Sunday, April 06, 2014

G-Money Picks: Bill Frisell and East West

Funday Sunday. Time for G-Money Picks! Whenever I ask G-Money (@777GMoney) for a recommendation, he never steers me wrong.

G-Money suggested Bill Frisell today, specifically his live album East West. Bill Frisell has always been an underrated guitarist because he's a jazz guy, which is the kiss of death because jazz guitarists never get any love. If Frisell played in one of those darling indie bands du jour then he'd get tons of press from the indie machine and become a hipster god. Or if Frisell was in one of those bong-rattling multiple guitar bands from the 70s, then he would have gotten significantly more love from the likes of Creem and Rolling Stone.

East West is one of Frisell's live albums that is perfect background music. Frisell re-invented a few covers like Grapevine...

If you dig this series, then check out more picks by G-Money... James Brown's Funky People, Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters, Little Feat (1976 Winterland), Slave and Ohio Funk Scene, and Grateful Dead - Egypt 1978.

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