Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tahoe Tips

Seems like more and more of my friends have moved out to Tahoe over the past couple of years. Which means I get to spend more time out there! I've learned a couple "local" secrets the last time I was out there and thought I would share them with the people going out there.

1) Mt. Rose Hwy (SR 431) - if you're flying into Reno, take the scenic route into South Lake. Not only is it shorter than taking 80, it's more exciting. It is the highest road that is open year round in the Sierras. From the airport take 395 S. toward Carson City. Exit left towards NV - 431/Mt. Rose Hwy. Turn Left onto NV-28 E/Tahoe Blvd.

2) 215 supplies - If you're lucky enough to have your 215 card, I highly recommend swinging by Patient to Patient at 2314 Lake Tahoe Blvd .

3) Sprouts Cafe - Vegetarian restaurant with great breakfast food. The ATOM bagel is the best thing on the menu in my opinion. Don't bother ordering their juice. I don't know why people would do this, but they don't peel their carrots before juicing them. Something about "extra nutrients." Yeah....more like added microbes and food incidents. Not to mention it makes your juice taste like the dirt that is still on the carrots. F*ckin' hippies. All things aside, pretty damn good food. 3123 Harrison Avenue

4) State Vs. Federal - What is interesting about the Lake Tahoe area are the state and federal lines. Keep an eye out for where you are, laws change according to states. California being more lax than Nevada on certain issues. But if you're going out on the lake, remember that it is Federal Land, not state land.

5) Trokay Cafe - If you're leaving via North Lake stop by this cafe. You will be glad you did. Hands down this place has the BEST food out of the entire Tahoe area. 10115 Donner Pass Road in Truckee right off of 80. (They'll be closed the days of the shows as the owners are HUGE Phish fans)

6) Sundries - Get your random supplies in Reno or Carson city.


smallaxe said...

there is a bar/restaurant in the tahoe area called "The Divided Sky."


DoctorRon said...

Very good tips--but I can tell Pauly didn't write this as he would know best of all that casinos are all about risk vs. reward--and NO casino would ever take the risk of pumping oxygen into the atmosphere--a small spark would almost instantly ignite an inferno! Some casinos may have oxygen BARS...but probably not in Tahoe, alas.

Have a great show!

devilphish said...

DoctorRon, you do realize that the atmosphere is already "pumped" with about 20% O2, dontcha?

DiscoSis1 said...

@DoctorRon my bad. i was wrong. turns out it's a myth that casino's pump O2. However, I think I'm going to move Tahoe and open up an O2 bar for altitude sickness. ;)

DoctorRon said...

Hey @devilphish--Actually its 20.95% O2 (hehe, I went to school for chem) which is JUST ENOUGH to let things burn without them going out of control. No prob @DiscoSis--was just trying to be irreverent! Hope to see y'all at UIC--can't wait!