incident.

String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks Satruday Setlist 7/24/2010

Incredible show last night. SCI was amazing. There were skydivers during Desert Dawn that you will have to see the video of to believe. The Dance Police were out in force and everyone's face = melted.

::The String Cheese Incident::
Red Rocks Amphithteatre
Saturday, July 24, 2010 Show #2

Set I: Restless Wind, Mouna Bowa, Rhythm Of The Road, Indian Creek > Sweet Melinda > MLT > Jellyfish > Black Clouds

Set II: Desert Dawn, Synchronicity, Way That It Goes, Birdland > Blackberry Blossum > Birdland, Way Back Home > Johnny Cash > Roll Over

Encore: How Mt. Can Girls Can Love, Texas

Encore2: Quinn The Eskimo

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wook Patrol Podcast: Friday Cheese Red Rocks Rundown and Saturday Set 1 Fire

The Wook Patrol returns! The Joker and Wildo recently recorded two super quick episodes at Red Rocks during the Cheese show.
Episode 7: Friday Cheese Red Rocks Rundown (2:43) - The Joker interviewed Wildo in the lot of String Cheese Incident's Saturday show. They chat about the highly anticipated return show from Friday night including the mixed reaction of the MGMT cover. Wildo also shared his run in with a pack of "ravenous wooks" after the show ended.

Episode 8: Saturday Cheese - First Set Fire (0:50) - The Joker and Wildo are milling around at setbreak and more than pleased with the first set of Saturday's Cheese as they quickly recap the highlights. "Much better than the first night," mentioned the Joker.
Thanks for listening to Coventry's podcast The Wook Patrol. You can check out the first six episodes of our Wook Patrol podcast that we recorded during the final four Phish shows in the south earlier in the month.

And thanks to Dan from for FTP hosting.

String Cheese Incident - Red Rocks Friday

Photo by Adam Zareczny © The String Cheese Incident 2010

It was a rager of a comeback show last night...more later. for now, the setlist:

String Cheese Incident
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
July 23, 2010

Set I:
Can’t Stop Now, Round The Wheel > This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)> Lonesome Fiddle Blues, Rocky Mt. Way, Open Your Eyes, Best Feeling> Outside, Inside

Set II:
BAM, Time To Pretend*, White Frieghtliner, Rivertrance, Song In My Head, Black & White
Impressions> Round The Wheel reprise, Shine

Encore: Brand New Start

*MGMT Cover, 1st time played

Thursday, July 22, 2010

String Cheese Incident Red Rocks Preview

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday the String Cheese Incident are returning to Red Rocks for the first time in 3 years. If feels like its Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween all wrapped into one. People are fucking pumped for these shows in Denver.

Yesterday morning I posted a Craigslist ad selling my 2 extra Saturday Cheese tickets for face, letting readers know that preference will be given to people who tell me what their costume is going to be. I was able to help out the half moon/full moon couple but sadly there are a pair of smurfs, a man wearing a diaper and a neon gladiator still looking for tickets. I can't wait to see all the ridiculous costumes from friends and strangers alike.

I will be there and hope to record some Wook Patrol podcasts in addition to the normal reporting. Wildo will be on the scene as well - look for his debut Coventry Blog reviews on the SCI Red Rocks and Hornings Hideout shows.

Check out the light show from the '07 Satruday Red Rocks Show:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Camp Bisco 9

I was not able to make it out to Camp Bisco this year, but many of my Colorado and Florida friends did and by all accounts it was amazing. Everyone I have talked with said they had the time of their untzy lives.

Our friends over at Hidden Track have some excellent coverage, so be sure to check that out. HT linked up this very well put together video from Camp Bisco that features the ridiculous light rig and lasers:

Tawny continued the Bisco Disco Helmet tradition...

Here are some of Tawny's comments:

"Camp was amazing. I can't speak highly enough of the festival, the lineup, the security, just everything. [Becasue of] a lightning and rain storm we got 1 less Bisco set, but it didn't matter. The set we got that night was EPIC. The lazers were out of control an the rain falling through the lasers was just jaw dropping. The lightning storm was a treat. [During the storm on Saturday] we kept howling like animals everytime a big streak would crack down! It was quite exhilirating. Being in Colorado we don't get those absurd lightning/ thunder/rain/ wind storms....quite the treat! I don't think a single person cared it was raining so hard. Everyone's jaw was dropped, heads straight up watching and a lot of fuck yeahs were heard every time the sky lit up!

The helmet brought me so much attention! People were amazed when Chris would go into long story bout how the helmet was forged in the depths of the campground that morning. Ween was incredible!! Really incredible. Same w/ Thievery. There were secret rager VIP sets- Every other campground or RV seemed to have a PA system w DJ's playing all day and night. I keep trying to find ways to describe it and just can't find the right words or phrase.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. I am serious about going in an RV next year and dragging everyone i can with."

...and the infamous Panda was on the prowl late night in the Colorado Campground where Orchard Lounge played a not so secret or private set...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

God Street Wine - Irving Plaza NYC

I remember the first time I listened to God Street Wine.  My sophomore year in college, Slutzie lent me his "$1.99 Romances" CD, and I was hooked immediately.  Princess Henrietta, Wendy, Crazy Head - pure genius.    I'd manage to catch GSW live in tiny venues around Boston and New York several times over the next 10 years, including a free outdoor show at Harvard University that actually proved to be much tougher to sneak into than I had expected, where I eventually ended up seeing the band in front of about 100 other fans hanging out on a sunny day outside at Harvard. 

Like most of my other favorite bands, God Street Wine would then break up - going their own ways to do grown up things - I guess.  When the legendary Wetlands Preserve in downtown Manhattan was closing however, in 2001, God Street Wine was there to send one of their hometown staple haunts out in style, and I was there with them.  I remember this show for a few reasons - first, it was the week before September 11th, 2001, and second, I was living in the suburbs at the time, but crashed on the couch of my friend Lee, who lived in the City.  I got back to his place around 3am and had to get up at 6am to go to work.  It was worth it, of course.

Nearly 10 years later, when I heard that GSW was back, I immediately called Lee, and we made plans to catch the second of two consecutive weekends of benefits shows.  As I noted in a previous post,  GSW has decided that they have made enough money off their music, and is making everything available for free download.  These shows were benefits for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  We got tickets for both nights, and I ventured down to NYC -  by car, bus and train - for a weekend of searing heat and nostalgic jammy rock.

GSW opened the first show with a song, Epilog, which makes me think a lot about what the bands' goal is or was.  

The refrain, "I didn't get where I wanted to go, but I did enjoy the ride,"  evoked roars from the crowd, but I'm still debating where exactly the band wanted to go.  Was it super stardom?  Did they want to be U2?  I am pretty sure it's not about money, as evidenced by their decision to allow and encourage the free spreading of their music.  Perhaps family obligations became more important?

Here's what troubles me - these guys clearly LOVE doing what they do.  That's what made these shows so special.  I don't think either night at Irving Plaza was sold out - it was plenty crowded enough to create an energetic vibe, but not so crowded that you had to elbow through wall to wall people to get to the bathroom.  Everyone there was like a participant in a grand celebration - a reunion, which is basically what these shows were after a nine year layoff.  I would guess that well in excess of 90% of the fans saw more than one of the 4 shows in NYC this month - it's that kind of fanbase.  So back to my thought - why walk away?  Maybe other obligations have become more pressing to the band members than toiling 150 nights a year in little bars (after all, lead singer Lo Faber would note on Saturday night that back in the day they wouldn't be able to fill Gramercy Theatre for two nights and Irving Plaza for two nights), but I think - I HOPE  - that I saw a spark in the band that indicated that they still do bask in the rock star glory - the stage lights, the adoring roar of the crowd, and the memories that their music rekindles - and I hope that they'll at least play a few shows each year.  I don't think that's an unlikely scenario either.

Anyway, the shows were special.  A happy gathering of fans so familiar with the band and each other that I recognized many fans on Saturday night from the previous night's show.  On Friday, the highlight for me was a searing Goodnight Gretchen.  Tight, jammy, driving - perfect.  Of course, I also loved Wendy, one of my top 5 favorite GSW songs, which evoked the roaring anthem from the crowd which I quoted in my prior post:  "Well we're drivin' into town, mom, but don't let it trouble ya - my girlfriend's drivin' and she'll stay straight.  We're all going in to see G-S-W, don't expect me home 'till late."   We were situated in the thick of the action, dead center on the floor, about 8 people back.  Another special moment occurred during Waiting For the Tide, when the crowd began singing the ending refrain before the band did (around 5:40 on the link below), and the band could do nothing but smile at each other and enjoy.    You can download and listen to the Friday July 16th show on for free.  I really noticed drummer Tom "Tomo" Osander on Friday night - he was, in a word, GLUE, holding everything together incredibly tightly, but I guess he was also a tugboat, pushing and driving the band forward at all times.  Tomo was the standout for me by a long shot.

On Saturday night, we prepartied at Pete's Tavern, right near Irving Plaza, and Ginger Ted joined us for his first GSW show.  Right after we sat down outside, band bassist Dan Pfifer walked by, and we exchanged hellos.  20 minutes later, Lo Faber and Aaron Maxwell, the two frontmen for the band, walked by on the other side of the street.  I noticed them immediately and shouted "Hey - Aaron!"  He stopped and turned, and I spurted out, "Awesome show, we'll see you tonight."  Aaron raised his hand, said "thanks," and walked toward the venue with Lo.  Later, I was thinking to myself what I'd say to the band if I had those 15 seconds back, and if I wasn't yelling across the street.  If I had that one line back, I'd simply tell Lo and Aaron, "Thanks for coming back," and if I could have a drink with them, I'd ask them the question I asked above in this post: Why walk away?  You guys still love this, and the fans still love it. 

Saturday night we avoided the floor and were in the corner to the left of the balcony if you were looking out from the stage. This offered us a unique perspective of the role of the lights guy, in this case:  Jeff Volkhausen, who was a few feet away from us, raging at the lighting controls, pumping his fist and singing along to every word, and playing the switches to control the lights like Bevo playing the B3 organ.   It was tremendous to watch - being able to see his fingers flutter on the lighting keys like he was another member of the band.

The band set the tone for the show by opening up with an all time fan favorite, Nightingale.  Snake Eyes into Princess Henrietta (a KD personal favorite) ripped up the second set.  Eventually, the band returned for multiple encores, which included a speech by frontman Lo Faber.  Lo said "If you guys want us to play more shows..." But then the crowd cut him off with a roar that drowned him out.  The ovation extended for more than a minute, as Lo smiled at Aaron, before continuing, asking people to share the music - to spread it around.  This again begs the question - does GSW feel like they need more exposure to keep doing what they are doing?  Do they only want to commit to continuing the band if they can do it on a larger scale?  Is an annual celebration with their fans not enough for them?  Who knows - we will wait and see.

Being a part of the Irving Plaza shows was awesome.  The venue is so small, it was impossible not to notice the interplay between the band members, and between the band and the crowd.  When Lo flubbed lyrics, Aaron would try to guide him back on track and the crowd would applaud.  Lo and Aaron couldn't suppress grins to each other as they wallowed in the spotlights and the screams from the crowd.  I could see Tomo lean forward and nudge his chin up toward the balcony, saying hi to his family, I think.  You just don't get that stuff at big market venues.

Hidden Track  has a tremendous series of reviews about the shows, and I think that this picture they published really sums up the relationship between the God Street Wine fans and the band.  A letter from a fan:


Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd Quarter Results 2010 Mix by BTreotch

At the 64th parallel along the Antarctic Peninsula, you can see sun setting for hours - especially in the austral autumn. This is where I spent four of the last five months. Coffee rules mornings, afternoons and afterafternoons as you get tired and lethargic earlier and earlier with the loss of sunlight. Another consequence is the location of the sun setting migrating more north each day. My favorite is when it parks itself in between Amsler Island and Elephant Rocks, lighting up the Marr Glacier and disappearing into the Southern Ocean.

Icebergs are mammoth, dieing beasts. Snorting, cracking, disintegrating into a slow, but violent death. Once they lose enough ice from the bottom (where ~90% of their mass lives), they'll flip, flip ya for real. This iceberg threaded a needle, settling in between a small island system tucked along the south eastern edge of Anvers Island. They called her Cassie Bergman. It also lasted a very long time where it rested with some good protection from wind and wave action. Only this shape would have fit so nicely, anything larger would have bounced off the lip and anything smaller wouldn't have been so impressive. But icebergs aren't meant to stick around and eventually she succumbed to a loss of mass and the wind blew it around and out of town. I think Cassie Bergman may have been happy about it. Cassie was tired of playing ball. She wanted to lose some baggage and get free. "How many lies do I gotta buy into?" screamed Castle Bergman. CRACKKKKKerplunkCREEEEEEKKKK "This is bullshittttttttt"

1 All Talk KiD CuDi
2 Rill Rill Sleigh Bells
3 Everlasting Light
The Black Keys
4 Mirror, Mirror Dr. Dog
5 Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell Das Racist
6 God Gave Names To All The Animals Bob Dylan
7 Animal Miike Snow
8 Nightlite (Feat. Bajka) Bonobo
9 Don't Think Twice K'Naan
10 Space M.I.A.
11 Home LCD Soundsystem
12 There Is No Good Way To Say I'm Leaving You Slow Club
13 Odd Non-Answer Bill Walton

old downloads: 1st QTR 2010
4th QTR 09: link
3rd QTR 09: link
2nd QTR 09: link
1st QTR 09: link

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ghost: 8-6-97

Let's see some more of this second leg. Thanks to Silverchair97 for mining VHS gold.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Harpua>KITNO: 9 Cameras

Special thanks to ChesterCopperpot5; the intro is pretty hilarious.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

1700 Miles of Awesome

The Coventry Music crew had a successful, well documented four show run. From Raleigh to Alpharetta, our well traveled group experienced the full gambit of pleasure, obstruction, relaxation, and kickassery.

Many talents were showcased: the disco sisters crazy and ever changing dance moves, Dr. Pauly's sage wisdom, the Joker's uncanny ability to fuel a party, Stawberry Shortcakes unrelenting positive energy, Jonas's keen improvisational convo skills, what ever the hell I do; it all fit together in a wonderful puzzle that even the most badass grandma wouldn't dare attempt due to stroke risk.

Let's not forget to mention the G-Rob crew's priceless contributions and the unexpected characters we met along the way.

All of it, the whole story, was captured via various media; a robust collection of podcasts, recaps, photos and video. We present them as formal documentation of what we do; hope you enjoy.

Read the Live Blog

Dr. Pauly's Flickr Photos

Wook Patrol Podcasts by Dr. Pauly w/various guests

Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC by Broseph

Walnut Creek Amphitheater, Raleigh, NC by Joker

Raleigh Wook Patrol Video featuring Jonas and William Miller

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Charlotte, NC by

Southern Run Photo Dump I by Dr. Pauly

Timmy the Photojournalist's photo feature

Night 1, Encore Park, Alpharetta GA by Broseph

Dance Like No One is Watching featuring Strawberry Shortcake, Discosis1, Timmy the photojournalist and Dr. Pauly

Night 2, Encore Park, Alpharetta GA by Broseph

One of the Most Epic Moments of My Life by Joker

Phish Lot Fireworks -4th of July by Dr. Pauly

Phish and Tits by Discosis1

Joker's Epic Story of the Alpharetta Marriot Late Night Dance Party Pt.1 Pt.2

Uncle Ted's Dramatic Reading of "Lost Vegas'

Coventry Music Facebook Fan Page

Great Woods Amphitheater Recap by Kid Dynamite

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All My Vasoconstrictors They Come Slowly Undone

Phish - 6/25/10 "Chalk Dust Torture" from Phish on Vimeo.

Story Time with Tom Marshall

Every now and then, Tom Marshall will make a special appearance on Phantasy Tour under the handle "SimpleTwist", and tell everyone a story related to Phish. Yesterday evening someone posted a thread requesting his presence, and sure enough, around midnight he posted:

"ok -- this story -- it looks like one big run-on sentence to me now...I'd change it...but I won't...

I was on deadline -- Phish Inc. called me and asked me to write something about 12/31/95

Going Onstage 12/31/95

[this originally appeared on the website as part of the online "Doniac Schvice" newsletter promoting the release of the 12/31/95 New Year's CDs -- in late 2005 I think]

The boys just make it look too easy. I suppose when you start with two people in your audience, and work your way up to an average audience size of around 20,000 over ten years, you get used to it. But on the evening of December 31, 1995, I definitely was wishing that I somehow was used to it. I was alone, trembling in the pit – ready to charge onstage to sing “Shine” by Collective Soul as part of the Gamehendge/New Years story. Trey had told me to come on for “the story part” in Forbin. Trouble was, I had no idea what he was talking about. You see, I was so nervous, nothing registered with me. I wisely had written the lyrics on my hand, and that was the one bit of comfort I had: no matter what happens, I’m not going to forget the words. I withdrew into that happy place…knowing that I would be all right as long as I could get the words out. But now that I was there, side stage…my heart pounding through my shirt, and each armpit just gushing sweat…a new panic confronted me: when the HELL am I supposed to go on? What song IS this? Will Trey signal me? Does he even remember I’m here? He’s forgotten…thank god. They’ve already played Forbin, right? Maybe one of these gentlemen will know… Looking around me though, I found no helping friendly person with all the answers. In fact, one of the crew had clearly noticed my impending breakdown and walked up to me holding a 50-pound coil of electrical cabling: “when you go onstage, give this to Trey” he shouted. I nodded and grabbed it obligingly, thinking “a favor for a favor…maybe he will now let me know when to go on…” Needless to say, the backstage crew just pointed and laughed at me for holding this immense coil like an idiot until someone finally came up and grabbed it from me: “Gimme that!” Then I realized the joke…and right then, Trey signaled me to come on…and right then the lights changed…the audience roared…and I forgot my lines. But when faced with Page’s happy smirk, Trey’s excited welcoming gestures, Mike’s encouraging nod and…above all…Fish’s HUGE ear-to-ear grin…it all came back. Right at the last second. Right when I stepped up to the mic…and began an almost yearly tradition of singing offbeat songs at Phish’s whim. A tradition, I must add, that I treasured dearly and miss deeply. People afterwards said I looked happy and calm. Well…the truth is: yes, happier than ever before…and no, not even close."

Tom Marshall

Monday, July 12, 2010

7/2/10: Fuck Your Face

Special thanks to the boys over at TeamHood

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More Live

I love the lyrics in this song:

Love that will not betray you,
dismay or enslave you,
It will set you free
Be more like the man
you were made to be.
There is a design,
An alignment to cry,
At my heart you see,
The beauty of love
as it was made to be

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Diplo Brazilian Documentary: Favela on Blast

I highly recommend settling down to catch this while it's streaming for one week only.

Tipper - The Wobble Factor

Its late. Aliens have come over to your house. There are some supernatural creatures hanging out too. You want to put on a dance party and play an album all the way through that the Greys, Lizards, Fairies, Vampires, Werewolves and Nymphs can all get down to together. I highly recommend Tipper - The Wobble Factor.


Please support Tipper by seeing him live or buying his music.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Jam Cruise 9

Today I made one of my 2 payments for Jam Cruise. Half way there! Im pumped for next year! Its not too late - you can still get on the boat at
Its something like this...seriously...its the coolest thing I have ever done.

this sums up why the artists pull out their best stuff for Jam Cruise...

Buy Lost Vegas!

Heya gang. If you don't know, I recently published my first book about my experiences in the poker industry.

Click here to buy Lost Vegas. There are free shipping options available for U.S. residents. Take advantage of that discount and order your copy now!

You can officially buy a copy of Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQs section.

If you have any poker friends, please tell them about this book. I appreciate the plug!

The Most Detailed Photographic Documentation of Phish’s Live Setup Ever Published

Really cool to see all of this stuff close up...The Most Detailed Photographic Documentation of Phish’s Live Setup Ever Published

Thursday, July 08, 2010 Video: Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues

Phish - 6/25/10 "Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues" from Phish on Vimeo.

The Epic Story Of The Alpharetta Mariott Late Night Dance Party, Part 2

Link to Part 1

“What are y’all doing out here?” the Alpharetta police officer asked us.

“Just having a party, officer.”

“Ive had a report of a firework going off on a car in this parking lot, y’all know anything bout that?”

“Yes sir, we saw that firework go off at the other end of the lot, but we were not involved.”

“Why do I smell marijuana? Who is smoking marijuana?” the officer asked in a more accusing tone.

“None of us are smoking, officer,” one of the girls replied who was wearing a wook patrol vest. “None of us even smoke.”

“Then why do I smell it?”

“Well, weve been around it – we were at a concert tonight.”

“I know where you been! I worked that Phish show tonight!” the officer scolded us.

“Officer, we are just dancing out here,” I offered.

“Who are you, Mr. Wook!” as he read off of my wook patrol tshirt. “Why don’t you sit down on that tailgate and shut up!”

At this point I thought I was going to get interrogated or searched. I certainly wasn’t hiding as I sat there in my shiny disco ball helmet and pants. I did as he said and kept my mouth shut.

Then the tone of the officer changed. A little more calmly he asked “Y’all staying at this Hotel?

“Yes sir!” we all replied in unison.

“What room number?”

“646! 351!” our group offered at the same time.

“Well it just so happens that I am here to investigate a loud party and marijuana smoke on the third floor. But I guess...that isn’t you, because you are out here in the parking lot,” the officer thought out loud.

Nice detective work, I thought to myself. I grinned at the officer.

“Listen, I don’t have a problem with you dancing and listening to music out here, but If I have to come back or if you are smoking marijuana, we are going to have a problem.”

The officer got back in his car and circled around to the front of the hotel and walked inside. I looked around and the 30 or so partiers had left; the boombox was blaring Burning Down The House to an empty dance floor. My heart was racing a bit but I had a smile on my face.

About 15 minutes after our encounter with the police, I saw a second vehicle pull up at the entrance – a K9 unit. Wow. Reinforcements were called. About 15 minutes after that I saw several individuals escorted out of the hotel in handcuffs. Someone told me a party had been busted up and the police found a tank.

After the police bust I needed to use the men’s room and wanted to check out the scene. There were only 8 of us left in the lot and I walked into the lobby.

To my surprise and amazement some dude was playing guitar and Disco Sis #1 was playing Violin. DS1 is a classically trained and talented violinist but has performance anxiety. She had never played for any of us; I was stunned and excited to have stumbled upon the moment. It was 3am and DS1 was playing a gentle, beautiful melody over a three chord guitar progression and a girl was scat singing over them.

I listened for a few mintues then ran outside as fast as I could to the rest of our crew, still in the lot. “Pack up our shit! Come inside! DS1 is playing violin with some kids in the lobby! Get in here, now!”

I ran back in as the rest of the group packed up the boombox and the cooler. As I got back inside I approached DS1 and let her know that I saw her play. She blushed and was embarrassed.

"Oh! You saw me play?" she said in horror.

“It was beautiful. I am so proud you did that. Please do it again,” I encouraged her.

The original guitarist and a cute spun out blonde played a couple more tunes while about 20 people assembled in the lobby, spread out on the plush couches and chairs. I approached the guitar player and played Cities on guitar with the spun blonde fiddle player. She was faded but Cities was an easy sing along.

“Disco Sis, we are going to play a song together whether you like it or not,” I demanded.

DS1 accepted the violin and looked into my eyes. She was nervous but ready to play.

“Lets try Karma Police.” I started the intro chords and heard a few claps. I began the verse and it was a sing along. "Karma Police, arrest this man..." everyone sang, with the encounter a few mintues earlier still lingering with us.

DS1 soloed after each “This is what you get...” and the end coda of “For a minute there, I lost myself! I lost myself!” had everyone singing along a the top of their lungs. It was one of the highlights of my year and I nearly cried as I hugged DS1. DS1 played a couple more songs with the spun out blonde chick. It was beautiful. DS1 conquered her fear.

By this time it was 4 am. I put on Tipper and we continued to drink and dance in the lobby. Dr. Pauly came down and said his goodbyes and caught his cab to the airport at 4:45 am. The pool opened at 6am and we moved the party out there and I put on some Emancipator for the sunrise.

At some point a fellow partier who was wondering around the conference center came back to the group laughing hysterically. “You have got to see this!” he told us in uncontrollable laughter. “There are two wooks back there sleeping on couches in the conference center!”

The hotel had a conference center that sat vacant for the weekend. A long hallway lined the perimeter of the conference center and we walked around to the back. There, in the corner, we heard snoring and there were two wooks passed out on the plush couches. One had a sleeping bag. The other laid shirtless. Both had dreads.

We giggled and walked closer. In an instant, we all stopped. The smell was repugnant. It smelled like rotten food. Death. The New York City subway.

We covered our mouths and walked away, shaking our heads. Even the nice hotel was not wook free. These wooks were very clever indeed.

Finally I left the party around 7:30 am and headed up to our room for a couple hours of rest until Broseph woke us up and took us to the airport. Here is the pic DS1 took of us as she left the room to catch a ride back to Charlotte around 8 am:

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Epic Story Of The Alpharetta Mariott Late Night Dance Party, Part 1

Its back to reality for me and I'm sure most of you. We had an amazing time on July 2 in Charlotte and July 3 in Alpharetta, but its looking like those recaps won't happen.

You probably have already listened to the July 4 Phish show and seen the videos and pictures, so I don’t think I need to recap you on that.

What I do want to make sure and document is the late night dance party that happened at the Alpharetta Mariott.

Before I get into the story, let me back up a little bit and set the stage.

The Alpharetta Mariott is pretty nice by my standards. It has a large marble atrium and lots of places to sit and hang out. There are flat screen TVs everywhere in the lobby. It has a nice bar and restaurant and on July 3 & 4th it was crawling with Phish heads who (mostly) had their shit together. It was inexpensive for a nice hotel – and it was one of the closest nice hotels to the venue.

On the afternoon of the 4th it was a beautiful day and the Coventry Crew spent the afternoon by the pool. I took up DJ duties – and mostly played Yacht Rock, some songs that were patriotic (Livin' In America - James Brown, Born in the U.S.A, American Woman, etc.) and some classics like Michael Jackson or Bust A Move.

The pool was full of Phish heads and we had a great time. Everyone had a smile on their face and I got many thank you's and high fives for DJing. It felt good.

The show was epic, as you know. We watched fireworks in the lot and talked with fellow fans.

Broseph drove Jules, Strawberry Shortcake, Dr. Pauly and I back to the Hotel and I was blaring Play That Funky Music White Boy as we pulled into the unloading drive/car port at the front of the hotel. There were about 40 phish heads standing outside in the car port mingling, drinking and smoking. As we pulled up the music got everyone dancing. I was recognized by some as the DJ from the pool party that afternoon and I let the song finish as we unloaded our car. There was a loud “Awwwww noo!!! Keep playing music!” from the crowd as I unhooked my iphone from Broseph’s car stereo.

“Listen everybody,” I announced to the crowd. “Im going to go upstairs and collect myself for a few and I'll be back down to play music. Don’t go anywhere! See you in 15 minutes!”

Cheers. Applause. I went upstairs to our room, changed my tshirt and cleaned up a bit. I grabbed some beers and the boombox and headed back downstairs.

Once I set up the boombox the party was on. There were about 40-50 kids dancing and mingling outside the front door of the Alpharetta Mariott. We were drinking beers, smoking bowls...someone (not our crew) even lit up some deemsters. It was a party.

Security left us alone for about 45 minutes. At this point it was probably 1:30 or 2am. A tall, easy going security guard came over and talked to me in a respectful and apologetic tone:

“Hey, im going to have to ask you to shut it down. We have had some complaints about noise, as im sure you can imagine. Its late and people are trying to sleep. Please turn off the music.”

“Sure, I understand. We are being loud,” I replied. “Let me ask you this, is there somewhere else that we can do this? Out in the parking lot or something?”

The security guard was not expecting this question and paused a moment in thought.

“Yeah, I guess...If you want to go out to the back of the parking lot..And its far enough away you aren’t disturbing the other guests...I have no problem with that.”

I made a quick announcement to the group that the party was going to change locations. I grabbed the boombox while The Humpty Dance echoed under the car port. I was like the pied piper leading the spun out Phish kids into the lot. I found a grassy median in the middle of the lot and set up the boombox on a nearby pickup truck. The manicured grass and trees actually felt like an upgrade.

The party continued. Broseph set up shop on the perimeter – he quickly realized several denizens had run out of booze and was selling our beer out of a cooler.

A little while after we changed venues a firework was set off at the other end of the lot. It was not set off properly and landed on a parked car in a burning flash. A few minutes after the errant firework went off I was again approached by the tall and friendly security guard.

“Just want to let you know that it might be a good idea to shut it down. Someone set off that firework and it burned a car; the cops have been called and are on their way. I don’t have a problem with you guys, but the cops are coming to investigate this and no doubt you are attracting attention to yourselves being out here.”

Again I turned down the music and made an announcement to the group.

“The cops are on their way to investigate the firework that went off. They will probably stop by and talk to us. We are going to continue the party, but if you have any thing you shouldn’t have...this is your heads up!”

At this point I took some of my own advice and made sure there was nothing illegal on me.

Just like the security guard said, an Alpharetta Police squad car pulled up in the parking lot right by the pickup truck where Broseph had set up his beer business and I had set the boombox.

A lone police officer got out of the car and I walked over to talk to him. A few of the Coventry Crew and friends were also by my side.

Link to Part 2

Background Beats - July 2010 Edition

Here is the July 2010 edition of Background Beats. Some very fresh stuff on this one. Hope you enjoy!

track. song - artist

01. Retread Lightly - Moss
02. Planetary Deadlock - Beanfield
03. The Low Murderer Is Out At Night - Low Motion Disco
04. Keep On Trying - The Deadbeats
05. Le Sheikh Noir - Adani & Wolf
06. Zodiac - The 3 Foot People
07. Crimea Ii - Bodhi
08. Klub Cola (Uptight On The Rocks) - Planet E
09. At Home In Space - Fila Brazillia
10. Desoulate - PolyGroovers
11. Foolin' Myself - Michal Menert
12. Windows - Hydroponic Sound System
13. Composure - B. Fleischmann
14. Bay of Plenty - Ian Pooley


Keep up with Background Beats on FACEBOOK.

Get the rest of the Background Beats collection HERE.

One Of The Most Epic Moments Of My Life

Click on pic to read captions.

I should point out that Taja is also in a disco helmet, and we along with everyone else in the crowd was losing our collective shit during the powerful-incredible-indescribeable cover of the Rage Against The Machine song.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Late Night Dance Party - The Secret Weapon

By now, you have seen us mention William Miller - The Prodigy Kid a few times. He is responsible for throwing one of the most badass living room dance parties we have ever experienced while in Raleigh last week. It was 1am, the music was great, and everyone was having a great time. It was at that moment that The Prodigy Kid took a chance and escalated the already great dance party into a rage fest straight out of Studio 54.

Download this album and save it in your dance party playlists. And when you're getting laid, you can thank Billy Miller.*

*Billy Miller played the original vinyl edition - therefore you may only get a BJ if played from itunes.


1. Sesame Street Fever - Featuring Robin Gibb
2. Doin' The Pigeon
3. Rubber Duckie
4. Trash - Featuring Robin Gibb
5. C Is For Cookie
6. Has Anybody Seen My Dog?


McLovins - Tweeprise - Nateva Music Festival

Those Kool Kidz are at it again. The McLovins played their own short set in the small packed to the rafters Port City Music Hall Stage at Nateva Music Festival on Saturday 7/3/10. Jake had told me at Rev Hall they were working on some surprises for Nateva and Gathering of the Vibes. So what did they encore with? See for yourself:

After this performance the McLovins were asked by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips to dance on stage during the Lips headlining set on Saturday night. I'm certain they had a good time.

A big happy birthday to AxLovin aka Jeff Howard who turns Sweet Sixteen today!

Raleigh aka Walnut Creek 7/1/2010 Recap

Normally we rely on Dr. Pauly to do the recaps of our shenanigans but as you know he is hard at work covering the World Series of Poker, so I am going to give it a shot.

The crew assembled in Raleigh at Disco Sis 1's home around mid day on July 1. Jonas and I flew in from Denver; Broseph and Strawberry Shortcake had driven up from Florida, and Dr. Pauly had flown in from Las Vegas. Katie joined us with her so called black sheep nephew, William Miller. It was William's first Phish show and we were excited to educate him on the music and the scene. Jonas and I passed on the infamous "Dubya Loves Phish/Because Mike Drops Bombs" tshirt for him to wear.

We put the finishing touches on the Coventry Crew Lot Table, a table that had been donated from Senor's family in CT on tour in 2009. The Crew created an artistic top using colored tape. Pic 1 2

We headed out to get a spot in the lot at Walnut Creek. By pure blind luck we parked in lot B next to a huge grassy area that was shaded and quickly set up the music and chairs for the pre-party. Jonas and William Miller were on wook patrol, I got iced by Disco Sis II, and we had a great time pre-show.

I was in the pavilion with DS1 and her boyfriend for the first set. As soon as I found my seat the guitar riff of Llama blasted me into a jumping and dancing frenzy. I think I scared and excited the people around me at the same time as I jumped up and down to every riff of Llama. Roses are Free followed and of course I was loving it. After starting the set off with such high energy, I felt the rest of the set was a step down until Divided Sky. DS1 and I felt the energy rush through the pavilion 3 times during the pause in Divided Sky. I tried to get DS1's boyfriend to dance during Moma Dance and I showed off my moves when our neighbors behind us left the set early during Cavern.

During set break I bought a poster and ate some food but got separated from everyone else. Phish shows are fun because of the crowd, but they can also be frustrating when its hard to find your crew. Towards the end of set break I found Jonas, Drew, and DS1 but the lights dropped as we headed back to the pavilion to the seats. As I was getting my ticket from my wallet I got bumped in the crowd rushing to the seats and my debit card fell out. I found my row but it seemed a group was in our seats; I continued down the row and found a space of 4 seats all to myself but lost DS1.

I was a bit frustrated during Backwards Down The Number Line as I realized I lost my debit card and my friends. But I had a sick spot, center of the pav right behind the tapers and I had room to dance. I decided to just enjoy the show and not worry about anything else. I think by deciding to be present I was able to open myself up to what Phish was going to show me. I was alone in the sense that I didn't know the people around me; but I was not alone in the sense that everyone around me was as into the music as I was. You can hear me talk about my religious experience during Have Mercy> Light Up Or Leave Me Alone> Free> Velvet Sea here.

We headed back to DS1's house and started up the dance party. Jonas and fifteen year old William Miller took the reigns in djing the late night dance party. We were all impressed with William's dance moves and DJ skills. Look out ladies- William is going to be a killer in a few years and he is clearly an old soul. After the show it was just a fun time dancing and hanging out as a family. We could have partied all night but we decided to get some rest as we had to travel the next day an most of us were tired from our flights that morning.