Sunday, December 09, 2007

Medeski, Martin and Wood w/Karl Denson, Fareed Haque and Col. Bruce Hampton

I found this tasty gem for ya...

07/06/2002 - High Sierra Music Festival - Plumas Sierra Fairgro - Quincy CA

One Set Only: Improv, Big Time, Audience Q&A, Jelly Belly, Hip Chops Latin Shuffle, Last Chance to Dance Trance (Perhaps), Bone Digger*, Pappy Check*, Pay These Dues Blues**, Your Name Is Snake Anthony**, The Lover***, I Wanna Ride You
Encore: Uninvisible***

* with Fareed Haque on guitar
** with Col. Bruce Hampton on guitar & vocals
*** with Karl Denson on saxophone

DOWNLOAD LINK (.rar file, will need rar expander)

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