Wednesday, August 12, 2009

jonas0tt0's GORGE Media Dump

Hey everyone! This is my first post on Coventry, so please excuse anything that needs to be excused. First, I would like to thank Pauly and The Joker for inviting me to this great Phish Blog. The Gorge was an AMAZING Phish experience for me due to having so many awesome friends like Pauly and The Joker there with us. We traveled to The Gorge and ended up at The Epcot Center! Phish melted faces and displayed a level of playing that we have not seen in the 3.0 era. Here are a bunch of pics and videos that I'm dumping:

My Mom sent us with her famous Zuchini Cake. I told her to make it with ganja butter, and we'd split the cash with her, but she refused.

No picture can do this place justice. Breathtaking.

Deputy Joker was on duty Saturday night.

The Gorge did a great job keeping the portas fairly clean. Compared to most festivals, this is good.

Sneaking Sally thru the Alley!

The Doctor is in.

Viking Wildo sizes up his next victim - DISCOSIS#1!!

You cant have Bathtub Gin without The Joker

jonas0tt0 & his Love.

PT's finest.

Katie & I were proud of scaming our way into Premier Camping.

Pauly & Wildo made bets on the Setlists for the weekend. Here they are making their picks. Wildo lost his ass.


the joker said...

great work jonas (and katie)!

Dr. Pauly said...

Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures Jonas!

Hope to meet you later on down the road!