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MMJ NYE MSG on Twitter

Happy New Year!

Change100 and I are heading out to Madison Square Garden to see My Morning Jacket ring in the 2009. The last time I saw a NYE concert at MSG? The Phish in 2002/2003.

I'll write a review in the upcoming days. I will be providing some live updates via Twitter. So feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Widespread Panic 12/30/08 Pepsi Center, Denver CO Setlist and Review

Last night was the night before the night- a show that sometimes produces the better of a string of New Year's shows for many a band...check out the setlist:

12.30.08 | The Pepsi Center | Denver, CO | 10 MST / 12 EST
Set 1: Fishwater, Walkin > Wonderin', You Should Be Glad, Blight > Climb To Safety, Gimme > Lil Kin > Action Man (64 mins)

Set 2: B of D > Time Zones > Genesis, Flicker > Pigeons > Maggot Brain > Other One Jam > Drums > JAM > Maggot Brain > Pigeons, Christmas Katie > Radio Child > Imitation Leather Shoes
Encore: Tickle The Truth Into Submission > Cream Puff War

The boys came out with guns a'blazing and whipped the crowd into a frenzy with a solid version of Fishwater. This was not one of those shows where there are a couple of songs to warm up...The energy was kept high for all of the first set.

The stage was set up like an upside down city. Clouds were on the stage floor, trees were hanging upside down from the light rigging and the screen behind the stage was showing an upside down city skyline, probably Denver's, but was hard to tell. During the 2nd set the backdrop changed to the city at night. It was the kind of stage set up that took me pretty much the whole show to figure out what the hell I was looking at.

When Panic can nail versions of songs that would normally bore me a little but get me to like them, I know its a great set. This was the case with Walkin>Wonderin - these delivered with more intensity than I expected. The rest of the first set had Jimmy Herring ripping our faces off. There was a brief release during a beautiful Gimme, before dropping back into full on all aboard the train shredding town for Lil Kin > Action Man.

At set break my crew moved from Jimmy side over to a section of curiously unsold seats, close around the side of the stage Schools side. We were very close to the stage on the side, and we could see the band's facial expressions as they turned to each other during jams along with a great view of the crowd as well. We were so close that we could smell School's farts. I think he ate 2 large pizzas at set break. We could feel the band give and receive was a great place to be. Additionally it allowed the our group of 20+ an area of seats to move around in as we pleased and felt more like a true GA show. Plus, it was fucking LOUD down there and Panic treated us to one of the darkest, angriest, dirty heaters of a set that I have seen in a while.

The Pigeons > Maggot Brain > Other One Jam > Drums > JAM > Maggot Brain > Pigeons no doubt looks impressive on paper, and it was quite the journey of ups and downs at the show. The Drums > JAM got a little out there and lost some of the original intensity produced by the start of Pigeons > Maggot Brain. The JAM lost me for a minute there, until Schools decided to turn it up to 11 and pound the shit out of the bass back into Maggot Brain. Jimmy had the Alpha Dog rock and roll guitar out last night and never let up. Widespread Panic showed their side that plays fist pumping shove it down your throat rock n' roll. The band played in a way that made me feel like I had done something devious but gotten away with it. Three guitars ringing in my ears...loud, angry and dirty, it felt so good to rock that hard.

The crew returned to my house for some chill out time and work on the rest of the keg. As you know tonight is the big night and we plan to dress "formal" to the show and most likely hit some after parties.

Aside from the show, Lissy gave me a bright yellow shirt that read "WAKE UP AND RAGE" on the front and "FUCK YEAH" on the is certainly my new favorite show shirt. Its great to find out who is partying at the show as I got a lot of "Fuck Yeah!" 's and high fives from strangers. Its only downfall is Im an easy suspect for security to recognize - a bit hard to "sneak" past the guard checking tickets in a section im not supposed to be in with a bright yellow shirt on and profanity on the back.

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Today in Phishtory: 12/29/97 NYC, 12/29/98 NYC, and 12/29/03 Miami

December 29th is a special day in Phishtory. They played more than a half of a dozen shows on that epic night. I am going to talk about three in particular, because I happened to be at those three shows... at Madison Square Garden in NYC during 1997 and 1998, and in Miami in 2003.

* * * * *
12.29.97 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set I: NICU, Golgi Apparatus, Crossroads, Cars Trucks Buses, Train Song, Theme from the Bottom, Fluffhead, Dirt, Antelope

Set II: Down With Disease, David Bowie, Possum > I Can't Turn You Loose (Blues Brothers Theme) > Possum, Tube, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Good Times Bad Times

Click here to listen/download 12.29.97 via
In 1997, Phish played a three show run at MSG and 12.29.97 was the first night. I went with Senor and his brother and we got super drunk before the show. I had pretty good seats in the 100 level and a couple of hits of liquid acid on sugar cubes that I had smuggled into NYC from Seattle.

The boys opened with a heady NICU which set the them for the night. After a crowd pleasing Golgi, the boys busted out into a frenetic Crossroads. Then Page stepped it up and belted out Cars Trucks Buses. I smoked heavy during Train Song and Theme and Fluffhead back-to-back kicked my ass. I thought that would be it, but they played Dirt which is a slow song that I could hear any show before the boys ended the set with sizzling Antelope where Trey shredded the shit out of his solos.

Set II was one of those epic sets that everyone wanted a soundboard copy. I mean, Phish opened up with three heavy hitters in Down With Disease, David Bowie, and Possum. That was almost forty minutes of intense Phish, before they segued into the Blues Brothers theme and went back into Possum. They kept up the intensity and busted out a fatty and funky as shit Tube before closing the set with YEM and a crazy vocal jam. They encored with a bong-rattling cover of Led Zeppelin's Good Times Bad Times and we left MSG wanting more.

* * * * *
12.29.98 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

Set I: Rock and Roll > Funky Bitch, Punch You in the Eye > Horn, Ginseng Sullivan, Split Open and Melt, Brian and Robert, Guyute, My Soul, Freebird

Set II: Free, Limb By Limb > 2001, Boogie On Reggae Woman, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: The Divided Sky

Click here to listen/download to 12.29.98 via Please note that the last three songs are missing!
Like I wrote yesterday, the 1998 shows were some of the best I had ever attended. After a hot start the night before, the boys continued their momentum.

I knew it was going to be a special night for Page when they opened up with Rock and Roll. After covering Loaded from Velvet Underground on Halloween, I had hoped they would keep a couple of songs in rotation. The one that made the cut was Rock and Roll. It was a fitting tribute that Phish played Rock and Roll in New York City since the Velvets were originally from NYC with their origins as the house band for Andy Warhol at The Factory in Union Square.

Mike Gordon stepped up on the next song with a scorching Funky Bitch. In 1998, Funky Bitch was one of the Top 5 Pauly songs I wanted to hear every night (along with Tube, Slave, 2001, and Ghost). They didn't slow down and kept up the frenzied pace with PYITE > Horn. It was an interesting segue for sure. Split Open and Melt is one of those songs that fried my brain and I needed a slower paced B & R to sit down, relax, smoke up, and get my shit together. My buddy Modeski wanted to hear Guyute and I wasn't a big fan of the song until that night's version. My Soul was a heavy blues-inspired cover and I can recall these Phishy chicks in front of us going nuts during that tune. They ended the set with an accapela version of Freebird.

Set II on 12.29.98 is one of my favorite sets of Phish... all time. I still have the original CD that a friend of mine burned for me from an audience recording. I must have listened to that set a couple of thousand times. They played just five songs in the second set containing Free, Limb By Limb > 2001, Boogie On Reggae Woman, and You Enjoy Myself. Only Limb by Limb was the weakest song of the five and that still kicked my ass. The 2001 was smoking and the Boogie On super funky, as the boys continued knocking out stellar versions of covers as they did four that night. I had rarely seen Divided Sky performed indoors, so it was a treat to hear that as an encore. My biggest criticism of Phish over the years has been their inability to close a show, because what usually happened after two amazing sets was a weak encore like Velvet Sea. Not in 1998.

* * * * *
12.29.03 American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

Set I: Piper, Foam, Anything But Me, Limb By Limb, Wolfman's Brother, Poor Heart, Cavern

Set II: Rock and Roll > Twist > Boogie On Reggae Woman > Ghost > Free, The Divided Sky, Good Times Bad Times

Encore: Waste, The Squirming Coil

Click here to listen/download to 12.29.03 via
I flew down to Miami for all four shows of their holiday run. 12.29.03 was their second night. On my regular blog, Tao of Pauly, I had written... The second wave of Phish hit me... and I left with a wide grin and seeing one of the best sets of Phish in a long time!!

Since I have the show review already published on Tao of Pauly, I'll pull out some excerpts...

I kinda had to rush to the show after playing poker with Jerry at the dogtrack in Hollywood. I found my seat rather quickly and was not pleased. I was up in Sec 403, behind the stage, six rows from the top! Yeah, those were nosebleed seats and I decided to move up closer. Zobo and Chad were hanging out in Section 122, also behind the stage. Zobo called me to say that the coast was clear and I should come down. I had my stub from the night before (Section 124) and quickly flashed it to the usher and breezed through. I plopped down in the third row and could easily see Page play all night. If he turned to his left while playing his piano, he would see me waving at him. It was a huge difference where I was sitting! I realized that although Zobo and I were at several of the same Phish shows in the last few years... the last time we got a chance to hang out was in Osaka, Japan... where we actually stood next to each other at a Phish show. It was very cool to party up with the second most popular American in Japan. All the Japhans were randomly seated throughout the venue.

Normally I am not a huge fan of Piper so that's why I totally enjoyed their high energy version. They boys ripped it up and they showed no signs of a lull in between shows. They came out fired up and Piper sincerely blew me away. I was hoping to hear Foam and although it wasn't the best version I heard, but I loved every second of it! When they finished up, Trey turned to Fishman and said, "Wow, that was great!" Yeah, I was that close that I could see everything on stage. It was a cool perspective for sure, because I finally got to see what it was like to be on stage and looking out at the crowd. Anything But Me was sweet and mellow. A perfect smoke up song. I became a big fan of Limb by Limb post hiatus. Some good versions out there after I finally gained respect for that tune in Japan. Wolfman's Brother smoked! The boys were on for sure and they funked it out a little bit. They threw the crowd a definite crowd pleaser with Poor Heart. Cavern to close was hot, hot, hot!! I was expecting one more song, and was disappointed when they ended the set after just an hour.

The second set was some of the best Phish I had heard post hiatus. Before I left for Miami, someone recently asked me (in a slightly condescending manner), "How long was I going to continue to follow Phish?" If you saw what I saw... you'd never want to miss another show. I love it when Page sings on Rock and Roll. They segued into a mellow and weird Twist where I swear that Trey was playing some crazy bluesy licks that he had busted out the night before during the Miami Jam after Suzy Greenberg. Just when the crowd got a little bored with Twist, Fishman took control and started busting out the back beat to Boogie On Reggae Woman which was a sweet and delicious version and if it weren't for the drunk kid in our section who drew the attention of asshole Draconian security guards... it would have been perfect. The segue into Ghost was sick! The jam out was stupendous and I kept wanting more but they slowly segued into the fifth song since the set started... Free was rocking and Trey was pulling out rock star antics. He and Mike had a crazy and intense jam when they faced each other and just went off together on a sick and loopy jam, which got the crowd even more pumped up. For fifty minutes they did not rest once and played five straight songs. Most groups can't even throw together enough material for a fifty minute long set... let along play for fifty straight minutes. The crowd applauded for two minutes while they decided what to play next. Divided Sky was one of the best versions I saw since the hiatus... something they had been improving upon each time I see them play it. The boys stood in silence for three minutes while they counted off during that middle-to-end part. The jam out was insane and Zobo and I kept looking at each other giving the "wow" look back and forth. Good Times Bad Times was satisfying for sure and Trey jumped up and down on that one. An excellent closer to an excellent set.

For the encore, Phish came back out for Waste which was OK and again, I hopped that it would be followed up by a heavier tune. When it ended they walked off stage. The crowd would not leave and kept cheering louder and louder. They walked right back on stage a few minutes later and broke out Squirming Coil. I love Page piano solos and I was just 25 yards away from Page and I'd get to see him play a sweet solo at the end of Coil. As he played, one by one, the rest of the members of Phish walked off stage, leaving Page alone to play and accept a thunderous applause after he finished up.

I partied up with my friend Alea and her friends from Madison, WI. I also hung out with Emi and her friends from Japan after the show when we all went back to Zobo's suite on South Beach and partied hard for a couple of hours, before I slowly made my way back to Miami Shores, along Biscayne Blvd., past Little Haiti and past all the hagged out hookers, and their bad make-up jobs, illuminated by the hysterical glow of the neon lights.

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New Year's Eve Previews

Coventry will have some excellent coverage this year of New Year's Eve concerts. I will be in Denver at the Widespread Panic/YMSB 30th and NYE shows; Pauly and Change100 will be checking out My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden.

To get ready for the shows, here are a few moments for you:
Widespread Panic, 12/31/07 Atlanta

Widespread Panic, 12-31-01 Atlanta, GA Disc 1 Disc 2

My Morning Jacket - One Big Holiday w/Kirk Hammett Bonnaroo 2008

My Morning Jacket Bonnaroo 2008 Download

My Morning Jacket Live at The Fillmore on 12/30/2006

...and of course...The Phish...I get chills every time...12/31/02

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

First Aid Kit Covers Blue Christmas

Last month, Pauly and BTreotch introduced us all to the Swedish singing duo First Aid kit, with their honey-voiced cover of Fleet Foxes' Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. Well, our favorite Scandi girls are at it again, this time covering Blue Christmas, just in time for the holidays.

The older girl is 18. Her organ-playing sister is 15. That means she was born in 1993, while you were ripping bong hits in your dorm room. Get your minds out of the gutter.

From all of us at Coventry, have a Merry Christmas and a Heady New Year!

Holiday Music for Freaks (you)

If you are like me, you may like some of the holiday music but most of it gets overplayed and is quite stale. My ears perked up a little bit this morning when I discovered this Mix. It has some smooth hip hop beats underneath some classic Holiday music. Check it out.

MJL Monthly Mix

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RIP Doc Ellis; Threw a No Hitter on LSD

Doc Ellis passed away the other day at the age of 63. The former major league baseball player was most famous for throwing a no hitter in 1970 while under the influence of LSD. He didn't think he was supposed to pitch that day and dropped acid that morning. When he got to the ball park, he took a bunch of speed (Benzies) and took the mound. He was wild that day and walked eight batters but also did not allow the opposing team to collect a single base hit off of him.

Here's an interview with Doc Ellis...

Seriously, a non-no on liquid sunshine? I could barely keep my shit together at a Dead show and scribble down a setlist let alone toss a no hitter.

Rest in peace, Doc Ellis.

Weed News: Will Obama Decriminalize Marijuana?

We all know he's smoked it. But will he legalize it? That's the question burning in the minds of thousands of American marijuana enthusiasts, and this Esquire article explores the real possibility that Barack Obama could decriminalize marijuana during his presidency. It also draws some pretty scary parallels between what was going on in 1932 when FDR legalized beer to create jobs and stimulate the economy, and the current financial climate.

Hey, I already stimulate the California economy on a daily basis by purchasing taxed, regulated, and locally grown medicinal marijuana from my friendly neighborhood dispensary. You and your states should all be so lucky.

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Merry Christmas From William S. Burroughs

The holiday classic, The Junky's Christmas.

Part 1

Part 2

Late Night Electronica Must Haves: Emancipator

I suppose this album has been floating around for a while now, but I just recently discovered it. Maybe its appropriate that I discovered it when it is COLD AS FUCK outside.

What to say to get you to listen to this? I am in love with it. It is beautiful. I hope all of you will put it on after a long night when you just want to chill out or make out...It even features Coventry's favorite Thao Nguyen on Vocals on a couple of tracks. This is a must have:

Emancipator - Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

Emancipator Blog

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Phish Documentary: Maybe So, Maybe Not - The Movie

Noah Wilderman is shooting a documentary about Phish called Maybe So, Maybe Not.

Here's a bit of what exactly is happening...
Maybe So, Maybe Not strives to be more than a documentary about the band Phish, their music, or the fanatical fan base. This is a documentary about the real, non-stereotypical lives of fans and how music is a thread that connects many of our lives. During the days leading up to the Phish reunion in Hampton, VA, and beyond, we'll primarily see a cross-section of children of the 70's and early 80's, rejuvenated as they examine the roads they've chosen, reconnect with their pasts and define the spirit of a generation as we turn a new page in American History.
Noah is looking for Phisheads to get involved. Stop by the website and see how you can participate.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Phish Red Rocks Dates Confirmed: July 30th-Aug 2, 2009

We at Coventry have it from the most reliable* source that Phish will return to Red Rocks July 30- Aug 2, 2009. Confirmed.

Phish will be playing Red Rocks on Jerry's Birthday.

Official Dates will be announced after New Years Eve.

This is all the info we have on this right now, but I can tell you that this is from a person who has consistently had correct and reliable info regarding Colorado concerts in the past, with 100% accuracy.

We can also confirm 3 nights at the Pepsi Center in Denver in early April. The same source tells us there will also be a return to The Gorge, sometime after the Red Rocks shows.

Looking forward to seeing many of you out here.

*most reliable = FUNKMASTERFLETCH

Phish Phans are Geeks example #356: Trey's Compressed Tone

There has been a lot of chit-chat on the Phish-related interwebs about a little piece of equipment called a Ross Compressor. Put simply, Trey didn't use this pedal in his rig post hiatus, and people noticed. 

Enough people noticed to warrant some 499 threads on Phantasy Tour. Then Tom Marshall asked Trey about it, and the boys over at Relix got wind of the whole thing and wrote a piece about it.

Pauly asked me to explain simply what this whole thing is about. The best way I can simply explain it is the "compressed Trey tone" means a guitar tone that is "clean", rather than a guitar tone that is "dirty", or distorted.

Broadly speaking, think about it this way:
Heavy Metal, Hard Rock = Distorted Tones
Jazz Guitar = Clean Tones

Stating the obvious, Trey plays with a wide variety of tones- nearly every song has a little bit different variation of guitar tones at some point. Ever watch Trey mess with the knobs on his guitar while he is playing? Ever see him stomping around on pedals? He is playing with the tone, trying to get the right sound. But to some phan's ears, the compressor makes a difference everywhere, no matter what he is playing. 

Without the Ross Compressor, its easier to get to That Place. That Place in your soul? No. That Place is the Oxy Jams. The grungy dirty oxy jams where the guitar is distorted and we can't tell what notes Trey is playing. He could really do it either way, but without the compressor there is a dirtier, crunchier sound.

Where do I stand on this issue? I really could care less about a stupid compressor. I am happier with the fact that they are gonna tour again and hope that Trey is practicing. There are a lot of variables that go into Trey's playing...I think Trey should do whatever he wants and make the guitar sound the way he wants it to. Happy Trey = Good Phish shows. I don't tell God how to cook.

Beatles Cover Song of the Day: Bad Ass Ukulele!

Thanks to Paboo for tipping me off to this sickly video of this dude, Jake Shimabukuro, ripping it up during a version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. He said to especially check it out around the 3:00 mark.

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Pitchfork's top 100 tracks of 2008

Best of lists can really get people riled up. I love the shit. Of course there's no such thing as the "best" song, album or band (unless we're talking about YEM, OK Computer or Phish), but it is a great chance to explore some music you may have missed or just passed on. Say what you will about Pitchfork, but it's a good resource to find new music and this year's top 100 song list is no exception. They've gone so far as to provide all 100 tracks in some form, either streaming audio or for download.

Today in Phistory: 12/18/1999 - Hampton, VA

Phish 12/18/99 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Harry Hood, Back at the Chicken Shack, Dog Log, Tube, Heavy Things, Back On The Train, First Tube, The Inlaw Josie Wales, You Enjoy Myself

Set II: 2001, Sand, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Possum, Mike's Song > Simple, Weekapaug Groove > Buffalo Bill

Encore: Ya Mar, Sleeping Monkey
Ah, today is a special day in Phishtory. The boys only played one show on this date. Yes, rare indeed. The Hampton show in 1999 was the second of two nights in Hampton. It also marked the conclusion of a 14-show December run, before they took some time off to prepare for the epic Millennium show in Big Cypress.

The first set begins and ends with heavy hitters; Harry Hood and YEM. And somewhere along they way they toss in Chicken Shack, Dog Log, and Buffalo Bill.
Stream/Listen to 12/18/1999 (courtesy of

Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:

Download - Phish 12/18/1999 Hampton, VA - Part 1
Download - Phish 12/18/1999 Hampton, VA - Part 2

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 12/17/1999 - Hampton, VA

12/17/99 Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA

Set I: Piper, Meat, Sparkle, Gotta Jibboo, Punch You in the Eye, When the Circus Comes to Town, Water in the Sky, Twist

Set II: Birds of a Feather, Moma Dance, Bug, Jennifer Dances, Split Open and Melt, Character Zero

Encore: Old Home Place, Squirming Coil, Loving Cup
Since the reunion at the mothership is only a few months away, I'm excited that today marks a special day in Phishtory when the boys played a sizzling show at Hampton Coliseum. It was the first of a two night run.
Stream/Listen to 12/17/1999 (courtesy of

Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:

Download - Phish 12/17/1999 Hampton, VA - Part 1
Download - Phish 12/17/1999 Hampton, VA - Part 2

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Of Montreal tackling Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

Monday nights in Tampa, FL aren't usually all that interesting. When I moved here five years ago I figured there would be several good shows to catch in the winter-time. Turns out not to be the case, though when I saw that Of Montreal would be coming to bring their psychedelic disco, freak-out show, I got real excited. They played for about 2 hours never resting with non-stop segues, costume changes and even a centaur. Even taking on Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - it's a show not to be missed.

Thanks to Danny for the video

Friday, December 12, 2008

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Videos - Your Time Is Gonna Come

Hat tip to the gang at This Is Somewhere for the video of Grace Potter covering Zeppelin's Your Time Is Gonna Come on 12/07/08 at Toad's Place in Richmond, VA.

Leo Kottke vs. Leo Kottke

Youth vs. experience, on the subject of "Vaseline Machine Gun."



Jump to about 1:10 to miss extraneous audience chatter.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fishman Injured!?!


Vermont (AP) -- Jon Fishman, drummer of the eclectic rock band Phish, was hospitalized today after a wind turbine malfunction near his Vermont home. Fishman is reportedly "OK", but plans for the upcoming Phish reunion shows in Hampton, Virginia may be put on hold as he recovers from severe ligament damage to his right foot.

Lets home Fishman feels better soon. I'm still hopeful- if the Def Leppard drummer played with one arm, playing with one foot should be a snap!

New Live Phish Video & Audio - 12/29/97 MSG NYC

Oh yeah. Live Phish released a gem of a show which includes both audio and video. I was at the 1997 run at Madison Square Garden in New York City and it stands out as one of my favorite Holiday Runs.

Live Phish released 12/29/97 a while ago and they finally released the next evening of that remarkable run. Click here to purchase 12/30/97.

Here's the track listing....
12.30.1997 - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

1. Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley >
2. Taste
3. Water In The Sky >
4. Punch You In The Eye >
5. Stash
6. Chalk Dust Torture
7. A Day In The Life

1. AC/DC Bag >
2. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters
3. Harpua >
4. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) >
5. Harpua >
6. Izabella

1. Harry Hood >
2. My Soul >
3. Sleeping Monkey >
4. Guyute
5. Carini >
6. Black-Eyed Katy >
7. Sneakin’ Sally Thru The Alley >
8. Frankenstein
Live Phish has a special if you purchase both 12/29 and 12/30.

Yeah, this was one of my favorite shows of that run because the gang said, "Fuck the curfew!" They went way past the Midnight deadline which meant that the teamsters and a lot of other folks had to get paid an overtime bonus. Bands don't do that very often, but you know the boys from Vermont... they always like breaking the rules. And you know, it was worth it.

Sneaking Sally was a true bust out and had not been played in years. They opened the show with it and also brought back a Sneaking Sally Reprise during an epic four song encore. I'm always critical of Phish's selection of encore songs, but that night... they nailed it... with a four tune send off, which really help set the tone for an amazing New Year's show the next night.

Other standouts from that show include PYITE from the first set. The second set kicked off with a 20+ version of AC/DC Bag. I lost my shit about ten minutes in and almost felt my face melt. Tom Marshall sauntered onto stage for a Proclaimer's cover and then the boys ripped the shit out of a Hendrix cover of Izabella.

Another stellar selection from Phish for their Live Phish series. And this batch is special because it includes options to purchase video of the show. Individual videos of songs cost only $1.99. I picked up the 20+ minute video of Harry Hood. That's an amazing value.

Click here to purchase 12/29/97 from Live Phish.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2009 Langerado Lineup Announced

I'll be skipping Langerado in 2009 because I'll be in Hampton for Phish 3.0.

Anyway, here's a bit of a press release that I got regarding the lineup for Langerado 2009...
Held for the first time this year at Bicentennial Park on Biscayne Bay, Langerado now calls Miami - one of the world's must cultural cities - home. Today, festival organizers make an initial artist announcement to make the Magic City proud. Death Cab For Cutie, Snoop Dogg, Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Thievery Corporation (Live), Slightly Stoopid and Dashboard Confessional join Flogging Molly, Broken Social Scene, Girl Talk, Cold War Kids, The Faint, Gym Class Heroes, Tricky, Chromeo, Mute Math, Black Kids, Café Tacuba, The Pogues, The Virgins, Zac Brown Band and more. Langerado is also proud to welcome back veterans from Langerado's past including Matisyahu, The Disco Biscuits, Umphrey's McGee, Robert Randolph and The Family Band and Michael Franti and Spearhead and extend a warm welcome to the many artists performing at the festival for the first time. Artists will perform on multiple stages throughout the three day event and more artists are still to be announced!
Click here to check out the entire lineup for 2009.

And click here to view Coventry's coverage of the 2008 Langerado music festival which includes pics and videos.

And this is my favorite video from Langerado at the Jam Cruise disco tent...

McLovins Cover Farmhouse

Yes, the McLovins are at it again. They added a female vocalist for this rendition of Farmhouse...

Monday, December 08, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 12/8/1995 - Cleveland, OH

Phish 12/08/95 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH

Set I: Sample in a Jar, Poor Heart, Simple > Runaway Jim > Fluffhead, It's Ice, Acoustic Army, Prince Caspian, Good Times Bad Times1

Set II: 2001 > Tweezer > Kung > Tweezer > Love You > HYHU, Squirming Coil, Tweezer Reprise, Antelope

Encore: Come Together **, A Day in the Life

** First time played
13 years ago today, Phish played an epic show in Cleveland on the 15th annivesarry of John Lennon's death. They performed two Beatles songs for the encore in homage to their hero.
Click here to listen/stream 12/8/99 (via

Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:

Phish 12/08/95 - Part 1
Phish 12/08/95 - Part 2
Phish 12/08/95 - Part 3
And RIP John.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fela Anikulapo Kuti

To me, Afrobeat is the highest form of music; the best of Western music: jazz and funk meet African Yoruba rhythms and leave you something dizzy. One of the pioneers of that music is Fela Kuti and today I stumbled upon the Motherload of Fela Kuti links from experimental etc blog. Not sure where to start? Check out Expensive Shit, Monkey Banana or Excuse O.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Craigslist: $400 per night for the phish concert n my townhouse

A friend sent this link to me...I am speechless.

$400 per night for the phish concert n my townhouse - $400 (newport news)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-12-01, 11:48PM EST

Me and my roomate have a townhouse that you can share the downstairs for the phish concert i no rooms are hard to find and they are expensive way more than $400 per night i dont even think there are anymore available to get........... ...i just checked there isnt any more the time you check in will be the same time you check out !!the next day so make sure you have a ride to leave the most people that you can bring with you will be 2 if you bring anymore you will have to pay $60 per person ...ill even fry some chicken so that you all can eat so you wont have to pay for food! ..let me no if you interested cash is only excepted we have a very clean home and expect you to be clean also you can bring drinks if you like but you just have to keep it quiet because of the neighbors...let me know!! were located in
newport news va 23602 you can map it out to see how close we are were about 4 miles away if that i dont even think its thats far and ill even show you the short cut in getting there!! ...let us no we have gotten a alot of emails just because its no rooms available...theres a big 65 inch tv downstairs with cable so that you can watch and you can drink and eat chicken before the show my number is 7577153301 you can text me if i dont answer if my house gets full ill have another place for not a psyco...the only time ill get psycho is when you dont get out ...AND WE DONT NEED THAT DO WE!!...So hit me up!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bisco Winter Tour Dates + Something Sounds Phishy

The Disco Biscuits released their Winter Tour dates...It says they are having a special announcement for the Mar 7+8 shows...hmmm, is Brownie is trying to use his Phish Hampton Tix > play an aftershow? Or, as Hidden Track suggests, are the Biscuits making an appearance at Langerado? Stay tuned.

I'm happy cause we got 2 Colorado dates and as luck would have it BTreotch is coming out that weekend. Rage the ski area ---> Bisco untz untz untz

January 16 - Calvin Theatre - Northampton, MA
January 17 - Calvin Theatre - Northampton, MA
January 18 - Town Ballroom - Buffalo, NY
January 21 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
January 22 - Majestic Theatre - Madison, WI
January 23 - First Avenue - Minneapolis, MN
January 24 - Congress Theater - Chicago, IL
January 25 - Canopy Club - Urbana, IL
January 28 - Headliners Music Hall - Louisville, KY
January 29 - Cannery Ballroom - Nashville, TN
January 30 - The Valarium - Knoxville, TN
January 31 - Tabernacle - Atlanta, GA
February 3 - Jupiter - Tuscaloosa, AL
February 4 - Lyric Theater - Oxford, MS
February 5 - Cain's Ballroom - Tulsa, OK
February 6 - La Zona Rosa - Austin, TX
February 7 - House of Blues - Houston, TX
February 8 - House of Blues - Dallas, TX
February 13 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
February 14 - Ogden Theatre - Denver, CO
February 15 - Liberty Hall - Lawrence, KS
February 26 - Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
February 27 - Higher Ground - Burlington, VT
February 28 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
March 1 - Rams Head Live - Baltimore, MD
March 4 - The National - Richmond, VA
March 5 - The NorVa - Norfolk, VA
March 6 - The Music Hall - Charleston, SC
March 7 - To be announced on Dec 8
March 8 - To be announced on Dec 8...stay tuned!

here is last year's Bisco Boulder Theater vid:

Today in Phishtory: 12/3/99 Cincinnati, OH

The Phish 12/03/99 Firstar Center, Cincinnati, OH

Set I: First Tube, Wolfman's Brother, Bouncin', Back On The Train, Billy Breathes, AC/DC Bag > Possum, Slave to the Traffic Light

Set II: Sand, Limb By Limb, Bug, Piper, Harry Hood

Encore: Rock and Roll
Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:
Phish 12/03/99 - Part 1
Phish 12/03/99 - Part 2
Phish 12/03/99 - Part 3
I saw 40 Phish shows in 1999. I was a tour rat that year along with my girlfriend, a Phishy chick from Texas. Cincy was show #35 for me that year and the second show on a mini-December run that kicked off in Auburn Hills, MI (just outside of the Big D). My girlfriend and I drove up from Texas and instead of a caravan of two or three cars, it was just us.

The tour opener in Michigan blew donkey balls and was so pissed off and disappointed because I caught almost every show that fall tour and Phish was smokin' hot! They redeemed themselves during both Cincy shows including a fist-pumping First Tube opener which set the tone for the Cincy shows. The boys also threw me a bone and played three of my all-time favorite Phish songs in the first set.... Wolfman's, AC/DC Bag, and Slave. That version of Slave is not the best one I ever heard (Gorge 97 and Japan 00), but it was definitely well-timed.

Second set was one of those insane nights when Phish played a five song set including a a mellow and trippy yet intense Sand and an impassioned Piper. And you can never go wrong with a Velvet Underground cover for the encore sung perfectly by Page.

Click here to stream/listen to 12/3/99 Cincy via

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Young Jedi Apprentices play YEM

So my buddy jonas0tto sent me this link...In an age where more kids are playing guitar hero or rock band than real instruments...these kids are playing YEM better than Phish did post-hiatus...check it out and get ready to have your mind=blown by some McLovin's...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Best Album of 2008 - Early Returns...

Some opinions are starting to trickle in... I'm still waiting to track down some 2008 releases I haven't heard yet... Check out these lists, what's missing? So many albums, so little time/bandwidth...

Paste Top 25

1. She & Him
Sigur Ros
Vampire Weekend
Bon Iver
Okkervil River
Fleet Foxes
Girl Talk
Lucinda Williams
Deerhunter (Microcastle)
Hold Steady
Of Montreal
Ida Maria
Langhorne Slim
Nick Cave
Bonnie Prince Billy
Death Cab
Gentlemen Jesse
Hot Chip
The Raveonettes
No Age
Mates of State
Santogold and Diplo
25. Mugison

Blender top 10

1. Lil Wayne
Girl Talk
TV on the Radio
Hot Chip
Of Montreal
Randy Newman
Vampire Weekend
10. Fall Out Boy

NPR's Nominees For The Best CDs of 2008:
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Adele: ‘19’
Alenajdro Escovedo: ‘Real Animal’
Amanda Palmer: ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer?’
Beach House: ‘Devotion’
Beck: ‘Modern Guilt’
Black Kids: ‘Partie Traumatic’
Blitzen Trapper: ‘Furr’
Bob Dylan: ‘Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs’
Bon Iver: ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’
Bonnie Prince Billy: ‘Lie Down in the Light’
Calexico: ‘Carried to Dust’
Cat Power: ‘Jukebox’
Cloud Cult: ‘Feel Good Ghosts’
Cold War Kids: ‘Loyalty to Loyalty’
Coldplay: ‘Viva La Vida’
Conor Oberst: ‘Conor Oberst’
Crystal Castles: ‘Crystal Castles’
Cut Copy: ‘In Ghost Colours’
David Byrne/Brian Eno: ‘Everything That Happens Will Happen Today’
Death Cab For Cutie: ‘Narrow Stairs’
Deerhoof: ‘Offend Maggie’
Deerhunter: ‘Microcastle’
Delta Spirit: ‘Ode to Sunshine’
Dengue Fever: ‘Venus on Earth’
Department of Eagles: ‘In EAr Park’
Devotchka: ‘A Mad And Faithful Telling’
Dr. Dog: ‘Fate’
Drive-by Truckers: ‘Brighter Than Creations Dark’
Duffy: ‘Rockferry’
Elbow: ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’
Erykah Badu: ‘New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War’
Fleet Foxes: ‘Fleet Foxes’
Flight of the Conchords: ‘Flight of the Conchords’
Flobots: ‘Fight With Tools’
Foals: ‘Antidotes’
Frightened Rabbit: ‘Midnight Organ Fight’
Girl Talk: ‘Feed the Animals’
Gnarls Barkley: ‘Odd Couple’
Hercules and Love Affair: ‘Hercules and Love Affair’
I’m From Barcelona: ‘Who Killed Harry Houdini?’
Islands: ‘Arm’s Way’
Jenny Lewis: ‘Acid Tongue’
Jolie Holland: ‘The Living And The Dead’
Juana Molina: ‘Un Dia’
Juno: Soundtrack
Kings of Leon: ‘Only By The Night’
Laura Marling: ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’
Lightspeed Champion: ‘Falling Off The Lavender Bridge’
Lil Wayne: ‘Tha Carter III’
Los Campesinos: ‘Hold On Now, Youngster’
Lucinda Williams: ‘Little Honey’
Lykke Li: ‘Youth Novels’
M83: ‘Saturdays=Youth’
Magnetic Fields: ‘Distortion’
Man Man: ‘Rabbit Hats’
Mates of State: ‘Re-Arrange Us’
Metallica: ‘Death Magnetic’
MGMT: ‘Oracular Spectacular’
My Morning Jacket: ‘Evil Urges’
Nada Surf: ‘Lucky’
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: ‘Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!’
Nine Inch Nails: ‘Ghosts I-IV’
No Age: ‘Nouns’
Oasis: ‘Dig Out Your Soul’
Of Montreal: ‘Skeletal Lamping’
Okkervil River: ‘The Stand Ins’
Parts & Labor: ‘Receivers’
Plants and Animals: ‘Parc Avenue’
Portishead: ‘Third’
Punch Brothers: ‘Punch’
R.E.M. ‘Accelerate’
Ra Ra Riot: ‘Rhumb Line’
Railroad Earth: ‘Amen Corner’
Randy Newman: ‘Harps and Angels’
Ray LaMontagne: ‘Gossip in the Grain’
Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: ‘Cardinology’
Santogold: ‘Lights Out’
She and Him: ‘Volume One’
Shearwater: ‘Rook’
Sigur Ros’: ‘Med Sud I Eyrum Vid Spilum Endalaust’
Silver Jews: ‘Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea’
Spiritualized: ‘Songs in A & E’
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: ‘Real Emotional Trash’
Sun Kil Moon: ‘April’
Thao Nguyen: ‘We Brave Bee Stings and All’
The Black Keys: ‘Attack and Release’
The Dodos: ‘Visiter’
The Fireman: ‘Electric Arguments’
The Helio Sequence: ‘Keep Your Eyes Ahead’
The Mars Volta: ‘The Bedlam in Goliath’
The Mountain Goats: ‘Heretic Pride’
The raconteurs: ‘Consolers of the Lonely’
The Raveonettes: ‘Lust Lust Lust’
The Walkmen: ‘You & Me’
TV on the Radio: ‘Dear Science’
Vampire Weekend: ‘Vampire Weekend’
Weezer: ‘Weezer (Red Album)’
Why? ‘Alopecia’
Wolf Parade: ‘At Mount Zoomer’

Today in Phishtory: 12/1/1996 - Pauley Pavillion at UCLA

Phish, 12/01/96 Pauley Pavilion (UCLA), Los Angeles, CA

Set I: Peaches en Regalia, Poor Heart, Cavern, Cars Trucks Buses, Character Zero, The Curtain, Down With Disease, Train Song, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Sample in a Jar, Antelope

Set II: Tweezer, Sparkle, Simple > A Day in the Life, Reba, Swept Away > Steep, Tweezer Reprise, Johnny B. Goode, Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Highway to Hell
Here are the download links courtesy of HoyDog23:
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 1
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 2
Phish 12/1/96 - Part 3
Or click here to stream the 12/1/96 show via

I wasn't at this particular show, but it stood out because I shared the same nickname as the pavilion where Phish played. I actually had a cassette bootleg of Set 2 which I acquired from a taper when I lived in Seattle. The boys opened up the first set with a cover of Zappa's Peaches en Regalia. It was the first Peaches in almost two years.

Interesting segue in the second set included a rare Simple > Day in the Life. And they just tossed Tweezer Reprise in the middle of the second set. Aside from the Beatles cover, the second set also featured an old school Chuck Berry tune with frenetic playing from Trey and the encore was a bong-rattling version of AC/DC's Highway to Hell.