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Phish Setlist: PNC - 5/31/11

Post by David Welker

The boys headed to the Garden State for a two-night run at PNC. Here's the opening night....
The Phish - 5/31/11 PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ

Set 1: Chalkdust, Roggae, PYITE, MoMA Dance, Rock & Roll, Sand, TUBE **, Divided Sky, Zero

Set 2: After Midnight > Possum, Drowned > Maze, Dirt, Alsaka, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Fire

** Trey said they were going to Page's house then busted into Tube

Phish - Bethel Woods Report Night I & III

Originally, I had no intention on attending nights I or II but when a free lawn seat fell into my lap via friend of Coventry Music Blog - Mitchell E. for the first night, I decided to bite the bullet and head down providing the ticket made it here from across the pond from England. I had plans to be halfway to Bethel anyway as I was having lunch with my best friend Kim in my home town of Hudson, NY and was also popping in to say hello to my dad. So what was an extra detour South thru the Borscht Belt going to cost me? The price of a tank of gas and, wisely I decided to book a hotel room in Kingston just in case I got stuck in traffic and needed to break up the trip home. A fortuitous move on my part.

Bethel Woods is actually located on the out skirts of White Lake, New York. The closest "big" city would be Monticello or Liberty, NY in Sullivan County. My ride down Rte 209 from Kingston to Ellenville in Ulster county took me thru Mid-Hudson River Valley farmland filled with roadside markets and produce stands which this time of year were largely selling plants and hanging baskets. When I turned southwesterly into Sullivan County I found myself driving thru the "Borscht Belt" aka the "Jewish Alps". The Borscht Belt was/is where many New York City Jews escaped the heat and humidity of the city during the summer. Most of the name resorts are largely defunct, but the bungalow communities still exist. The area is also the site of a hotly contested proposed Casino which would bring some much needed jobs to this largely rural area. Check out the wiki link I posted for more info on the history of this area. Many famous comedians payed their dues at the Borscht Belt resorts.

Bethel Woods had taken the pains of emailing concert goers do's and don'ts while in the area. Some phans took offense stating those who needed these "rules of the road" probably didn't have email and if they did, weren't going to read the email anyway. I just took it like the Sierra Club Manifesto of Leave No Trace. I traipsed after the Grateful Dead in the years when the band got banned from returning to many venues due to unruly fans including my hometown venue of SPAC. Phans forget the local community especially one like White Lake, NY have a major say on what goes on in their neck of the woods. Just read the Yasgur's Farm issue Dr Pauly posted about.

Parking lots didn't open until 4:30PM unless you were going to the museum in which case you could get in the lots early. I was actually pulling onto Hurd Road at 4:20PM and was let into lot E right away. There are local's houses abutting the venue property and all I could think of was how do you put up with a summer of concerts. Maybe they go stay in hotels?

The dudes to my left had lots of extra tickets, and when I say lots two of the four dudes had stacks. I deduced they were actually going to the show after eavesdropping on one dude's convo with his wife and the going price was $30 for an extra. Although listed as a sell out there were plenty of extras for sale. I heard that several people bought pavilion seats that day. I should have tried an upgrade had I known. One sketchy dude was selling NYC "rolls" and I kept running into him, but other than that I didn't hear too much about party favor's being for sale. They were hassling vendors randomly if you put a price to your wares.. There was tons of security swarming about the lot and NYS Troopers on ATVs.

Even before I stepped into the venue I could tell that the location was beautiful. I'd say it's as beautiful as Red Rocks (my memory of my GO-GO's concert at Red Rocks back in my CU days is cloudy at best). There is not a bad seat in the house and that includes the lawn which is a sloped hill, but comfortable to stand on. Off to the sides there are some rocks you can sit on too. Two huge wide screens were on either side of the stage. My first thought was SPAC (my backyard venue) needs an over haul and an upgrade to modern technology.

The Setlists have already been posted so I'm not going to do double work. I got a pretty good spot on the lawn dead center next to two first timers from ST Joseph's College: Dan and John (forgive me if I screwed up your names guys). Both the guys just completed their Freshman year of college and they were excited to be seeing the band for the first time. They asked me how I got into the band and how many shows I had seen (#15 that night), They asked me what my favorite phish song(s) were (Ghost, MOMA, Hood, YEM, First Tube. 2001 and the Tube Jam from the Dayton classic show) and to settle an argument: How many claps in Stash? Jury still out on that one. Some phans were doing two some three.

The show opener of Tweezer showed that the guys weren't rusty after a 4 month layoff. Talk was this was one of the strongest tour openers ever. This was my first tour opener ever so I cant compare. In the first set along I got two new songs I had never heard live, Poor Heart, which I didn't know at all and Axis: Bold As Love which I've heard plenty of times on a mix tape Dr Pauly had sent me in my early adventures with the band. When I heard Page going to the Clavinet I thought I'd get Boogie On but it turned out it was Ween's Roses are Free. Then right into another cover with Funky Bitch. Mike was especially strong on Funky Bitch both vocally and laying down a tremendous bass line. I gave Mike the MVP for the evening others felt it was Page but from my spot I felt Page's sound was a little muddy. The Stash was awesome but not enough jamming. Just tight and concise. I texted Dr Pauly right after Stash stating: SAFE and Solid. Funny thing was he was listening to the live stream and sent out a tweet stating the same thing. First set was almost an hour twenty minutes.

Intermission was relatively short by most jam band standards. Carini led off Set II dark and dirty. Change100 told me it took her till her 33rd show to hear Carini. Ive been to 16 and have heard it 3 times already. I got my first WAVES (see official video below) and an awesome Squirming Coil featuring a PAGE piano solo that could have brought you to tears. On a whole I liked set II better then I. I'm not a big fan of Kill Devil Falls which was my least favorite song of the first set although the Jam was great. It felt like a lot of solid singles strung together So On the whole i rated the night a solid B to B+. But what do I know as a relative Noob!!

MKDevo has posted most of his video's of phish's first night run on You Tube. So check them out. I think you can make a playlist of them. I didnt shoot any from my spot on the lawn.

The nitrous mafia was out on shakedown street post show. I heard rumor of a tank confiscated and I watched one phan get a horrific look on his face as his balloon floated away from him. I also saw mounted patrol telling phans with balloons to "drop them now." Exiting the venue was a clusterfuck. I didn't move for an hour and a half. Thank goodness I booked my room in Kingston. I spent 4 hours in it before I drove the extra hour home in the AM. I sat out Saturday as I had no ticket.

I headed back down early Sunday with my friend Amanda who was manning the Phellowship table. After dropping her off I decided I would pay the $15 for a museum ticket so I could park in the special parking. It was worth it. We got a quick out after the show and the museum was well worth the price. I don't think you can make a whole day of it but if you are attending a show at Bethel leave early and take in the museum. Awesome clips and artifacts from the original Woodstock. As I was chatting up a fellow phan waiting for the 21 minute flick to begin, security escorted in a family and Page took a seat right in front of me. This had to be before sound check. Maybe because he had a security guard following him around, or maybe because he blends into a crowd more then say Trey or Mike would he wasn't hassled or approached while in the gift shop. I do know they sound checked Guyute but they never played it. Amanda was setting up her table and heard most of sound check.

Mitchell had also sent me an extra lawn ticket for Sunday. I didn't pay for it so I wasn't going to sell it. I decided I'd miracle it. I saw a young girl with friends with her finger in the air. I asked her "do your friends have tickets", she winced and said yes, I just need one. I looked at her and said "Enjoy the show" and check out Coventry blog. She grabbed me and gave me a kiss and her two girlfriends and dude friend screamed thank you and did a group Jig. I also ran into and met Scotty B from Hidden Track blog on lot. So Mitchell, one random and I made use of your tickets. Enjoy MPP and the west coast shows you will be seeing and of course a big thank you.

I got my first live The Ballad of Curtis Loew and The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony during the first set. Suzy Greenberg didnt have the normal glow stick wars of previous Suzy's I've heard it was relatively tame. AC/DC Bag and Antelope joined the category of songs Ive now heard 6 times in 16 shows. I never get tired of Antelope. The dance party really began with Antelope and continued right on thru till the end with the exception of Joy. When they played Timber. I texted Pauly, Timber Ho, Pai Gai as I was pretty sure he was hijinxing it up at the Pai Gow tables in Las Vegas where he is mired down covering his 7th WSOP with the lovely Change100. Plus his second book was just released a few days earlier, so as much as I am sure he wanted to be at Bethel he had business to attend too.

I was in the shed for Night III and hung out with two phans from Minnesota, Ricky and Amy. Ricky kept saying during Set I no Antelope to close it out. We got it. And he didn't want Slave to close out set II and we got that. I loved my spot at the back of the shed Page Side rage side. It was actually a box suite that held about 4 of us. I got a great shot of the stage and could get the big screen in. You can check out the video's I shot of Ocelot, Mike's Song and Simple and Sample in a Jar on You tube. Mike rocked a Canary Yellow shirt. It reminded me of the maillot jaune the leader of the Tour de France wears only short sleeve. Someone, maybe Ricky said Mike hadn't worn that shirt since 1997. He also had on bright yellow socks. Dr Pauly texted me a Mike's Groove is Kangfirmed and I did get my first live Mike's - Simple- Weekapaug. Only took 16 shows.

I preferred night III over I. Others felt Night I was the best, Others night II which I didn't see. If the openers were any indication of how things will be everyone is in for a great summer tour. Most venues aren't sold out but I imagine they will now. I wish I was seeing more but I have grown up things to do and bow out until SuperBallIX. Dr Pauly picks up the Midwest runs and expect a couple of guest reporters from some of the other shows.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Phish Setlist: Bethel Woods, NY - 5/29/11

Photo by Dave Vann © Phish 2011

The boys are gearing up for their third and final show at Bethel Woods. The first two shows were impressive considering all the rust due to being off for over 4 months...
The Phish - 5/29/11 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel Woods, NY

Set 1: AC/DC Bag, Sample in a Jar, Rift, Ocelot, Ya Mar, Timber Ho, Oh Kee Pa > Suzy Greenberg > 46 Days > 20 Years Later, Curtis Loew, Antelope

Set 2: Mike's Song > Simple > Weekapaug, Meatstick, Fluffhead, Joy, 2001 > Light > Slave

Encore: Loving Cup > Tweezer Reprise

Phish - 5/27/11 " Waves" (Official Video)

Excited Phish is releasing videos from the shows so quickly. An excellent choice with this stretched out Waves.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Phish Setlist - Bethel Woods, NY 5/28/11

Poster by Tyler Stout

The second of a three-night run. The boys were just getting warmed up on Friday. Now it's time to let it rip...
The Phish - 5/28/11 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel Woods, NY

Set 1: Theme, NICU, Cities, Halley's Comet, JIM > Gumbo, Mighty Quinn, Limb by Limb, Horn, GIN > Manteca > GIN

Set 2: DWD > Free, Backwards > Makisupa Policeman** > Fish's House Jam > Hood, Cavern, Bowie

Encore: Day in the Life

** with Page smoking spliffs lyrics

Friday, May 27, 2011

Phish Setlist: Bethel Woods, NY - 5/27/11

Poster by Tyler Stout

The boys kicked off 2011 summer tour with the first of three nights at Bethel Woods. Here's the setlist...
The Phish - 5/27/11 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, Bethel Woods, NY

Set 1: Tweezer > My Friend My Friend, Poor Heart, Roses Are Free, Funky Bitch, Wolfman's > Walk Away, Stash, Bouncin', Kill Devil Falls > Axis: Bold As Love

Set 2: Carini > Get Back on the Train, Boogie On > Waves, Caspian, Crosseyed & Painless, Velvet Cheese, Possum, Coil

Encore: Julius

Will Not Be Televised

You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.
The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In 4 parts without commercial interruptions.
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John
Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat
hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by the
Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie
Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal.
The revolution will not get rid of the nubs.
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, Brother.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie May
pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run,
or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance.
NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32
or report from 29 districts.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of Whitney Young being
run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process.
There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy
Wilkens strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the proper occasion.

Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville
Junction will no longer be so damned relevant, and
women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock
news and no pictures of hairy armed women
liberationists and Jackie Onassis blowing her nose.
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb,
Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Glen Campbell, Tom
Jones, Johnny Cash, Englebert Humperdink, or the Rare Earth.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be right back after a message
bbout a white tornado, white lightning, or white people.
You will not have to worry about a dove in your
bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl.
The revolution will not go better with Coke.
The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.
The revolution will put you in the driver's seat.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
will not be televised, will not be televised.
The revolution will be no re-run brothers;
The revolution will be live.

WOOK Patrol: Alert Issued for Bethel Woods

We just received special intel from our forces on the ground in Bethel Woods. W00k Patrol HQ is now issuing a WOOK ALERT for the next three nights....
WOOK ALERT - 5/27/2011

Packs of Wooks are currently descending upon Bethel Woods. An entire colony has set up a camp in surrounding wooded areas.

Wooks can be found sleeping in trees, port-o-potties, and lush shrubbery areas -- so it's best to proceed in those areas with extreme caution.

Wooks will also smoke all of your stash, so make sure you secure your nugs.

Most importantly, do not feed the wooks after Midnight and especially don't give them any molly under any circumstance.

In addition... the camping fiasco at Yasgur's farm is threatening to ruin the fun for many folks headed out to kick off the summer tour. Thousands of homeless heads in desperate need of lodging might become prey for roving bands of gypsies, wooks, and local yokels.

Please advised to avoid any last-minute camping scams from anyone with a mullet wearing a Megadeath t-shirt, foul-smelling people in ornate clothing speaking in peculiar and unintelligible accents, and anyone with crystals danging from their dreadlocks.
Disclaimer: If you don't know, W00k Patrol is Coventry Music crew's elite unit of special forces. We're here to protect and serve all spacekids and spunions from potential evil forces in the lot.

Please have fun this weekend in Bethel Woods. Here's some veteran advice...
1. Drink lots of water.
2. Don't buy party favors from sketched out wooks or undercover officers.
3. Hugs are free. Don't pay for any.
4. Don't throw glowsticks at the band -- unless they play TTE.

And don't forget about Dr. Pauly's Rules for Psychedelic Usage:
1. It colder outside than you think. Bring a hoodie.
2. No one knows you're tripping until you tell them.
3. You cannot fly.
That's it for now. Stay tuned for future alerts. Let's keep the scene fun and friendly.

Bethel Camping Fiasco

I got the word yesterday that one of the major campgrounds, where Phisheads heading to the three-day rager in Bethel Woods to kick off Phish's 2011 summer tour, got shut down by the owners as a result with a feud with town officials.

Read the finer points in the article Bethel couple decide not to stage event during Phish weekend from the Record Online.

The best line in the article?
“I am telling people to call the town,” Abramson said. “Surely, they must have a backup plan. The people will be coming out of the concert on LSD and Ecstasy and getting on public roads. What is the plan?”
PT and Twitter blew up as a result. Older phans wondered of this would be a repeat of Red Rocks 1996 with an army of Phisheads invading the town of Morrison, CO. Would they do the same to Bethel?

Many heads that arranged camping at Yasgur's were pissed off and rightfully so -- to learn out a day before the shows. A lot of the vitriol was directed at the landowners, while the town of Bethel drew the rest of the ire.

This line from a PT thread summed it up best:
Basically, the town authorities chose to ignore the fact that we are stardust and we are golden and we are billion year old fucking carbon and we're just trying to get our asses back to the mother fucking garden.
On Friday morning, our crew received an email from a friend close to the situation:
They went to the farm and there were a couple hundred people camping there anyway and waiting in line w/ some others thinking that the permit might work out. Didn't seem promising and they turned away folks so they had to drive around for a few hours finding something. Finally some flea market just 5 mi from the venue opened up for camping...in the shade. So it sounds like it actually worked out and there may be some sort of shuttle. But in essence they still have just as many people camping as would be on the farm, but spread out on locals land. :) Silly. Apparently the people that got into the farm before the permit was revoked can still camp there... that must be a weird situation.
Thanks to IronGirl who sent me this article from the NY Times about the owners of Yasgur's farm who is seeking an $8 million price tag for the historic land. The article alludes to a long-term feud between the town of Bethel's local officials and the folks at Yasgur's farm who are trying to keep the spirit of Woodstock alive.

Sad to see a few thousand Phisheads caught up as collateral damage due to a local political spat between collective self-expression and the Fun Police. I've been seeing Phish since 1989. There's one thing I've learned about Phisheads -- they are able to adapt and overcome situations because their passion to see the band and hear the music outweighs the difficulties presented in any obstacles they have to overcome to enjoy everything related to Phish. Heads ditching their cars on the interstate to hike into Coventry is one such example of the drastic decisions phans will do in order to see their favorite band.

Despite the potential Bethel camping fiasco, I'm sure anyone who gets shut out will scramble and find a suitable alternative. At the same time, if you see fellow phans in need of assistance, by all means, help them out any way possible.

By the way, if you're about to head out on tour, be safe! Don't do anything we wouldn't do. Actually scratch that last part. Just be safe and have fun.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jack Tripper Stole My Dog

My day job is to write about poker, which is a weird way to pay the bills, but I can't complain. My freelance career offers me time to see a lot of Phish shows. I'm also an author and hope to use some of the proceeds from my books to fund Phish summer tour. Last year, my first book Lost Vegas was published. This year, my first novel is finally available.

So, it's with great pleasure that I'm announcing you can buy a print copy of Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. The best way is to use this link:
Please note the Kindle/e-book version will not be available until mid-June.

I also recorded a podcast with Change100 to promote the launch of the book. The first episode is titled The 10-Day Novel and Flushy.

Here's the trailer...

Click here to buy a copy of Jack Tripper Stole My Dog. I promise all proceeds will be spent in the lot.

Here's some info like FAQs, the website, Facebook page, and @JackTripperBook on Twitter.

And if you like poker, check out my other book Lost Vegas: The Redneck Riviera, Existentialist Conversations with Strippers, and the World Series of Poker.

Lighter Brown Bobby McFerrin

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brains and Music (Test your Ears too)

It's rather interesting to see how different people listen to music, especially at Phish shows. Some are dancing madly, others swaying back and forth with their eyes closed, and some (like the esteemed Dr. Pauly) are playing air guitar note for note with Trey. I'm usually in this camp as well, either playing air drums or doing some kind of melody with my fingers. Based on a new study we now know that Dr. Pauly's amygdala's is shooting off sparks when he enters air guitar mode. It's a pretty interesting little article (via @robmitchum) here regarding the perception of spontaneity with regard to music. The article also includes a test to see how your ears fare. From the article:

The pianist's languid solo entwines itself with the smoke and the muffled laughter from the bar. Like a shadow, the musician's fingers glide effortlessly across the keys, and he has no sheet music in front of him. Has he memorized the piece, or is he making it up as he goes along? It’s almost impossible to tell, but if you're a jazz musician and can imagine yourself playing the music, your brain’s emotional centers might help you answer this question, a new study suggests.

All the listeners said that to make a judgment, they had to imagine themselves playing the piece in order to predict what would come next. They also paid particular attention to variations in loudness and speed. Brain scans backed this up: They showed that the amygdala—the center of the brain involved in emotion—became active as the listeners tried to put themselves in the player’s shoes. If a musician thought a piece of music was improvised, he activated the same brain networks that he would if they were improvising it themselves, including some motor centers that would let them physically play it.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guyutica Video: Wilson > McGrupp

Here's another goodie from the Guyutica DVD...

Buy the new Phish DVD for the epic Utica show....here.

Click here more Guyutica videos

Monday, May 23, 2011

God's Nu Thang

Young Jesus Freaks rapping about the Lord circa 1980s.


Thanks to Ando for the video.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rocket Man Explained

I have an unusual job as a writer covering the gambling beat (poker and sportsbetting). This past week I'm covering a festival of online tournaments. My bosses enjoy music and also have wonderful senses of humor (since most of them are British, make that "humour"), so I can get away with a few musical references and word play with lyrics. Just the other day, a Phishead with the screen name Tweeprise made a final table of one tournament and I snuck in a Cavern reference when he busted out

Anyway, last night, I was feeling saucy and I embedded my recap with a few Rocket Man references. I cranked up Elton John's song on a loop while I wrote. The song reminded me of an old conversation I once overheard in the lot of a Panic show...
Head #1: "Wait, Rocket Man is about astronauts?"

Head #2: "Yeah, going to Mars. It's part of the same story David Bowie was telling in his Space Oddity. The same producer produced both albums."

HEad #1: "Wow, astronauts to Mars? And the whole time I thought Rocket Man was about being wasted drugs."
Anyway, here's Sir Elton performing Rocket Man in Scotland circa 1976...

More Elton... here's a version from MSG in 2000...

Here's Bill Shatner performing Rocket Man circa 1978...

The Gin Blossoms performing an acoustic cover in Vegas from 2008...

This has no video (just audio) but Jim James and My Morning Jacket giving their rendition....

And here's a fucking hispter with a ukulele...

No disrespect to Elton John, but Shatner wins. Hands down.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Blunts: Fat Rapper Passes Out Smoking a Blunt

It's the Rapture. Time to smoke blunts, rap, and then pass out. Don't blink at the 1:00 mark otherwise you'll miss one of the greatest moments ever captured on YouTube...

H/T to our buddy Shane for the vid.

Haley Reinhart Sings Zeppelin on American Idol

Gotta say I wasn't in to her at the beginning of the season, but the more Haley Reinhart channels her inner hippie rocker girl, the more I dig her sound. Last night Haley took on Led Zeppelin's "What Is And What Should Never Be" and slayed it despite literally falling off the stage halfway through. Her dad plays a pretty mean guitar too (he's one on the left).

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Judgement Day Mix

If you don't already know, Saturday, May 21st is Judgement Day (a.k.a. the Rapture), and in order to be saved, Jesus has commanded his sheep to rage proper during Armageddon by downloading this mix.

Track List:

01. Ænima - Tool
02. Fly On The Windscreen - Depeche Mode
03. Land Of Confusion - Genesis
04. Too Many Humans - Buckethead
05. When The Shit Goes Down - Cypress Hill
06. Before I Die - Heliocentrics
07. ...Meets His Maker - DJ Shadow
08. Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones
09. One - Metallica
10. Like Suicide - Soundgarden
11. Dumb - Nirvana
12. Cemetery Gates - Pantera
13. War Pigs - Black Sabbath


See you in HELL!

Guyutica Show Video: Sand > Theme

Phish released another juicy nugget from Utica. This one is a double dip of Sand > Theme...

Buy your copy of Guyutica DVD here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Weed News: 3/4 Ton of Marijuana Seized on Catalina Island

Yup, that's 31 bales of weed. Bye-bye!

Catalina is a tiny speck of an island 26 miles off the coast of Los Angeles, so small that cars are not allowed and golf carts are the preferred method of transportation. Yet, one dude managed to grow 1,500 pounds of weed there and get himself caught by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

There goes your stash, buddy. Back to the basin.

LAist has the story.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sing Happy Birthday to Mike Gordon

I love campaigns. Especially ones to overthrow the government.

And I like campaigns to sing birthdays to members of Phish. If you'd like to sing Happy Birthday to Gordo on June 4rd, check out the campaign page... Lets Sing Happy Birthday to Mike at Pine Knob!

Here's the deal...
The plan is to sing it before the first set when the band walks out on stage. I hope to sneak in an airhorn to signal when, but if that gets confiscated, the singing should begin after the initial round of cheering when the band walks out, but before they start to play. This should set a great tone for the rest of the show.
Kudos to Scott for trying to make this happen. Please spread the word.

Monday Morning Key Bumps with James Brown

It's Monday morning. 11 days until tour.

Can I get a fuck yeah for starting the day with James muthafucking Brown?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shake and Bake

Three's Company was my favorite show as a kid. John Ritter inspired me so much, I titled my first novel after his character. Anyway, here's the infamous shake and bake dance...

Turn the World Around - Harry Belafonte & The Muppets

A spiritual uplifting song for these trying times. Harry plays an awesome Talking Drum in this clip while joined by the Muppets. Jim Henson spared no expense to detail in the creation of the African Muppets. Shame we lost him too early.

And how can you not love Harry Belafonte who brought us The Banana Boat Song and of course the Grateful Dead staple: Man Smart, Woman Smarter.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phish in Colorado for 3-Show Run During Labor Day

In the post-hiatus world of Phisdom, the boys from Vermont ended their ban from Red Rocks in the summer of 2009 and returned for an epic run at the most magical outdoor theatre in the world. Last summer, the band played a destination show for a two-night run in Telluride. The also performed three nights in Broomfield, CO at the start of the fall tour.

It's no surprise... the boys love Colorado, and now you can add three shows over Labor Day to the mix.

The Coventry Crew in Telluride (2010)

A couple of months ago, our sources confirmed the boys would be playing a three-show run over Labor Day weekend inside the soccer stadium where the Mile High festival takes place. Our source also confirmed that the band/management wanted to wait as long as possible due to sluggish sales for Super Ball IX. Hence, why the Brahlorado announcement was held back a couple of weeks...until today.

We had also heard a medium-spiced rumor that Phish was going to play a couple of shows in New York City at Governor's Island. But once Dick's Park was kangfirmed, we had no idea if a multi-night run in NYC would be possible before or after Colorado. At this point, the band's press release killed any more speculation at any more summer-ending shows.

Anyway, the news is up on Phish.com, so the ocelot is out of the bag. The Coventry crew is (primarily) based out of Colorado, so expect as many of us at those shows as possible.

Here's what Phish.com says...
Phish will close their 2011 Summer Tour with three consecutive nights at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO over Labor Day weekend (September 2, 3 and 4). Onsite camping will be available in the lush soccer fields adjacent to the stadium. Colorado was the site of Phish's first extended tour outside of the Northeast, and the band has enjoyed a special connection with the community ever since. These additional dates will be the last announced by the band for the Summer and Fall.

An online ticket request period is currently underway for the Dick's Sporting Goods Park shows at http://phish.portals.musictoday.com/ and will conclude at noon ET on Monday, May 23. Tickets will go on sale to the general public beginning Saturday, June 4, at 10:00 AM MT.
Click here for ticket lottery.

"See ya in Brahlorado for a Labor Day throwdown!"

Today in Dead History: 5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center

The Grateful Dead achieved perfection in May of 1977. Barton Hall gets all of the attention during that tour. It's hard to argue against that assertion from Deadheads.

I've always been partial to the Dead's show in St. Paul, Minnesota on 5/11/77. The show includes many repeats from 5/8/77. Although nothing can match the magic of Barton Hall, the St. Paul show was one of my first bootlegs so I have a special attachment to the show, especially the version of Sugaree. I listened to 5/11/77 so much in college that I wore down the tape.

You can stream the 5/11/77 show via archive.org.

Here's Scarlet Begonias from that evening...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Move Over, McLovins

Scale model of the Millennium Falcon? Strong.

Stuffed fox? Stronger.

Sick, sick, bluegrass skills? Strongest.

Phish: Rare & Unreleased

The Nancy Tracks (1985)

Taken from The Mockingbird Foundation’s Phish Companion:

Three tracks written and recorded by Richard Wright, the songwriter widely known as “Nancy Taube”.

The tracks include the original, pre-Phish versions of two fan favorites, plus a song written by “Nancy” for Phish which they never performed. None of these tracks have been available previously, and the third has rarely even been heard.

Here are liner notes from “Nancy” himself:

“I Didn’t Know” (2:59) – Recorded September 1985, Goddard College. I wrote this while I was driving on Jay Street in Montpelier with a couple of friends & a guy who thought he was in direct contact with Darth Vader. This song was later covered by Phish, who got a few of the words wrong.

“Halley’s Comet” (5:48) – Recorded September 1985, Goddard College, a few days after the previous session. This song was written as a reaction to the Motown revival in the wake of “The Big Chill” along with the impending passage of said comet through our solar system & the hype thereof. Was originally two songs: “Halley’s Comet” had no lyrics other than “Halley’s Comet” & was conceived as a parody of Brian Eno (the “Another Green World/Before & After Science” phase); the rest of the song was a satire of Motown called “Goin’ Down”, which I wrote after getting stoned & listening to “The Blue Mask” by Lou Reed. A month after I recorded this song, I met Trey Anastasio who asked me if Phish could cover it. I gave my consent & they debuted the song onstage at Goddard Springfest ’86…they got the chords wrong.

“Snootable Snunshine” (12:12) – Recorded May 1986, Jeffrey Caswell’s studio, Marshfield, Vermont: Unlike “I Didn’t Know” & “Halley’s Comet” which Phish had simply heard & decided to cover, I actually wrote this song for Phish, but they wouldn’t touch it, though Trey & Jon were laughing their f*cking asses off when I played this tape of it for them. The lyrics are bits & pieces of poetry I’d written throughout early 1985 & early 1986.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Today in Dead History: Barton Hall 5/8/77

If you know the significance of 5/8/77, then there's a great chance we can be good friends. In my estimation, the Dead achieved perfection in 1977.

Here's how I woke up today... listening to the infamous Barton Hall show on the Dead's 34th anniversary of that show.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Phish: The Video Game?

By phans, for phans, this iPhone App by iDIDN’TKNOW Games will challenge your knowledge of Phish while keeping you and your crew entertained for hours. The SIX games included are unlike any other Phish games you may have seen on the app store.

Games included:
* The Phacts
* Professor Mulchahey’s Phinal Exam
* Phanagrams
* Phuzzy Math
* Tourlibs
* Wookipedia
- Nearly 1000 trivia questions, games and puzzles
- Loads of original humor and graphics
- Free content update
More info here

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Phamily Poker Classic 2 - August 10

Great news for Phisheads who play poker! The gang at Mocking Bird Foundation put together a second charity poker tournament... Phamily Poker Classic 2... which is scheduled for August 10, 2011 at Harvey's Casino in Lake Tahoe.

I played in the inaugural Phamily Poker Classic at the Trop in Atlantic City during the Boardwalk Hall Halloween shows. Benjo and IronGirl also played and I was one of the first players to bust!

The second installment will take place at Harvey's during Phish' two-show run on the second leg of summer tour. And don't worry...the tournament will take place on August 10th, so you will have at least one day in Tahoe under your belt before we take to the felt.

Seating is limited. For more information about the Phamily Poker Classic click here. For tournament rules click here.

Stay tuned for more info.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wook Patrol: The Original Florida Colony

Behold... I discovered archival footage of the original wOOk colony in south Florida. To this day, members of this ganja-toking colt have infiltrated the lot. Be advised, they are considered a high risk to smoke ALL of your stash and steal your lighters...

Thanks to my poker buddy Miami Don for pointing out this documentary Square Groupers.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Background Beats - May 2011

I love spring time. The days are longer, warmer, and it means summer is right around the corner. This May edition of Background Beats is a celebration of Spring. The tracks are more up-tempo and represent spring time patio parties, driving with the windows down, and sunroof open.

I place the May 2011 edition of Background Beats at the top of the list, easily rivaling the popular August 2010, and February 2011 editions. Don't sleep on this one!

Track List

01. Shining Bright Despite The Plight - Pretty Lights
02. Funky Dubé - The Egg
03. Sleepy Language - Layo & Bushwacka
04. Moustache (La Stache) - Blackjoy
05. Manhattann Groove - Mark Gorbulew
06. Spooky Action - Lithium Project
07. Kamuy - STS9
08. Untitled - Zilla
09. Sensurreal - Tom Middleton
10. Time Chasers - EP3
11. Off The Beaten Track Mix - Solaris Heights
12. Happy People - Jd73
13. Things Are Gonna Get Easier (Windsurf remix) - Low Motion Disco



Monday, May 02, 2011

Radiohead Newspaper Blotter

(Via Pitchfork) Evidently some of the artwork included in Radiohead's "King of Limbs" Newspaper edition contains contains little paper squares. The artist Stanley Donwood comments below.

Jon Severs: Speaking of which, there's one bit of artwork, a piece made up of more than a hundred tiny squares of art printed on blotting paper, should we read into this one?

Stanley Donwood: Ah! I wonder what people will make of it. There is a guy who recently died, Augustus Owsley Stanley III, who was one of the most famous creators of LSD in history, a very wealthy American. He set up a laboratory making very cheap, pure, good LSD. In theory, someone could dip them in something, they could do that. I don't think that's been done as a marketing ploy before-- not that I am encouraging such activities.

Osama Bin Laden Set List

2011/05/01, The Bomb Factory

Set 1: Star Spangled Banner, AC/DC Body Bag, Fuck Your Face> Walls of the Cave> Camel Walk, Buried Alive, Colonel Patreus' Ascent, Ghost, HA HA HA> Highway to Hell> Killing in the Name Of, Limb By Limb, Let Me Lie, Party Time, Suzy Greenberg

Set 2: ?

*Courtesy JuliusCaeser