Tuesday, September 27, 2011

American Juggalos

If the mainstream media and pretentious fucktards in the music industry like to poke fun at Phisheads, then they definitely will have a field day with Juggalos. The rabid fans of Insane Clown Posse are something like a roving gang of hooligans from futuristic post-apocalyptic flick. You definitely won't see them starting up a drum circle in Golden Gate Park, but where ever ICP plays, they will religiously follow.

As one juggalo says, "We're looked down upon because we listen to weird shit."

I kinda know what that feeling is all about.

Check out this short documentary about ICP's fans called American Juggalo...

Thanks to @BuffaloHoldem for the tip on the video.


Stoyankovich said...

They command quite a crowd: http://juggalogathering.com/perform.htm

jesse said...

saw this the other day...great video. The juggalos are a very interesting bunch, an old roommate was way into them, i had a tough time with it.....but can relate.

mike said...

Had to share this and in by now way is this to bash on Juggalos in anyway just thought it was hillarious