Monday, December 12, 2011

Mike Gordon Band ~ I'm DeRanged>>>The Way It Goes

One of three videos I shot the other night at Gordon's The EGG show in Albany, NY. It was the tour closer and also Night II of Pete "PhanArt" Mason's birthday weekend of music which started with the McLovin's show at Red Square in Albany on Saturday Night.

My video of "Don't do it" is linked up on YEM BLOG.

Mike was intrigued by The Egg and wanted everyone to think and speak only in three letter word's. I can sum up the three letter word of my night as JAM. Most all of the song's stretched over the ten minute mark and segued effortlessly one into the other. A much tighter band (yet the same line-up) then what I had seen two year's prior at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock.

THE DUDE OF LIFE who lives a 2 hour Thruway drive south in Westchester, NY was in attendence and came out to perform, a little sloppy but fun Suzy Greenberg.

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2BS B-Smith said...

such a fun fun show! really glad i finally caught gordon's band :)