Saturday, September 06, 2008

STS9 Red Rocks 9/5/08

STS9 9/5/08 Red Rocks Morrison, CO
SET 1:Hidden Hand - Hidden Fist, Lo Swaga, Somesing, Water Song, the Rabble, Oh Little Brain, 118, Inspire Strikes Back
SET 2: Equinox, One A Day,Hi Key, Jebez> Instantly> GLOgli> Rent
Encore: Empires

I went into this show with low expectations because the show Thurs night was so good. I really enjoyed the second set - the Jebez> Instantly> GLOgli> Rent was very well played. The lights are straight up mothership and look great. The only problem we had last night was the crowd. Lots of young kids (under 21) who can't handle their drugs. Lots of talking. Its funny cause most of us agreed that we actually preferred the panic crowd to the STS9 crowd last night.

Tonight is the big night- everyone in the crew is dressing up, I am wearing a 1 piece vinyl elvis suit, god help me. I am also looking forward to the afterparty with members of the Disco Biscuits. For the morning of a 3 night run I feel very good. But I have paced myself so I can go big tonight.

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Austin said...

i agree with the crowd. i drove from Cedar Falls, Iowa for the show on the 5th and there was way too many kids who couldn't handle their drugs... made my buzz get killed for the night of my 22nd birthday