Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Harry Christmas from HAL_Masa

Masa is back with another mix! We love Masa, and the humor of "Harry Christmas" is not lost on me. He writes:

Happy Holiday, Joker & whole Coventry Crew,

I'm back w/brand-new You Enjoy My-mix series called "HARRY CHRISTMAS: A Holiday Edition".Made 2 mixes to focus on Harry Hood. Thank you for everything you've given to me this year.
Wish you a Harry Christmas!
Are you gonna go NYE Run? I'll spend time w/Biscuits on DEC.27-29(They invite me!). No Phish this time cause couldn't get any MSG Tix:-(.Anyway if you show up, hope to see you in the City!--

Thanks Masa! We love your mixes. Did you read that? Masa needs MSG Tickets. RED ALERT! GET THIS GUY SOME MSG TICKETS!!! Hes coming all the way from JAPAN. email him and give him your extras HAL_Masa: darkstar.st.stephen@gmail.com

Harry Chrismas Mixes

Vol 1:
98/12/31 MSG >
95/12/30 MSG >
03/7/25 Charlotte >
97/12/13 Albany >
09/6/2 Jones Beach >
98/10/17 Shoreline (acoustic)


Vol. 2:
93/3/31 Roseland >
93/12/31 Worcester >
94/10/20 St. Petersburg >
97/11/22 Hampton >
97/12/30 MSG >
03/7/31 Camden >
97/8/17 Limestone:Great Went


# No intro this time.

Thanks for the mixes Masa. And good luck on tickets. Someone out there is gonna get you in!


mikey freshh said...

great to see Charlotte 2003 getting some love!

HAL_Masa said...

that's definitely top shelf Hood.