Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Background Beats - July 2011

A little late on this one, but it's worth it. This month features a lot of new music, including a track from the latest Thievery Corporation album released a few weeks ago. A lot of deep grooves in July. Hope you enjoy!

Background Beats - July 2011
Track List
01. Pink Elephants - Baby Mammoth
02. Ninety Three - Smith & Mudd
03. Tower Seven - Thievery Corporation
04. Funds - Jesse Futerman
05. Solara - Fenomenon
06. Rock Your Body - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
07. All Through The Night - Emancipator
08. Paradise Lost - Human Agency
09. Shootin Hoopes - Sizemix
10. When 6 Loves 9 - Only Child
11. Change - Crazy Penis
12. A~L'uomo - Mr. Electric Triangle




hlsidle said...

Where's August's Background Beats? I love this series. I've played the music at party's, put some on my iPod, and some of these are really hard to find. These are gems.

nulabs71 said...

Hi -- Can you post a new link to the July 2011 BB. The link on here now is currently dead. Thanks.