Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Phish Miami NYE Setlist: 12/31/14 Miami, FL - New Year's Eve

Phish kicks off their Miami holiday run with a NYE show on the first night (versus the typical final show of a four-show run). I like this year's game plan: get the NYE stuff/stunt/rust/jitters out of the way on the first night and then play three relaxing shows afterwards.

This year's NYE show will be webcast on As per usual, we will be providing Twitter updates over the next few days ("weather" permitting) over at @CoventryMusic. And don't forget to follow @change100 on for her infamous Phishy/lot fashion reports. We'll also post random pics on Instagram (we're @CoventryMusic on there too) over the next few days.

This is the second time Phish is doing a NYE run in Miami during the 3.0 era. This also marks the third overall NYE run in Miami (2003 was the first time Phish threw down in Miami) and this is the fourth Florida NYE show if you include Big Cypress Millennium Midnight-to-Sunrise show in 1999.

In case you missed it, here's the setlist for New Year's Eve....
Le Phish, 12/31/14 AAA, Miami, Florida

Set 1: Sample, Wedge, 555, Heavy Things, Wolfmans, MOON, Bouncin, KDF, Train Song, Waiting All Night, Axilla, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing

Set 2: Birds > Ghost > Theme > Cities > Chalkdust > Martian Monster

Set 3: Dem Bones > FISHMAN vac gag > Auld Lang Syne > The Dogs > Tweezer > Simple > Limb > Bug, Backwards, Horse > Silent in the Morning, Julius

E: Golgi, Tweezer Reprise


Joel said...

Happy New Year

I missed the show, How was it?

Heard they were rusty

Ray Groses said...

My first Phish NYE in 20 years where I wasnt there or didnt stream it. Was there a gag?

Does anyone have an extra download code? I'd like to buy the ALAC-HD and the dl code gives me half price. pls email me if so. thx

MeToo said...

Glad to see they are playing some of the Halloween songs…….

thefamilyguy said...

Sounded pretty rusty in the first set. I watched the stream for that. I am told the 2nd set was very redemptive. Don't know about the third set.

I'm working on uploading the SB from last night.

Brian R. Brinkman said...

First set was very standard. Bit of rust, though thought Wolfman's, Moon, Waiting all night and ASIHTOS were quite good. Trey switched guitars following Wedge and provided far more umph moving forward.

Set II was one of the best of the year, imo. Might have been the peak of Fall, and will probably be the best or top 3 of this run when all's said and done. Ghost>Theme>Cities was fantastic. Martian was sloppy, clear they're gonna need a bit of time to figure out what to do with these "songs" but the crowd was loving it. Great to hear the samples brought back.

Set three, eh. ALS>Dogs>Tweezer>Simple was fantastic, but the rest, eh. Glad they got a lot of the songs out of the way.

Doesn't quite stack up to the peaks of NYE 2012 and 2013 in terms of the gag, but I think the best music here was better than any NYE since prob the Holy Ghost.

Can't wait for a SBD link!

thefamilyguy said...

These are not the droides:,

Nave said...

Thank you @thefamilyguy I had a great time watchin this one from the couch with my buddies, happy new year to all!!

possum said...

Anyone else having issues with these droids?

Ray Groses said...

Anyone have a download link for either of the last 2 nights webcasts?

Or any from Summer 2013/14?

Bryan said...
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Pauly said...

Re-up NYE, try this...