Saturday, December 03, 2011

Mix: Songs the joker listened to A LOT in 2011

It is getting towards the end of 2011 and the "best albums" lists are coming out. Instead of listing a bunch of heady albums, I wanted you to check out the songs I listened to A LOT in 2011.

I went through some big changes in 2011. The birth of my daughter has changed me in ways I can't explain, but I feel like this mix explains some about this time of my life. I believe that music we love resonates at the same frequency with the vibrations in our soul. Take a listen to this mix and let me know if any of the songs resonate with you as much as they did with me this year.

Intro- The xx
Bedouin Dress- Fleet Foxes
Truth- Alexander Ebert
Wilderness- Middle Brother
Sissyfuss- Surprise Me Mr. Davis
Still Sound- Toro y Moi
Reunion- M83
Eyes Be Closed- Washed Out
Circus>Roygbiv (axe the cables) STS9, Re:Generation Festival
Atari- Marco Benevento
Sand -6/19/2011 Phish
Girlfriend is Better- Umphrey's McGee

DOWNLOAD - songs the joker listened to A LOT in 2011
(Mattie listened to these a lot too)


the joker said...

alternate download link:

BTreotch said...

Several of the same songs have resonated with me as well. Looking forward to the songs I don't know. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Downloading now - can't wait brotha!