Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trey Anastasio Fall Tour Dates

Trey is hitting the road to support his new album Bar 17. Here ae some of his dates.
10.08 Webster Hall, New York, NY
10.09 Webster Hall, New York, NY
10.11 Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA
10.13 Charlottesville Pavilion, Charlottesville, VA
10.14 House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
10.15 Thomas Wolfe, Asheville, NC
10.18 The Vic, Chicago, IL
10.19 The Vic, Chicago, IL
10.20 Cintas Center, Cincinnati, OH
10.21 Michigan Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI
10.23 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
10.24 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
10.27 Orleans Arena, Las Vegas, NV
10.28 Vegoose, Las Vegas, NV
10.28 Orleans Arena Las Vegas, NV
10.29 Vegoose, Las Vegas, NV
10.31 Stubb's BBQ, Austin, TX
I'll be seeing one of the NYC shows and all of his Vegas appearances. Can't wait.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Galactic Sunday Boulder Setlist and Review

Galactic 8.27.06, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Set 1: FEMA, Aint What You Think, Crazyhorse Mongoose, Hangnail, Bongo the Dog, Spiderbite, Yes We Can (with ALO), Black Eye Pea > Trampled Under Foot > Black Eye Pea

Set 2: Dumptruck, Root Down, Tiger Roll > Bounce Baby > Spaceheadz, Blackbird Special, Doomed, Clockstopper, Licorice, Garbage Truck

E: ???, Quiet Please
This show featured special guest Daddy. The Joker, Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot, and myself met up with Daddy and his buddy Larry. They were in town for a fantasy football league draft. We knocked back drinks at a Mexican joint two doors down from the Fox Theatre as we ogled at all the hot CU chicks and random hippie girls wander up 13th Street.

The show was all ages which meant plenty of freshmen and high school kids. Neil Fontent was able to bring along his 19 year old girlfriend to this show. Part of the Fox was sectioned off for the under aged kids. No alcohol was permitted in those areas. When you walk into the lobby of the Fox, there's a bar in the center with two doors on either side. We walked over to the right, which is was reserved for the minors. A bouncer prevented us from going in.

"That's where all the kids are," he said.

"I like highschool girls," I mentioned trying to appeal to his immoral senses.

"And I like little boys," added Daddy which pretty much insured us that he would not let us pass.

ALO opened again and we spent less time listening to them and more time drinking at the numerous bars in the venue. For a small place it has four different bar areas. We called AlCantHang for a dial-a-shot.

The G-men opened up with a raw, quick, and funkified set. The Joker and I heard the heavy FEMA in Fort Collins and we dug their new song. It was fitting to hear it on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Although the majority of that city was destroyed, the unique spirit still lives on especially in the hearts and souls of the members of Galactic who take the spicy flavor of New Orleans music and bring it with them where ever they go sharing it with anyone who wants to listen. The last three nights Galactic took those melodious sounds to Colorado.

Bobby Mac and Jeff from Galactic

Crazyhorse Mongoose is one of my favorite Galactic songs and considering how many times they must have played it over the last decade, each version is ripe with new found energy and enthusiasm. The crowd loved every moment of CM as Larry handed us more beers.

"Sickness," Daddy screamed in my ear trying to talk over the heavy beats from Stanton Moore. "That fucker is not carbon based."

Indeed. I've been saying it for years... Stanton Moore is not human because no person from this planet can play like he does. He's an alien and out of the several hundred (if not almost a thousand) of drummers I've seen play in a live setting... there's no one better around today.

The Joker and I saw some of the setlist before the show taped to the front of the soundboard. We wandered over to chat with the sound guy to confirm some songs from Saturday's show. Due to our high levels of intoxication for all of Saturday, our note taking ability was less than stellar.

Anyway, I knew that Hangnail was on the menu. And it was delicious since it was one of the few songs we only heard once in the three shows we caught. I left Colorado with a new found love for Bongo the Dog and Spiderbite. ALO came out on vocals for Yes We Can, which is a Doobie Brothers cover that they all performed two nights earlier in Fort Collins. It was a high energy version and the highlight of the first set (up until that point). Even the waitresses in the crowd were dancing around for that song.

The boys closed the set with a Black Eye Pea > Trampled Under Foot > Black Eye Pea sandwich. We were lucky to see it in Fort Collins and the boys busted it back out. It was actually a better version, which I didn't think was possible.

During setbreak we ran outside and hotboxed Marco. We waited outside for a few minutes as two wookies sat on the curb. One played mandolin and the other acoustic guitar as they stumbled through a version of the Grateful Dead's Uncle John's Band.

"Totally cliche," joked the Joker.

Daddy wanted cigarettes and the Joker pointed out the mini-mart across the street. Five minutes later, Daddy stumbled out drunker than an priest at an Irish wedding reception as he tried his best efforts to walk and unwrap his American Spirits in the same motion. He was too drunk for both. He put the pack away and started slowly walking back towards us in front of the Fox. There were two instances when I didn't think he was going to make it. He teetered too much to his left one time and lost his balance. Remarkably, he corrected his equilibrium and made it safely.

"Tell Change100 I want to fuck her sister in the armpit," he blurted out as he took a drag off his cigarette.

I headed to the bar for another shot of SoCo. No one else wanted one so I ordered solo. Larry decided that it was improper for a man to do a shot alone, so he told the bartender that he wanted one. We threw them down and went inside.

We had more space to dance for the second set and found ourselves just in front of the soundboard, which at the Fox is the back of the venue. And you know what? The worst spot in the house is still better than being in 75% of a place like Irving Plaza in NYC.

Dump Truck and Root Down to open got the crowd back to a dancing frenzy. My favorite part was when they busted out Doomed. The Stanton Moore tune Licorice was something we heard all three nights.

Quiet Please was a stellar way to end a three show run. I lost faith in Galactic over the years, which was tough for me considering I've seen them more times than the Grateful Dead and Widespread Panic. The only band I've seen more was Phish.

The three Colorado shows restored my lack of faith. The boys brought New Orleans to your doorstep like they used to back in the era where I feel they peaked out... 1999 and 2000. Since then, they had gone through several changes, different singers, various directions, and had to deal with the Katrina aftermath. One year after that vicious hurricane destroyed their city, the boys got their groove back.

I take a huge risk traveling long distances to see a band play. You never know what you will get and that's part of the allure of the trips. I invested money and time into the Colorado shows and it felt good to get my money's worth. I'm excited to see a few more shows before the year ends.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Galactic 8.26.06 Setlist and Mini Review: Fox Theatre in Boulder

The first and only time I visited the Fox Theatre in Boulder was to see Galactic play in March of 2000. Angela and some of her friends from Texas were on Spring Break and we all hit the leg of Galactic's Colorado tour covering six shows in Denver, Aspen, Vail, and Boulder. I didn't recall much about the Fox. I confused it with the Fillmore in Denver. A stomach full of mushrooms will do that for you.

Six years later I found myself seeing Galactic back at the Fox, which is one of the nicer places I've seen a show due to the intimate space.

We went to the Saturday show with Colby and Smrz, friends of the Joker, who went to school at Tulane. They know Galactic well and have been seeing them as long as I have (circa 1998). They were excited to see the opening band Papa Grows Funk, also a New Orleans fixture. The knew how to party New Orleans style. Smrz is a trip. He's a quote machine.

"My name is Czech," he explained. "It means 'tree.' I tell everyone that my name means 'God-like'..."

He also told us the two rules of partying in New Orleans; "Number one: bring your drugs. And number two: bring your sunglasses because you are going to be up partying all night and by the time you go home, the sun will be coming up."

Colby told me that she read the Tao of Pauly and I inspired her to get a Texas Toaster sandwich from Sonic. Sweet. Those things are addictive.

The Joker and I drank on Pearl Street on Saturday afternoon. I played some online poker on the patio of the Pearl Street Pub as I drank pints of Harp. We wagered on the horse race with the bartender. The Traveler's Stakes from Saratoga was going on and we entered a blind pool. The Joker picked a card out of seven. He got the 4 of diamonds, which meant that we had the #4 horse.... High Cotton. He was the third favorite on the board at 6-1 behind Bernardini who was an astounding 1-1. We started out fast and was in second for the first half of the race until the other horse blew past us. We lost.

We got to the Fox and grabbed a drink at one of the many bars in the tiny venue. Right next to the bar in the lobby area was the merchandise table for Galactic. The Joker pointed out a Galactic sticker that said, "Make Levees. Not War."

The merchandise guy printed up the setlist for the Saturday show. We saw the second set come hot off the printer. We knew that they'd be playing Immigrant Song, 2 Dots, and Shibuya.

Papa Grows Funk opened up and I've seen them at least six or seven times before in various places in Texas, New Orleans, and even in NYC. Papa Grows Funk is an odd mix. A fat guy plays keys. A brother is on drums. There's a hippie guy on sax and the guitar player is like a 50 year old Japanese hippie. Bobby Mac from Galactic sat in on bass for their entire set. Ben came out for a tune as well. Their highlight was a funkified version of the Beatles' Come Together. At one point the sax player picked up cool points with me when he put down his sax and played the cowbell for an entire song.

The G-men took the stage around 10:15pm. They played a setlist very similar to the night before in Fort Collins. It ended up not mattering any bit. They still smoked the hell out of the joint and played even better than on Friday.

Here's an incomplete setlist:
Galactic 8.26.06 Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

Set 1: Doublewide, Go Go, ?, Church, Spiderbite, The Moil, Little Miss Lover, Bongo Joe > Kashmir

Set 2: Shibuya, Blacktalk (with Jason & John from PGF), Charlie Dozen (with Jason), Forbidden Horn, Immigrant Song, Bootlegger, Metermaid > Whole Lotta Love > Metermaid, 2 Dots, Baker's Dozen

Encore: Licorice (Stanton tune), Manic Depression
The first set started out hot and grew more intense as the night progressed. They first few songs reminded by old school Galactic shows from 1999. The Fox was sold out. The crowd was a little more rowdier than the Fort Collins show. We were close about ten or twelve people back from the front of the stage. I had the perfect view of Stanton all night.

The highlight of the first set was Bongo Joe > Kashmir. As the Joker said, we could both see Kashmir every night. It's such a powerful tune and the boys jammed out a harder and better version than the night before. I didn't think it was possible. But they pulled it off.

I wasn't too wasted the entire show. I was never sober but never out of control, so everything felt good. The setlist found us outside smoking up in Marco which the Joker parked a few steps from the front of the Fox. He found the primo spot once again.

Second set was all Stanton in a high-power, bong rattling orgy of percussion. Shibuya got the entire crowd jumping around and dancing. Jason from Papa Grows Funk joined the band for Charlie Dozen. When we heard Galactic soundchecking Immigrant Song in Fort Collins, we figured it would pop up somewhere over the three show run. Of course we knew it was coming and still got blown away by the power of Ben's sax.

They also teased a little of Whole Lotta Love in the middle of Metermaid. Baker's Dozen to close the second set rocked.

I posted a few clips from the Saturday Fox Theatre show on You Tube:
Kashmir (8.26.06)
Shibuya (8.26.06)
Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love > Meter Maid, Manic Depression (8.26.06)
The Joker's Galactic Video (8.26.06)
Two down. One more show to go. Saturday's show was 21 and over only. Sunday is an all ages show which means that our buddy Professional Keno Player Neil Fontenot can bring his 19 year-old girlfriend and her friends.

8.26.06 Galactic Boulder Videos

I took a couple of videos of Galactic from their Fox Theatre show in Boulder. Both clips are around 3 minutes each.
Kashmir (8.26.06)
Shibuya (8.26.06)
Immigrant Song, Whole Lotta Love > Meter Maid, Manic Depression (8.26.06)
The Joker's Galactic Video (8.26.06)
The cover of led Zeppelin's Kashmir was pure sickness. Got to see it back-to-back nights. The Joker said he could see it every night.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Galactic Fort Collins Setlist and Mini Review

8.25.06 Galactic, Aggie Theatre, Fort Collins, CO

Set 1: FEMA, Crazyhorse Mongoose, Spiderbite, Black Bird Special, Centhead, The Moil, Licorice (Stanton Moore tune), Yes We Can (with ALO), Bongo Joe > Kashmir

Set 2: Shibuya, Backtalk, Tiger Roll > Bounce Baby > Space Headz, Bongo the Dog, Black Eye Pea > Trampled Under Foot > Black Eye Pea, Metermaid > 2 Dots, Garbage Truck

Encore: Manic Depression

ALO opened

We stopped off at a head shop on Pearl Street in Boulder.

"Back to school sale," mentioned the Joker.

The basement store was filled with CU students returning from summer break and looking to pick up glass bowls, pipes, and bongs. I spotted a nice pipe for the Joker that had a frog on it.

The drive to Fort Collins was short, but we got lost once we got into town. We eventually found College Avenue where the Aggie Theatre is located. I've been to Fort Collins a couple of times. It's a college town and the home of Colorado State University. Aside from that it's just the mid-way point between Denver and Cheyenne. During my first trip to Fort Collins in 1998, I caught the Ominous Seapods at the Aggie. I drove down from Laramie, Wyoming in a snowstorm just to catch the Pods show.

We arrived early and parked in the lot behind the theatre. The Joker snagged a spot just behind Galactic's tour bus. We could hear the band on stage doing a soundcheck. They busted into Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song and that would be a teaser for what to expect.

We wandered down College Avenue and were confronted with the alluring sounds of bag pipes. The local community heard we were coming and rolled out the Fort Collins Pipe Band for us as they played in front of an Irish pub. We ended up eating and drinking at the Crown Pub across the street. We hit up a local college saloon, the Drunken Monkey which featured buckets of Coronas for $5. The waitresses were all young hotties wearing jean skirts, tight white wife-beater t-shirts and cowboy hats. The also did hoola hoop tricks. I ordered a SoCo and called AlCantHang for a dial-a-shot.

We did some people watching and aside from a bevy of young and pretty coeds, there were plenty of freaks out, which surprised the Joker. He expects weirdness in Boulder and to be contained within said city limits. There were numerous homeless people and drifters coming over asking for spare change, long with the odd sort of hippie kids trying to scratch enough money together for a $25 ticket to see Galactic.

One spun out wookie chick stopped us, "Can you spare a few bucks? I only need $3 more to buy a ticket."

I pulled out my poker bankroll and pushed aside a few hundreds as her eyes lit up. I found a wrinkly $1 bill and handed it to her.

"Now you are only $2 short."

I fucked up. I could have gotten her to do some sort of prop bet for the cash. I wanted to say, "Hey if you blow the Joker in the parking lot and let me watch and jack off, I'll give you $3. I'll give you $5 if you let me videotape it."

Another sketched out wookie told us he was $10 short for a ticket.

"That's OK," he assured us, "I have my crystals."

He had a box of crystals that he was hoping to trade. On various tours, wookies use items like rocks and crystals to barter for tickets, foods, and drugs.

The Aggie is a small place which has three levels separated by a few steps. We walked into the ALO set about ten minutes in. They were mellow and reminded me of a funky version of The Band.

"They had funky beats but none of the guitar or keyboards were very hard. They had grooves but the harmonies were light and fluffy," explained the Joker. "It was clean funk."

Two songs that stood out were Plastic Bubble and Ophelia, which is a cover song originally performed by The Band. The crowd was into ALO and were dancing around.

During the break we headed out to the parking to smoke up and we saw ALO loading up their van. A SUV pulled up blocking the exit. Out walked an older guy with a parrot on his shoulder. He left his dog in the car, which still had the keys in the ignition. A 10,000 Maniacs song blasted as the guy with the parrot disappeared and returned five minutes later. We assumed that he owned the Aggie Theatre.

Galactic took the stage around 10:30 and they opened up with a new tune called FEMA. The guys in Galactic were on the road when Hurricane Katrina hit. They were safe but they lost all their houses, practice space, and many of their instruments. They stayed on the road and kept playing adding new tour dates because they didn't have a home to go to.

Galactic was in flux before the Hurricane hit. The Houseman left the band and they were without a lead singer and were just an instrumental band. Although I was critical of the Houseman over the years, his departure sent the band into a spin. They were kinda lost without him and the formula they were used to. They'd open up and play four songs, then they Houseman would come out for four, then they'd close the set with a couple more tunes. Repeat for Set 2. Without the Houseman, they focus was on them the entire time. Sure they brought out guests from time to time on vocals, but the last 1.5 years of Galactic was a transitional phase. With the Hurricane hitting New Orleans, they were forced to stay out on the road and work out new material. That time away from home did they good. And a song like FEMA galvanized the headspace where the band is at right now.

Crazyhorse Mongoose is a crowd pleaser off of one of their earliest albums. The guys figured out the acoustics of the Aggie and adjusted by the middle of CM. The sound was great and you could actually hear the Jeff Raines on guitar, who sometimes gets drowned out by Stanton's thunderous drum playing, Bobby Mac's deep bass, Ben's sax, or Vogel's paino/keys action.

Spiderbite was a tune I liked. They got down in The Moil before they did a Stanton Moore tune called Licorice. Then the guys from ALO came out on stage to sign a Doobie Brothers cover Yes I Can. That got the crowd jumping. The last two songs were epic and represented some of the best playing I've seen Galactic break out in over two years. Bongo Joe > Kashmir kicked my ass. The Joker and I heard the soundcheck and knew Zeppelin was coming. Their version of Kashmir is one of the best cover version I've heard.

We ran outside for setbreak and came back inside. The crowd thinned a bit and there was more room to dance and hang out. One drunk guy kept pestering the Joker's friends, Andy and Debbie. He'd leave and come back and he continued his annoying gibberish.

The boys opened up with Shibuya and it was all Stanton Moore. The reason I fly and travel long distances to see Galactic is because of Stanton Moore. He's the best drummer on the planet and he's worth 1.5 members of Phish. Stanton is like Fish plus half of Trey.

Tiger Roll > Bounce Baby > Space Headz was a nice little sandwich of tunes before Black Eye Pea which they managed to squeeze Trampled Under Foot before heading back into Black Eye Pea. The boys were 2 for 2 with Zeppelin covers. The crowd loved every second of it. That was the highlight of set 2.

They closed the set strong with a mellow Metermaid segued into 2 Dots. They closed with Garbage Truck and as they left the stage I was bummed out. I wanted to hear more. They were playing so tight that I'd stay up until dawn to see them.

The encore was a rocking Jimi Hendrix' Manic Depression.

"Galactic ditched the Houseman for classic rock tunes," suggested the Joker.

That seems to be the direction that they've taken, adding a few covers to the spicy New Orleans mix that they've been bringing for almost a decade.

The Fort Collins show reminded me of the Galactic shows I saw in 1999 and 2000 when they were a collection of tightly bundled frenetic energy.

One down, three more to go.

We headed to an after-show party at a warehouse in Boulder. The Code Talkers were playing and they were kicking ass in a small space that's usually used as a recording studio. It cost us $10 to get in which meant free music and all you can drink beer. Like a typical Boulder party, dogs freely roamed the party brushing past you every few seconds.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vegoose Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for the 2006 Vegoose Music Festival go on sale on Saturday morning of August 19th. That's today! Stop by the Vegoose website to buy tickets now.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Trey and Phil Lesh Added to Vegoose Lineup


Photo by Brad Kelly

According to, Trey Anastasio will be playing Vegoose in Las Vegas with Phil Lesh. The remainder of their lineup will be announced soon. Should be kick ass. Two of my favorite musicans from two of my favorite bands playing together.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jimmy Herring Joins WSP (A Pauly Exclusive - At Least Here)

I first heard this from my buddy Kevin when I was eating at his restaurant last week. I basically said GTFOH!!

I said to Kevin and myself, "This is not going to be a good thing." Kevin Darling (I just had to give your last name - sorry darling.) agreed almost too whole heartedely. But he tends to be a cynical bastard. He is a soundboard snob who can't appreciate the richness of a good audience recording. (He does love the Healy matrix recordings, though.)

Yadda, yadda, yadda...

Anyway, I should get on with explaining myself.

My first aural experience I had with Jimmy was the same day I got on the bus - 2/9/01. I was amazed with the interplay between Jimmy and Warren. They were two fret boards as one. I saw them 24 times in the following years. They never ceased to blow me away. It is not easy to duet with Warren Haynes. Jimmy did it to perfection.

Then the Other Ones Reunion Show came along. Jimmy was picked to be "Jerry". Da Pickl insisted we go to the shows - with a stop at the Fabulous Fox in St. Louis to see Phil & Friends before the Alpine Valley shows. It was a kick-ass road trip, with the added bonus of meeting Tania and Lucy out of the blue to camp with.

Anything interesting about the hat?
Free show from my list if you know.

Those shows were awesome - Jimmy did well, though his solos did seem contrived. Those were big shoes to fill. He did a great job. (Those two days of festival were freakin' awesome. It was very hot and humid. Sperm were coming out my pores. Good Lord! I hope I didn't sweat my way into being a father.)

The subsequent two years of "The Dead" shows were 83.2% great. I saw 10 shows at Red Rocks, two at Jones Beach, and two at Camden. Jimmy did great year one, and with Warren year two was even better. (Hmmm - I see a Warren theme...)

I actually met Jimmy back-stage in 2004 at Red Rocks. The dude is genuine (pronounced "Jen-u-INE"!!!. He was psyched to be on another tour. And he is as tall as I am ((6'2") - Phil is shorter than I thought. And, on a side note - Bobby's eyes are almost freakishly cross-eyed.))

Was there a point to this? Oh Yeah...

I am a bit worried that Jimmy won't be able to cut it. I remember reading that George McConnell was trying his best to emulate Houser. He was told to be himself, and he eventually came around and produced some amazing guitar work (Vegoose at Thomas and Mack really comes to mind.)

Can Jimmy do the same?

Jimmy really learned improvization from his stint with Col. Bruce Hampton in the Aquarium Rescue Unit. Phil picked him for his fingering and sound (the dude can play extremely fast!) He and Warren going full bore in a PLQ jam is a sound to behold.

My hope is that Jimmy FEELS the WSP music he is playing and doesn't try to over-tech-fret it.

Make me cream my pants durning Vegoose, Jimmy!!! (cream as in emotionally - not as in self dilly-whacker smacker. That is what the Alice-In-Wonderland and Wiz Dorothy's are for.)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Galatic Left Coast Tour

The G-men are hitting the Left Coast playing several shows in California and will be hitting up Vegoose before they return to the Big Easy for a Halloween show at Tipitinas.
Galactic Tour Dates:
08.15 The Other Side | Missoula, MT
08.16 Flanagan's Central Station | Whitefish, MT
08.17 Mangy Moose | Jackson Hole, WY
08.18 Harry O's | Park City, UT
08.19 Truckee Regional Amphitheater | Truckee, CA
08.22 Belly Up | Aspen, CO
08.23 Belly Up | Aspen, CO
08.24 8150 Club | Vail, CO
08.25 Aggie Theatre | Fort Collins, CO
08.26 Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO
08.27 Fox Theatre | Boulder, CO
08.29 Tipitina's Uptown | New Orleans, LA
09.16 Austin City Limits Music Festival | Austin, TX
10.17 Bell Memorial | Union Chico, CA
10.19 House of Blues | San Diego, CA
10.20 Galaxy Concert Theatre | Santa Ana, CA
10.21 House of Blues | West Hollywood, CA
10.22 Marquee Theatre | Tempe, AZ
10.25 Mystic Theatre | Petaluma, CA
10.26 Harlow's | Sacramento, CA
10.27 The Catalyst | Santa Cruz, CA
10.28 The Fillmore | San Francisco, CA
10.29 Vegoose! Sam Boyd Stadium | Las Vegas, NV
10.31 Tipitina's Uptown | New Orleans, LA
01.02 Jam Cruise 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL
01.03 Jam Cruise 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL
01.04 Jam Cruise 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL
01.05 Jam Cruise 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL
01.06 Jam Cruise 5 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Can't wait to see them at Vegoose! I'll be catching at least two shows in California this fall. I already have tickets to two Colorado shows at the end of August. Should be an epic run for Galactic in the post-Houseman era.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Widespread Panic Fall Tour

The boys are hitting the road with new guitarist Jimmy Herring. They'll be back at Vegoose but skipping a Halloween show. They'll be playing atthe MGM Grand on October 30th though. I'm excited about the NYC shows at Radio City Music Hall. Last time they played there, they kicked my ass!
WSP Fall Tour Dates:
08.11 The Chicago Theatre | Chicago, IL
08.12 The Chicago Theatre | Chicago, IL
08.13 The Chicago Theatre | Chicago, IL
09.14 Radio City Music Hall | New York, NY
09.15 Radio City Music Hall | New York, NY
09.16 Radio City Music Hall | New York, NY
09.19 Memorial Auditorium | Burlington, VT
09.20 Verizon Wireless Arena | Manchester, NH
09.22 Agganis Arena | Boston, MA
09.23 Chevrolet Theatre | Wallingford, CT
09.24 Tower Theater | Upper Darby, PA
09.26 Charlottesville Pavilion | Charlottesville, VA
09.27 Charlottesville Pavilion | Charlottesville, VA
09.29 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater | Charlotte, NC
09.30 Verizon Wireless Amphitheater | Charlotte, NC
10.01 Rupp Arena | Lexington, KY
10.03 Taft Theatre | Cincinnati, OH
10.04 Palace Theatre Columbus | Columbus, OH
10.06 Municipal Auditorium | Nashville, TN
10.07 Macon Centreplex | Macon, GA
10.09 House of Blues | Orlando, FL
10.10 House of Blues | Orlando, FL
10.11 House of Blues | Orlando, FL
10.13 North Charleston Coliseum | Charleston, SC
10.14 BJCC Arena | Birmingham, AL
10.15 Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium | Chattanooga, TN
10.17 The Centre | Evansville, IN
10.18 IU Auditorium | Bloomington, IN
10.20 State Theater | Detroit, MI
10.21 Riverside Theater | Milwaukee, WI 10.22 | Northrop Auditorium | Minneapolis, MN
10.24 Stephens Auditorium | Ames, IA
10.25 Augustana College | Sioux Falls, SD
10.26 Omaha Music Hall | Omaha, NE
10.29 Vegoose! Sam Boyd Stadium | Las Vegas, NV
10.30 MGM Grand | Las Vegas, NV
11.02 The Backyard | Austin, TX
11.03 The Backyard | Austin, TX

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Vegoose 2006 Lineup

Yes, it's finally been announced.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Widespread Panic
The Killers
The Mars Volta
The Keller Williams Incident
The Black Crowes
Fiona Apple
The Raconteurs
Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
Medeski Martin & Wood
The Roots
The Rhythm Devils featuring Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzman, Mike Gordon & Steve Kimock
G. Love & Special Sauce
Jurassic 5
Yonder Mountain String Band
Built To Spill
Jim James of My Morning Jacket
Dr. Octagon aka Kool Keith
Band of Horses
Jamie Lidell
The Zutons
I can't wait.