Sunday, November 02, 2014

Phish Setlist: 11/2/14 Las Vegas, NV

The tour closer in Vegas. It was a rager.

Here's what you missed...
Phish 11/2/14 MGM Grand Arena

Set 1: Jim, Foam, Mexican Cousin, Ocelot, Sugar Shack, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Moon, GIN, Free, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Chalkdust > Piper > Theme, Wombat > Bowie, The Line, YEM

Encore: Moma Dance, Slave

Quick links: Halloween setlist - 11/1/14 setlist


KnotLeftBehind said...

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        , -'~/~ ̄ヽ,~ヽ-l、
      /`'''' ''''''''''''''''`'''''~ ヽ、
     ///⌒l~|^l         ヽ,
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     |-l'三=i/=-,| ̄||~~l~~l ̄ l.l
  // >-ニニ''ー------ーー '''''~~-'-- 、
  | | |:l~''''==- ̄二',','''''''~~ ̄/ // _ l
  | | |:|ニ=--====--'     l .l l./ .):|
  | | |:|'‐-=,,,,|=ニニニl    .| .| |:>-'=|
  `-=:|l  .|'''=-,        | .| |:|::::::j|

J Sco said...

thank you!!

BSS said...

Darn it--- I keep having difficulty with download. Anybody else out there with a link?

Thanks in advance!

Phaser said...

Try this [320]...

BSS said...


Anonymous said...

can I get a re-post pls!

Phaser said...


PhreshPhish said...
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Unknown said...

Damn, I know this is much later. Anyone help me out with a new copy? I had one that got destroyed!

Blogger said...


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