Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thom Yorke Video - Echo Park

Thom Yorke played an L.A. show last night in Echo Park. Read the L.A. Times review here.

Here's the videos...

I see Thom on Monday night. Should be an interesting show.

And an Audience Recording...Incomplete set but if you are curious what it sounds like it is worth a listen:
1. atoms for peace
2. and it rained all night
3. harrowdown hill
4. cymbal rush
5. lotus flower
6. skirting on the surface
7. paperbag writer
8. judge jury executioner
9. hallow earth
10. feeling pulled apart by horses


Anonymous said...

How is the quality given its audience?
I found one earlier and it was not too good and I wonder if its from the same source.

BTreotch said...

Quality is not good, but fun to listen to once.. The high def videos are better..