Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today in Dead History: 5/11/77 St. Paul Civic Center

The Grateful Dead achieved perfection in May of 1977. Barton Hall gets all of the attention during that tour. It's hard to argue against that assertion from Deadheads.

I've always been partial to the Dead's show in St. Paul, Minnesota on 5/11/77. The show includes many repeats from 5/8/77. Although nothing can match the magic of Barton Hall, the St. Paul show was one of my first bootlegs so I have a special attachment to the show, especially the version of Sugaree. I listened to 5/11/77 so much in college that I wore down the tape.

You can stream the 5/11/77 show via

Here's Scarlet Begonias from that evening...

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Trent said...

This Minnesotan thanks u for the post!