Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2017 Jams: 21 in 21

Lawn Memo is super-nerd behind The Daily Ghost, a blog that recaps every Ghost that Phish performed. He's expanded his scope to include the best of jams of every summer tour. His latest installment is out... 21 in 21 of 2017, which covers all of summer tour plus the Bakers Dozen.

Lawn Memo gave me first crack at picking a show from last summer to write about. Since we saw the Strawberry Donut show together, I selected that one. You can read my recap/review/breakdown of Night 2 of the Baker Dozen run, which I subtitled Chekov's Strawberry Gun and Page's New Palate.

Memo invited me to guest post on The Daily Ghost in the past. Six times! He tapped me to write about various shows I caught, which was perfect for his annual series on the best summer jams. I even got to write about that jammed out Tube from Chula Vista 2016.

Here's an index of my contributions to The Daily Ghost...
7/22/17 Bakers Dozen Night 2 - MSG, NYC - MOMA Dance
7/23/16 Chula Vista, CA - TUBE
7/25/15 L.A. Forum - No Man's Land
8/30/14 Dick's, Colorado - Carini > Light
7/26/13 The Gorge, WA - Crosseyed > Twist > Steam
8/18/12 San Francisco, CA - Simple
And yes, even LawnMemo contributed to his own series. Check out his take on Bakers Dozen Night 8, which also happened to be his 100th show.

Don't forget to check out Summer Jams Series from 2017 which includes some of your favorite Twitter personalities and Phishy writers. And if you haven't checked out the infamous Daily Ghost, then what are you waiting for?

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