Phish Mexico Setlist: 2/23/2019 Riviera Maya Night 3

Saturday night in Mexico. What could possibly go wrong? Phish closed out the third and final night of their Mexican excursion.

Night 1 was bustout city. And last night, Night 2 was jam-heavy with a YEM opener. Here's what you missed on Night 3...

Los Phish, 2.23.19 Riviera Maya, Mexico

Set 1: The Curtain With, PYITE, Blaze On > Destiny Unbound > Most Events Are Not Planned, Divided Sky, Steam, Chalkdust

Set 2: First Tube, Mike's > Groove, Fuego, Tweezer > Carini > Ghost > SANTOS

E: Simple, Martian Monster > Kung > BBFCFM, Sleeping Monkey, Tweeprise

Quickie Notes N3: Leo crushing it again in first set with Most Events... Straight shot Mike's Groove, no lunch meat. First time since epic Gorge 98 show (it's in my personal Top 10)... Late 3Q/early 4Q Tweezer, and a Tweeze>Carini too... That's a proper fucking encore.


Teddy Wong said…
Buenos dios!
Mexican FLAC

Adios phanners
Dr John said…!TtBzgYoL!8Pt7LBaAjPYzwUWt2YwQccAjXASGnwx1h4rXp3sfzhg

Mexican mp3 droidz
Pauly said…
Gracias amigos.
phishyninja said…
Hasta próxima, muchas gracias amigos

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