Today in Phishtory: 12.14.95

12.14.95 Broome County Arena, Binghamton, NY

Set I: Suzy Greenberg, Llama, Foam, Makisupa Policeman, Split Open and Melt, Tela, The Fog That Surrounds, My Sweet One, Frankenstein

Set II: The Curtain, Tweezer > Timber > Tweezer, Keyboard Army, Halley's Comet > NICU > Slave to the Traffic Light

Encore: Bold as Love
Twelve tears ago today, Phish played another epic show. This one was captured on their Live Phish series. Tight set. Phish from 1995 had a distinct hard-rocking and energetic sound. 1995 is my second favorite year besides the Year of the Funk. In the summer of 95, the torch had gotten passed to them when Jerry Garcia died. The boys stepped up with some magnificent playing as they made their mark.

Highlights included Split Open and Melt, a rare Tela, and a fatty Frankenstein to end the first set. The second set was anchored by Tweezer > Timber > Tweezer sandwich and I'm always a fan of a show that included Slave.


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