JamBands.com interviews Sharon Jones about 8

Pretty cool interview over at JamBands.com with Sharon Jones. Here is a snippet:

"Before the show we had two, three-hour rehearsals and went through the whole album, but they kept changing what they wanted. Trey has so much energy and he’d say, “I want you to do background on this too.” That happened up until the night of the show when they threw in “Suzy Greenberg.” I hadn’t heard “Suzy Greenberg” before that afternoon. We had the rehearsal that day at Noon or 1 PM, so we go into the hotel to get it ready, and I kept going “Saundra, what’s that melody—Suzy, Suzy Greenberg?” It was really fun."

Read the whole interview here.


Sharon killed it! She's the real deal.

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