Thursday, December 30, 2010

STS9 Fillmore 12/29/2010

Last night STS9 played a great show at the Fillmore in Denver, CO. Everyone is talking today about the debut of their cover of Shankedown Street. It felt strangely appropriate for us to be hearing the classic tune on Colfax, as it is the beginning of what no doubt will be a musical journey for everyone in Denver this week with so much music to choose from.

I really enjoyed the show - STS9 pulled out a good number of classics and their LED light rig mixed nicely with the Phishy lights. I got to hear 2 of my favorites - Ramone + Emiglio and Music, Us.

STS9, 12/29/2010 Flillmore, Denver CO
Set 1: Shakedown Street*, This,Us > Ramone + Emiglio, Aimlessly, Lion, Music, Us, Kamuy, Scheme*

Set 2: Moon Socket, Tooth, STS9, Peoples, Circus, Shock Doctrine, Arigato, Hidden Hand, Hidden Fist,

E: Frequencies 1>2>3 > Shakedown St Reprise*

*first time played

See y'all at Panic tonight.

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