Sunday, September 21, 2008

Today in Phishtory: 9/21/99 Tuscon, AZ

9/21/99 Pima County Fairgrounds, Tucson, AZ

Set I: Poor Heart, Sample in a Jar, Split Open and Melt, Drowned, I Didn't Know, Back On The Train, Birds of a Feather, Theme from the Bottom, Golgi Apparatus

Set II: Carini, Bug, Strange Design, Vultures, Limb By Limb, Will It Go Round In Circles, Dirt, Antelope

Encore: Reba, Bold as Love
In my notes from Fall Tour 99, I dubbed this show the "beatdown" because after the show a bunch of wookies nearly beat a kid to death in the lot/camp ground for selling bunk acid. In fact, the cops were worried that they'd be an all out brawl so they kicked everyone out of the campground and we had to sleep in Angela's car.

I also met Page before the show. That was the only time we scored backstage access that tour. I'm not saying that Phish played Strange Design because I asked Page to play it... but it's definitely an eerie coincidence. The boys even busted out an even rarer I Didn't Know.

Anyway, several highlights from the show included a second set Carini opener. They also had two sizzling covers of Drowned and Circles and Bold As Love.

I'm always critical of Phish's choice of encore. About 75% of the time, they totally let me down with a weak encore. I always point out to this particular show at the Reba and Bold As Love encores as an example of what could have been.

Download link (courtesy of HoyDog23):
9/21/99 - Part 1
9/21/99 - Part 2
9/21/99 - Part 3

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