Sunday, May 11, 2014

G-Money Picks: Aretha Franklin - Live at Fillmore West

It's Sunday and time for another round of G-Money Picks. Whenever I ask G-Money (@777GMoney) for a music recommendation, he always delivers something different and fun.

This week it's Aretha Franklin, specifically... Aretha Live at Fillmore West.

Here's what G-Money had to say: "It is a great live album, Aretha relating to all the hippie children of San Francisco with a killer backing band including Bernard Purdie, Billy Preston and the Memphis Horns! The covers are really interesting as well. And the last song Spirit in the Dark with Ray Charles is straight testifying."

Check it out here, Side 1 of the original vinyl...

And Side 2...

If you dig this series, then check out more picks by G-Money... The Police's Reggatta De Blanc and Zenyatta Mondatta, Bill Frisell's East West, James Brown's Funky People, Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters, Little Feat (1976 Winterland), Slave and Ohio Funk Scene, and Grateful Dead - Egypt 1978.

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