Phish Mexico Setlist: 2/21/20 Friday - Night 2

Dos! It's night two at the Moon Palace in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the annual Phishy excursion south of the border.

After a single set to kick off the festivities at a new venue called the Moon Palace, Phish returned for their regular two-set throwdown. After all, it's a Friday night in Mexico and time to let loose.

The entire run will be webcast over at LivePhish, so custy it up and rage it up on couch tour. SirusXM Phish station will broadcast the other nights live.

Follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for half-baked commentary.

Here's the setlist for Phish Night 2 at the Moon Palace and see what you missed out on...

Los Phish, 2.21.20 Moon Palace, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Set 1: Turtle in the Clouds, Shafty > Plasma > Shafty > Plasma, Lizards, Gin > Shafty > Gin, Blaze On, Sea and Sand, Possum

Set 2: Sigma Oasis > 2001 > Drift While You're Sleeping, Lifeboy, Page EDM > No Man's Land > Piper > GTBT

E: Sand > Weekapaug > Shafty

Hit up @CoventryMusic on IG for setlist art from last night and the last couple of tours.


 UPDATE: Phish officially released Weekapaug > Shafty.


7below said…
Sorry for the false start earlier the Droids link I was sent wasn't working. Here's some FLAC droids
7below said…
Droids of the mp3 variety!YctTCYoL!3KzG1xplpaCajK9WcYavZQ
Pauly said…
Mucho gracias 7below
mosser said…
Thanks, BROhemian!

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