Phish Mexico Setlist: 2/22/19 Riviera Maya N2

Phish returned to Mexico for another three-night run. Night 2 is Friday this year and the action gets a little weird the second night into a run. Let's see how weird.

The entire run will be webcast on LivePhish. Last night was super wonky. Hopefully everything is kosher tonight.

Opening night was bustout city for the custies. Here's what you missed on Friday...

Los Phish, 2.22.19 Riviera Maya, Mexico

Set 1: YEM, Turtle in the Clouds, 46 Days, No Man's Land > Emotional Rescue, Tube, Shade, I Saw It Again

Set 2: Set Your Soul Free > Mercury > Slave > Possum, Sanity > Walk Away

E: More

Quickie Notes N2: First YEM opener since Summer 2003...The Stones' Emotional Rescue popped up outta nowhere when NMINML jam fizzled out... 25+ min SYSF S2 opener, followed up by 22+ Mercury... First Sanity since Bakers Dozen... Joe Walsh nod S2 closer with Walk Away.


The Gain Card said…
Estos no son los androides que estás buscando.


CJ7 said…
Thanks for the droids
Unknown said…
muchacho hombre dios mierde!
njgr81 said…
muchas gracias!
Pauly said…
Mucho mucho gracias, amigos.

Estos no son los droides que buscas.

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