Background Beats Reprise: X-Mas UNTZ Edition

Need something that's Christmasy but kinda downtempo and funky? It's time to get down with the XMAS UNTZ and some Christmas Background Beats. It's the perfect background music for office parties, fun holiday gatherings, waiting in line at airports, or getting down and dirty with someone on a cold December night.

The Background Beats started as a series of mixes curated by Jonas Otto here on the blog. Six years ago, Jonas posted the original Background Beats: XMAS UNTZ Edition 2010. Three years ago, the Joker re-upped the mix. And now it's time to post it once again.

Here's what Jonas wrote back in 2010...

If you have any holiday parties coming up, make sure you download this mix. This special edition of Background Beats features DJ Matt J Loya who has made many incredible mixes over the years, but is especially talented in making Christmas mixes that are guaranteed be a big hit at any holiday party. 

This mix is one long track, and unfortunately I do not have a track-list, however the mix brings the same downtempo, funky beats that the Background Beats series has always provided, only with a Christmas twist.


The tracklist is unknown, but it's one continuous mix that's roughly 74 minutes.


Unknown said…
I downloaded this 3 years ago and it ALWAYS makes appearances during the holiday run. People love it! Thanks again Coventry crew. Perhaps Jonas can get off his ass ( ;-) ) and make some great new mixes. He's a true artist in that regard.

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