Festival 8 Tweets

Phish Twibe at Fest 8 - Pic by Motor Bike Matt

Our friends @ericwyman, @tmwsiy, @badjustin, and @hillzy compiled a list of Festival 8 Twitters. Check out the entire list here. It tells a hilarious recap of the weekend.

I scanned the list today, here are a few of my favorites:

@ChinaKatSunflwr Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.

@JustinPWard Just saw a Wook rehearsing how he was going to pan handle for money. Saddest thing ever.

@nattyluv A girl passed out on my blanket. And a smoking dragon just walked by. Yup, I'm at a Phish show.

@robcorddry "Douchebag" seems to be a very popular costume this year.

@change100 I realized the drugs had kicked in when I started dancing with a pink plastic unicorn.

@phish83 mikes>2001?!?! DISGUSTING!!!!!
@ryannichols7 >2001!!!! YES!!!!!
@col_forbin Wow, all the big guns in this set
@CoventryMusic mikes > 2001 #fest8 #notfuckingaround

@YEMBlog Ambient Jam
@TMWSIY god damnit, why couldn't the whole weekend been as good as this?
@jessefeitel My god is this beautiful
@PancakesMcFunk THERE IT IS!!!!! The Vibration of LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@jessefeitel Does anyone else see a Slave emerging from this?
@TMWSIY too predictable but true. Slave, tweezer reprise
@phish Slave to the Traffic Light
@thegratefulone Everyone was calling Mikes and Slave, it just made sense. And this slave (do i dare say) is sick.
@mudgebug attn #breakingnews @cnnbrk : weekapaug & tweezer reprise are imminent. all hands on deck, this is not a drill
@alison_king as a #phish old-timer.... i get emotional in my old age, and Slave always makes me cry ;) my favorite


Parker said…
My favorites:

@phish Sugar Shack
@phish Mike's Song
@keithdunn He gets two songs in one set?

@JLF_420 Policeman at #Fest8 main gate for #Phish - "If you have any medical marijuana, leave it in the car. You can come back out to medicate."

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