Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yes to Fuego, No to Wingsuit; New Phish Album 'Fuego' Drops June 24th

New album. Coming... June 24th.
FUEGO - Tracklisting:
1. Fuego (9:15)
2. The Line (5:21)
3. Devotion to a Dream (5:47)
4. Halfway to the Moon (6:34)
5. Winterqueen (4:21)
6. Sing Monica (3:13)
7. 555 (5:41)
8. Waiting All Night (4:58)
9. Wombat (3:18)
10. Wingsuit (6:05)
Fuego is the title. Not quite the "Wingsuit" that was presented during Halloween. Missing the cut from the dozen "Wingsuit" tunes: Snow, Pearls of Laughter and You Never Know. They also tweaked the title of Monica and added "Sing" to it. Sing Monica is the lone "pop song" on the album and clocks in at a radio-friendly 3:13.

FYI... read my recap of Halloween 2013 and check out the Wingsuit setlist.

Here's a promo video for Waiting All Night...

Meanwhile, Halfway to the Moon snuck onto this album as the only non-Wingsuit cut. Halfway to the Moon was written by Page and birthed sometime after the Joy sessions. Moon debuted at SPAC in 2010, yet it was slow to develop. It was played only six times in 2010-2011 to mixed reviews, before being benched for all 2012. Moon made a strong comeback in 2013 and appeared seven times, sprinkled throughout last summer and fall, including plus a cameo at the MSG NYE run.

Here's Moon from San Francisco 8/2/13....

Fuego... coming June 24th. I'm sure some of the other songs will grow on me, but since Halloween, it's safe to say that I've grown fond of the Big 3.... Fuego, Wombat, and 555.

Will this be the last Phish album? I don't know and I really don't care. I don't love Phish because of their "studio albums", ya know? As long as they keep playing (live shows), that's all that matters. But I hope they have one or two more traditional studio albums kicking around inside them, because that means they still have some gas left in the creative tank. Regardless of the nebulous Phishy future... I'm going to savor and enjoy Fuego, because it very well could be Phish's 12th and final album.

Pre-order Fuego.

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Does this count as their second music video ever?