Friday, October 09, 2009

2009 Phish Fall Tour - Dates & Video

PHISH - FALL TOUR 2009 from Phish on Vimeo.

Phish Fall Tour 2009

11/18/09 - Cobo Arena - Detroit, MI
11/20/09 - US Bank Arena - Cincinnati, Ohio
11/21/09 - US Bank Arena - Cincinnati, Ohio
11/22/09 - War Memorial - Syracuse, NY
11/24/09 - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, PA
11/25/09 - Wachovia Center - Philadelphia, PA
11/27/09 - Times Union Center - Albany, NY
11/28/09 - Times Union Center - Albany, NY
11/29/09 - Cumberland County Civic Center - Portland, ME
12/2/09 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
12/3/09 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
12/4/09 - Madison Square Garden - New York, NY
12/5/09 - John Paul Jones Arena - Charlottesville, VA

And then there's New Years run in Miami!

12/28/09 - Miami, FL
12/29/09 - Miami, FL
12/30/09 - Miami, FL
12/31/09 - Miami, FL NYE


Adam said...

you left out cuse on the 22nd

Anonymous said...

whats up with the Nov 22 Snub

Dr. Pauly said...

Fixed. Thanks for letting us know!

Raleigh Urbain said...

Any thoughts as to whether this is just the first half of the fall tour dates. We are dying on the vine waiting for a show down in Atlanta. Hell, half the license plates in Knoxville were from Georgia.

If not, Charlottesville here I come.

mikey freshh said...

why a police state like virginia was selected over atlanta also leaves me scratching my head.

i'm sure the pigs in VA are getting their undercover informants and riot gear in order so they can surpass the level of hampton arrests and brag about the supposed millions of dollars in dope they are looking to seize.

you couldn't pay me enough to ever set foot in VA again after witnessing the abuse of power and excessive force used at hampton in march.

jparker said...

I just scored 2 great tickets to opening night in Cincinnati through the venue. I found better tickets doing it this way than going through stubhub.