Friday, September 16, 2016

New Phish Album: BIG BOAT

BIG BOAT. It's here. Well, almost. But it's been leaked to the press. Big Boat is due in stores on October 7. The results are as expected. And yes, Blaze On is exactly 4:20. The longest track is lucky 13th with Petrichor clocking in at 13:33.
Big Boat - Tracklist:
1. Friends (Fishman)
2. Breath and Burning (Anastasio)
3. Home (McConnell)
4. Blaze On (Anastasio/Marshall)
5. Tide Turns (Anastasio)
6. Things People Do (McConnell)
7. Waking Up Dead (Gordon/Murawski)
8. Running Out Of Time (Anastasio/Marshall)
9. No Men In No Man’s Land (Anastasio/Marshall)
10. Miss You (Anastasio)
11. I Always Wanted It This Way (McConnell)
12. More (Anastasio)
13. Petrichor (Anastasio)
You can grab different formats of Big Boat over at Dry Goods.

Listen to a sample via NPR.

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