Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greek Flashback: 46 Days > Tube

This is one of my favorite moments from the last night of the Berkley run at the Greek. I was peaking hard right in the middle of 46 Days and listening to this gives me an instant flashback. Fun and insane weekend, especially the final show. I know it's a rager when I don't have time to write a recap, which I never did for the last show at Berkeley. Some of my friends (like the Joker and Wildo) had just thrown down hardcore at Horning's, so the Colorado crew was up partying and keeping the untzuntzuntz going for a full week when they rolled into the Bay Area. It was like a tornado of sparkles and schwillyness hit us. We had waaaay too much fun during the three-day run in Berkley, so much fun that the fucking hotel fined me a shitload of money for "room damages."

I recorded a quick podcast during setbreak of the last show. I chatted with my friend Benjo from Paris (he translated one of my books into French) and he's a Euro-Phishead. We took him to all three Berkley shows and he had a blast.

Anyway, in this video the boys took the opportunity to space-out the end of 46 Days before throwing everyone a bone with Tube for a hella one-two punch.

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Benjo said...

Cities on the second night blew all of us away... One of those "you had to be there" moments, perfect lights, background, atmosphere...