Friday, August 28, 2009

Secret Phish Album: Party Time

If you order the Joy Box, one of the extra things you'll get is a second album called Party Time that features the title track that Phish debut at Merriweather along with Trey's Let Me Lie and Alaska.

Here's the track listing...
Party Time

Party Time (2:43)
Alaska (7:16)
Windy City (5:20)
In A Misty Glade (2:51)
Gone (4:10)
Only A Dream (4:10)
The Birdwatcher (2:16)
Let Me Lie (3:57)
If I Told You (3:53)
Splinters Of Hail (3:33)
Can't Come Back (4:38)
Shrine (1:54)
Liquid Time (4:23)
Click here to buy the limited edition Joy Box.

And here's a video of Windy City that was shot by Eric during the Chicago show.


mikey freshh said...

'in a misty glade' is on the bearsville studio outtakes disc currently in circulation. the same outtakes as the studio 'NICU'

Evan said...

Does anyone know of a place to download the Party Time Studio disc.

the joker said...

what is your email evan?

the joker said...

or email me at