Sunday, December 30, 2018

Phish MSG Setlist: 12/30/18 - Night 3 Sunday

After a smoking Saturday show, Phish returned to MSG for the third night of action. It's a Sunday show and you know how that goes.

The remainder of the run will be webcast on LivePhish but I'm sure you can find a wook stream somewhere.

Follow @CoventryMusic on Twitter for weather-permitting updates and @CoventryMusic on Instagram for setlist art.

Here's what you missed on night three of four...

Yo Phish, 12.30.18 MSG, NYC

Set 1: Alumni Blues > Letter to Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues, Mike's Song > Glide II > Weekapaug > Crosseyed and Painless > Bliss > Billy Breathes, No Man's Land > Tube > Weekapaug > Tube > More  

Set 2: Cool Amber and Mercury, Everything's Right > Plasma > Light > Wading in the Velvet Sea, Split Open and Melt  

E: Funky Bitch, Wilson, Rocky Top > Cavern

QUICK LINKS: MSG 12.28.18 - MSG 12.29.18


Dr John said...

Early morning droidz!m0QVgKiC!lO5mNm3U8VZRNrf0nvK37JUjBbBo2SZT6pGzG6sqJJY

Hugo said...

Way to come through early, Doc!

Becca Sue said...
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Unknown said...

Those are MP3

Dr John said...!qlpwCYRb!GOvnfWV20yAbyAkDzS8B89dahnoKWrI_1y1O9ywZMHA

FLAC droidZ

Hoping for a big NYE!

Chris Rairdon said...

thanks for the droidz, hippiez

The Real MMG said...
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Jar Dee No said...

Muchas Grassy Ass Dr. John... with the Noid going offline I am short on many of the flax from fall terr. If anybody is interested in sharing any of those please hmu.

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