Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy 4:20 Day

Happy 4/20/11 from the Coventry crew. It's time to celebrate that strange, wonderful flower with all the crazy powers.

Weed brings people together. Herb has bridged more gaps than orthodontic tripwire. Pot's healthier than Richard Simmons on a perpetual treadmill, and more inspiring than 10,000 MLK speeches played on repeat. Great tits are jealous of the attention Mary Jane gets.

Even the founding father, George Washington, knew about it. He was all about the gange when he helped captain the USA way back in the day.

For the real story, check out the full length film: High: The True Tale of American Marijuana on Hulu. Keep it safe phanners.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Broseph! :)

nash bridges said...

George Washington grew hemp because he realized it contained very strong fibers that can be used for fabrics and many other uses. George did not get high, although he probably would not be opposed to people consuming it safely in their homes for those who need its benefits.