Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Vote for Sean 'Azzman' Azzariti as Cannabis Activist of the Year

There's a very good chance you know our good bud, Azzman, aka Sean Azzariti (@SeanAzzariti). On January 1, 2014, he became the first American to purchase recreational marijuana in Denver, Colorado. His infamous photo was everywhere on the internet and he even appeared on the Arsenio Hall show. But he's not just the first brah to buy legal weed. Sean is also an Iraq War veteran and medicinal marijuana advocate, specifically for veterans suffering from PTSD.

Sean is being recognized for his diligent work and he's up for a special award: The Jenny Kush Activist Award for Cannabis Activist of the Year. The winner will be announced at the 2014 Cannabis Business Awards. Voting is open to the public and ends in one week!

Vote here for Sean Azzariti as Cannabis Activist of the Year.

Why should you vote for Sean? He's been working behind the scenes to help get PTSD listed as one of the many afflictions that is legally treatable by medicinal marijuana. Sean served two tours in Iraq and he's one of thousands of former US Marines who returned home with PTSD. Sean has told me numerous times that marijuana saved his life. Various forms of marijuana including flowers, edibles, and concentrates have helped other veterans cope with symptoms of PTSD, which can flare up unexpectedly at any moment. But right now, PTSD is not listed as one of the many afflictions that can be treated with medicinal marijuana. Sean Azzariti is fighting the good fight for numerous men and women of the armed forces, who got lost in the bureaucratic shuffle.

Vote here for Sean Azzariti as Cannabis Activist of the Year.

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I had the chance to interview Sean a couple of times for the Dope Stories podcast. I encourage you to listen to those episodes:
Episode 11 - Sean Azzariti, Medicinal Marijuana Activist (1:05:05) - Shane and Pauly interviewed medicinal marijuana activist and Iraq War veteran Sean Azzariti, who uses marijuana to treat his PTSD. Sean is most known for being the first person to ever buy legal weed in Denver, Colorado on Jan 1, 2014. Sean explains how he got tapped to be the first recreational buyer along with how he's working on a bill to help get PTSD listed as one of the approved conditions for medicinal marijuana in Colorado. Sean also talked a little bit about his two tours in Iraq with the Marines, including his encounters with trecherous camel spiders and day workers trying to bribe him with bags of hashish. LISTEN HERE

Episode 24 - TURBO: Sean Azzariti (20:48) In this special "Turbo" episode, Pauly interviews marijuana activist and veterans advocate Sean Azzariti. Sean talks about the controversial dismissal of medicinal marijuana researcher, Dr. Sue Sisley. Sean updates us on his recent work with Grow4Vets, which offers free cannabis for military veterans. Sean also explains how medicinal marijuana helps him and other Iraq War vets deal with PTSD.... LISTEN HERE.
I voted for Sean, and so should you! Vote here for Sean Azzariti as Cannabis Activist of the Year.

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