Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Key Bumps: Hey Negrita

It's Monday morning. It's time to emerge from your food coma after a four-day weekend of binge-drinking and turkey feasts. So crank up the Rolling Stones, get down, and shake your sweet ass!

We absolutely love the post-apocalyptic-acid-freak-out outfits that the Stones sport in this 1976 "promo video" for their album Black And Blue. They perform a Bob Marley-inspired rendition of Hey Negrita. Mick Jagger is all "ruffles", Ollie E. Brown (on keys) has a wild afro, and Bill Wyman looks bored to death while wearing a rainbow-Elvis-esque jumpsuit. Ronnie Wood (yacht-rocking in a Hawaiian shirt) and Keith Richards jump around stage like they both railed an entire 8-ball before the cameras rolled. Oh and Charlie Watts? Charlie was in his "short hair cut" phase but otherwise he's same old Charlie the Iceman.

I always thought that Phish could easily master a cover of the Stones' Hey Negrita because of their chameleon-like ability to transform themselves into a reggae-Calypso-funk band.

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