Phsh Setlist: The Gorge 8/29/21 - Night 3

You know the saying... never miss a Sunday show. Phish completed their three-show run at the Gorge with a Sunday show as their sojourn to the Pacific Northwest has come to an end.

Every show from Phish summer tour will be webcast at Live Phish, so custy it up, or grovel for a link on social media, or try to figure out your rich friends' passwords.

So, if you had to wake up early for work on Monday and missed out on all the festivities, then here's the setlist for Phish Sunday at the Gorge...

Phish, 8.28.21 The Gorge, George, WA

Set 1: .Cool Amber and Mercury, MoMA Dance, Free, Lonely Trip, How Many People Are You, Gin > Back on the Train, My Friend My Friend, Zero

Set 2: Mr. Completely > Meat, Crosseyed and Painless > I Saw It Again > Mango Song > Everything's Right > Beneath a Sea of Stars > Page EDM > Mr. Completely

E: Shine a Light, First Tube

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Teddy Wong said…


Phish1980 said…
Hey all you cool cats and kittens Night 3 in the bag.


Dr John said…
Teddy wong and phish1980... You guys are legendary
Phuckit said…
Thank you
donaldosborn said…
Thanks so much for sharing.
tomahawkcounty said…
You fun folks give the BEST concert reviews EVER!
Thankya Thankya Thankya!

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